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CHP1: Plans for Domination

Overhead dangled the moon brightening a city deemed one of the most beautiful around the world. But anything good passed that was wishful thinking. It was also known for its large crime rates including hustlers, rapists, murderers and pretty much everything else in the book. Above all it was the home to arguably the craziest most dangerous psychotics on the planet. Most outside the city believed anyone with sense wouldn’t dare set foot in such a godforsaken capital. Yet there was still him…the one that attracted people to the nightmarish town. The one only so many people had ever set eyes on. In some ways he was like a dark angel defending the hell from the shadows and darkness.

There wasn’t a single criminal around that didn’t know who he was. Some weren’t sure it was even human, but knew any criminal that got in its way fell. Well at least that was the perception of what they called Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader and more commonly Batman. Many speculated why the police had not yet brought down the bat due to the vigilante tag put on his existence. Numbers of people believed he secretly worked closely with the police; being the only rational explanation for his delayed/no capture.

The night was much like any other in Gotham city. Loud, obnoxious and the melody of gunfire! A large truck darted down the street switching from lane to lane avoiding the police vehicles in pursuit of it from behind, “Damn they’re persistent!”

“Whenever are they not,” Someone responded from the passenger side aiming his weapon out the window. He fired several rounds not caring whether or not the bullets connected with the police vehicles or other drivers entirely.

The chase continued for several blocks with the driver of the vehicle unexpectedly steering off the road with his eyes set on a warehouse. During the chase they managed to put enough space between themselves and law enforcement for some breathing space. Each quickly stepped out of the vehicle opening the trunk. Inside were a boy and girl no older than seven years of age. Mouths covered by duck tape and ankles and wrists tied they were unable to do anything.

“Let’s get them inside. It won’t be long before the police have this place completely surrounded.”

Together they carried both children inside locking the doors. Already awaiting them were six others sitting around a table counting money from an open briefcase. The two children were put in a far corner of the room, “Now be a good little boy and girl and not cause any trouble. Stay still and don’t cry I hate the sound of it.” One of the gunmen made clear with his weapon pointed at the two.

Having nothing else to say he joined everyone else around the table, “Is it all there?!” He asked with a hint of impatience, “Looks that way, but I’ll need a couple more minutes to confirm it.” Another individual replied smoking a cigar. During that time two of them stood in front of the window keeping a lookout. It wasn’t long before police sirens filled the air along with bright red and blue flashes. Not long after the building was surrounded by dozens of police vehicles, “Dis doesn’t look good Chip they’ve got us completely cornered with no way out.”

“Don’t start chickening out on us; you forget we still have the kids. If they want these kiddies back alive they will do exactly as we ask.”

What remained of the money was carefully counted while the other captors positioned themselves next to any of the windows around giving them a view of what went on outside. Even with the two hostages none of them felt fully secure. None out of the group had ever seen so many police vehicles in one place at a single time, “What the hell are we goanna do?!! There’s no way out of this!”

“Shut the hell up and relax, we’ve got them right where we want them.” Chip replied leaning against a wall with an overly confident grin. With the two children at their disposal he felt there was nothing to worry about. Chip had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before the police would send someone to negotiate. The two children were Alice and Jay Welcess, members to one of the richest families in town.

“It’s all here Chip.” The one counting informed.

It happened so fast none were able to react; the skylights smashing through with smoke canisters hitting the floor! Chip ran toward the two kids but quickly lost sense of direction with all the smoke filling the room. It was hard to tell for sure but through the shattered skylight one of them perceived something large enter through with a wingspan of what looked to be six to ten feet with pointy ears. Was it him; the one all criminals feared?! That was the last thing the criminal saw before the smoke completely took away his vision. Next followed cries of pain and the splitting sound of bones shattering! He held his weapon tightly but understood firing at random wasn’t an option. Doing so could injure those working beside him.

The commotion around him persisted echoed by loud thumps and evident struggle. His partners in crime were taking a beating and there was nothing he could do to put things in their favor. It wouldn’t be long before whatever it was feasted its eyes on him! Bracing himself for impact he swallowed deeply. Not long after the thunderous strikes and tussle ceased.

“You hide behind this SMOKESCREEN!! Come out and Fight me LIKE A MAN!!”

He waited for what felt like several minutes for the smoke to clear, grasping what he had already known. All around the room were his accomplices lied out over the floor unconscious! Slightly biting down on his tongue he slowly walked backwards looking all over for the one that took them down. Suddenly his momentum stopped bumping into a solid object from behind, and was certain it wasn’t a wall. Immediately revolving around the weapon was knocked from his possession and before him stood a 6’2 masked individual with glowing white eyes! Without even asking he knew exactly who it was. The pointy ears, glowing eyes, silver armor, black boots, gloves and bat symbol over the chest all but confirmed it.

