Knights of the metal table. (part five)

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Just in case you want to read the others: (Part one) (Part two), (part three) four)

(We have a wide view of a huge stretch of land, stark castle standing proud and magnificent, until four explosions ravage the castle and land not to far away.)

(A four cut view shows, sir Dimiti, sir James, sir Anthony and sir Howard all flying in different directions, their bodies limp, armor severely damaged.)

(The sky darkens as the camera now zooms in on a crater, we see sir Anthony, lying in the hole bruised and cut up, his helmet and arm pieces torn away. He soon awakens.)

Anthony: Ugh oh.... (rolls his shoulders, and staggers to the top of the crater.) Where, where in the hell am I? (We notice as Anthony looks around, reaches down and grabs his mangled helmet.)

Anthony: Blast its completely ruined , (he flips it a few times.) I have to find out what happened, (wobbles again,) to the others.

(We zoom out to see Anthony staggering to a nearby town, as he enters the gates he collapses from loss of blood.)

(Hours later.)

Anthony: Huh, un (He grabs the back of his head) where am I?

(We see an elderly man, with white hair, and a short cut white goatee)

Elderly man: Rest, rest warrior, I have your armor off being repaired, the name is Strange. Good to finally make the acquaintance of a member of the metalli corvis, the name is Strange, Stephen Strange.

(Anthony still appears a bit shaky, the camera zooms from the bed side to a wide shot of the room, candles dimly light it as we see books and papers scattered everywhere.)

(Anthony speaks, clearly struggling in pain)

Anthony: I need to find the others... Uhn (He tries to get up and move, he is soon pushed back down by Stephen's hand)

Stephen: What you need to do is rest, I have matters to attend to, my assistant wanda will aid you with further recovery.

(A woman dressed in a long scarlet dress, long flowing brown hair and piercing green eyes materializes seemingly out of no where)

Stephen: Here name is Wanda she will help you wherever it is needed. (Stephen stands and then leaves Anthony and Wanda in the room.)

Anthony: Got any food?

-----------------Fifteen hours earlier and some thousands of miles away-----------------------

(We see Dimitri's crimson hand appear out of a large crater, it grips the side of the crater hole and pulls Dimitri up, his helmet, his chest piece and right leg pieces are still in contact with his body though they are battered and scratched. His visible body parts are battered and bloody.)

Dimitri: Metalli Corvis's report in! (Static) Report!

(A click and then two lights apperar on Dimitri's visor)

Unknow voice: Sir borris here, returning from my mission, Dimitri how are you?

James: Uhn Sir James here, losing alot of blood, need assistance.

Borris: James? What is the problem what is wrong?

(Dimitri takes a deep breath and quickly brings Borris up to speed. Borris listens only asking questions at the end.)

Borris: Sir Howard?

Dimitri: I have no contact with him or Sir Anthony, scout the surrounding area, I will find Sir James and meet you back at the Metalli Corvis HQ.

Borris: HQ? Dmitri, the only thing left of the Metalli Corvis Head quarters is a giant crater.

-----------------Sixteen hours later ----------------------

(We see sir Anthony walking through the streets, limp/walking in front of Wanda)

Wanda: We really shouldn't be out right now.

Anthony: Whats the problem, no offense to your home or anything but its getting a bit cramped and I wanted to stretch.

(Wanda looks around nervously)

Wanda: HYDRA has agents everywhere Sir Anthony, we should really be... (She is cut off by heavy foot steps.)

Anthony: Who is there? (A giant metal figure, twice the size of any of the Metalli Corvis in full armor, it bears the HYDRA symbol), you're an HYDRA agent.

(A deep rustic laugh comes from the figure.) You may call Ezekiel... I am not here to kill you, just to deliver a message. (He points at Anthony.) Your father has been taken, by HYDRA. If you want to negotiate for his life... come to the highest point... five hundred miles from here. Come alone.

(With that Ezekiel turns and uses propulsion much like the Metalli Corvis and flies off, leaving Anthony and Wanda to stand alone dumbfounded)

(Anthony and Wanda quickly make there way back to Stephen's protected home, we see them barge inside to find Stephen seated, sipping tea and reading.)

Stephen: I thought i told you not to go out.

Anthony: yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever! But we have a sit.... (Stephen cuts Anthony off)

Stephen: Yes, HYDRA, Your father, Ezekiel, you're supposed to come along to the highest point, black diamond hill, before the day is over. Yes, yes.

Anthony: How did you,

Stephen: Very little goes through this city without me knowing, your armor is ready... Wanda will go with you. (Stephen snaps and Anthony's armor is shown behind a glass case, all former tarnishes gone.)

Anthony: How did you?

Stephen: I'd imagine you would want to stop asking questions, your father is in need of your assistance.

(Anthony steps up to his armor and starts to put it on as Stephen pulls Wanda to the side. As Anthony is done he catches the tail end of the conversation)

Stephen: Watch over him Wanda.

(Anthony steps out into the night with Wanda close behind him, he hears her say something under her breath.)

Anthony: What?

Wanda: nothing, shall we? (She gives him her hand and he softly picks her up and flies up and out of the town)

Anthony: Armor, raise all Metalli Corvis...... *Static* Increase range, route all power in weapons and armor, put all that towards communication please. *A blue light appears.* Metalli Corvis? You out there?

-----A location not to far away---------------

(We see Borris put a hand up to his helmet)

Boriris: I've got a com coming in, very static filled, It is Sir Anthony..... Sir Howard.... Black diamond hill.... meet.

Dimitri: Alright then, I can stabilize the propulsion on my suit to fly properly, Sir James how are you looking, flight wise?

(James looks over himself.)

James:Weapons intact, for the most part, flight is shot, need to make repairs.

Dimitri : No time, tether to Sir Borris we need to go... Now

To be continued....

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@Comiccrazeraze: great job, man!