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At world's end: Kinva's awakening

Throughout space things are rough, with asteroids crashing into one another. The various planets of this solar system show it's beauty through the darkness of nothingness. Within a planet galaxies away, a plan is being created. Seven alien life forms sit within a room at a large table.

"Hello Mark, Kyie, Heath, Jam, Kayla, and X39. I'm glad you could all make it to this meeting. Our scanners have fully scanned Galaxy 32-50; everything is ready for further preparations."

He is interrupted as Kayla's hand goes up. He waves his hand over at her, signaling he will answer the question later.

"Getting to the planets of this galaxy will be no problem indeed, but we do have a minor problem." There are two obstacles that we must take care of accordingly." He tells.

"So captain, is it the dimension wall that is a problem? If so I have the right knowledge of taking care of that problem." Heath asks.

The room is silent for a bit. The captain opens up a nearby suit case, pulling out a few pictures and throwing them onto the table. The group looks at the pictures, but are confused on the point of it.

"Why have you shown us these photos, what do these two have to do with anything?" Mark asks.

The Captain walks in circles with his hand over his chin. A smile escapes from his lips.

"The two of them are who could jeopardize our whole mission; they must be taken care of before we can do anything. The animal is a hedgehog by the name of Sonic, and the man wearing blue and red is called Mario." He tells.

Everyone sitting at the table begin to laugh aloud. The squad captain gets angry at this, and waits for them to stop.

"Your joking right cap, you think these two can stand in the way of our army of seven billion!" Kayla says, laughing again.

"As I said before, the two of them are just a minor threat. But everything will run smoothly if they are both out of the picture! A great advantage to us is the two of them have never met, nor are on the same planet." He tells.

"So what is your plan for eliminating them?" Jam asks.

"I'm going to send them to the Phortex8W, there's no possible way they can get out." He says, collecting the photos from the table.

"What about the species of each planet, it's not like they will just sit there and go along with us taking over. What will be our strategy, we need one if we want things to turn out perfect?" Kayla asks.
The captain puts the pictures into an envelope, and locks them up with the rest of his files. He turns back around to his team.

"Earth will be the easiest to complete our mission, given the fact we look just like the humans. They won't be able to notice a difference. I've already sent a few of our experts to dispose of Mario and Sonic." The captain tells.

He dismisses them all for a break from the room.

Planet Earth

In the city of New York Brooklyn, the two plumbers are fast asleep. They stay within an apartment in the middle class part of town. A telephone rings aloud, waking Luigi. He looks over at his clock to see that it is 5:15 AM. The plumber yawns getting out of his bed to answer the phone.

"Hello you have reached the residence of the Mario brothers, how may I help you?"

"This is Mr. Cain; I believe the two of you did some plumbing for me last week. Well anyway, the pipes in my basement are still leaking! The two of you need to get back over here right now and fix it!" He yells.

Luigi attempts to say something, but the costumer hangs the phone up on the other side. He stretches before hanging up as well. opening the door to his room he walks across the hall; banging on Mario's door. His brother is awake right away!

"What is it 'a Luigi?" Mario asks.

"We have to drive out down town; it seems Jordon's pipes need tightening." Luigi replies.

Mario gets out of his bed, sitting at the edge. Luigi heads back into his room turning on a light. He slides the door to his closet open, to see many pairs of overalls and green shirts. He pulls a pair out, with his hat and gloves and dresses quickly. Last he slips into his brown shoes. Mario gets dressed as well, and the two of them are on their way.

"I would like to drive this time Mario; you did the last three days." Luigi suggests.

Mario just shrieks his shoulders, alerting Luigi he didn't mind. The two of them hurry and get into the vehicle, because of the pouring rain. Luigi drives as his brother sits in the passenger side. Neither one of them speaks; they sit in silence for a bit.

"You still have not read the letter from Peach. It's been sitting on the table for over two weeks now. You never know, it might be important." Luigi breaks the silence.

Mario just stares outside of the window at the rain drops. He turns over to face his younger brother.

"I don't know how I continue to forget, it's just we have been so busy lately. But I will check it out. Mama Mia Luigi slow down, it's a red light." Mario tells.

Luigi steps on the breaks and waits. Mario turns back to looking outside of the window.

