Marvel Evolution: Spider-Man #3

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  This part is rate E... Hope you like.  


"Well dear?" Otto kept his eyes on the road as they drove along.

"Harry's a charming child," she laughed. "Precocious. And very creative. He and Peter seem attached at the hip. You two seemed to be getting along well too, I noticed."

Otto nodded. "The boy is bright. I'll admit, it surprised me. Especially give what he's been through. Two sets of guardians dead, he's been in the system for a few months, public schools that's been piecemeal at that. First grader but he talks like he's in middle school, easily." He gave her a brief smile. "I admit, I liked him. He's sharp and enthusiastic. Polite. Good-natured. Don't want to see a kid like that end up languishing in a home for the next decade before winding up on the streets or something."

"And Harry?"

"You would know better than I would. He warmed up to you."

"And you let Peter monopolize your time," she pointed out with a knowing smile. "Harry's very sweet. Not too sure about his situation; he's a runaway who apparently showed up the same time as Peter. The workers said they were lucky they found him before he got into any real trouble, though they had no luck finding his real family. From his interviews they suspected some type of abuse, or at least neglect, but nothing he would talk about." She looked over at Otto with a serious expression. "What are you thinking?"

"I think," Otto replied, "that getting two children out of the system is better than one. They're older too. If not us – well, chances are they won't find anybody. We could afford it, you know."

"I know. Financially at least. But do you think we're ready for it?"

He pulled into their driveway, parked the car and took her hand. "I always said that you would make a marvelous mother, Rosalie. I'm sure you can give two children as much love as you could one. As for myself – I admit it would be a change. But you saw them together, how close they were. Even if they're not related, it would be a shame to break them apart."

"We'll ask for both of them?" She smiled at him.

Otto kissed her. "We'll ask for both."  


The afternoon, many weeks later, that Otto and Rosalie finally came to pick them up and take them home for good, Harry and Peter entered the car to find two wrapped packages in the backseat, labeled with their names. While Peter was methodically picking the tape off of his and unfolding the paper, Harry tore into his present, revealing a sleeping bag, Harry's green and Peter's blue.

"Cool. Are we going camping?" He poked the fabric with his finger.

"Maybe sometime," Otto smiled as he got into the car. "But those are for tonight, just in case we don't get your rooms finished."

"We thought about furnishing your rooms," Rosalie explained, "but then we decided that you two are big boys so you would probably prefer to decorate your rooms yourselves and get the furniture you wanted."

"I want a race car bed!" Harry shouted. "With Batman sheets!"

"I think we could manage that." Otto grinned, first at his wife, then at the boys. "And what would you like Peter?"

The boy shrugged. "I'm ok with anything."

"Come on." Harry poked him. "What about Star Wars? You like Star Wars. I bet they have Star Wars stuff."

Again, he shrugged and Rosalie looked at him sympathetically. He was so used to accepting what he got without complaining that he was reluctant to accept such gestures from adults, even when freely offered.

"We want to do this Peter," she reassured him. "We're going to be a family and we will do the best we can to make you happy."

Peter considered this for a moment then looked at her. "Do we call you mom and dad now? 'Steada Otto and Rosie?"

She smiled. "You call us whatever you're comfortable with."

Slowly, he nodded, and then looked back at her with concerned eyes. "Ros… mom? You said rooms." He chewed his lip. "Harry and I won't have a room together?"

"No dear, you get your own rooms. Why? Don't you want a room all for yourself?"

He shifted uncomfortably in the seat. "Harry and I always shared a room. Well, us and lots of boys. But how will I get to sleep with Harry all the way in another room?"

"Peter's going to be in another room?" Harry looked up now, upset. "Why?"

Rosalie looked mildly surprised. "We thought you would want your own space. You are getting older." Seeing that they were still upset, she looked at them sympathetically. "But there will be room for your sleeping bags if you want to spend time in each others rooms."

Harry looked over at Peter and rubbed his hair. "See? We'll be OK."

For the first time during the ride, Peter managed a smile and started to relax. "Can I get the top of my room painted with stars? Glow in the dark?"

"Might take a bit of effort but I think I could manage that," Otto told him with a nod.

"I want stars too!" Harry chimed in. "And can we get posters? And a toy box? And can I have a TV in my room?"

"Harry!" Peter looked at him, a bit abashed that Harry was asking for so much.

"Please?" Harry finished, blushing a little bit.

"No promises, but I'll do what I can."  

All characters belong to Marvel and therefore are not mine.

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Again, great work.