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It is the last day of June, and surprise surprise, I'm not posting an old Generation X fic chapter. Today I present to you a completely NEW chapter for my Gauntlet: Dark Legacy fic, Legendary Heroes. This chapter, set place before the game, shows a little bit of the Dragon that terrorize the Mountain Kingdom. This chapter will also be the first with the format I've been using, or at least partially converted to it at the time of initial posting. Enjoy.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy disclaimer

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, as well as the whole Gauntlet series, to the best of my knowledge, is property of Midway Games. Character names, to the best of my knowledge, are original.


Legendary Heroes

Previous ChapterThe Brother's Curse

Chapter 11: The Fire On The Mountain

At the very peak of the highest mountain in the Mountain Kingdom, the Dragon rested in his lair. Since he had returned to the realm, he had spent his time making sure there were no challenges to his claim. This had involved putting several smaller dragons in their place. While some had tried to challenge him, none of them had the same things going for them as The Dragon had. He had a whole army of demons ready to kill for him.

He lowered his head, and bit the limb off his current meal. It had been one of the maidens from one of the tribes. This one screamed, and he shuddered in delight. Humans always tasted better when they were afraid. It was also enough, in this case, to offset the fact that this female was almost a fighter, as well as not being virtuous.

He took another bite, and as he did so, a few of the orcish grunts from the mountains came forward. Two of them were escorting a prisoner, while the third carried a javelin. He started to have an idea about what was brought to him, especially as he was busy eating. He was not above eating a minion if they did something stupid, and disturbing his meal without a valid reason was the stupidest thing a minion could do.

The orcish grunt could already sense the question as it neared, and was well aware of the consequences should they displease the dragon. It looked at the prisoner, and then stepped forward, keeping an eye on some of the demons there. They ranked slightly higher to the dragon, and the dragon had those that displeased him fed to the demons.

Finally, the grunt found his voice and answered the unspoken question. "We found this human lurking around, not sure how he made it this far." One of the others shoved the man forward, making him fall over his own feet. The first one then said, "We also found this javelin near the tunnels leading here."

The Dragon leaned his head down, and smelled the human. They smelled familiar, and the dragon realized why that was. This human was from the same clan as the one who had held the Ice Axe of Untar. The Dragon stared at the human, and in its best attempt at speaking in the human tongue said, "You smell like the warrior that dared to wield the Ice Axe. Where is that piece of meat?"

The man's eyes were full of fear, and the dragon knew that the being wasn't going to be able to answer. It had always seemed that most humans, even those of the barbarian tribes, literally lost their minds around creatures like him. Still, this one would have information, even if he didn't know it.

The Dragon glanced over at the leader of this group of grunts, and the grunt knew what he wanted. They walked over and picked up the human. The second the grunt had the human standing up, the dragon let loose with a magical blue flame that engulfed both the grunt and the human. Soon, two screams of pain could be heard in the Dragon's lair.

Soon the sound went from two screams to one, and the dragon knew what he did was successful. The flames died down, and instead of two severely burned figures lying there, there was a single, slightly taller grunt standing there. It took another moment for the figure to realize that it was, not only alive, but now had the knowledge the dragon wanted. It also realized that the Dragon was its master, and it kneeled as it spoke. “Master, the warrior you are referring to was sent to the ethereal tower, the one belonging to Sumner. Also, the hero's tribe managed to make it to the base of the mountain, after abandoning their settlement.”

Those words made the dragon lift his head up and back in surprise. He had heard of the wizard, and no doubt there were other foes a foot if they sought Sumner for help. That would mean he would need more than the grunts and demons. He would need more generals, and more powerful help.

As if on cue, a demonic face appeared in midair, and the dragon knew who exactly it was. It was his master, Skorne. The demon had finally been free of the bindings that kept it from the realms. The demon's helmed head surveyed the dragon, and the dragon hoped the major demon was pleased. Soon, it spoke in a tone that demanded obedience. "Dragon, I hope you have been able to secure the Mountain Kingdom."

The Dragon nodded, looked at his new general, and responded to his master. "Yes, Skorne. I just learned the location of the tribe where the hero had come from. It also appears that a javelin was brought to me."

The Dragon saw Skorne nod, and then respond to the news. "Very good. That javelin is Marker's Javelin. Hide it so no hero can find it. The Plague Fiend will be in trouble if someone gets it." The Dragon understood this, and nodded.

The Dragon motioned to some of the demons that immediately went over to the javelin. "Take it down to the deep Volcanic Cavern. Maybe the intense heat will set it on fire." The Dragon then thought of the weapon that was the biggest threat to himself. He turned back to Skorne, and asked, "What about the Ice Axe of Untar? What had been done about that? "

He watched as Skorne just glared at him. For a moment, the Dragon thought he had doomed himself, but his master finally replied. "The Axe has found its way to the Castle Stronghold. It is no threat to you now."

The Dragon lowered its head to bow to Skorne. That was welcome news, to know that the one weapon that could severely weaken him was no longer in the Mountain Kingdom. Still, something told him that there would still be a chance that it could find its way back here, even in the hands of the warrior that was descended from Untar.

He looked at his master again, but before he could ask, his master spoke. "I have already sent some snake gargoyles to you. I also suggest you get the rock golems to help. I have no doubt the humans might have killed some of them." The Dragon nodded.

The Dragon beat its wings for a moment. It was itching to fly and target the barbarian clan. Maybe he could even drive them from the mountain. He got up, and prepared to take flight. He then noticed that Skorne's image hadn't disappeared. He looked at his master, and asked, "Was there something else?"

In that moment, a grey stone with a glowing red mark appeared. As it did, Skorne answered his question. "Yes. Hide this runestone where no one would ever look for it." With that, the Dragon saw his master disappear.

The Dragon looked at his new General, and ordered, "Take that to the Valley of Fire. I doubt that any foolish hero would think that what they seek will be that close to their lines." He saw the general nod, and then took flight. He had people to terrorize. He even figured he might demand one of the people as a snack. An evil thought crossed his mind as he flew. He would demand the hero's mate, if they wouldn't give up the hero. It was the perfect way to put more fear into them as he torched their new settlement.

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