Mushroom Kingdom 

Toad sits outside of the castle, talking with a familiar dinosaur. The two of them discuss a huge upcoming event.

"I wonder what kind of Cake she will have, man I can't wait! I'm glad the princess is finally getting married. On top of that Prince James seems like a really nice guy!" Yoshi says, jumping up a bit.

"I agree with you one hundred, I'm just wondering why we haven't heard from Mario and Luigi yet. She sent them an invitation to the wedding a few weeks ago. It's so strange; they have not been to the mushroom kingdom in over a year and a half." Toad adds.

Yoshi sprints over to an apple tree, pulling off two of them. He throws one to Toad, who catches it. Yoshi throws his up, and devours it quickly using his tongue. He then walks over next to Toad who takes his time.

"I'm positive the two of them will be here soon, I can't wait. It sure will be nice to see them again." Yoshi says.

Toad just smiles agreeing with his long time friend. Inside of the castle, Peach sits on a stool in front of a mirror. Brushing her hair while in a deep train of thought. Her fiancée walks up behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder. She smiles while resting her head on his hand.

"How are you doing babe?" He asks.

"I'm doing great, but I can't wait to meet all of your family tomorrow." She replies.

She turns around to look up at his short blond spiky hair, and dark green eyes. The two of them smile at each other. She wraps her arms around his neck, bringing their lips together. They kiss passionately for a few seconds. He breaks the kiss and they smile at each other for a few moments.

"So will I get the chance of meeting the famous Mario and Luigi? Everyone speaks of them in your kingdom?" He asks.

Peach turns back around brushing her hair again.

"I hope so, but I haven't heard back from them yet. The wedding is tomorrow, so chances are they won't be there." She says with disappointment in her voice.

He bends down a bit, putting himself next to her.

"Even if they don't attend, I will make it a wedding you will never forget." He whispers into her ear.

She smiles at his words. Continuing to brush her hair he exits the room.
Inside of Luigi's mansion, fly guys and a group of toads buddies make repairs.

"We have to fix this place up nice, this is where the reception will be held." A toad says.

"What if Luigi doesn't come, wouldn't that be a little unnecessary to hold this thing here?" A shy guy asks.

"It doesn't matter if he comes or not, we aren't changing plans at the last minute."

The group continues to work hard, putting up signs and decorations! Back at the front of the castle, Yoshi continues to speak with Toad himself.

"I heard rumors they will be taking their honey moon, to Isle Delfino! I'm still so happy she has found a man, she will spend the rest of her life with." Toad says cheerfully.

Yoshi sits in silence, listening and watching the wind blow leaves across the grass and dirt. Toad looks over at the dino, who seems to have worry in his eyes. Pigeons fly in the bright blue sky, making the sounds of birds.

"You seem a bit upset, is something bothering you?"

Yoshi does not answer looking up into the sky, the feathers of pigeons glide down.

"I don't know but, I always thought there was something special between them. I guess maybe it just wasn't meant to be." He finally replies.

"Who're you talking about? You're not making much sense at all." Toad asks.

"I'm talking about the princess and Mario!"

Toad is now the one who is silent, not sure what to say if anything. He thinks a little while about Yoshi's assumption.

"Maybe there was a spark between them, but it was more of a friendship.
Mario and Luigi will always be close friends to her. Just like they're to us." Toad tells.

"If you think about it maybe that is the reason we haven't heard from them yet. The fact she is getting married could have been too much for them to take in." He suggests.

"Are you serious, they wouldn't miss this for the world. In my opinion, they're probably surprising us and will come at the last minute!"

Yoshi smiles at the thought, hoping that he is right. Inside the castle Peach runs a bubble bath, and gets into the tub. The front door to the castle opens, and James steps outside.

"Hey Toad could you come inside for a minute, I have a few things I would like to discuss?" He asks.

"No problem James, I'll be right in. I'll see you later Yoshi."

Toad heads inside with the prince. Yoshi decides to take a walk, and heads down a hill.


Brooklyn New York

Mario stands on a latter with a Reinch, tightening the pipes. In the meantime Luigi makes modifications, to some of the other equipment they worked on last time.

"Luigi toss me the tool box?"

His brother hands the materials to him, and he continues to work. The basement they work in is huge dark, and roomy. Nothing is on the floor except hard concrete. Luigi works on a cabinet and washing machine at the same time. After another thirty minutes the two of them are completely finished. The plumbers exit the basement together, making there way up to the main floor.

