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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 41: More distractions from Problem

Walking down the hall within the Justice League watch tower with a smile on his face; Superman tries to keep a clear head. The kiss with Ms Marvel sits in the front of his mind, being one of the only things which he thinks about. Not only is she beautiful, powerful and smart, but Ms Marvel is also trustworthy from what he can tell. A lot of the public wonder why the Justice League and Avengers don't just join both teams. Truth is, it's best to keep things the way they are; especially since it's been working for years.

"Hey Superman, do you mind if I have a word with you? Either you or Black Canary need to call a board meeting."

Looking over to see Green Lantern, Supes comes up next to his teammate. Both men walk forward while engaging in conversation which focuses on the big problem facing them all. This is truly a scenario of who, why and how! If none of these questions are answered soon, things will continue to go down hill and get even worse. Entering into the lounge area both spot Wonder Woman who leans up against a wall talking with Hawkman.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we'd like the two of you to join us in the conference room. We've got some important matters to discuss."

Going on, Superman makes it known that he'd like them both present inside the meeting room in the next fifteen. At the moment there are still a few other members he'd like to attend. There is one particular important member who will not be available, but as long as they can get everyone else it won't be a problem at all. Back down on earth Ironman alongside Black Widow, Ms Marvel and Spiderman battle against an enemy known as Zoom, A.K.A the reverse Flash.

"Hahaha, your group is even more pathetic than the Justice League. At least they present somewhat of a challenge." Zoom says.

"If you'd stay still, I'll show you what we're all about!" Spiderman yells out trying to punch at Zoom.

Laughing at the tops of his lungs Zoom effortlessly dodges the attempts of punches and kicks by both Spiderman and Black Widow. Reaching out he grabs Natasha by her hair swinging her around enjoying hearing her scream.

"Let go of her creep!" Spiderman yells out running forward.

Zoom replies by saying "As you wish" throwing Widow into the wall crawler with both Avenger members tumbling to the ground. Hovering up in the air Ironman has finally locked on to the reverse flash firing off three missiles. Reacting immediately Zoom is able to dodge the missiles with ease, and as a result they almost collide with Black Widow and Spiderman, but the wall crawler is able to get them both out of the way using his web.

"Why did you do that? You're a complete idiot, are you trying to kill our teammates? Get real...that guy is much to fast for all of that!" Ms Marvel yells over at Ironman.

Turning and looking over at her he frowns underneath the Iron.

"What else am I supposed to do? Why in the hell are you yelling at me for...I don't see you doing a damn thing!" Ironman yells back at her defending himself.

Rolling her eyes, Ms Marvel directs her attention down onto Zoom. Putting two gloved fingers to his mouth Zoom whistles looking up at Ms Marvel, using this as a way of trying to taunt her.

"Why don't you show me what you can do sweet stuff. Come on pretty, I might even give you a free shot if you're quick enough." Zoom says.

Tightening her fists she fly's down at him in high speeds, punching at but missing him being completely surprised. It looked as though he didn't move...what speed! Traveling at high velocity he grabs her by the back of her neck tossing her into both Widow and Spidy rubbing his hands together.

"I can go at this all day super geeks; none of you can keep up or react even a fraction of what I can do. So I'd pretty much do the smart thing and give up."

Getting up off the ground Spiderman runs toward Zoom, who smiles speed blitzing the wall crawler and knocking him out with a punch across the face. Seeing this as an opportunity, Ironman blasts down behind Zoom trying to get a hand on him, but is unsuccessful with the speedster zooming around him knocking Ironman into the side of a nearby dumpster.

"I think you should change your name to the little Avenger league; seriously I've seen school children who could put up a better fight than the four of...wait a sec, I almost forgot the Spider is out cold hahaha!" Zoom says enjoying this all completely.

Getting up to try and attack again, Ms Marvel's feet as well as all the way up to her knees are frozen solid to the ground! Looking over to her right stands a man who wears dark shades and similar attire to that of an Eskimo with the colors consisting of white and blue. Putting what appears to be some type of hand gun near his lips, he blows getting rid of some of the icy residue. Shaking himself off Ironman stands to his feet.

"So who are you supposed to be?" Ironman asks looking over at the strangely dressed individual, due to the sunny clear skies.

"The name is Captain Cold metal man." He replies aiming and shooting at Ironman freezing him in place as well.

Coming out of the building behind Captain Cold is non other than the infamous Mirror master who carries all of the stolen equipment they came for.

"Good job keeping them busy Zoom, but now it is time to get out of here before the authorities show up." Mirror Master says.

Coming up next to both Mirror Master and Captain Cold, Zoom informs them that he is ready to go. But he did enjoy single handedly beating on this group of Avengers like it was nobody's business. Mirror Master steps forward creating a mirror which the three of them step through. Using her strength Ms Marvel breaks out of the ice flying forward to try and follow them, but as she tries to go through the mirror, it shatters on impact.

"Why am I not surprised, wonder if it was some kind of magic trick." Ms Marvel says to herself.

But than again probably not; she has definitely seen her share of villains with incredible abilities which are hard to comprehend. Doing as Ms Marvel did, Ironman breaks out of the ice wondering who in the world were those guys. Just by looking at them, you'd think they were completely harmless.

"So what are we going to do now?" Black Widow asks getting up.

There is not a single reply from either Ironman or Ms Marvel. But something that they both took note of was the one who called himself Zoom. Both wonder if he is somehow associated and or related with the Justice League member known as the Flash. Not only was his uniform similar except for the swap of colors, but he had the exact same abilities and speed.

"Returning to base will be our best option for now. It's not like they've got a trail that we can follow. I am however interested in with, what they took off with." Ms Marvel says.

Moving up next to Carol there is no arguing with that, returning to the base is their best option to collect themselves. Looking down on the KO'd Spiderman, Ms Marvel shakes her head while walking over and picking him up. With that they return back to their main facility which takes over a good forty minutes. By than Spiderman has awoke and is walking fine on his own.

"Where were the four of you all this time?" One of the workers of Shield asks.

Ironman replies by saying they had received an anonymous stress call which ultimately lead them to an unknown set of enemies to Shield and the Avengers. But it was found out whoever those guys were, have had run ins with the Justice League. Walking passed a few of the Shield security members, Natasha/Black Widow takes a seat rubbing at her injured shoulder.

"Hey don't bother yourself, I'll take care of that." Spiderman says.

Walking over and behind her chair, Spidy wastes no time performing a smooth shoulder massage. Sitting back she takes a few deep breaths, enjoying the feel of this after what they just went through. Coming out of a back room and approaching them, Thor sets his hammer off to the side.

