Justice League - Rogue / Part 5 - Strategy

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Part 5 - Strategy


“Gentlemen, now that you’re all here, we shall go on with this meeting.”

“But Lex, since your plan consists on the annihilation of the Justice League, do you really believe that only us will be enough?” Asks the Penguin.

“Professor Ivo, can you answer that for me?”

“The plan isn’t about destroying the Justice League. It think submitting is the best word to express it.”

Everybody exchange glances, surprised and confused.

“This morning, it has been a week since the League started capturing the fugitives we helped escaping,” says Lex. “They’re doing a good job, but exhaustion is inevitable.”

“Still, they’re way too much people right now. If only we had to fight the major members and no one else…” Confesses the Parasite.

“We will fight them, and only them. If the five of us command Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Flash, the other leaguers won’t stand a chance.”

“I had forgotten you were in prison for that long. The bat isn’t in the League anymore,” reveals the Penguin.

“What? Why?”

“A year ago, Savage assembled a team he called The Legion Doom to defeat the Justice League. I was among the members, and we tried to use Batman’s contingency plans to eradicate them for good,” explains Metallo.


“Bane didn’t finish his mission, and the damn bat managed to save everyone. We fought them, but it proved useless.”

“I see,” Lex ponders. “These contingency plans can be an obstacle, but I highly doubt the Batman will pose a threat to the League by himself. Besides, he must feel to guilty for what happened to keep any plan.”

“Yeah, yeah, that must be true… All I care about is the Kryptonian…. That power, it felt the sun,” comments the Parasite.

“So, here’s what we’re going to do…”

Lex Luthor and Professor Ivo explain their master plan in details. Their audience eyes’, as wide as they could be.

“Did everyone understand every single step of what we explained?”

Everybody confirm.

“Great. Rest today, my friends, because tomorrow, the so called Justice League will be on our side.”