"Thanks a lot for coming out you two. I'm sorry I demanded that you come out this early, but it really needed to be fixed." The costumer tells.

"No problem'o we're happy to be of assistance. Call us back if you are still having problems." Mario tells.

The man nods.

"I will have your checks sent to you by mail. You can expect it in a day or two." He tells.

Luigi and Mario shake hands with the gentleman before exiting. Mario drives this time. The sky is still covered with dark gray clouds, and a little light rain.

"So would you like to stop by our favorite coffee shop?" Mario asks.

"That sounds like a superb idea! Plus I need something to boost my energy a bit." Luigi says.

They quickly arrive in front of the place. The two of them step out of the vehicle, and head into the store. The plumbers sit at their usual booth, picking up there menu's. They look over the many different appetizers and meals. Not long after, a waitress comes to their table.

"Oh hello Luigi and Mario, it's nice to see your faces again! So what can I
get for you today?" She asks, with a pen and paper at hand.

"I'm glad to see you as well; this is one of the best diner's in Brooklyn." Luigi replies.

He then turns back to his menu. He and his brother take a bit longer before making a choice.

"We will take two iced coffees, and two orders of four stacked pan cakes." Mario tells.

She writes everything down.

"Alright boys, I will have everything to you quickly." She tells.

"You can take your time Betty; we will most likely be staying a while." Luigi replies.

She smiles patting him on the shoulder. She walks off into the back room. Luigi and Mario look out of the window at the raindrops. The two sit quietly just enjoying themselves. Luigi is the one to break the silence between them.

"Business has been going well lately, we have pulled in some good customers."

Mario looks over at his brother.

"It's a good thing it is; last month we hardly had any customers. If we
save up enough money, we can buy ourselves a new truck." Mario says.
There food is brought to them within the next few minutes.

"Can I get you guy's anything else?"

"No thanks, this will do just fine." Mario replies.

She smiles walking off back into the kitchen. Luigi takes the butter out of its plastic container, with his knife. He spreads the butter over the pancake that is on top. Luigi pours the hot syrup over his meal.

"I don't know why we avoided this place for so long." He says.

Mario takes a sip of his coffee, while pouring the syrup onto his cakes. The plumber looks over at a clock, to see that it is seven fifteen. Luigi and Mario eat and talk for a while. Soon they're both finished, Mario pays the bill and they exit together. Mario turns on the radio while his brother drives.

"Is there anywhere you would like to go, before heading home?" Luigi asks.

Mario is about to answer, as their vehicle is knocked off of the road. It flies over a few times, before coming to a stop. The heart rate increases on them both! What in the world just happened; they most certainly didn't run over anything! Both brothers look over at the other, making sure they're ok. The brothers un buckle, getting out of the truck that lays upside down. Both plumbers' eyes widen, to see a huge robot standing before them. Marrio himself has to stretch out feeling soar.

"Stand aside human, my only interest is Mario." The machine tells.

Both Mario brothers are confused on the situation. They sit there for a few seconds trying to figure out what exactly is going on!

"What is it that you want, none of this makes sense? And I know someone sent you, so tell me?" Mario asks in anger.

The robot laughs in its mechanic tone. This gets Luigi and Mario pumped, and angry. Luigi steps forward, putting himself a little in front of his brother.

"What do you know about Mario, he's just an average man like everyone else?" Luigi asks.

"I know nothing about him, or even this planet, but I've got orders to
follow. Mario must be sent to the Phortex8W. I suggest you get lost, or your fate could be similar."

Now the two of them are even more confused than they were before. Giving the two of them no time to do anything, he jumps up and begins it's attack. The robot grabs Mario by his head and throws him into a nearby tree. His arm stretches out with a wire attached to it, grabbing Luigi swinging him around.

"This could have been done the easy way, had you stayed out of my way."

Luigi is slammed down into the ground. Mario gets up, performing a flying kick which sends the robot onto the ground. He looks up at Mario's blue eyes that show a true warrior behind them. Long sharp blades come out of the robots wrists; he jumps up swinging at Mario.

"Mamma Mia, how many tricks does this thing have?" The plumber asks himself.

