Marvel Genesis: Adam Warlock part 1

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Pursuer Ronan Field Log  
           The defeat of our fleet was traumatic but it may prove to be the least of our problems. The Warlock has made himself known once more. I along with the survivors of our fleet had to set down on a small moon for some repairs, unfortunately according to the Warlock it was the fabled tomb of Thanos. It fit the description well even down to the Brood infestation our ancestors put in place to keep out grave robbers and the Skrull who would undoubtedly find some horrible use for the Ancient monster buried there.  I must confer with the War Council to decide the appropriate action to take, luckily the men seemed to think the Warlock was just attempting to frighten them with the tales they were told as children so we won't need to worry too much about word getting out. The surviving Captain will require some surveillance as he seemed to take the Warlock seriously, I feel he should be brought in. He's a good soldier and seems intelligent. 
       The Journal of Adam Warlock 
              I believe I have found the owner of the Nega Bands, he is a a Captain of the Kree fleet and a descendant of Ro- Vel, their previous barer.  He has stumbled upon the tomb and I fear his presence woke the Titan who slept there. It may be time to revive the destroyer, though I'd prefer to be certain before I take that step. The prophecy I was made privy to seems to be coming about, The Silver man has begun to doubt his master, The Shi'ar have a warrior with the power to crush worlds and the primitive man has joined the ranks of the universal defenders. If Mar-Vel is the true barer then the whole of creation may be coming to an end. I must warn the guardians of the gems that the Mad Titan may be coming to retake his power.  
    Thanos' log 
                It has been quite some time since I've moved these muscles, my lady Death has kept me in a world between worlds for too long. My gems have been spread through out the cosmos and my memory has been reduced to a simple children's tale. My power will return shortly and then my search can begin anew. I will have that Damnable Warlock's head mounted on my wall along with all his petty little champions who keep my property from me and slaughter those Kree and Skrull parasites who dared imprison me. Those who survive will either grovel at my feet or share their fate.