"So how'd things go, did you guys have any success." Thor asks.

Observing the expressions they give him, he can see that this one didn't go as planned. But that is how it'll be sometime.

"So where is Captain America? I thought he was with you?" Spiderman asks.

Thor nods, letting the web slinger know that Captain America left over two hours ago on a mission, but really didn't give much details on it at all except for it was somewhere in Vegas. Stepping out onto one of the platforms, Tony steps out of the suit of armor getting dressed into a set of casual clothing.

"I've got a luncheon which begins in another thirty, so I guess I'll have to be getting ready for that." Tony lets everyone know.

Both he and Thor exit out of the facility, but through different exits. Sitting up in her seat Natasha informs Spiderman that he can stop, insisting that she has had enough.

"Well I guess I should get going as well, I've got some place I need to be."

Spiderman is the next to exit out needing to get back to his city ASAP. Soon as he exits out, Ms Marvel walks over to one of the main computers taking a seat. There were a few files she had meant to look over in the past couple days, but just never got around to doing it being so busy. Out in the city of Hell's Kitchen, the body of a young child has been found making national news due to the brutality of the obvious homicide. Detectives nor police have been able to identify if it's a male or female. Throughout most of the day, that is the news which captivates most citizens. But with the passing of several hours brings up nightfall.

Gotham City

Kneeling down on one knee is Batman who looks through his binoculars, but off to the side stands Nightwing. Removing the binoculars from his eyes/lenses Batman places them back into his utility belt standing.

"Something is certainly going down, but until we're certain what it is ; it's best we watch and see how things unfold." Batman says.

"Yeah that is more than obvious, but I still say we should have at least brought some backup. I mean come on Bruce, don't cha think Circe, Cheetah and Ivy might be a little more than we can handle. Plus who's to say there won't be more than just them." Nightwing says.

Looking down to see a few more cars pulling up in front of the building, Batman can see why Nightwing is concerned. Circe alone is more than they can handle, but there is always a way to turn the situation to your favor. At the moment they won't be doing anything until they figure out what this is all about. But why is Poison Ivy hanging around Circe or Cheetah? That is probably the question they'd both like the answer to; along with why either of the two are even in Gotham.

"If this becomes more than what we can handle, I'll radio for backup. Depending on the meaning of their little get together will determine if we'll move in or not."

"Sounds good; but I'm going to head over that way. If it does come down to us crashing their little party we should enter in from different sides. Not to mention I might be able to see something we can't see from here, but don't worry we can keep in instant contact through our ear pieces." Nightwing says.

Pulling out his grapple gun, Nightwing pulls himself across the way swinging over to another building. Keeping his eyes down on the activity below, Batman blocks out any other distractions. Watching as another vehicle pulls up in front of the building, Bats narrows his eyes to see that of Harley Quinn stepping out with a group of men who're dressed in black, wearing shades. The Dark Knight isn't liking this one bit. Reaching out into his utility belt, he stops feeling a presence behind him!

"Diana! What are you doing in Gotham?" Batman asks standing.

Floating in the air she hovers down in front of him. Due to his body language, she can almost instantly tell he does not want her here whatsoever.

"I was contacted by Nightwing, he said you might need help with a situation. So why don't you fill me in." Wonder Woman says.

Turning from her, Batman again pulls out his binoculars looking down on the group of people to see a few high tech weapons being taken in to the building.

"False alarm Princess, there are no problems here; I've got everything under control." Batman says.

Reaching forward and snatching the binoculars from him, Wonder Woman takes a look for herself, wanting to know what exactly it is the Dark Knight is spying in on. Applying a tight grip over the building's edge, Batman mumbles the name of Dick, not to happy with him contacting Wonder Woman without his knowledge! It isn't long before Diana spots both Circe and Cheetah! Removing the binoculars from her eyes, she tosses them back to Batman. Attempting to jump off of the building Batman grabs her by the wrist bracelet.

"Diana please...I can handle this myself. Until I'm sure what they're doing, there is no reason to attack."

Pulling away from his grasp Wonder Woman sits on the edge of the building almost wanting to laugh at what he says.

"Please enlighten me on how you plan on stopping Circe? Wait no, please tell me how you think if it does come down to you interrupting their little meeting how you will manage to take them all down. Please Bruce, I'd really like to hear the answer to this?" Wonder Woman asks in a sarcastic tone, resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

Grinding his teeth together Batman is hating more and more what Nightwing did, bringing WW into his city. When the criminals of Gotham see him working side by side with outsiders, especially one's known as widely as Wonder Woman; it takes away the fear and respect from Gotham's champion. Glancing over at Diana who smiles only makes him even more agitated.

"For now lets just wait it out, I'll let you know when it is time to move in if that is what it comes down to. But lets be clear that I'll be calling all the shots." Batman says completely ignoring her question.

The good thing for them, is he's got one of the men inside bugged which will enable him to hear all of what they say. How things have played out thus far, they're more than likely going to be crashing this little get together. The parties involved alone is already enough to scream trouble. What the purpose of this all is really the only thing which interests the Dark Knight. With the local as well as national police force having their attention on Penguin, Toyman and Mad Hatter; several other small groups have been attempting to gain territory. But this type of action doesn't really seem to fit Poison Ivy or Harley.

"So how are things with Bucky?" Batman asks trying to start conversation looking through the binoculars and down inside one of the windows.

Lightly biting at her tongue, she wonders how he even knew about her and Cap! There is no doubt in her mind it was Superman who gave him this information. Unless he's been sneaking around and spying on her, which she wouldn't put passed him. But if that were the case...wouldn't that mean he's interested in her?

"Wouldn't you like to know." She replies grinning.

Removing the binoculars from his eyes, Bruce raises an eyebrow under the cowl while turning to face her. Judging by the look on her face, he can tell she is enjoying this.

"Forget I asked." Batman says putting his eyes back into the binoculars and looking back down below.

Moving over even closer to him she lowers the binoculars from his eyes, pulling his face toward hers.

"I'm sorry, but did I just upset you? But hey, you're not one to show much emotion." She says.

Telling her to just drop it, Batman places the binoculars back into his utility belt; feeling sure he won't need to use them anymore. Adjusting the volume in the left ear of his cowl, he boosts it up making sure he is able to get every single important detail of what is said down below.

"But it's nothing really, he's been good to me in and out of the bedroom," Diana puts a hand to her mouth, "Ooops did I just say that."

