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Note: Connected universe wise to @batkevin74's Fortress! Here's the link to issue 1.

Other Note: This is a bit different from other stuff I've done. Thought I might as well give it a go, please enjoy.

The Keeper Chronicles by Philip Solomon:


Dedicated to Misty, who was there at his start

and to Mary who'll be there at my end.



It's not too often that humanity comes across something that unites us as a species even briefly, trying to think about it now very few instances spring to mind. Yet it was thirty five years ago at the time of this book's publication that humanity's new, great threat first reared its head. When Keeper first arrived in New York it spelled a dark day for all of us, merely the first of many but now a year after the man's defeat we can finally stand victorious and proud as a species.

This book is a collection of interviews, largely about the heroes that helped fight the approaching darkness as well as interviews with those who might have sewn a little darkness of their own.

All of this will of course be about Keeper, and the lives that he ruined.

Please enjoy.

Philip Solomon.


Chapter 1 - Forgotten Heroes

Brooklyn hasn't changed much over the years, despite all its been through the people have managed to stay the same. There are a few less smiles going around and a few paranoid people that keep looking up to the skies expecting doom, but all in all it's still the exact same place it always has been. Home.

The man I'm here to see is one of the most famous people alive, which initially made me curious as to why he chose to live here rather than a more peaceful, secluded area of the world Now I understand why. His apartment building sits across from Brooklyn's beautiful Prospect Park, where a violinist is peacefully playing his music in the hopes of pocket change. It's a lovely tune, but feeling a sudden sense of anxiety I ignore the violin tune in favor of approaching the home of who I'm here to see. I approach the building's door and buzz for apartment 13 as instructed, I'm instantly allowed into the building without any question.

A brief walk up a few flights of stairs and I find the door to the apartment unlocked, sitting inside by the window is the man I'm here to see, the sound of the violinist outside flowing into the room. As the man turns to greet me, a far cry from his younger self, I find myself greeted by the legendary Forever Man.


"When I woke up that morning the battle had already started, bullets and artillery fire rattled my apartment's windows and brought my mind back to the second World War during a bombing run. It was quite a surreal thing back in '85 to find a war erupting just outside your home, even more surreal to find out the cause of the whole thing was a single person.

I'd fallen asleep in costume after patrolling all night so the first thing I did upon hearing the shots was run to the window. There was a tank rolling down the street and it scared the daylights out of me. I remember, foolishly, thinking that the thing was coming after me! But then my hearing picked up the sound of a radio a couple blocks away that filled me in on what was happening.

They hadn't started calling him 'Keeper' by that point, that came shortly later when he got to Nevada, but anyway, at the time the radio was just calling him 'the Threat' as he carelessly tore his way across America. At this time Keeper had made it to New York and for whatever reason I was the only superhero around to stop him."

"And you flew off to fight him? Alone?"

"Yeah. Yeah, God I miss being able to fly. Soon as I realized what was happening I opened up my window and zipped off towards all the explosions and gunfire. This was a few years before Dynasty was around y'see, nowadays the second a threat like Keeper so much as turned its head towards a city we'd have a dozen boys and girls in capes ready as soon as he landed in New York. Back in the day though most of the hero community hadn't even met, let alone managed to organize themselves effectively.

So yeah, for all I knew I was on my own, but that was what I was used to back then."

"Not many can say they've fought him and lived, especially not alone."

"Right. The thing about Keeper was how outclassed we were against him, I remember landing on Ocean Avenue and seeing the #£$%*%! for the first time! There he was in this gigantic handcrafted armour capable of leveling mountains while I was there playing dress up in red and white pajamas I'd knitted myself. The whole street was a mess, part of King's Theater had an SUV tossed into it... but that was nowhere near as bad as the bodies."

(There is a notable pause).

"I remember saying something, trying to be smart with the guy like we all did back in the day, made a joke about his dress code or something. But he said nothing and I remember being so confused. Then he brought up that metal scythe he carries and tried to shoot me so nonchalantly that it almost worked. Then following that he tossed a cab at me, an actual yellow cab car you'd normally see on every street in the city. I would have tossed the blasted thing back at him but the driver was still inside so I placed it carefully on the pavement and took a massive punch to the face for my troubles.

Now... I've taken a few punches in my time, it comes with the territory. I've taken punches from some of the strongest guys in the universe, stronger than Keeper even! But that's the hardest that I've ever been hit. That single punch floored me instantly and there were a few more that followed it."

"Is that where you-"

"Lost my leg? Nah, he gave me this instead the first time we met."

(He points to his right eye, glazed over).

"And let me tell you buddy. That was one hell of a wake up call. After that I learned to be a lot less cocky when fighting someone, I made sure to think things through before doing them, which actually worked fairly well, y'know, until I lost my leg."

"Did you have any thoughts after the battle?"

"Well. Once Keeper had left me behind to go terrorize some other poor souls I managed to drag myself onto the pavement where I just bled for a bit. It gave me some time to think really, for the last couple years I'd considered myself the strongest man alive. Now there was this new guy with all this power, all this strength... and there wasn't a single person around who could stop him."



Mitch Carter is the Semi-Retired superhero known as Forever Man, one of the first modern age superheroes to appear Mitch is also notable as being the first American superhero to face the tyrant known as Keeper. Despite having lost a leg and an eye throughout his years of adventuring Mitch still leads the superhero team Dynasty and currently lives in Brooklyn with his daughter and pet dog Patrick.

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@tommythehitman: Nice. Historical, informative, and teasing about what HAS happened but unrevealed as yet,

Minor thing, some of its bold but some not even though its Forever Man talking.

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@batkevin74: Oh sorry there must have been an error when I posted it.

I’ll change it back when I’m able.

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