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And so she died a peaceful death, while he cried without a peaceful breath/

Looking at her grave, he gave off a sigh, wondering what did he have left/

Her passing came too soon and with every moon he couldn’t sleep/

He would just toss and turn as the memories burned, and his tears were too weak/

To put away the flames, of rage and love, it just felt so unfair/

Too early she was gone from him, surely this was too rare/

He felt that he needed answers, he thought there was hope/

He would revoke and deny, claiming all other statements were lies/

No matter how much his friends tried to change him, he told them/

That he couldn’t have any rest until he went to see the Wise Old Man/

The shaman of his tribe, he wanted no bribe for his services/

So he went to see him, not able to be stopped by his nervousness/

He begged the Wise Old man to tell him if there was any chance/

That he could dance, with her, once more, and strongly glance/

Into her eyes, because he felt like no skies and no hell could separate/

Him from his soul mate, it didn’t matter to him of how great/

Would be the cost or how many days he would have to exhaust/

To find her, so the Wise Old Man told him that there was the Land of Lost/

Where he could acquire her, once more, but warned him of the dangers/

The land was a creature in itself and has devoured many strangers/

That were the fools of desire, but none of the had such fire/

As he did in his soul, for what he wanted most to acquire/

Seeing as there was no way of convincing him otherwise/

He told him that the land was somewhere beneath other skies/

It was a bridge between the land of death and land of life/

Wise Old Man warned him that a trip there was going to be strife/

He wouldn’t listen, missing her, even more, with every passing minute/

All he had was a necklace from their days together, with her picture in it/

You may only find it once you’re lost, and once you step inside/

Do not abide to it’s will, do not turn around and do not turn to side/

So he set off on the journey, to find what’s lost in this world/

Determined, nothing would stray his path from day to his girl/

He found it finally, after years of searching, never giving up/

His clothes were rags, his bags were empty, he stopped grieving up/

He stepped inside, remembering never to look behind him/

Wondering if he would find her or would she find him/

The rusted necklace to constantly remind him, sunshine to blind him/

But never to dull his determination, he’s starved, ran out of rations/

Maybe ran out of rationality, no longer in our reality, lost in other stations/

He walked in a desert full of nothing but rock monuments/

All covered with sand, crackling, breaking apart for their atonements/

He looked at them in astonishment, while walking further in/

He started hearing voices discussing his choices, surer then/

He thought he snapped completely, trapped inside this land/

Where he would make his final stand, which seemed to be not so grand/

”Don’t look behind you no matter what, it is only an illusion/

Caused by your mind’s delusions from such a long time in seclusion”/

Wise Old Man warned him fairly, no one came back from that place, rarely/

Anyone had ever heard from those going there so now he barely/

Crawled on, his love was keeping him together/

Engraved in his heart from the start, to remind him forever/

As he endeavored about their first time alone before she was gone/

How strongly they were drawn, the way her eyes flickered in the dawn/

The way he took on every scar, every pain that ever came/

The way her tears poured on like the rain/

He loved her with every flower that he took apart/

With every single beat of her dying heart, with every fight/

His love would just grow in might, he dreamed of her every night/

Despite, the warnings of the Wise Old Man, right then, he heard her voice/

Calling to him, a whisper of heaven amongst the fires of hell/

”My Hero, turn around to see me” he heard her lying too well/

But such a longing took it’s toll, so he would fall onto the sand/

Lost amongst the statues of stone, alone in this forbidden land/

He couldn’t go on, sensing her right behind him, he turned/

His lips were burned when they touched, his love returned/

As he kissed her, pain came from how much he missed her, suddenly he tasted sand/

Realizing what he had done he let go, trying to turn to the other end/

But what about her? She was on the other end/

Refusing to believe what she saw, refusing to understand/

As he tried to stand, to scream but he had already known/

His love had failed them both, as he slowly turned to stone/


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long time no see.

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Nice! I love your work! You should definitely post MORE often!
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