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Something I wrote, based on the Kingdom Hearts saga. If you never heard of it, not to worry, the Kingdom Hearts part is very slim.

Chapter 1.

Suicidal thoughts.

A young man was walking down a darkened path, out of the forest. He was walking out the same way he came in. Seeing his footsteps gave him goose bumps, bringing back the thoughts and feelings he had when he was walking that path for the first time, and how diverse his state of mind was after. Heavy rain was pouring over him, washing away the sweat and blood he had on his body. The rain even washed away the tears that were pouring straight out of his deeply wounded heart. But it could not wash away the emotions that raged a war inside of him.

Smoke was coming off of him, due to the coolness of the rain. It was cold, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care for anything in the world. “No purpose… No life… Why am I to exist?” – he whispered to himself. Suddenly stopping his walk. He dragged a black chain out from behind him, grabbing the dark ring that was on the end of it. He stared blankly at the ring, and then looked up at the moon. “You wish I would die, don’t you?” – he said in a lost voice. Confidence was a distant thing to him, hope was even more galaxies away. Desperation, however, was the closest thing he had.

He kept staring at the moon, wishing to destroy it, but the feeling of weakness was all around his emotions, his muscles felt like they were filled with lead. “I failed… everything… everyone…” – the parting with his best friends came to his lost mind. “I failed you, Sora, Donald, and Goofy… Ro… Rox…” – a boulder in his chest did not let him speak any further. A burst of tears unwillingly came out of his eyes again. “When warriors cry, they do not shed tears, they shed blood.” – he heard his father say, in his mind. He never knew why he said that to him, Now it seemed clear to him as he looked onto his left wrist and clutched onto the sharp ring even harder. “These damned chains started my story, they will be the final dot in my last chapter…” – he put the sharp ring onto his wrist. He didn’t even flinch to get ready for the pain, his muscles did not even tense up. He was relaxed and ready to let death take him wherever it wanted to. The ring pushed deeper into his wrist. He could feel the jamming in his veins. The blood was stopping. Despite that he was relaxed. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and made the last slash that he would ever execute…

 …Or so Blaze thought…


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Damm is it just me or did you do one long line

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Chapter 2.


“So is this it?” – Blaze stopped himself from slashing his wrist upon hearing that same voice again. “This is how the faith of the last descendant of a mighty warrior race ends? By a pathetic suicide?” – it was mocking Blaze even more than before. “Who… are you…?” – Blaze weakly let words go into the darkness. “I am…” “You’re that same voice who told me not to go, you knew she would die! You knew this would happen!! YOU KNEW EVERYTHING!!!” – Blaze’s feeling of loss quickly turned into violent flames of anger. He wanted to release the sorrow he held inside, he didn’t care on what or who, he just wanted to destroy. “Show yourself! Quit hiding from me! You will pay for this, for doing this to me!” – Blaze grabbed the other ring into his hand and started to look around the place, while assuming a battle position. “I had warned you, but you decided not to listen to me. This is your punishment for not listening to the most quiet voice inside of you.” – unknown voice remained calm, like lake water. Upon hearing his fathers words repeated to him, Blaze got even madder. “ Who the hell are you to tell me my fathers words!!! I swear I will kill you!!! Just show yourself! ” – Blaze’s voice was roaring all across the forest. “I wish I could show myself to you, to teach your stupid self a lesson or two, but unfortunately I cant,” – despite the threats from Blaze, the voice was still very calm. “Why not?” – Blaze was stumbled. “Because I am what you are holding in your hands…”

“ My chains… you are the chains?” – Blaze was puzzled, his anger went away and the weakness returned again. “Not exactly, see I am also your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand father. I am the inventor of the chains and the rings, and the curse that comes along with it.” Blaze sat down. For the first time, his mind was thinking about something else than Roxanne. He let the chains stretch in front of him, “So, you have been silent inside these chains all this time, and you seen and heard everything I had seen and heard, am I right?” “Yes, you are right.” “Then why did you show up only when I was in the darkness?” “Because, I wanted to test your willpower, I was tired of being silent for over 600 years.” “You had never spoken to my father, or my grandfather, or the others?” “No I had not.” “And why is that?” “Because… I think you are the one, who can complete what we all had failed to do.” A pause interrupted their conversation. Blaze was staring at the chains blankly, trying to swallow all of the information was a hard task. “And what would that be?” – Blaze finally asked. “Come, follow the road to where you had parted with your friends, you shall understand everything soon enough.”

The rain had stopped, but the night was still in full power. Blaze was walking down the road out of the forest, going back to the place where he and his friends had parted. “The legend that my father said about the chains, is it true?” – Blaze had about a million questions to ask his ancestor. “Yes it was, I was the one who created them.” “I thought the chains were created to hold back the true strength of the wielder, to weaken you.” “Yes, they were. Oracles created it to weaken me, but I did most of the work. What the Oracles did not realize at first is how much power was locked away inside the chains.” “Is it really that much?” – Blaze interrupted. “More than you can imagine, young one.” Blaze looked at the rings, knowing that all his life they did nothing but slow him down.

