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Okay, first thing I want to tell you guys is that i'm 14 years of age, so don't think me older and more mature.  
I am new on Comic vine, and just started. But for years I have been making Superheroes and Villains that I hope some day will come to exist in the comic book world we all know and love. I call it "Fan-Made Comics" Because it's all Fan made. Before you bash me about the name I have a Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions picture that my brother drew. I just wish the picture would be colored. :( 
What is Fan-Made Comics?   It is like Marvel and DC. I wish that someday I will be an editor chief for comics and try to pitch my idea.  I only wish for you guys to encourage me. 
I have a Link and Facebook that I would love for you guys to like. That is where I plan to start Fan-Made Comics. I will post uncolored comics on there...the drawings won't be pro. But it will be like that Shattered Dimensions picture. Me and my brother will make comic strips of mine and his superheroes. So please, LIKE IT! :D