Truth be told, she hasn't really been sleeping with Bucky; but at the same time she just couldn't resist trying to get a glimpse of what the Capped Crusader's reaction would be to hearing this. Moving back a little, Batman tries to study her face to see if what she says is true or false; just trying to get under his skin. Still Diana really isn't the type of person to joke around very often. Trying to hold back a smile, she is unsuccessful in doing so; kind of enjoying seeing Batman becoming uncomfortable. Whenever she's able to get any emotion out of him, it's a good thing.

"Green Lantern and I came across one of those things yesterday night; did he ever speak to Superman about setting up a team meeting?" Batman asks trying to change the subject.

Getting up off of the ledge Wonder Woman stands to her feet walking over stopping in front of Batman.

"If things had been different, we could be together. Hhhmm I wonder whose mouth those words came out of." Wonder Woman emphasizes.


"Hey Bruce you watch over her, I'll be back in a bit."

Batman watches as his best friend exits out of the room. Pulling a chair up he has a seat next to the bed grabbing hold of Diana's hand grasping it. Leaning forward he whispers something into her ear, even though she wouldn't be able to hear. Sitting there for over ten minutes his eyes open to hear his name being called; letting go of her hand he takes a stand.

"Rest easy now princess."

Coming back to reality, Batman had no idea something like that would come back to bite him in the butt. He can remember it clearly, the day she was bitten by the rare snake in her match against Captain America back at the tournament. It's poison put her down and out, and when at her bed side he whispered into her ear "If things had been different, we could be together"! He had no idea she had actually heard what he said, but really wonders why she brings this up now seeing as that was close to a year ago!

"Enough, this isn't the time!" Batman argues.

"Really Bruce, what did you mean by those words? Did you truly have feelings for me, or was it something that was just part of the moment?" She asks crossing her arms.

Seeing that she frowns, he can tell this is something that has probably been sitting in the back of her mind. Putting it off might make things awkward between them, which is something he'd like to avoid so as not to ruin their professional relationship.

"Since it means so much to you...than yes," He struggles to say, "Now lets focus in on the mission at hand; that was some time ago. Lets forget about the past and move on."

That hurt a lot more than he thought it would, showing any kind of affection in his opinion most times depending can be one's weakness. Watching as Wonder Woman comes up in front of him, Bruce again raises an eyebrow. Both stare at the other; Diana finally reaching up wrapping her arms around his neck. Closing her eyes she brings her lips toward his. Feeling the hairs on his back rise, he isn't sure what to do, just deciding to go along with this. Just as her lips come within half an inch of his, she stops herself.

"We really shouldn't." Diana says thinking of Bucky.

Removing her arms from around his neck she looks away from him, not feeling too good about what she was about to do. Hearing a beep in the right ear of his cowl, Bats presses at the area asking Nightwing to speak; who is on the other line.

"I don't know if you were listening in, but it would appear this meeting of theirs is to spread the territory of some guy who goes by the name of Wilson Fisk, or even better known as the Kingpin. Seriously though, I've never heard about the guy; what about you? Anyway it sounds to me like a lot of weapons and illegal drugs are going to be involved." Nightwing says.

"Good work Nightwing; and no...I'm not familiar with any Wilson Fisk. Get Ready, it's time to move in," Ending the transaction with Nightwing, Batman turns to Wonder Woman, "Time to move in princess."

Pulling out his grapple gun, Batman aims and shoots having the bat wiring connecting with the building down below jumping off the ledge at the same time. Standing to her feet, Wonder Woman follows flying down off to his left. In mere seconds both heroes come crashing through one of the glass windows!

"Oh crap it's the Batman, and one of his super friends!" One of them says pulling out a gun.

Stepping in front of the man Circe lowers his weapon smirking.

"Well I must say, that I am very surprised to see the princess of Themyscira here in Gotham. Getting rid of you will be a delightful bonus." She says laughing.

But that quickly comes to an end with yet another window shattering with Nightwing entering, using his acrobatic ability to flip over a group of the men landing next to both Wonder Woman and Batman.

"Now this should be fun." Poison Ivy adds.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 42: All Out Attack!

Setting this meeting up to discuss the alliance and plans of Wilson Fisk, was handled well keeping everything close with all parties involved. It would be very unlikely for anyone outside of their circle to gain any information on events, plans, meetings etc. It isn't something that bothers any of them; but it is a bit intriguing how these heroes have crashed their little get together. Perhaps Gotham City wasn't the best place to hold this little event; especially given the Dark Knight has always been somewhat of a creepy crawler sneaking around and gaining information in mysterious ways. He is certainly one of the more resourceful heroes.

"What's taking you guys so long? It is like twenty of you, versus the three of us; I'm willing to make this a lot less painful if you give us the whereabouts of this Wilson Fisk guy." Nightwing says moving forward.

The group of individuals look at one another concluding these three crime fighters have likely been eavesdropping on them, knowing it has been protocol not to speak the King Pin's name outside of meetings. Laughing together is both Poison Ivy and Circe.

"Ouch we're so scared...really Batman, I thought you taught your bird friend a lot more manners," Ivy turns looking over at Batman, "I think you should remind him that he shouldn't make threats when on enemy turf."

"I don't know what you, or even Harley are doing here...but the two of you will be going back to Arkham. As for the rest of everyone else, I see a lot of jail time if you're unwilling to cooperate." Batman says.

Without warning one of the men dressed in all black pulls out a hand gun shooting at the capped crusader, but the bullets are blocked by Wonder Woman who steps in front of him using her steel bracelets. Running out of ammunition the individual places his weapon back into his pocket grinding his teeth together. Another of them whistles looking Wonder Woman from head to toe.

"Hey sexy...why don't you come over here and teach me a lesson. I promise I'll be a really good student; and I'm always down with learning new things." He says kissing at her.

The group of men laugh at his comments, finding it quiet amusing. Tightening her fists, being taunted is something Wonder Woman doesn't take lightly. Some men she just can't understand, how they treat women as if they're a gift wrapped prize for their pleasures. Reaching for her lasso, both she Batman and Night Wing are knocked back into a wall by that of Circe Just using her voice.

"Now now princess, you're company and should show some manners when you come into someone's home. But I guess standing around won't solve anything...kill the three of them." Circe orders.

All of the men dressed in black dash forward to attack the three heroes. Pulling out both his clubs, Nightwing whacks a few of them across the head tossing one of them in front of Batman who drop kicks him. Pulling out her Lasso, Wonder Woman throws it out having it wrap around the neck of an attacker. Swinging him around, she tosses him into a wall. It doesn't even take a minute for the three of them to put an end to the group of men.