Mario dodges the blows, as his brother comes to his aid. He slashes Luigi on the arm, which makes him bleed. Luigi holds the wounded spot while his brother fights back against the invader. Mario rips one hand off the robot, as some type of oil gushes out. The machine uses its other hand to punch Mario a few ft back. He falls to the ground out of breath.

"You're much tougher than I thought, but this little show is over."

The robots' chest opens and a device slides out of it. It's shaped like a gun; a beam shoots out of it zapping Mario. He vanishes once he is hit by the energy of it. Luigi looks over to see a cloud of dust in his brother's place.

"Noooo, what happened to him?" Where is Mario?" Luigi yells.

"It seems my time has come." The robot replies.

He looks down at his missing hand, as oil continues to drip. The robot explodes self destructing. Luigi yells out asking what happened to his brother, knowing that he wouldn't receive an answer. Luigi stands in shame for awhile, wondering why he could not have saved his brother. A tear falls from his eye.

"Now what am I supposed to do, where do I go from here?" He asks himself. looking over at the damaged truck, but decides to find a different way home.


Galaxies away 

The main counsel sits in the room. Their captain re enters with some news.

"It looks like Mario has been taken care of; everything is going well so far.
The hedgehog is the last of important matters we must deal with, before pulling forward. I'm not saying it will be a walk in the park with the two of them gone, but it will make things much easier." The captain tells.

"So is there anyone on the way, to eliminate the speedster yet?" Jam asks.

"Sonic is even more tricky than Mario, I sent a few troops of ours to deal
with him. But that should be none of your focuses; I want you all to prepare for our upcoming invasion of the worlds."

"Yes sir, we will do that. Is there anything we can do for you in the meantime?" Kayla asks smiling, throwing her hair back.

"There will be nothing else that any of you will have to do."


Over an hour has passed, and Luigi is now walking into the apartment. His head down, with much frustration and regrets. There were many things he never told Mario, and now he would never get the chance to. A few tears fall from his eyes. He walks over to the kitchen table and sits down. opening the letter that Peach sent weeks ago reading it. He's very surprised after he's finished.

"I can't believe it, Peach is getting married!"

To Be Continue

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#2  Edited By XLR87T3
@Bruce27: OH MY GOD!!!! This is the best, and probably realistic, Mario fan-fic I have read yet! Show me the next part! I mean Brooklyn, New York? Right back to the Mofia :D Oh, and if you include Bowser than make him seem scary like him killing koopas and feeding it to his offspring or something. Just a suggestion. 
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At world's end: Kinva's awakening
CHP2: One down One to go

The streets are calm with a clear night sky and breeze out to the west. The only thing that can be seen is the many stars in the sky, and a full moon. Everything is bland for the most part, except somewhere in the large city. Gun fire between the police force and gang members takes place, in front of a bank. An officer is hit in the shoulder by a speeding bullet! He holds in the pain, as he presses on his injured shoulder. Blood falls down his arm as he presses harder. He looks over to see two dead officers killed in battle.

"This is Officer White; we need some back up now! I have two men down, and another injured!" He yells over his communication device.

The criminals continue to shoot at the cops who take cover behind their vehicles. A few innocent bystanders have been injured, and are in critical condition.

"You coppers should just give up and leave. No one here is stopping this crew!" A guy says shooting a machine gun.

The bullets fly everywhere, splattering glass all over the street. A large amount of bullets speed toward the head of a cop, but something zooms in front of the officer catching all the bullets. The figure drops them down to the ground, looking up at the criminals. One guy drops his gun, with wide eyes putting his hands up to surrender.

"What do you think you're doing Jeff, put your hands down and pick up your weapon!"

"I'm not sure but if that animal over there is who I think he is, we won't be able to stop him." Jeff replies in a nervous tone.

"You dumb coward, I'll show everyone no one messes with us."

The guy pulls out a missile launcher and fires it off at the fury spiky haired animal. The criminals are surprised as he forms himself into a speed ball shape, deflecting the missile into the air with his dash attack. It is deflected and blows up an abandoned warehouse. Now all of the criminals are flustered picking up their weapons, and aiming at this un known character.

"Now lets not get upset boys, you should have predicted I would be here in a flash! I'm Sonic the hedgehog, just turn yourselves in and I won't have to embarrass any of you"

The crime leader laughs at his words.

"Gentlemen, show this hedgehog what where're all about!"

