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The boy’s name didn’t matter to Tarken. He had no time for children. As the boy begged for food Tarken pulled out his sword. The boy’s eyes widened. Tarken prepared to swing. Just when his blade was an inch from the boy’s face Tarken was blasted by a wave of electricity. Tarken fell to the ground in pain. He turned to see his attacker. It was a man in a bright red cloak. Tarken nearly howled in fear as he recognized who it was. “Forgive me Lord Hamard.” Tarken begged. Tarken cursed his luck. Why would Lord Hamard, the king’s greatest wizard, attack him? Hamard smiled. “I see great potential in this young one.” Explained Hamard. Then he placed his hand on Tarken’s head. Tarken felt a jolt of electricity before he fell dead. Hamard looked at the boy. “What is your name?” He asked the boy. The boy shuddered and looked up at the great wizard. “Farzon, my name is Farzon.”

Hamard walked down the line of his students. He had taught ten of them the basic to awaken their magic. Most of them would be lesser wizard’s a best, but two of them had the abilities to become greats. The two were Ternen and Farzon. Ternen was the son Tarken, a man he had murdered in order to protect a young Farzon. It had been seven years since that day. Farzon was now seventeen and had nearly awaked his power on his own. But now was the critical part in the awaking their powers.   Hamard turned to his students. “Now was the time. You all must pick a type of magic.” He said in a grave tone. “All my student’s must do this. I feel it helps to specialize.” He smiled “Now chose.”   Only two answers mattered to Hamard. “Fire magic.” Said Ternen as he looked at Farzon with a grin. Everyone knew fire magic was Farzon’s worst magic. Hamard turned to Farzon. “Choose.” He said. Farzon looked up at Hamard, a slight glow in his eyes. “Lightning magic.” Farzon said with a knowing in his voice. Hamard smiled, it seemed that his first meeting with Farzon had quite an effect on the boy. “You have made your choices.” Said Hamard. “Now the real training begins.”

                1 year latter….

                Ternen hated Farzon. He hated the way Farzon connected to lightning magic so easily. Ternen had taken months to master his first fire magic attack. Farzon had taken a week to learn his first magic attack. Ternen knew half as many attacks as Farzon, but Fire magic was twice as strong as lightning magic. Though some said that with time Farzon could easily surpass Ternen. So Ternen would kill Farzon now. Ternen would slay the man who had caused his father’s death. Ternen walked into the great main hall of Hamard’s palace. The hall was large and full of marble pillars. The floor was well cleaned and reflected everything like a mirror. Unlike other great wizards halls there were no paintings in this hall. Hamard despised worldly goods. In the middle of this hall stood Farzon, Ternen’s enemy. Farzon’s frowned at Ternen’s presence, the hatred was mutual. “What do you want Ternen?” asked Farzon gruffly. Ternen smiled. “I just wanted to talk….about my father.” He said. Farzon raised an eyebrow. “What’s there to say? Your father was a brute, he tried to kill me, so Hamard killed him.” Farzon said glaring at Ternen. Ternen grimed. “I thought you might say that.” Ternen said as he gestured his hand at Farzon. With a simple word Ternen sent a wave of fire at Farzon. 

Farzon was sent flying by Ternen’s blast. As Farzon slammed into a wall, Ternen sent a volley of fireballs. Smoke filled the hall. Ternen stood victorious, a look of accomplishment on his face. He had killed one of the men who had caused his father’s death. But as the smoke cleared and laugh began to echo though the halls, Ternen face turned to one of horror. Farzon stood, unharmed by Ternen’s attacks, grinning. “To think you’ve been my main competition.” Farzon said smiling. Then he pointed his hand at Ternen and said the word that would end Ternen’s short life. “Storm’s Strike.” A wave of erratic lightning burst from Farzon’s hand. The lightning slices the walls leaving horrible burn marks. The lightning sliced everything in it’s path, until it reached Ternen. At his funeral, Ternen’s family would be told that he felt no pain as he died. They would be lied to. Ternen’s screams echoed though the entire building.

          Hamard marched into the hall a scowl on his face, but soon his scowl contorted into a look of disgust. “So this is what you do with what I taught you?” Hamard asked Farzon, who stood next to the scorched body of Ternen. Farzon smiled. “The fool should have known that lightning magic is fire magic’s more deadly cousin.” Farzon explained. “Everyone forgets that fire can be used to help and harm. That’s why I’ve always liked lightning. You know it will always destroy.” Hamard pointed his hand at Farzon. “You have murdered your fellow student. You must be punished.” Hamard said sternly as he glared at Farzon. Farzon’s smile widened. “Well if you’re this angry about the death of some fool, then this should truly anger you.” He said with a smile. “I’m going to kill you.” Before Hamard could react, Farzon hit him with a blast of lightning. Harmard flew back, but corrected himself midair. He levitated there, anger on his face. “Die.” He said as he pulled out his sword. The sword was charged with the electric power of all those who had used it before Hamard. The sword was the blade of lightning. Hamard flew at Farzon slashing his sword. Farzon created a lightning shield, but it easily was destroyed by the sword. Hamard looked down at Farzon with a frown. “You had such potential…” He said and then swung down at Farzon’s head. There was a thunk as the sword entered Farzon’s flesh. Hamard’s eyes widened. “No.” Was all he could say before he was torn apart by lightning. Farzon stood, the dismembered body of his former teacher surrounding him. The sword of lightning had lodged into his hand giving him some of it’s mystic power. He grinned in satisfaction as he pulled out the lightning blade, feeling it’s power. “Farzon, Lord of Lightning. I like how that sounds.”     

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