Marvel Genesis: Prelude to Invaders #0

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1939, New York City

"And you're positive this Synthezoid will work Phineas?"

Phineas T. Horton glanced up from his notepad with a flicker of annoyance. He despised the man sitting across from him, Doctor Abraham Erskine had always been the more successful of the pair. Better paid, better looking, better at almost everything. Phineas sighed before standing up from his chair, he tossed the notepad to the table and stared upon his creation. He could feel Erskine's eyes staring into his back, he was probably jealous.

"Yes, Abraham. I am." Phineas spat. "Do you think I am SO foolish, that if it WASN'T working I would be showing it at the Science Fair tomorrow?" Abraham smiled slightly, almost as if he knew something Phineas didn't... "What?!" Phineas yelled. "Why are you here?! What the hell do you want?!" Abraham stared at the creation as well. The figure trapped in the glass container, nothing could survive inside such a prison... nothing except for the strange quirk of fate that had been created mere Weeks ago.

"This... 'Human Torch' of yours. You are positive it is the first of its kind?" Abraham asked. He didn't wait for an answer. "The first being with such power?" Phineas nodded slowly. "How do you feel such people will react to him when he is unveiled?"

"They will marvel at his gift." Phineas decided. He was confident they would, he would leave his mark upon history just as he had always wanted... and the lesser men such as Abraham would know their place before him. "What do you want Erskine?" Abraham patted Phineas on the shoulder before getting his coat from its resting spot upon the table. He had only been in this room for a few minutes... that was a few minutes too long in Phineas' opinion.

"To give you a fair warning old chap." Erskine said calmly. He leaned so close to Phineas that he could have been a deformity of the Scientist's body. He whispered his final message into his colleague's ear. "You're not the only Marvel anymore."The Doctor left of his own accord as Phineas T. Horton slumped in his chair. The creation standing before him in its impenetrable cage. The glass blocked all oxygen from entering the makeshift prison... but still the creation lived. It defied all the laws of nature... and Phineas had helped to cause it. What he had originally intended had evolved into more then he had ever hoped.

And then the Creation started to move...


1899, The Everett. Just off the coast of New York City

"McKenzie! What the hell are you playing at?!"

Leonard McKenzie glanced up from his drink, a thin bottle of whiskey. People had told him not to drink Alcohol while at sea, that there was a risk he could get a bit more drunk then he could handle and be sent toppling into the Ocean in the dead of night... if those people thought he cared about his own well being they were very wrong. He stared at the Sailor walking towards him on the deck, he didn't recall his face... and to be honest he didn't care enough to TRY to remember it.

"Is there a problem..." Leonard paused before tossing the Whiskey over his shoulder into the Ocean. "...Pete?" He decided on.

"It's Sam." The Sailor corrected. "And you're supposed to be out there helping us with the haul! That's why you're here right?" He asked. "To get paid?!" Leonard grunted in response. "Well... HELPING us is HOW you get paid!" He yelled. Leonard opened his mouth to speak before stumbling forward as the ship lurched. He bumped into Sam knocking him to the ground.

"Oops..." Leonard burped as he offered Sam a hand. "Sorry."

"F#ck off!" Sam yelled as he slapped the hand away, he stood up on his own and pulled his sailor's hat down. The rain started to pour down from the sky. "Stupid ba$tard!" He grunted as he stormed down the deck.

"I said I was sorry!" Leonard yelled. Thunder crackled across the sky and when Leonard looked back towards the Ocean he noticed his Whiskey bottle had appeared on the railing... "What... the hell?" Leonard glanced over the side and nearly had a heart attack.

The woman in the water almost suffered the same fate.

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"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Phineas felt the quiver in his voice begin to appear. The crowd was large and filled with onlookers, reporters and students. All seemed interested in what Phineas had to show, unlike many of the other events there had been no description for what would be happening during this presentation... sometimes secrecy was the best advertisement. However the crowd wasn't the reason why Phineas was nervous, sat at the front in plain view was Erskine. He had a large, flesh devouring grin across his face. "Prepare..." The nerves began to creep up Phineas' spine. " be... AMAZED!" A silence fell over the crowd and slowly Phineas pulled the cord attached to the curtains causing them to drift apart. The crowd stared in surprise at the being in the air tight container. Phineas stepped nervously towards the Prison and placed his key inside the lock. "What you will see... will astound you. Amaze you... and maybe even INSPIRE you... but in the entirety of ALL your lifespans I will safely bet you have never encountered a creature such as..." He opened the door and allowed the Oxygen to flow into the Prison. The Creation whirred to life... and so did its skin. The creature lit ablaze and the crowd gasped in horror. Phineas grinned at the crowd's shocked reactions as the Creation stepped out of its makeshift prison... the look on Erskine's face was worth the scolding heat.

"THE HUMAN TORCH!" Phineas yelled with the loudest voice he could muster.

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The beginning.

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And so it begins. Poor Torchy, all stuck in a capsule like that