MARVEL GENESIS: Howard the Duck. #1

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Howard stood outside the farmers market. A blue trenchcoat covered a simple ensemble of his. A matching blue tie and vest covered a white dress shirt. And naturally, he had blue trousers on. Though what he wore meant nothing. What mattered, was what he was about to do....

Howard pushed open the door to the farmers market and entered. Kiosks everywhere, the whole 'fair' was filled with goblins, trolls, fairies, lizard people, you name it. And somehow, all eyes were fixed on Howard. He made his way through the crowd, pushing people's legs and lower back out of the way until he found the right kiosk.


Howard pulled a small tin container from his coat pocket and opened the lid, pulling out a dark brown cuban cigar. He closed the lid and stuck the tin in his pocket before running the cigar along the nostril-like holes on his orange beak. It matched his white feathers, which was beginning to have a hardly noticable yellow tint. But hey, you can't stop aging. The small, approximately 4 and a half foot tall duck, four and a half feet being overly generous of course walked up to the kiosk, pulling a silver zippo lighter out of the opposite coat pocket and flicking open the lid, while sticking the cuban into his beak with the other hand. Howard slid his feathered thumb down the 'igniter' as he called it and watched the blazing orange flame burst to life, bringing it up to the tip of the cuban slowly, the flame lit up the cigar, creating an almost sickening, yet still delightful aroma. Howard breathed in and closed the lid on the zippo. Shoving it back into his coat as he fully approached the kiosk. He spotted an overweight man in terribly 'poor' clothing. Almost dish rags.

"Hey pal, who th' hell runs this thing?" Howard asked, pulling the cigar from his beak and exhaling a load of smoke towards the overweight man.

" Dat would b' me." Replied the overweight man, with a disgusting lisp and french accent. Howard stared at the overweight man in disbelief at what he had just heard before bursting into a fit of laughter. The kiosk owner became noticeably angry and large boils, and growths began to appear on his skin, his bone structure began to change and the overweight man began to get bigger...And bigger...And bigger. Until he was about 8 feet tall, roughly.

"Sweet, mother goose." Muttered Howard, his beak opening slightly, losing a slight grip on the cigar, but enough pull to keep it in place. He stared up at the monster. A troll, that's what he was...A demented, freakishly demented, troll.

"GUESS WHAT'S FER' DINNA' THONIGHT!" Yelled the troll, spit flying down at Howard and hitting, him, like a rain shower.

"Sheesh, I woulda' sold my soul to th' devil a millenia ago just to get rid a' that god awful speech impediment." Stated Howard, before receiving a crushing blow from the troll's huge foot. Howard flew about 10 feet before flying through another kiosk. He stood, slowly, looking around as the troll walked closer. Howard frantically searched the destroyed kiosk.

"WHERE IS IT!? WHERE IS MY BABY!?" He screamed. His eyes widened before he reached down and picked up a half of the cuban cigar. His eye twitched and he looked up at the fast approaching troll. Howard stood up straight and, yes, you guessed it, quacked in anger. Before reaching into his trenchcoat and pulling out a large Silver Magnum. the barrel being about 8 inches long. Howard pulled the trigger quickly and watched as a silver bullet slid into the trolls forehead and out the back of his head. His huge body fell backward, destroying about two kiosks in the process. A huge group of creatures, and beings gathered to watch the commotion.

"Damn bums..." Muttered Howard. Tucking the gun in his coat and turning.

"All I wanted was to have a little talk with him about a certain zombie girl, but noooo. Always gotta do things th' hard way." He continued to say, exiting the market.


The night was dark and Howard walked downtown. The city that never sleeps happened to sleeping that night. He approached an almost old, run down apartment building. Completely abandoned and walked in, using a small key. He walked upstairs and entered an office, walking over to the desk he pulled off his coat and hung it up, before pulling the small chain that turned on the lamp. The room was immediately filled with light, revealing a young, red head. Very beautiful. She stared at Howard with curious eyes.

"You're...A duck." She said, eyes widened. HEr heart thumping. Howard stared at her, he didn't know whether to listen to what she had to say, if she had anything to say. OR quickly kill her, just to keep his secret from the human world. His heart thumped too. He decided to listen.

"Yes...." He replied slowly, with caution. He had never spoken to a human that wasn't drunk, or high. OR now dead.

"That...Doesn't matter. what does matter, is that I need your help!" She stated, with a panicked expression and tone.

"No." Howard snapped in a reply. Quite rude but effective. It caught her offguard. She hopped a little bit.

"But....But why!?" She yelled, almost angered.

"BECAUSE I.DO.NOT. DEAL. WITH HUMANS!" He screamed back, just about leaping off the floor. The young girl stepped back before falling to her knees, covering her face. Crying. Howard couldn't do it. He it was important...IT had to be. She wouldn't have gone through all this trouble if it wasn't.

"Fine.....What do you need help with?" He asked, hesitantly. The young girl looked. Smiling brightly.

"Well......" She replied.....


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@DamianWayne: This genuinely made me smile, very good!