“ I discovered what kind of power they possessed, I almost became what I was destined to be…” – the voice sounded slightly greedy at that small instant, “ But the Oracles found out also. Not trusting me with the power, they separated it from the chains and locked it away, leaving me with what you have right now.” – the voice paused. Blaze could feel the unfairness his ancestor was put in. “So how come I had these chains and my father did not?” – Blaze’s head was full of questions. “Your father did, he was the only one among you ancestors to remove the chains before they were due.” “Before they were due?” “Chains are only removed from you after you die, and then passed onto your son or daughter, so far it has been only sons.” Blaze was quiet for a little longer, collecting his thoughts. “Aren’t these chains a symbol of something, I still do not get the whole picture…” – Blaze got another questioned look on his face. “Here we are, this is where your Trial begins…” – Blaze was standing in the middle of the four roads. “My Trial?” – Blaze knew he heard this before somewhere. “I will train you from now on, in every aspect, to make you an even greater warrior than your father was…” Blaze’s anxiousness started to rise up. “Are you ready?”


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Chapter 3. The Beginning Of It All.

The anxiousness and anticipation overshadowed everything else Blaze had on his mind. Almost everything. Training and battling was something their race loved to do, something that brought great joy to them. The last time Blaze trained with someone was over a year ago from now. The anticipation of raising his strength, new attacks and new lessons gave Blaze goose bumps. Especially the Trials, Blaze couldn’t wait to understand and start it. He looked at the chains that were hanging in front of him, and with a bleak smile nodded his head. “Yes, Ancestor I am ready.”

“This might not be as great as my fathers teachings, but it should push me further.” – Blaze thought to himself. “Push you further? My boy, if you pass the Trails, I will push your every aspect as a warrior beyond what you thought you were capable of.” – Blaze heard his ancestor speak. “Wait! You can read my mind?” – Blaze was staggered by the response. “Yes. I am locked in the chains and the chains are a part of you. So that makes me a piece of you also.” – said the Ancestor. “… Wicked…” – Blaze whispered, still not believing this was real. “Talking bout major turnarounds… Five minutes ago, I wanted to end my life. I thought my life had no purpose, no reason to exist at all. And now I find out there are many more great things to live for,” – Blaze smiled. …Maybe even more, but not all of them as great as the young boy had imagined…

“Well then, if you are ready, let us begin.” – Ancestor spoke. “The first things you must do is pass the trails, there are 4 of them overall.” “One for each road right?” – Blaze interrupted, while looking all around himself. The night was calm, too calm. Moon was not shining at all, but the circle and the paths were very well lit up. The sky seemed to be extra high and had some clouds on it, all colored gray. The stars were very well lit up, shining brightly like Christmas lights.

“Yes, a trial for each road. And then the real test shall start.” – Ancestor responded as calmly as always. “So what are waiting for? Let go!” – Blaze started sprinting towards the path to his right, ignoring the last statement. “Stop right there!” – the voice cautiously yelled. “Why?” Blaze said. “Remember your fight with the mysterious figure in Hollow Bastion?” “Well yes, how could I forget that fight? Even though I lost, that was an awesome battle…” “That’s not the point. His words… do they seem anymore clear now?” Silence dropped onto the scene, Blaze was trying to figure everything out. “The remedy for the pain… reaching for nobody… something missing inside me… writing on my rings… I cannot see what must be seen…” – Blaze was slowly recalling the things that seemed important. “Good, you have a great memory for important things. Keep those words in mind, you will need them.” Blaze nodded. “Why do I need to remember them?” “You will understand everything soon enough. Now, you may walk through the pathway to your first trial.”

Blaze walked in to the path on his right, with his rings dragging alongside behind him. He walked in expecting to find anything in the world. Giant monsters, evil witches, even someone in a dark coat, but what he found was darkness. Complete utter darkness and nothing else. No paths no walls, no lights at all. The key on his chest lit up, shining a bright and hopeful light a few feet in front of him. “What am I supposed to do?” – Blaze sent words into the darkness. It was so quiet that his whisper seemed like a scream. The stillness gave him chills. It felt like something was in deep slumber, something terrible and Blaze was sure he did not want to wake it up. “The road to darkness. Test to the willpower that can withstand a thousand years of never ending slaughter. Test to the endurance to fight forever, endurance to never give up. The beginning and the end of all things. My son had not passed this test, and had to carry the burden of the chains until his painful death, without any hope for a remedy. Are you going to fall the same way? Or will you endure the darkness? The choice… is yours…” – the voice of the Ancestor faded further away, and with every second Blaze felt more alone and lost than ever.

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Read the first chapter so far, it's excellent, good imagery. Can't wait to get stuck into the next