Like Father, Like Daughter (part 3 of a Wonder Woman Fan Fic)

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Diana’s eyes shot open.   She was immediately confused as to where she was.   She was in bed, in the townhouse in .   For most mortals such a vivid dream would mean nothing more than an afterthought on the way to work, but Diana knew better.   She would have to contact someone on Themyscira for some advice as how to interpret this dream.   Of course a dream was a nicer idea to conceive of at the moment as opposed to thinking it really happened.  

She heard a beeping coming from somewhere.   It was the JLA comms link.   She grabbed it from where she always kept it.   Neither were active members of the JLA at the moment, but as founding members they still had unlimited access to all League resources, so both she and Bruce Wayne would have access to such a device.”   

“I am here Bruce, sorry I was sleeping,” Diana replied, “what is it?”

“I am in at the moment and was wondering if you would like to meet up to discuss some things,” he said.

“Bruce Wayne asking for help?” Diana said, “it must be dire.”

“Not help,” he said, “more like giving some information.   I could just send you the file, but I am here anyway.”

“When and where do you want to meet?” she said.

“I will be there in five minutes,” he said, “I can’t stay long either, I should be back in tonight.”

“OK,” Diana said, “see you soon.”

Bruce pulled up in his limo almost exactly when he said he would.   It was not common for Bruce Wayne to be seen in such a place, but no one would recognize him, in the few steps from curb to door.   Still he didn’t linger outside, rather he let himself in.

“Bruce,” Diana said, “to what do I owe the surprise?”

“Are you aware that you have been out of touch with us for 16 hours?” Bruce first asked.      

“16 hours?” Diana responded, “I was sleeping.”   Though Diana cant ever remember sleeping so long.  

“OK, I trust you have a handle on it,” he said, “we are always worried when we can’t contact someone.   Barbara was wondering if you got kidnapped by aliens again.”

“Really she still goes on about that?” Diana said, “its been a long time since then.”

“Anyway there has been some suspicious activity, pretty much around the world but focused somehow on ,” Bruce said, “seems to be related to a cult of some kind.   It is not Ra’s or Kobra though.”

“And so that’s why you are in ?” Diana asked.

“Not really,” Bruce replied, “Wayne Enterprises wanted to buy a bank here and the board members insisted I come to have a look.   I didn’t sleep for the last two nights though.”

“Sleep on the plane,” Diana said.

“That’s the plan,” Bruce said, “unless something comes up.”

“And what of this cult then?” Diana asked.

“Well that is what I was curious about,” he said, “there are rumours about some sort of divine power behind it, so it is not the usual followers of a man promising salvation, rather it seems to be the workings of some power trying to gain support.   So far though there is no real action that anyone has seen.   The divine and the mythological is your field not mine.”

“That’s all fine Bruce,” she said, “but why stop by personally?”

Bruce looked at her for a moment before replying.   It was clear this was personal but he was not good at personal, “Since dying last year, or whatever it was that happened, I sort of see life through a different lens, and where as in the past I could have just sent you the file, now I understand the need to sometimes see my friends in person.”

“Bruce?” Diana asked.

“Yes?” he said.

“What was death like for you?” she asked, “ I myself have been in similar circumstances a couple of times.”

“It is hard to describe Diana,” he replied, “it is more like I wasn’t being allowed to die, rather I was trying to find my way home.”

After Bruce had left Diana pondered his words, and the words of Hades in her dreams.   They seemed similar in content, and Diana wondered if Hades champion was somehow Bruce.   The childhood tragedy part fit as well.   Was it all just a dream?   Or did Hades have some plan for her and Bruce.   It seemed strange that Hades champion could be Bruce, someone she had known almost as long as she had been in man’s world, especially that Bruce did not know about it.   Still she was not even sure if she had met Hades at all, or even if the dream was being interpreted the right way.  Or more alarming that it was perhaps not a dream at all.    

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Why not write every new post in the same thread in stead of creating multiples?  Anyway love that your using Diana <3

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@The Decoy

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Pretty good characterization! Excellent writing.