The group of men begin shooting, only to have their attempts dodged.

With much speed Sonic zooms over, removing the weapons from them all. Passing by the police he grabs the hand cuffs, cuffing the thugs in less than four seconds.

"You guy's should be able to take it from here. I'm goanna get some of these people to the hospital." Sonic tells.

He looks over to see a little boy lying in the middle of the street. running over he picks him up, traveling to the closes medical center.

"Forget the backup, we just need the ambulance. We are located a few blocks from station square." An officer tells.

They arrest the nearby criminals.

Angel Island

A familiar red Echidna rests in the grass with his eyes closed. The soft wind blows over his face, comforting him. Half a smile comes across his face, with his purple eyes opening. He looks up at the glossy moon. Nearby is the master emerald itself. Knuckles jumps to his feet looking into the sky, spotting Jets and Planes which approach at high speeds.

"I know just what those outsiders are after, but they will not get their hands on it. I promised I would protect the master emerald, and that is one I will not break!"

The flying vehicles give off sonorous sounds while they circle the island. Knuckle's fists tighten in anger and frustration. People jump out of the vehicles with par shoots, they carry with them weapons. A woman and a few men land close to Knuckles.

"That must be the creature that guards the diamond." She whispers.

"So how do you want us to proceed?" A guy asks.

"We are going to take it out quick and simple."

As they move forward a bit, he takes a step back with a grin.

"Stop right there, that is as far as you go!"

The humans jump back a bit startled surprised that the Echidna can speak. It takes them a bit for it all to sink in.

"Hello little fella, if you could please step aside so we can take the diamond? By the way I'm Sarah." She tells putting her hand out.

Knuckles does not shake hands with the woman, instead crosses his arms while frowning.

"What kind of idiot do you take me for; you've invaded my turfs and expect me to give up something valuable to me. You people are insane, I

suggest you leave and not come back!" Knuckles shouts!

He does this to try and make his point clear, only to be laughed at by the group. With his short temper he is quickly enraged by this action!

"This will be the last time I'm going to tell you, move out of the way or you will be taken down. It doesn't matter what your choice is, because in

the end the result will be the same." Sarah tells.

More men with weapons approach them, Knuckles puts his fists up ready to fight. Sarah signals her men to fire at him! The Echidna jumps up and knocks the weapons out of their hands. punching a few of the men to the ground, he performs a back flip giving him space.

"I asked nicely, and I will ask once more! Leave this island now!" Knuckles yells.

The woman throws her hair back pulling out a pistol and shooting at him. His quick reflexes and speed keep him from getting hit. He jumps into her grabbing her wrist and twisting it around, while throwing her onto the ground. The surrounding men pull out knives and staffs, and begin their attack on Knuckles. He jumps high into the air and on the way down kicks the men all in different directions. Some of them are knocked off of a cliff. The Echidna leg grabs another guy throwing him into a bush. He turns back over to Sarah who holds her wrist.

"Do you people get the picture yet; the master emerald is not going anywhere."

Sarah looks up at him with a slight smile.

"I'm interested to know where you learned your material arts skills? What in god's name are you; you're an animal that can speak with so much intelligentsia?"

The rest of the men back off from him, afraid to be injured.

"That in itself is a long story, but I will make you a deal. If you and your buddies leave now, maybe we can arrange something."

"Agreed, we will leave this instant."

"It's about time; I thought your ignorance would get the better of you."

Knuckles turns away from the group of people heading over to the massive emerald. Sarah smirks pulling out a device, and shooting Knuckles by pressing the button. He is electrified in place and falls unconscious. Sarah gets up on her feet while laughing.

"Haven't you heard the phrase never turn your back to an enemy? You pathetic fool! Alright boys, radio our guys in the sky to drop down the steal wires." She tells.

The group communicates with each other, getting ready to obtain they're prize. Helicopters and jets fly over the island. The many wires are thrown down and connected to the emerald.

"Mistress what about the guardian, this is a great discovery? An animal who can talk, just think about all the money we could bring in!"

Sarah takes another look at Knuckles who lays unconscious.

"Just leave him, I don't want any chances of him waking up and turning things to his favor. But he is really quite magnificent; I've never seen something like this before."

