Kelly's quest chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The morning broke in New York like any other day. A girl call Kelly Coast walks down the street greeting people she knows, buys a mug of coffee and goes to the subway station.

There’s a man reading a newspaper on the headlines we read: Birds of Prey split. No one could ever think that was going to happen especially since Barbara Gordon started to walk again, when she put on the Batgirl suit again she started to demonstrate she was better than her partners. The battle against Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy almost goes wrong because of this situation. For Kate that was a blast as she knows Barbara since kinder garden, she also knew Black Canary and Huntress and kept their secret. Another man reading another newspaper it’s very interested in a news saying: Lightnings in the space. The photo shows blue streaks in a galaxy.

Kelly finished feeding a puppy and looks at May Parker, a girl whose secret identity is well kept too, she’s a heroine and daughter to the legendary Spider-man. The relationship between both girls is good.

May: Have you seen the news today? It says there are streaks in a galaxy.

Kelly: Maybe is star dust.

May: You don’t seem fascinated by the news.

Kelly: My esteem is down since the split of the team I can’t believe they’re doing this. They were good friends and just because Babs con walk again they split.

May: Better let them go by their business. I can talk by experience.

Kelly knows what that means. Days ago she argued with Carol Ferris because she decided to leave the Sapphire Corps, the reason she gave is that she was healing hearts, but her love life was fading away. The truth is that one of the reasons for leaving was Hal Jordan she wanted to have a family, her labor as a Sapphire didn’t let her have a normal life. The rings and Kate answers it.

Kelly: Babs! May? She’s here. Dinner tonight?

May smiles.

Kelly: Tell the restaurant to reserve a table. At seven. We’ll be there.

May: Yoohoo!

May jumps and sticks herself to the ceiling making Kelly smile.

The night was starry and full of fun. Kelly and May are waiting at the door of a restaurant and when they see Barbara coming they show surprise because of her short skirt.

May: Somebody wants to party tonight.

Kelly: That skirt it’s too short. 

Barbara: I see you like it.

May and Kelly laugh while a man tells them something.

Man: Hi, chicks!

May: Hello, babe.

Barbara: Sweetie.

Kate: Hello!

May: I like hism.

Barbara and May laugh while taking Kelly into the restaurant.

The three girls are having a lovely well-done steak with golden fries and large glasses of beer. It was the first time in many days Kate was having a good time just like Barbara.

May: I love to go out at night and have fun.

Kelly: I didn’t remember what a girls’ night was.

Barbara: The first time I didn’t had to work at night was very strange I was feeling that something was wrong, I felt the crooks were doing anything they wanted, it was Christmas for them.

May: I don’t want to think of a night like that.

Kelly: You miss action.

Barbara: When knew one day we had to split I wish it wasn’t the way we made it.

Kelly nods when cowboys and cowgirls appear from everywhere singing and dancing. May, Barbara and Kate start laughing and singing.

May, Barbara and Kelly are walking down the street and they’re laughing but suddenly they hear a cry for help.

Kelly: Listen!

Barbara: It comes from the alley!

May, Barbara and Kelly go to a near ally and they see man beating a woman that bleeds through her nose.

Woman: Help…

Barbara grabs two steel sticks and approaches the man.

May: You’re very brave!

Kelly: Sonofa…!

The man smiles and makes gestures for the three women to come. When Barbara is going to hit him, a lightning coming out of his ring hits her in the chest pushing her back.

Kelly: Babs!

May jumps and throws webs from her wrists but the man thrown another lightning making her fall down and hitting the floor with the head. Kelly realizes he’s alone and the woman has gone unexpectedly.

Man: Now you’re not so brave.

The man shots a laser against Kelly that shouts in pain when her body runs all over her body. Kelly faints and smoke comes out of her body. Surprisingly the man turns into Blackhand and wears a dark uniform, the ring in his finger shines.

Blackhand: The Black Lanterns will rise!

Kelly sees Blackhand lifting and she finally falls unconscious.

When Kelly wakes up she realizes she’s at the hospital and her body hurts. A doctor and a nurse come into the bedroom with slightly smiling.

Doctor: How do you feel?

Kelly: Hurts. Where are my friends?

The doctor and the nurse look at each other.

Doctor: Your friends Barbara and May have died. A powerful energy went through their bodies and took their life away.

Kelly: No!

Kelly starts crying and the nurse provides her with a medicine to calm her down. As Kelly is falling asleep she says something.

Kelly: Black Lanterns…

The doctor and the nurse look surprise to Kelly.