Justice League - Rogue / Part 2 - Breakout

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If you haven't read the first part, click here: Part 1

Part 2 – Breakout

Lex Luthor and the Penguin, two completely different personalities united by fate in a prison cell, have just elaborated a plot to escape from Belle Reve, a nearly impossible feat.

“Hey, wake up!” Yells the Penguin.

“The time has come?” Lex asks, slightly opening his eyes.

“Yes, it is lunchtime. I’ll tell the guards that I’m not hungry and ask if I can hang out, inside the permitted area, of course.”

“Perfect. Since they have absolutely no fear of you or of your mind, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s what I… Hey!” He shouts again, even louder this time.

Suddenly, a prison guard approaches.

“Time to eat, boys,” the man says, impatient.

They leave the cell, handcuffed, and start walking.

“Excuse me, mister guard,” says the shy Penguin. “I’m not really hungry today… Can I just fool around?”

“Fool around in the cafeteria?” The guard seems confused. “Sure, I guess… But you do realize you won’t be allowed to eat until dinner?”

“That’s not a problem. As I said, I’m not hungry,” Cobblepot’s fat little fingers hold the ultimate hacking device, so tinny that no one would notice it.

As the guard leads Lex to the lunch line, the Penguin keeps walking with apparently no direction.

What an idiot… The perfect guy for the job, Luthor thinks, as he eats some unrecognizable food.

A few meters away, next to a secure drone, the light finally goes on.

“Finally!” He presses the button without hesitating.

“Security system failed. Initializing emergency breakout,” announce the drones, simultaneously.

The thirty of them stop their current activities and start opening cells and hitting the prison walls’ “weak points”, designed to the case of an emergency escaping. The mechanic handcuffs are no longer locked.

“It’s now or never, gentlemen!”

Lex Luthor, Metallo, the Parasite and Anthony Ivo join the Penguin in his attempt to achieve the huge openings in the walls.

“So, more people knew about your plan?”

“Yes, Oswald. But none of them would be allowed to ‘fool around’,” confesses Luthor. “You were exactly who we needed.”

“Well, as long as I’m a part of this team…” The Penguin replies. He fails hide his disagreement, though.

Not far from there, a injured guard says to the others, “Resist it, guys! They’ve sent the big guy!”

“Wait!” Says Lex. “Metallo, you must harm Superman as much as possible in order to let more prisoners escape.”

“But, why?” The robot asks, “We are already out.”

“That’s true, but we also have to keep the Justice League busy until the second phase of my plan is complete. The more prisoners we help escaping, the more work they’ll have to catch them.”

“Make sense. You guys better not leave me behind,” he warns.

“We will wait in the plane.”

“What plane? I didn’t tell me anything about it,” notices the Parasite.

“By now, Mercy must have seen the news about the breakout. My plane should be on its way.”

He barely finishes the sentence and the plane appears, piloted by a beautiful blond woman.

“Missed me?” He jokes.

Meanwhile, Metallo hides himself among the wreckage of the broken wall and waits for the ‘big guy’.

Superman appears as a blur and instantly starts re-caging prisoners. It takes a few seconds to lock the target, but when it is done, a kryptonite beam is enough to stun the Man of Steel, letting lots of prisoners run away. Having completed his mission, Metallo quickly walks into the plane.

The world’s safest prison breakout was a success.

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