Trembling in his shoes the criminal threw out one punch in a desperate attempt to bring down the legendary myth, only to have it dodged. In a single strike the felon fell to the floor knocked out. Gradually walking across the wooden surface Batman took a knee untying the rope and removing the tape from the children, “You’re free to go, the police are waiting outside.”

His appearance was intimidating and frightening but they were thankful for what he did. The boy and girl stood upright taking off toward the exit. As they reached the door Alice looked over her shoulder, “Thank you Batman.” She said in almost a whisper, but he heard clearly.

Together she and her brother exited the warehouse to a very astonished yet relieved police force. Establishing the two were unharmed the swat and other law enforcement quickly moved in kicking the front door open. Again they found themselves astounded! All through the large space laid the beaten bodies of the kidnappers! The commissioner of police situated himself in front of the entire unit. A grin slowly crept onto the corner of his mouth.

“You think it was him sir?” One of the officers’s from behind asked.

“Work fast and cuff these convicts before any of them have the chance to gain consciousness. I want each and every one of them taken back to the station and questioned!”

It went without saying, knowing precisely who was responsible for the take down. James Gordon had worked at his side for quite some time and was positive it was the work of Gotham’s Dark Knight.

Fleeing the scene without a single person spotting him Batman pulled himself to the rooftops. He carried on with jumping from one building to another. Just as he made another jump the small communications piece inside his ear beeped, “Batman we need you here in the watchtower,” A female voice spoke from the other end, “We’re making updates to the tower itself as well as the computer systems and could use your help.”

Touching down atop another building he stayed quiet for several moments, “I’m on my way princess.” He replied pressing at the side of the cowl.

Next he uncovered a small mechanism from his utility belt. It came in handy when needing to get to the watchtower quickly. In one click a bright light surrounded his entire body teleporting him to the watchtower. He re appeared on the main dock stepping down the steps entering the main facility. Too his surprise Superboy, Starfire and Wonder girl walked around with different equipment in their grasp.

“What are they doing here?” Batman asked bluntly.

None out of the three were members to the Justice League. Someone’s hand touched down over his right shoulder, “We needed extra sets of hands with so many of the other league members out on missions. I took the liberty of contacting them each myself.” Wonder Woman emphasized taking her hand off his shoulder.

He followed her to the main computer where Superman stood, “Good timing,” the one donning the red cape and boots spoke. Typing away for a couple moments longer he turned his gaze to Batman, “The rest is yours Bruce. All that’s left is to update our systems with your passwords and modification to the firewall.”

Superman stepped aside allowing for the Caped Crusader to do his thing. Just as his gloved fingers came into contact with the keyboard a bright light formed within the middle section of the room. The light died down and standing in its place was a woman, standing at 5’9, shoulder length green hair and purple eyes, “I am here for the Ovatrector. Give it to me and I’ll be on my way.”

“Overt…what?!” Superboy set down the heavy equipment directing his attention to the unknown woman.

Batman got into somewhat a defensive stance pulling out two batarangs. He’d never before seen the woman and more importantly wanted to know how she got into the watchtower and what she meant by Ovatrector. The name did not sound familiar, “What is the Ovatrector, and who are you?” Batman asked.

In total were eight within the current space including the unknown woman. She only slightly looked at Batman before turning and walking the opposite direction. She appeared to be heading for one of their closed off safes. In the process of taking another step a huge S appeared in front of her eyes. It was none other than Superman blocking her path, “You can’t just come into our headquarters demanding things. Give details of your situation and we might be able to help.”

“You’ve got quite the speed,” She smirked moving a strand of hair from her face, “Normally I’d talk it out but I’m in a bit of a hurry.” She pointed her finger directly at the man of steel blasting him through the metal door! He grabbed at his chest feeling a strange sensation throughout his body, “Magic…” He uttered standing on one knee.

“Wow you’re truly magnificent!! That attack of mine usually demolishes the target completely. Just who are you?!”

Superman slowly stood dusting himself off whilst the other leaguers stood their ground, “If anyone should be asking questions it’s us. You’ve infiltrated our base of operation demanding we hand over something we have no knowledge of.”

Due to her attack both she and Supes stood inside the safe surrounded by some of the JLA’s artifacts, and other strange objects they’d stored after battles. Much of it was alien and had yet to be identified. She grabbed hold of a specific item taking the form of a rock with a bright gold glow coming from the center of it. The item itself was a dark purple and weighed somewhere between fifty to sixty pounds, “This is the Ovatrector, and it is more than just any ordinary rock. There is only so many throughout the different galaxies and universes and unfortunately the one from my universe was destroyed. It is the ultimate power source!”

They could clearly hear the excitement in her voice, “What do you want with it?” Batman asked.