Stretchable latter's are thrown down to the group, who hop onto them. It takes four helicopters to lift the master emerald out of its place. The group begins its exit from the island. Knuckles's eyes open in time to see the last of the vehicles disappearing into the sky. He rubs his hand against the back of his head feeling dizzy. But before he's able to do anything the island begins it's decent downward, but with the strong winds it is also re directed.

"How stupid can I be, I should have seen that coming? Most importantly I need to figure out where they're taking it, and recover it."

Knuckles thinks to himself, knowing exactly who he would go to for help. A Hedgehog by the name of Sonic speeds through forest area. It is a bit hard for him to see b

ecause of the darkness, but he spots a lit fire ahead. Getting there in a flash he comes to a stop in front of a close friend.

"Sorry I'm late Tails, but I had a few things that I needed to take care of."

He looks over at his fox friend who seems to be working on something. The fox wears eye goggles, burning two metal objects together. Afterwards Tails takes off the eye protection looking over at his friend.

"Hey Sonic, I'm glad that you could make it! I'm working on a new project, and was wondering if you would like to help me?"

Sonic smiles while stepping over closer to his friend.

"Of course I'll help you out pal, so what is it you're working on? I'm glad you're keeping yourself busy, nothing exciting has been going on these


"I'm going to call it Prower destroyer9, it's a body of armor I'm putting

together incase of emergency. Here are some of the blue prints I have come up with; you can work on the chest armor."

"Ok no problem, I'll have it done in no time."

Tails continues to work with Sonic helping him out. An hour passes by, with the two of them working hard. Back in the city Knuckles walks around, looking for everyone's favorite hedgehog. But instead spots a friend of his, looking at dresses through the front window of a store. He decides to make his way inside to speak with her. As he enters she turns around smiling, recognizing the echidna instantly.

"What brings you hear, I haven't seen you in a long time?"

"I'm sorry I can't stay and chat with you Amy, but could you tell me where Sonic is?" Knuckles asks.

She puts a dress back on the rack turning to him with a frown and crossed arms.

"I never picked you out to be so rude, aren't you going to ask me how I've been? You're such a jerk sometimes!" She tells.

Knuckles closes his eyes for a second tightening his fists, before opening them again.

"Look Amy I don't have time for this, do you or not know where he is?"

"Yes I do. But I'm not telling you anything, unless you help me with something."

Knuckles looks at her with questioning eyes, wondering if to accept or decline. He makes a quick decision trying not to waste time.

"Alright what is it you want?"

She does not speak, but grabs his hand and walks him over to a chair sitting him down. After doing so she enters the dressing room with a few outfits.

"She can't be serious." Knuckles says, agitated and annoyed with the situation.

Not to long after she comes out in something else. Amy spins around a few times, smiling at Knuckles.

"What do you think of this one?" She asks.

"It looks fantastic couldn't be better."

She can tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn't telling the truth, or enjoying himself.

"Either you start acting like the gentlemen I know you can be, or I'm not

telling you where Sonic is." She threatens.

Knuckles looks up at her smiling a bit.

"Ok if that is what you want, honestly I don't like the color or pattern on this outfit." He tells.

"That's more like it!" She replies pinching his cheek.

The echidna frowns as she walks back into the room. When in the back room, Knuckles can hear her singing to herself. A few minutes pass, but when she re enters his eyes widen, with his mouth dropping a bit. She notices his fascinated expression blushing a bit. She spins around a few times, giving him a better view of it.

"I like this one; it really fits your personality." Knuckles says, in a loss for words.

"I'm glad you do, that means Sonic will like it as well." She says, with sparkles in her eyes.

She then walks back into the room. Much time goes by with her trying on different things, and showing her one spectator. She finally makes up her mind picking out what she wants to buy. Both her and Knuckles head up to the cash register, where Amy pays for the stuff.

"Will that be all for you today miss Rose?"

"Yes it will, and thanks a lot. Knuckles could you be so kind to carry the bags for me?" She tells.

Knuckles does not argue picking up the bags, exiting with her. Once outside he drops the bags to the ground.

"I did what you wanted so where is Sonic?"

Amy turns to him with a guilty smile on her face.

"Yeah about that, I don't have a clue. I saw him a few days ago, stop worrying about him. How about you and I go out to dance, if you don't know how I can teach you." She says trying to change the subject.

"Why you little lie…?"