"Well that was a lot easier than I thought it would be, I guess it's time to move unto the main course." Nightwing says looking over at Circe, Ivy and Harley.

Running ahead Nightwing is anxious to put an end to this all, but from beneath the tiled ground erupts a multitude of vines which catch Nightwing out of the air wrapping around him. Sprinting forward Batman throws out two explosive batarangs which turn into flowers before reaching the vines.

"I love magic; don't you Batman?" Circe asks giggling.

Wonder Woman frowns hearing one of her most hated enemies voice; Circe is a very formidable foe and they will need to be careful not to get her angry.

"Magic really isn't my kind of thing."

Quickly replying Batman runs at Circe without any warning, but he is stopped with Wonder Woman's lasso coming up from behind wrapping around his arms. Tugging at it she gets his attention; Batman looking back at Diana wondering what exactly it is she's doing.

"Just help Nightwing; Circe is mine!" Wonder Woman says unwrapping the lasso from his arm.

Speed Blitzing Circe, Wonder Woman takes her through one of the walls before she is able to do or say anything. Using a certain gadget, Batman is able to cut Nightwing loose from the vines with both masked men turning their attention to both Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn who don't really seem to do much of anything just staring back at them.

"So does this mean the two of you are coming in quietly?" Nightwing asks.

Both women look at each other grinning; Harley reaching into her pocket pulling out a hand gun aiming it at them both. Pulling the trigger, out pops a yellow flag which reads boom! Using his quickness Nightwing knocks the weapon out of her hand and off to the side. Lifting her arms Ivy summons even more vines, which wrap around the legs of Both bats and Nightwing.

"Fighting against you masked avengers isn't something I'd like to do tonight. But there will be plenty of time for that in the near future. I'm sure we will cross paths with you again soon Batman." Ivy says.

Inside the surrounding area the men dressed in black begin to awaken standing to their feet. Poison Ivy orders all of them that the meeting has been postponed and to leave immediately. Retrieving any and all materials they may have brought alongside them, they exit out.

"Have a goodnight Batman."

Walking side by side with Harley, Ivy looks over her shoulder blowing a kiss to them both. Seeing as the two ladies exit out of the front entrance, Nightwing looking his old teammate/partner in the eyes. Both easily could have broke out of the vines which currently hold them, but Batman had given Nightwing the signal not to move.

"So what's the story behind this?" Nightwing asks.

Using the blades with on his gauntlets, Batman bends down slicing the vines off of his legs helping Grayson out as well. Being clear that Nightwing is paying attention; having the opportunity of working alongside Batman for some years doesn't surprise the hero of bludhaven on the way bats goes about doing things. That is something only those close to him will know; Batman is the type of individual who is always thinking ahead, whether that be in a fight or just preparation.

"For now we'll let them go, there will be no need to follow. I even took the liberty of placing a bat tracker on a few of the business men we had taken down."

Batman goes on explaining if they had stopped them; sending the group to jail along with Ivy and Harley back to Arkham, it would make it that much tougher to figure out what exactly this unknown Wilson Fisk guy is up to.

"Oh...now I see! You're always on top of it boss; would you like me to hang around in Gotham for a few more days?" Nightwing asks.

"That won't be necessary, I'll contact you whenever I get back on their trail. I'm sure you've got some other things on your plate that need to be taken care of back in Bludhaven."

Looking over at the destroyed wall, both are reminded of Wonder Woman! Taking off for the front exit Nightwing kicks the door open; both running outside stopping in place incredibly stunned at what they see.

"Oh damn!" Nightwing says stopping himself from thinking dirty.

Out in the grass lays Wonder Woman on her stomach with both her hands and legs tied together with her own lasso; but the most disturbing part about the scene is the red ball within her mouth which is connected to a black string which wraps around the back of her head! While drooling she tries again to pull herself out but has no luck.

"I don't know about you boss...but this is resembling a really bad porn..." Nightwing stops speaking getting the bat glare from the Dark Knight.

Running over to her side Batman bends down pulling the ball out of her mouth throwing it off to the side. While he does that, Nightwing begins trying to untie her. Working fast she is free to stand to her feet in no time.

"What happened?" Batman asks.

Turning and looking away from them both, Diana can't help but feel embarrassed after what she just went through. And to make matters worse; Batman along with one of his closes allies was there to see it! Oh how she can't wait to get her hands on Circe! The Sorceress had the opportunity to finish off Wonder Woman, but instead chose to embarrass her.

"It was Circe...I guess you could say she caught me off guard a little. But that isn't the point; Circe seems to be more powerful than from what I can remember." Wonder Woman replies.

Walking off to the side Batman pulls out his grapple gun taking to the rooftops disappearing into the darkness. Both Nightwing and WW give each other a similar look, both knowing how Batman can be toward his family and teammates. It comes as no surprise he didn't even say a word before leaving.

"Have a safe rest of your night." Wonder Woman says to Nightwing before flying out into the darkness.

Waving to the princess of Themyscira Nightwing travels in the opposite direction making his way to the rooftops. He is in no rush to get back to Bludhaven tonight, and might even wait until tomorrow morning before returning. Out in the distance Batman jumps from building to building wondering where Toyman, Mad Hatter and the Penguin are hiding out. Not to mention the potential alliance of Black Mask and a man who goes by the name of Hammerhead; Topping his to do list is the mystery of what happened to Lois Lane. At this point the police forces attention is elsewhere; not on something which occurred some time ago. Leaping onto yet another building he stops completely due to someone hovering out of the air landing in front of his path.

"What are you still doing in Gotham? Your services will not be needed from here on out." Batman says, running past Wonder Woman who grabs hold of his cape.

"Slow down there Dark Knight; I'd like you to give me the answer to something."

Pulling his cape away from her grasp, bats turns to face Wonder Woman who crosses her arms. By looking at her facial expression; this is something worth listening to.

"Do you still," Diana moves her arms down to her side looking him in the face, "Do you still have..."

Before she is able to finish, her JL communications device goes off beeping. Wanting to ignore it until she is done talking, the princess answers it. You just never know when it could be something very important.

"Hey Diana it's Superman! We need your help right away, here in New York or anywhere!" Superman yells out on the other side.

"Wait slow down; what is happening?" Wonder Woman asks with a little panic in her voice.

On the other side Wonder Woman can here much commotion in the background of where Superman currently is.

"Haven't you taken a look at the news in the last ten minutes? Those things are currently attacking globally...and when I say those things; yes I'm talking about those creatures! DIANA they're everywhere; by what I'm hearing from the reports there are at least over one hundred of them within each major country in the world! The League is doing all it can; but I'm just not sure we have enough to take on them all!"

