Marvel: Earth Fall part 2

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Continued from here Part 1

Earth- The last day

Tony Stark sat in his office as the world rumbled around him. He turned to the T.V. behind him and turned it on to see a breaking news story. A reporter came on, " A pair of what can only be described as pincers seemed to have clamped down on two sides of the planet mere minutes ago. Before anyone had a chance to discover what they are, they were violently ripped away. Millions were killed instantly. Astronomers across the world are reporting sever gravitational disturbances and satellite images have revealed two planet sized metallic spheres in near Earth orbit along with some evidence of what the super hero community refers to as Galactus."

The phone in Tony's hand rings and he looks to see Reed Richards' name flash on the screen. He answers, "Are we at worst case scenario?"

Reed answered with some fear in his voice, "Its worse. We need to prepare the Arks."

"You want to evacuate the entire planet?!"

Reed shouted over the phone, "Even if the planet is eaten we won't survive what's happening."

Tony turned on a view screen to see images from several of his satellites and saw the two world devourers locked in combat. He then flipped open a console on his desk and at Four Freedoms plaza Reed did the same.

Tony looked down and spoke a code word, "Genesis 6."

Reed repeated it on his end.


Hank Pym was on board the Ark doing a routine check on the miniturized menageries of animals Tony had asked him to place on the Arks, up to this moment Hank had always felt this was an unnecessary task but enjoyed the time he was allowed to spend on research on the effects on miniaturized animal life. As the alert went off he ran to a console where Tony appeared already half in his armor, "Hank activate Ark 1 the other 11 are going online as we speak, we need them ready for a mass evac within the next two hours."

Ark 2

Captain Britain led an M.I. 16 division to the location of the Ark and gave them detailed instructions on its activation and sent out an order from the Prime Minister for a nation wide evacuation.

Ark 12

Sunfire had become worried when he noticed the ship quickly nearing capacity while millions more than would fit rushed toward it to escape the massive Tsunami's crashing into Japan. As soldiers began blocking people he came down to see a woman begging for just her child to be let on board. As the soldier told the woman that they didn't have the room Sunfire placed a hand on the man's shoulder, "Let the boy take my place."

Without a second thought half the soldiers on board stepped out and ordered all the nearest women and children to take a place inside. They stood in silence as the ship began to rise.

As Ark 1 began to fill the Fantasicar mad a mad dash to the ship when a huge energy blast ripped through the clouds and Sue Richards let out a horrid scream as the section holding Johnny and Franklin was vaporized. The ship then began to tumble out of the air but was caught by Thor.

He landed them by the Ark and Ordered Reed to take Sue and their daughter inside. The Thing was resistant to board the ship but was unwilling to argue with the thunder god. Thor then looked to the other heroes assembled, "Enter the ark, I will buy you time."

As they entered Thor personally slammed the bay closed before turning to see the Hulk standing in front of him, "You no order Hulk."

Thor gave him a nod as a massive robotic arm came through the cloud cover. Thor shot into the air launching Hulk toward the metallic beast as he used his power to form a shield of lightning for the Ark as it lifted away. Hulk did manage to cause a small crack in the arm before being ripped apart by the energy wave. Thor held the blast at bay for as long as he could until finally it hit him.

Of the twelve Arks only seven made it free of Earth. Those who survived could only watch in despair as their home was ripped apart. As Ark 1 left orbit Wolverine watched out a port window as Galactus defeated his enemy.

Iron Man sat aboard Ark 2 as news of Thor's demise reached him, many people thanked him for his part in their survival but his thoughts remained on the billions left behind. But there was a glimmer of hope as it had been discovered that in the battle Mars had been pulled deeper into the habitable zone of the solar system improving the chances for survival.


5 years after Earth fell

The seven Arks had finally sat down on the sands of Mars after their long journey. They landed in a large semi circle and Iron Man gave orders to each ship to connect them, this would allow them to travel between the Arks as well as to complete a circuit in the massive terraforming machine each ark was part of. Unfortunately because not all twelve made it the process would take decades longer than intended so each Ark was designated a city state to be occupied until the planet could be safe to settle. Hank Pym's miniature farms produced most of the food for all of the Ark cities which would eventually make Pym a very rich man.

Tony Stark and Reed Richards became the most revered men on this new world.

(To be continued in Marvel: A.E.F. part 1 )


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This would make for a pretty awesome movie. Especially when Hulk and Thor were fighting off Unicron's hand. Well done

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Me likey, Love the description of the in Ark 12