League of Very Weird People. Chapter One: The School

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They Met like all groups meet, at a common place. A School located in a frozen Tundra that could produce no life of its own. This school was only but a cover for something only world leaders knew of. It was a privet teaching center for the world next Greatest Train killers, or better known as Mercenaries. These Children that where Students had great powers, for that reason they were picked up from the government to make a personal army of super-powered and super-natural solders. The government was just something the “teachers” would tell the students as if a sort of bed time story to make them think they were doing something good for there country. The School had it’s “Principle” in Mr. Redman, he was old with a head of hair covered in grey. He looked as if he could have played a beast in one of those old Hollywood films. Mr. Redman wasn’t the true leader of the school, no he was just there to keep the peace. He was a fair and good man to the students and was well liked. The others were Ms. Danvers and Mr. Wilson, Ms. Danvers was in her late twenties had blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes that you could just gaze in to them forever. Mr. Wilson was a very cruel and bad spirited person, his bald head and grey eyes made him look like an gargoyle. He thought of the students nothing more then expendable solders or weapons. He was head of the defense and offensive classes. He taught the students on Black ops type moves and such, Ms. Danvers was head of the intelligence classes. Ms. Danvers cared a lot for the students and wished a better life for everyone of them, she was a lot like Mr. Redman. There were three different groups of students at the school, Super-Human, Super-Natural, or Genius. The students that fell into the Super-Human groups were born with powers, Super-Natural were if the student was a demon or master of magic. Genius students are not much for fighting but for building new weapons or ways of helping people. Senior Students are forced to move out of the school and go to a country of the world leader that bought his or her rights as a Mercenary. Some of the senior students stay to teach the future students but most are forced to leave and work for a world leader. This is something Mr. Redman wish to stop for the hope of his students. This all changed with the addition of a new student.