Superman goes on letting her know that the world wide armed forces are getting involved, along with the Avengers, Justice League, X-men, Titans, Outsiders, Fantastic four and various other groups!

"I'll be over to your side right away." Wonder Woman says ending the transaction.

Turning her attention back to Batman, the capped crusader pulls out his JL teleport device.

"While you make your way over to the side of Superman; I'm going to make my way up to the watch tower and check out the radar to try and find out just how many of them there are." Batman says.

Neither of the two say another word to the other beaming themselves to their separate locations. Re appearing inside the watch tower Batman makes his way to the control room where both Atom and Green Arrow stand looking over the main monitor. It is Green Arrow who turns looking over at bats shaking his head.

"It doesn't look good at all Batman; there are just so many of them." Green Arrow says.

Coming up next to Atom and Green Arrow Batman looks over the screen not liking what he sees. Atom is the one to point out which figures on the monitor are the unknown creatures! It is just like Superman said; these things are almost everywhere. But by the looks of it, whoever is responsible for all of this is finally ready! It is all starting to make sense; the several previous appearances of these things were a test to see if the all out attack would be a success. That is the only explanation for why so many of them would be appearing all at once! But the answers to who and why have yet to be answered.

"Has Superman filled you in on what's going on?" Green Arrow asks.

"Yeah I've been informed. The two of you can keep an eye on what's going on; contact me if anything comes up. I'm heading down to New York where Superman should be." Batman says exiting out of the room.

Holding the JL teleport device in his hand, bats types in the coordinates of New York disappearing out of sight instantly. Moving away from the monitor walking for the exit is Atom who decides staying up here in the watch tower will not help his teammates one bit. This duty requires only one person.

"Keep an eye on things Green Arrow I'm going to travel back down to Austria. I think they'll need a little bit more help in that area."

According to what they have on record, only five Leaguers along with a few titans are located in that area. Even if they had the numbers over these creatures, he isn't sure they'd have the advantage due to the brute strength of those things. But they don't even have the numbers over those things; which is going to make it that much tougher.

New York

Multitudes of civilians run all around looking for somewhere safe to go; but unfortunately there is no place! Being grabbed by the back of the neck; Beast a member to the X-men is thrown face first into the concrete cement sidewalk. Luke Cage is tossed into a stop sign by another of them. Just as a car is about to fall on that of Black Panther/T'Challa, Ms Marvel comes out of nowhere catching it out of mid air. Raising his hand he gives her the thumbs up; she smirks as a reaction. Totally caught off guard she is knocked out of the air by one of them which tail whips her.

"Ghee those things are pretty fast for being so big." Ms Marvel complains.

Getting back up, She shakes herself off but is grabbed from behind. It is by her own hair; swinging her around with ease the creature throws her into the side of a building; but does not stop there deciding to charge after her. Coming in a the heroine, a familiar iconic individual in a red cape zooms out of nowhere coming in front of it. Putting a hand out Superman stops the creature in it's tracks using his other hand punching it forty ft in the other direction.

"Hey Ms Marvel are you ok?" The man of steel asks hovering down in front of her.

"Yeah, I'll live; thanks for the save." She replies.

Reaching out, he helps Ms Marvel to her feet. Pointing up to one of the buildings Ms Marvel asks Superman to follow. Out in the distance Batman finally spots Krypton's last son; just the man he'd like to speak to. Pulling out his grapple gun to make his way up that way, he stops hearing a familiar voice.

"Hey bats funny to see you out of Gotham again; but I'm glad you're here. We're going to need all the help we can get with trying to take all of those things down." Spiderman says.

Up on the building top, both Superman and Ms Marvel look down to see several of their teammates fighting against the invaders while at the same time trying to protect and evacuate the civilians. Grabbing hold of Supes wrist she leads him over to the other side of the building.

"Is it ok if I kiss you?" She asks flashing her eye brows.

Scratching at his hair Superman just kind of looks at Ms Marvel who smiles seductively moving up closer in front of him. Pulling her in closer to him he wraps his arms around her waist, both locking lips; Carol wrapping her arms around his neck deepening the kiss. Being caught up in the moment neither of the two notice as Batman and Spiderman enter onto the building top, and before Spiderman is able to yell out, Batman puts a hand to his mouth. Opening her mouth she enters her tongue into his mouth moaning.

"Kal!What the hell?"

Breaking the kiss, Ms Marvel pushes off of Superman, looking up into the air is Wonder Woman who displays a priceless expression on her face. But it isn't just her; both Spiderman along with Batman stand a couple yards away from them!

"I think if the two of you had got a room that would have been much more sufficient. But me personally; I think you make a cute couple." Spiderman says smiling beneath his mask trying to brighten the mood.

"Shut up!" Both Batman and Wonder Woman say at the same time.

Spidy almost wants to laugh; whenever do people speak the same words at exactly the same time. In the case of twin brothers or sisters, it might be common; but that isn't the case here. Regardless, it's best he keeps his mouth shut and watch to see which direction this soap opera goes. Coming down in front of both Batman and Spiderman, Wonder Woman frowns at both Supes along with Ms Marvel.

"I guess I'll ask again...why are the two of you playing hook up while innocents are being attacked by those invaders!" Wonder Woman demands raising her voice.

Behind her Spidy begins giggling, which immediately gets her attention. Turning and looking back at the wall crawler, she basically shoots him a death glare giving him the cue to keep quite!

"If I had to guess I'd say I hear a little bit of jealousy in your voice. If I can recall we're all adults; besides I'm sure you had your share of chances to have him. I'm sorry to say, but you just aren't his type...princess." Ms Marvel replies.

Watching as Wonder Woman's fists tighten, Batman moves forward resting a hand on her shoulder telling her to just forget about it. Right now they have much more important things to deal with. Shrugging him off Wonder Woman keeps her cool turning away; and without a word leaps off of the building and back down to fight against the attackers. Batman asks for both Spidy and Ms Marvel to leave, so that he can speak with Superman alone. Both do as he asks leaving the area.

"Talk about an awkward moment; so whatsup?" Superman asks.

Coming in closer to Supes, Batman begins explaining what he believes this all to be. The Dark Knight shares all of his thoughts with Superman; going into detail on what this attack could mean. Those previous to this were just a test, and this attack might be the main course to try and obtain them all in this final attempt/act. Ending the conversation as quickly as possible Superman enters back down onto the battlefield. Following him Batman jumps off of the building gliding down; but is caught out of the air and taken into an alleyway.