“What else then to become a world conqueror! But not of this earth,” She pointed out the large glass window having a great view of earth from the watchtower, “But of the one dominated by users of magic; or to rephrase it, my home world. My work here is done…this will be the first and last time we meet.”

“rotcertavo otni ym sdnah.”

The Ovatrector disappeared from her hands reappearing in that of the Justice League’s greatest magic user.

“Good work Zatanna.” Wonder Woman complimented.

“What do you people think you’re doing?!! Didn’t I just say your earth isn’t in my interest?!”

“What you speak of is wrong,” Superman went on taking a couple steps forward, “It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing harm to this world or another. The fact you’ve brought it to our attention was a bad idea, we are some of the most powerful individuals in this world or the next and because of that we banded together and created a team to bring justice to the world. What you’ve got planned is wrong and we will do everything in our power to stop this vision of yours from succeeding. That’s what the Justice League is all about.”

“Justice League…” She murmured having no clue what he was talking about. All that mattered to her was getting the large rock and returning with it back to her base. In a hiss she took her eyes off Superman running straight for Zatanna who then tossed it across the room to Batman.

“Bitch!” She snarled looking Zatanna in the eyes.

She didn’t know nor cared who the costumed persons were. Just as she came within a few inches of the Dark Knight Starfire dashed from out of nowhere tackling her to the ground. Right after, a bright green light grew in size from with on her belt, “Well isn’t this something.” She said with annoyance.

“What do you mean? What is ha…”

Starfire was unable to finish as the light filled the entire space and everyone was zapped away in a bright green flash.


Through a window peered the sunlight awakening her from deep sleep. The curtain had only been halfway closed. Her eyes journeyed to the clock seeing it was after 7:00 AM in the morning. Sitting up yawning she got out of bed heading to the bathroom. What the day had in stored for her was yet to be seen but looked forward to it. Every day was an adventure being a member to Fairy Tail. It was arguably the most powerful guild and seen that way by much of the public. They had their share of run ins with the magic council due to property damage among other things, but none of that stopped them from doing things the way they wanted.

She stepped into the shower running the water over her body soaping up and shampooing her long blond hair. At the conclusion of the shower she finished with the remainder of her daily bathroom routine. Upon exiting she had one towel tied around her body and another in her hair, pacing across the carpet. Stopping in front of a drawer situated in a corner of the room she pulled out a yellow tea-shirt, black bra, panties, pink socks and purple skirt. Dragging the clothing alongside her she set them over the bed fully drying the rest of her body.

She then dressed into the selected clothing standing in front of a mirror tying her hair into pigtails. Last she slipped into a pair of black leather boots, placing a brown belt around her waist with silver and gold keys connected to it. On her way out she grabbed hold of a black whip connecting it to her belt. A slight wind blew over her face stepping down the stairs, and the sun hadn’t fully rose over the top of the mountains. The lake in front of her looked especially beautiful that morning waving back and forth. From the corner of her eye she noticed a Siegel touch down over the bridge.

“Hey Lucy up here!”

She quickly turned around spotting the two of them sitting atop the roof of her home. A blue cat or more accurately exceed, hung over the shoulder of a pink haired individual, “Natsu, Happy…what are you doing up there?”

Standing to his feet with a piece of paper in hand Natsu leaped off the ledge touching down in front of Lucy, “I found us the perfect mission. Fifty Six thousand jewels for any Mage that can stop the one called the Titan Hound! Isn’t it great?!” He spoke with exhilaration, “We should get going now, and according to the job offer our culprit is in the town of Shirotsume. If we go and catch a train right now we’ll be there in no time.”

“Wait but what about Mira San, I promised to talk with her about something.”

“That something can wait, it’s time to hit the road!” Natsu took off at top speed.

“Aye sir!” Happy added removing himself off Natsu’s shoulder using his angel like wings to fly just above the dragon slayer.

“Hey guys wait up,” Lucy called out; neither of them slowing down, “Working beside these two can be so draining.” She thought silently. She took off following close behind with really no other choice.

Having only the mission on mind none of the three realized the bright green flash out to the north of them. They were also being watched from afar. One dressed in a combination of purple and black kept a close eye on them until they were no longer in sight. The person also had a combination cape hood which hung over her head. A small piece in her ear beeped in which she answered straightaway, “This is Kayley Nisakih, what do you have to report?” She asked.

“The superiors have demanded your return to base. Neisa finally located the power source capable of initiating phase one of our plans. She located the Ovatrector in a realm labeled New Earth. It is uncertain when she will return, but the master wants you at base for whenever that does happen.”

“New Earth? What the hell are you talking about?!”

“It is a completely different dimension, and has the power source we were unable to locate here in the world controlled by Mages and Magic.”

“As you wish, I’m on my way now.”

She smiled widely knowing they were one step closer to overpowering any and all guilds throughout the entire planet. World domination would soon be theirs and she could hardly wait!

To Be Continued