He is cut off noticing some type of laser energy about to hit Amy! He jumps into her moving them both out of the way. The laser blows up part of the side walk. Knuckles looks up to see a cyborg of some sort landing on the ground.

"You must be Sonic the hedgehog; you have speed that is over the average. But from what I've heard you were much faster than that. I

come from galaxies away to exterminate you!"

Amy stands behind Knuckles with him standing tall. Citizens of the city stand around watching at the side.

"I don't know why you want to kill Sonic, but I'm not him. In fact I'm looking for him myself." Knuckles tells.

"You're a very bad liar Sonic, what do you say you show me some of your abilities."

Knuckles turns his head to a side, looking back at the somewhat frightened Hedgehog.

"Get out of here Amy, things are about to get dangerous. Go, I want you to run right now!"

She runs away from him with the robot turning to her, it shoots a blast in her direction. Thinking quickly the echidna jumps in front of the blast, this tosses him into a car. The wind shield shatters on impact, but Knuckles is up quick.

"Say I was Sonic, why is it that you want to kill me!"

"That is strictly the business of my leaders, and will not be shared with you."

More robots of the same design come out of the sky, surrounding Knuckles. They all shoot energy blasts at the echidna. Knuckles jumps high into the air with their blasts colliding. He comes down kicking one of them into a light post. The energy blast goes into a nearby building creating a huge explosion.

"Are you androids out of your minds, you're going to kill innocent people!" Knuckles yells.

They do not respond, instead two of them punch the echidna through the wall of a building. He is knocked into a pile of baby diapers, getting up a bit slower this time. He exits the building using the front door.

"I don't know why you machines are here, but I know you'll wish you hadn't come!"

Knuckles jumps into the air, kicking into one of the robots who grabs his leg. The echidna is swung around and thrown onto the ground. Another of the robots lifts a truck high up, throwing it on top of Knuckles. The people who watch at the side are terrified! The robot then shoots a missile at the vehicle blowing it up. The group of cyborgs are pleased, and satisfied with their mission.

"That was easier than we thought it be, the boss said he had outstanding speed."

"I guess your boss was right!" A cheerful voice says.

The robots all turn to see Sonic holding Knuckles. The echidna is quick to break from Sonic's grasp, trying not to embarrass himself. The group of cyborgs can't believe what they are seeing. It happened so fast, they can't even conceive of it! Sonic turns to Knuckles who faces the robots.

"Hey pal, you mind telling me why these things are trying to kill you? Lucky

for you I could hear the large explosion from the forest."

"Actually these things came out of nowhere looking for you. It's not me they want to kill it's you, and they're not saying why."

"Well it's a good thing I showed up than, can't miss my own party now can I?"

The cyborgs surround both Sonic and Knuckles.

"So I take it you're the Sonic we've come for? I guess we will deal with you both."

"That's if you can touch me! What do you say Knux, ready to show those guy's are team work?"

Knuckles just replies by nodding his head. Sonic zooms around one of the robots kicking him many Ft into the air. Knuckles jumps into the air gliding forward, and kicking one of them into a car. The people watching at the side begin chanting Sonic's name. A few minutes pass with Sonic and Knuckles with the upper hand. Knuckles and Sonic both throw a robot into the other.

"Enough of this, we have too much to do. Let's end this little game now!"

One of the robots pulls out a weird looking device, aiming it at the citizens of the city.

"Say your goodbye's to your people Sonic!"

A blast shoots out of the device, but Sonic zooms in front of it trying to protect the civilians. He disappears instantly when he is zapped by the blast! The robot laughs in a mechanical way.

"I knew he would do that. I knew with that great speed of his, we couldn't get him any other way. Now he will spend all eternity in Phortex8W!"

All the cyborgs turn to Knuckles who stands with his fists up.

"So what should we do about this one?"

The robot with the device turns a button, switching the coordinates.

"Are leaders said nothing about this individual, but I feel he could get in the way. He will be sent to the Volcanz zone!"

It aims the device at Knuckles who begins to run. The blast is fired off following the Echidna and zapping him. Knuckles disappears as well. The citizens, who watched are now leaving.

"Are leaders will be pleased, this galaxy is clean of any real threat! Let's head back up to the space station, and give out the news. The invasion of the planets will begin tomorrow!"

To Be Continue