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Gotham, New Jersey. Batcave

"Sir need your rest." said Alfred.

"I know just a few more minutes." said Batman

Batman has been working on a project called mother eye. The mother eye is a computer smart enough to answer any question. The one Question Batman wanted it to answer were who are these superheroes secret identities. Batman had finished the Mother eye and was figuring out peoples secret Identities. Unluckly the mother eye wasn't un hackable.

Us Army base

Two men stand in a room One looking very muscular with a Green Suit on. The other is a science nerd very scrawny and small.

"Maxwell are you complete." asked the Secrutary of Homeland security.

"Yes these new robots will be able to destroy tanks, fighter jets and supervillians." said Maxwell Lord.

"Good I want them tested on." said the Secrutary of Homeland security.

"Theres only one probelm these machines take a lot of data I need a master computer able of storing all that data." said Maxwell Lord.

"Well better get to finding." said the Secrutary of Homeland security.

The Secrutary of Homeland security left the room leaving Maxwell by himself.

"A Master computer that has infinite amount of data were can I find that." asked Maxwell. He baganged his hands on the desk trying to find the answer.

Then a popup came up on the computer. It was a picture of the mother eye. "What is this." asked Maxwell. He started typing fast and hacked into the system. "Just what I need in the nick of time." said Maxwell.

The next night.

Metroplis, New York.

A man in the sky is seen flying fast looking at every street.

"Looks like there no crime tonight." said Superman. He landed on a building and looked around. "Guess it's time to go to sleep."

Superman started to leap on buildings to his apartment. Once he got there he heard a noise.

"Whats that." asked Superman. He tried to listen in closer it sounded like fighter jets. "What the hell."

Superman stood there tring to look in the distance. Then a loud boom comes from behind Superman and he is punched into the building next to him.

"Who ever did that is going to pay." said Superman as he got up and looked around. "Where did that thing go."

Then a beam is seen fired 20 feet away. Superman flies up dodging the beam.

"That was a close one." said Superman He looked around. "Were can they be unless there invisible."

Superman looked again this time in Infilred vision. he saw two human looking things. "What are those."

"Time to stop hiding." said the Cyborg. They turned un invisible. "Were called OMACs."

"What?" asked Superman.

"Well were Humans inside these robotic body." said the OMAC.

Superman used his X-ray vision to see through the Robotic shell and saw Humans.

"Okay but why are you attacking me." asked Superman.

"Our boss needs your body to take care of somebody specail." said the OMACs.

"Well you won't be getting it." said Superman. He flew high in the air to get away from the city so he didn't put any humans in danger.

"Stop running." said the OMAC. They both flew up to get him.

"Nice now you playing on my turf." said Superman. He flew pass one deliviring a punch that made the OMAC crash to the ground. "You now."

Superman used his heat vision blasting the OMAC back. "I guess my job here is done."

"Not excatly." said the OMAC as he flew up from the ground. "Our bodys cnhandle anything you dish out."

One of the OMACs were able to secretly get behind Superman and grab him.

"Get off of me." said Superman he tried to wiggle out but the OMAC was to tough.

"Lets see how this works at point black range." said the OMAC. The OMAC went right to Supermans face and fired his blast. The blast knocked Superman out and made him fall to the ground.

"Grab him and bring him back here." said MAxwell on the intercom.

The OMAC grabbed his cape and pulled him along, "Why do we need him."

"To give a nice friend an oh so not nice present." said Maxwell.

Same night.

Gotham, New Jersey Batcave

Batman had just gotten back from kicking some crooks ass. He went over to check on the Mother eye.

"What the hell." said Batman. He noticed that the Mother eye was hacked into. "Damn I knew this was going to happen."

"Did you know this was to." said Superman as he floated in. Superman looked evil his eyes were glowing red and his arms were folded.

"So Superman or Clark Kent which ever one you want to be called did you hack my Mother eye." asked Batman. He secretly pulled out a batarang.

"No but I know who did and also that Batarang won't hurt me." said Superman.