"Bruce..it wasn't...what it looked like." Ms Marvel whispers with her head down.

"We aren't going to talk about this now." Batman says walking past her, but is grabbed by his arm.

"Have you ever been in love with two women; and weren't sure which of them to choose?" Ms Marvel asks.

Pulling away with force, he makes himself clear that there will be no more discussion of that. Exiting out of the alleyway at top speed, he pulls out a few bat bombs approaching one of them which stands over twelve ft. Using his athletic ability, Black Panther jumps out of the way of a vehicle which is thrown by Spiderman intended for one of the creatures. The moon glows bright over the city, with only a few clouds present in the sky.

"Good job staying alert Panther." Spidy says.

Pulling out her lasso, Wonder Woman swings it around throwing it up and around the neck of the closes of them to her. Pulling with all her strength she swings and smashes it through the side of a building. Down the street another of them is knocked over by that of Nightcrawler who fights alongside Iceman, Emma Frost and Jubilee. Down a few blocks, both Wildcat along with X-23 are lifted high into the air by their necks. Before any harm is done, the creature is knocked off to the side, with both Wildcat and X-23 being caught and brought down to the ground.

"Are the two of you ok?"

Standing upright Laura Kinney is at lost for words; this is the first time she has seen Superman in person. She's heard so much about him through her daily life, from others!

"Well I have to be going now...be sure to watch your backs; these things are everywhere, ranging in different sizes." Superman says before flying off.

Seeing that one of them comes from behind Wonder Woman, Batman yells out her name pulling out two batarangs. Reacting to his warning she jumps out of the way of the Creature which tries to scratch at her. Underestimating it's speed Batman is knocked off to the side going through a window into a store going through a few shelves of food before hitting the ground falling unconscious.

"BATMAN!" Wonder Woman yells out running over in the direction of where he went.

But she is stopped in her tracks being bull rushed and tackled by one of them which stands thirteen feet tall, displaying a rough orange surface with on it's skin with yellow eyes. Holding the Amazon princess down by her wrists, the creature leans forward licking her over the left side of her face. Leaning forward she uses both her legs kicking the beast off of her and several ft into the air.

"How disgusting." Diana says standing rubbing a hand over the side of her face.

Turning and walking in the direction of the convenient store which Batman was tossed through; Wonder Woman stops, hearing the cry of a child. Pulling out her Lasso, Diana fly's off at top speed in that direction. Standing over three school students is another of the unknown creature which holds a truck over it's head, more than ready to slam it over them! Lifting the Vehicle from it's grasp; Diana is relieved to see the kids being carried off in mere seconds by the Flash. Setting them Down close to a mile away Flash returns to the area.

"These things are everywhere! So Diana...what's the plan? I'm sure you Supes, and Bats came up with something?" Flash asks.

Reaching down catching Wally off guard, the creature grabs him by the neck lifting him up! Setting the vehicle down, Wonder Woman punches at the creature having her fist grabbed immediately. And Just like that, the three of them disappear in a blinding flash of light! Being swung around and smashed into a few trucks and windows, Spiderman is knocked out being dropped to the ground KO'd!

"This does not look good at all." Black Panther says standing off to the side watching as more and more of the heroes are taken down.

He just hopes they're doing better elsewhere globally; that goes for the Army, navy and any other armed forces world wide. His fists tighten to see Ms Marvel falling face first into the street defeated, showing no signs of movement! Further up the street, the individual known as the worlds greatest hero struggles against another of them which displays a shiny green rock in the middle of it's chest. Yes; even Superman seems to be having a hard time holding his own!

"Standing around won't help anything!" Black Panther says to himself.

Running out he makes his way over in the area of where a group of people who're being attacked! Something tells him, things are only going to get a lot worse.

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 43: Plan B Successful

Never has this world as a whole, truly faced defeat; there has always been a reason to keep pushing and moving forward. Things may have been bad today; but tomorrow will bring with it another opportunity to make things better. In past scenarios that may have been the case. Here in this time however it may just be the other way around; the inability to key in on the assailant behind this all might have been the gravest mistake the earth's defense ever made! Burry vision and all; feeling dizzy, there is still enough left in the tank enabling him to stand removing the various canned food and boxes off of himself. Taking a look up at a clock located inside the store; the time reads 5:25 AM! Wow he was out a lot longer than he thought!

"Wha...What happened?"

Raising an arm he rests a gloved hand over the left side of his cowl feeling enervated, a bit confused on where exactly he is. Taking a considerable amount of time to surmise the prior events which took place, it all comes back to him in bits and pieces. Walking and retreating out of the store out onto the streets. It strikes him almost promptly feeling the emptiness all around; shaking his head at the devastation of the city. There isn't a single sole in sight; nothing but flames, destroyed buildings and vehicles. Even the streets in conjunction with sidewalks have been damaged pretty well.

"Batman to Justice League...what is the situation?"

The Dark Knight speaks into a built in communications gadget located in the upper part of his left gauntlet. Waiting for over a minute with no reply, he tries once again calling for any available league member. Again there is no reply, which really starts to get him thinking the worst. But there is always the chance something could have went wrong with his signal once he was tossed into that wall. Nevertheless, things just don't look good; first off it is much too quiet. He can almost sense that something bad happened; hopefully it is nothing more than a thought.

"Batman...I'm glad I found you."

Looking up into the air is Green Lantern/Hal Jordan who hovers down coming to a halt in front of him. Judging by the expression with on GL's face; almost immediately the red flags begin to raise. Something has happened, and if he'd have to guess it most certainly isn't something good.

"I'm sorry to say Batman...but most of the main members of the League are gone. And before you ask, that would include Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Supergirl, Canary along with several others. Our only option at this point is to try and search around and locate as many of our teammates who are left if we can."

GL continues on letting him know that somehow the communication system they set up between all League members is not functioning at all. Topping off the already bad news is that, GL/Hal isn't able to get into contact with any of the other Lanterns within the core.

"When you say gone? Do you mean those creatures?" Batman asks, already knowing the answer to his question.

Upon awakening from the ruble inside the store, the feeling of defeat oddly crept up in the back of his mind. Sometimes a person can just know when something isn't quiet right.

"Yes that is correct." Green Lantern replies.

Tightening his fists Batman looks into the sky feeling his heart rate take a jump. Besides his teammates, who else was taken during the scuffle? Within the thought, the group which he refers to is the heroes from the other earth which joined with his, such as Ironman, Spiderman Ms Marvel etc.

"Sorry to state the obvious, but we're good as dead if we don't get a handle on this thing." GL says.

