Marvel Evolution: Spider-Man #2

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This part is rate E... Hope you like.  

 The officer sighed in frustration as her pen hovered above her writing pad.

"I'm sure I have a picture or something." Norman Osborn rifled through his desk. "I think. Maybe."

"If it's not from the last few years it won't help much, sir. Anything is good, but they change so fast at this age the more recent the better. Did you get him finger printed?"

He looked up, aggravated. "I thought the school would take care of it, or his sitter or something."

"Well do you know what he was wearing, sir?" She pressed on.

"How should I know?" He snapped.

The detective joined her partner one frustrating and long half hour later.

"How'd it go?"

"Chalk this one up for another kid we'll be lucky to find. Just about all I got was that he has wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and is a bit shy of seven."

"That bad? The dad's rich; I would have thought there'd be a big stink over this. Reward and everything."

"No fingerprints, no photos and it's been four days since the kid went missing. Father assumed that the nanny or the butler was taking care of him, they assumed he was with the father… long story short, nobody's seen him for days. And dad seems none to eager to raise a fuss. Looks kinda bad, doesn't it, when it's four days until you notice your own kid is gone? Didn't know anything about him either. No friends, nobody at school he knows, no places he hangs out, nobody he visits – not even the playground he likes the most. The interview with the teacher wasn't a whole lot better but at least she knew some things about the poor kid."

The partner gave a low whistle. "I'll tell you, the rich – sometimes I think they live in a world all their own."

"They do." She opened the car door. "And I'll tell you, we'll do what we gotta to track this kid down – but with a dad like Norman Osborn, I don't blame him for wanting out of that world."


Harry spoke about his past only in snatches, but Peter remembered them if only because Harry's life was apparently so different from his own. He understood that Harry's dad had apparently been rich, though he didn't seem to regret leaving that. That they'd had a fight the day before Harry left, that his father blamed him for his mom's death. That Harry didn't do so well in school and his dad didn't like that much either, which didn't make sense to Peter because Harry hadn't been in school that long.

So they would agree that the nameless father was a jerk and get on with their lives. Peter would occasionally talk about his life, but it usually made him cry so Harry didn't ask very often and Peter didn't offer.

Weeks passed and then months, and they settled into a pattern. Harry looked out for Peter who was a smaller than a lot of the other boys and was picked on when they found out he was smart. Peter helped Harry do things he had trouble with like math and science and spelling; Harry said he liked Peter and the way he explained things better than the tutors at the school.

The people who ran the group home were nice enough; and since they had each other, neither minded much as other, usually younger, kids were adopted and taken away before them. But Harry could see that Peter, much more than him, missed having a mom and a dad. And he hated to see Peter unhappy.

"I'll find us somebody," he assured Peter.

"Us?" Peter looked at him doubtfully. "Are you sure? People usually only take one. And they like little kids, babies."

"They'll take us," Harry replied confidently. "When we find the right ones."

Peter had his doubts; but then the Octavius couple showed up.

When they first came in, Peter and Harry had been playing outside with a soccer ball. Peter had recognized Otto Octavius from one of the science magazines that he read at the library when they got to go with their class. Harry called Peter a dork, but he'd gone back inside and approached the woman who had accompanied the scientist.

He tugged on her sleeve and when she turned around pointed to Peter who was standing in the doorway. "You should adopt Peter," he told her. "He's really smart, you would really like him."

The woman looked at him and smiled. "Well hello there. Who are you?"

"I'm Harry," he told her, smiled in a way he hoped was charming. "You could adopt me too, you know."

Her husband turned and looked at them. "Are you brothers?"

"No," he shrugged. "But I'm really nice. And I like to color. I'm good at coloring." He turned towards Otto. "Peter knows you and he likes you."

"He knows me?" The portly man laughed. "How does he know me?"

"He read about you in a magazine. Something science-y."

The man's look changed from amusement to interest and he motioned for Peter to come over. The boy hesitated, but Harry ran over and dragged him up to the couple.

"Hello, sir," Peter greeted him with a polite nod.

"Hello – Peter, right?" He held out a hand.

"Yeah." He took it and shook it carefully. "And you're Otto Octavius."

"Yes I am. Harry says you know what I do. Is that true?"

Peter nodded. "You're a really important physicist. I read about you in Popular Science." He blushed. "I think you're amazing."

Otto nodded. "Did you understand what was in the magazine?"

"Well… noteverything," Peter admitted. "But it sounded really exciting. Fusion and all." He paused. "I think you'll be able to do it someday, I really do!"

"That's very flattering young man. Would you like to come inside and sit down?"

Peter nodded and they walked inside together. Otto glanced back at his wife and saw that she was deep in conversation with Harry who was eagerly trying to pull her inside with the promise of showing her artwork. They stayed for nearly three hours, getting to know the boys and talking to the people at the agency about the application, home visit and screening process.

Once they were gone, Harry winked.

"I told you. Didn't I?"

Then he pulled Peter back outside where they resumed kicking around the soccer ball. While they played, Peter thought about the afternoon. He had to admit, it looked as though Harry had been right to hope. Apart from meeting Harry, something important had actually gone right for the first time since the accident.


All characters belong to Marvel and therefore are not mine.

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@sentryssj4: I remember when I was first planning my Marvel Gen spidey sereis, I toyed with making otto hsi father and killing off uncle Ben and Aunt May as well as his parents but I decided against it. Uncle Ben is too iconic a character for me to do that too but this looks good

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This is looking really good. Interested to see where ya take it next.