Marvel Genesis: MOON KNIGHT #5

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Marc's eyes opened slowly. He examined the tray of food before him. Disgusting. Cream corn, peas and underdone meat. He had been on Ryker's Island for 8 days. After being captured by Detective Flint and his men. They hadn't removed his mask. The guards and inmates alike thought it would be funny to leave him alone and when he least expected it, Remove his mask publicly. Marc sat at the table staring at the tray as foot steps echoed behind him.

"Eh, mother*%&@er! Word on da' street is that the unmaskin' happens today!" Yelled a disgusting voice...Barracuda. That's what they called him. Apparently he was a thug with multiple rackets going on in Brooklyn. Marc twisted around and stared at him, 3 men behind him. Barracuda chuckled and pulled a knife from his back pocket. Marc leaped into the air and brought his arm down on his tray. The chunk of meat hit Barracuda in the face and he snarled lunging at Marc with the knife. Marc caught his arm and threw him into the table, taking the knife from him and shoving it in his own pocket. He turned and punched one of the three men behind him in the face. A piercing pain tingled in his lower back, he reached back and pulled out a dart. Marc fell to his knees. And everything went black. He had been tranquilized....

Marc opened his eyes once again. His hands tied. He stood on a stage in the gymnasium. He looked around slowly, two guards on each side of him holding rifles. One the ground of the gymnasium. At least 100 inmates. Upon skylight pathways were multiple guards, all holding rifles, pointing them down. Suddenly, out walked the warden. An old white haired man, wearing a black suit and red tie. He smiled through his large glasses and spoke.

"Hello, everyone. This man is not only a killer of criminals, but a criminal of public servants. Police. Swat, paramedics. And we will now see, who this man really is." The warden smiled and reached upward, clasping his fingers around the top of his mask. Suddenly, a gun shot could be heard. Blood sprayed onto Marc's mask and his eyes widened. A dagger flew from the crowd and cut the rope holding his hands. MArc turned and looked at the Warden. The Warden's hand let go and blood fell from a hole in his forehead. He fell to the ground. Dead. The guards on either side of the stage were also shot. Marc looked up. Only to see the skylight guards firing down at the inmates. From the crowd a black figure leaped onto the stage. Knives and guns lining along a utility belt he was wearing. along a large kevlar belt were various grenades. He wore a black mask with a skeleton design and a black hood. Bullet's reigned down on the inmates. Screams echoing through the gymnasium as well as blood spraying across walls. The costumed man extended his hands, handing Marc the rest of his costume.

"I am Taskmaster. I train the best criminals and soldiers and I run this city. From the shadows. Join me." The man said. Marc held the costume and turned walking towards the gymnasium exit on the edge of the stage.

"No...." Marc replied coldly, exiting the gymnasium. Taskmaster screamed after him in anger.


Marc turned his walk into a sprint through the halls. Blood lined the hallway walls. Inmates and guards bodies sprawled across the floor in puddles of blood and heaps. As Marc approached the main exit of the prison he saw four guards on the floor, every one with an 'ace card' implanted in their forehead. Marc closed his eyes and bursted through the doors. A large whole was ripped in the large fence surrounding the prison. Sirens blaired and an alarm rang from the prison. Marc sprinted through the whole in the fence and began to run as fast as he could towards civilization. A loud thundering sound made Marc stop. He looked upward. A news helicopter hovering over him. A rope ladder dropped from the helicopter and Marc heard the sirens getting closer. He was surrounded. He climbed up the ladder and into the helicopter. He looked up to see a beautiful young women pulling up the ladder. She smiled at him and the helicopter began to fly off towards the city.

"Who are you...?" Marc asked hesitantly.

"I'm Marlene." Said the beatiful blonde young woman.

"And you know who I am! I told ya I'd be a great pilot!" Yelled a voice from the front of the helicopter. A french accent coating the voice...Frenchie....