"Daylight will be rising soon, and I have a meeting at Wayne Tower that I need to attend around nine o'clock. I'll get back in contact with you as soon as it is over; but in the mean time, try and locate as many of our teammates as you can."

Worlds Away

surging high dodging the blade of Scorpion's rope spear, Quan Chi comes up next to one of his greatest enemies knocking him over by using his elbow. Scorpion flips back up kicking the hand knife out of the Sorcerer's hand, but is unable to do anything else being grabbed from behind.

"Why you continue to try and stop us is beyond laughable ninja spectre. No one man army will be enough to take us all down."

Breaking the hold of the enemy who grabs him from behind, Scorpion throws him over his shoulder and onto the ground. Punching out at Quan Chi Scorpion is blasted in the other direction a good amount of yards. Looking up, he is not surprised at all to see yet another of the realms dead souls. It would seem everyone within this realm is on the side of Quan Chi and Shinnok.

"Have you had enough yet? There is no point in trying to fight against us Scorpion, no one can stop the emergence of Shinnok. I thought after your first encounter, you would have learned that important lesson."

"What can I say; guess I'm a slow learner."

Getting back onto his feet Scorpion again fights against the group. While in doing this, Hanzo does give it some thought, wondering why he decided to return to this realm. It is more than obvious he won't be able to stop them alone. But allowing Shinnok to return is something he will not let happen.

Worlds Away

Many hours later overtake, bringing up nightfall. The watchtower might be known as the Justice League's main fortress, but that isn't their only meeting area. On earth they've got several other emergency meeting places, which is where some of the current heroes group together. Standing inside the room is Kid Flash, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Green Arrow, Huntress, Wild Cat, and Green Lantern.

"This is it? Surely there are more of us than this?" Nightwing asks.

"There could still be hope for some others who still may be out there, but I can pretty much confirm Batman, Green Arrow, Wild Cat and myself are the only Justice League members left. Those things made off with everyone else; I witnessed them take Superman first hand." GL informs.

Punching at the table leaning forward disagreeing is Huntress. There is no way that many of them could have been taken like that; besides where would they be kept? Unless whoever is behind all of this is simply killing them all off! Moving over next to Huntress placing a hand over her left shoulder trying to calm her down, Helena just shrugs Nightwing off.

"Besides the Justice League I have caught up with the Outsiders, and there are only two members left in their group from what they've been able to locate at this point." Batman adds.

Red Robin takes a step forward adding that he along with Kid Flash/Bart are the only Teen Titan members left. Taking control of the team meeting both Green Lantern and Batman begin to devise some sort of plan to fight back against these attacks. But before anything can be done, they must find out what fire power they've still got left as far as other allies outside of their circle. That would include groups, such as the X-men, Avengers, Fantastic four etc.

"I'm going to take Nightwing along my side; but I would like for the rest of you to wait here. Staying off the streets for a few hours is probably the way we should approach this. I've got the location of the Avengers main base; joining with them may be our only option at this point." Batman says.

Asking if anyone inside the room has any questions, there is nothing but silence. Getting the attention of Nightwing, Batman informs him it is time to go. Both masked men exit out of the front door hopping into the bat plane which isn't far away. Buckling up in the backseat, Nightwing just sits back while Batman handles the controls up front taking off into the night sky.

"As much as I'd like to go out and patrol... what Batman said is right. Momentarily none of us are safe, and should give it a little time before we take to the streets again." Wild Cat voices his opinion.

Tired of standing Huntress locates the nearest chair taking a seat. Leaning back looking up at the ceiling, all of what is going on feels like some sort of dream. Individuals like Superman and Wonder Woman don't just get captured and taken away like that. The circumstances which face them are more than problematic and trying to fix it will be one tough task!

"I still don't see how sitting around here and doing nothing will help any of us. How do any of us know when those things will attack again? Hell who's to say they aren't on their way now?" Huntress says raising her voice.

"I'm goanna have to ask you to stay calm and lower your voice; I realize right now we're all in a tough position, but loosing our cool won't help at all." Green Lantern says.

Stepping off to the side Red Robin walks over to one of the computers located in the large space taking a seat. Just as the Dark Knight, Tim is also very determined to somehow try and figure out how to put an end to this assault which presents them. Flying for over an hour and something, the bat plane is landed in front of a large facility Both Nightwing along with Batman step out of the vehicle.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Nightwing asks.

"I've never actually set foot on their grounds before; but what I've learned from hacking their systems back in the cave; this is definitely the place." Batman replies.

Keeping pace with bats, Nightwing scratches at his head wondering why Batman would be hacking the computer base of the Avengers? It is also interesting how he was able to figure out the location of their main base using this information. At this point nothing should surprise him as far as how resourceful Batman is.

"So I'm assuming we're just going to knock?" Nightwing asks.

"Unlike any team you or I have been associated with; the Avengers work closely with a group who calls themselves shield. I think it best if we break and enter; I've also got a digital layout of the place, which will lead us to the main room."

Letting out a small laugh, Nightwing walks up next to Batman placing a hand with on his shoulder.

"Wouldn't breaking and entering set us up to be the bad guy? What's wrong with just knocking at the front door, the old fashion way?"

"I'm willing to bet they wouldn't let us in."

Ignoring anything else his first sidekick has to say Batman pulls out his grapple gun aiming and shooting the wiring up onto the rooftop. Soon after he pulls himself upward; Nightwing just shakes his head but does the same grappling up onto the building top. Both stick to the darker area's looking around to see if they can locate any surveillance cameras setting their lenses to detect mode. Confirming between each other that the area is indeed clear, they continue forward.

"How do we even know if any of them are left? Those creatures have been making off with us like crazy." Nightwing adds.

"I highly doubt it; but it's not like we can put up a bat signal to call them."

"Haha...bat signal, don't you mean the Avenger signal? Or do they even have one, heck that is a really good question."

Looking over at Batman with a wide smile, Nightwing is given the bat glare and told to stay focused. Finding a window over on the far right side of the building Bats uses a small gadget to cut a massive circle into the window gently setting it off to the side. Afterward both masked heroes enter into the building.

"I hate to sound like a pest, but somehow I feel this is going to backfire on us." Nightwing complains.

Again the capped crusader pays him no attention concerning his negative comments. Walking down the hall the two take a few different turns entering into a massive room with a lot of space. Both figure this must be one of the main areas due to all the computers and electronics.

"Looks like no one is home; guess that means it is time to go." Nightwing says walking back in the other direction.

Just as quickly, the hero to Bludhaven is grabbed by his arm being stopped from progressing any further. Turning and giving Batman eye contact, Dick informs he was just messing around. But to no surprise, bats doesn't take a liking to that; not in a serious moment like now. Out of nowhere several doors which are located in different corners of the room fly open! Entering into the room are several men dressed in black carrying with them guns.

"I just knew this wouldn't end well." Nightwing whispers.

The two are quickly surrounded with the weapons being pointed directly at them. Putting up both his hands, Batman makes it known that they aren't here to fight.

"We have come to speak with the Avengers." Batman tells, still holding his arms up.

"Oh is that right."

Both Nightwing and Batman look around wondering where the female voice came from. Waiting for a few moments more, she comes into sight walking past the men suited in black standing in front of the two Gotham originated vigilantes. Unexpectedly, even to himself; Nightwing finds himself whistling at her overall appearance. Reacting immediately, the men dressed in black load their weapons. Putting out one of her hands, she waves the men off giving them in order to put their weapons down.

"May I ask the names of you both?"

"You first beautiful." Nightwing quickly replies.

The remark almost makes her laugh, but if these two aren't going to cooperate they might find themselves dead. Everyone's attention is turned to another door which opens; entering is Tony Stark who wears a business suit.

"Batman! What in the world are you doing here?" Tony asks more than surprised.

Looking over at Stark, Natasha has now become a bit lost. But the name Batman does sound familiar; a myth from a city which the name of it leaves her mind at the moment.

"You know these people?" She asks.

"Mr Stark and I, or should I say Ironman were on a mission together some time ago. That is the first and only time we've been acquainted." Batman replies.

Tony shakes his head confirming what he says is true. Turning and looking back at Batman, she smirks putting out a hand.

"I guess I should properly introduce myself...I'm Natasha Romanova, or better known as the Black Widow. How can the Avengers help you Batman?"

Reaching forward he shakes hands with her, also introducing her to Nightwing. Getting the attention of both the Capped Crusader and Nightwing, Tony asks them to follow him into one of the back rooms where they can speak somewhere more suitable. Both follow him along with Black Widow at their side. The members of shield do not follow. Pouring himself something to drink, Stark takes a seat.

"Lets cut right to the chase; what is the status of your team? I know you're well aware of what has been going on with those unidentified abstracts." Batman says.

The question seems to bring a little bit of emotion not only in the face of Tony, but Natasha as well.

"I really don't know how many of us are left. Ant Man, Spiderman, Ms Marvel, Iron Fist and Silverclaw are five of many who have not reported since yesterday. It isn't looking very good at all." Tony replies.

"Our backs may be up against the wall, but we need to find any and all of our teammates who're still around and try and put an end to this all."

Both Nightwing and Black Widow stand off to the side listening to both Tony and Batman talk back and forth. A lot of important points are brought up, things which need to be addressed and taken care of. Setting up a time and place where they can meet tomorrow night, Batman heads for the door informing Nightwing it is time to go. Only taking two steps, Nightwing is grabbed by his arm.

"If you want the help and support of the Avengers, as well as shield; we'd appreciate if you'd share your true identities with us. You don't have to worry about it getting out to the public." Natasha says.

Turning away from the door and looking back at Black Widow, Batman just sort of grins.

"That is one thing we won't share; besides in order for us to have any kind of success we will need each other," Bats turns looking over in the direction of Tony, "We'll be in touch Mr. Stark."

Pulling his arm away from Natasha, Nightwing brushes himself off.

"Sorry, but I wouldn't give my identity up to anyone...not even if that someone is as ravishing as you. Oh and by the way, we'll let ourselves out." Nightwing says.

Not speaking another word, both Batman and Nightwing exit out of the room. Natasha sits in place stumped that the two of them just talked their way past her. The tone from the bat was not one of an opinion, but rather a "I'm not asking you...I'm telling you!" Tony makes sure to inform security that two persons are exiting the premises, and it is nothing to worry about.

"Can the two of them be trusted," Black Widow stands from her chair walking in front of Tony, "How much do you know about the two of them?"

"I'm not sure why you're so worried about those two; we've got much bigger problems. Batman is someone we can trust; as for his apparent sidekick...I have no idea, this was a first for me as well." Tony replies.

Finding themselves outside within a short period of time, both enter back into the bat plane ready to return to base. Taking off into the night sky, the communications piece within the air of Dick rings.

"Nightwing here; what seems to be the problem?"

"Sorry to say, but we're all in the middle of a battle! We need you and Batman to get here ASAP! Those things are back, they're attacking close to ten miles from the Whitehouse capital!" Green Lantern says.

Nightwing sits up wondering what happened to the plan of just waiting at the base. GL lets Nightwing know that the team was alerted of the creatures attacking, by simply turning on the T.V. It was being broadcast on almost every major news station, with all wondering where the heroes of the world had gone.

"You guys just hang in there, Batman and I will be there as soon as we can." Nightwing says.

Taking a look back at Nightwing, Batman asks if there is a problem. Grayson replies giving him all of the information. Re directing the bat plane picking up speed, that is exactly where they head for. Out on the battlefield, Red Robin throws a few birdarangs at one of them which stands no more than seven ft tall but still possess enough speed to dodge the projectiles. Zooming by it grabs ahold of his cape tossing him to the ground.

"Run along you pathetic punk, the mistress has no need for you. Only the most powerful of your kind are wanted!"

The creature attempts to stomp Red Robin who rolls out of the way, saving himself from taking any punishment. Off to the side Wildcat comes to the aid of Red Robin punching on the enemy. Quickly turning to the JL member, Wildcat is grabbed by his neck and thrown into a wall being KO'd! Coming from it's other side is Huntress who is back handed by the creature being knocked out as well.

"If you haven't realized, your human race is inferior and will bow down before our master," The creature looks away from Red Robin and over at another of his comrade's who holds both Kid Flash and Green Lantern up by their necks, "Well it would seem it is time; we've now acquired all threats to our leader's plans."

Just like that all the creatures disappear in a blinding flash of light along with both Green Lantern and Kid Flash, leaving behind Red Robin, Wildcat, Huntress and Green Arrow! Coming up to the side of Red Robin, Green Arrow is at lost for words. Waiting for over some time the bat plane comes into sight landing close to twenty yards from their position. Getting out of the vehicle, Batman and Nightwing come up next to Red Robin and Green Arrow.

"What happened!" Nightwing asks taking a knee and lifting up Huntress.

"Those things took both Bart and Hal. But one of them told me the mistress has no need for us and that their mission is complete, and something about only needing the most powerful of us." Red Robin says.

Just like that a shiver travels up the spine of Batman, and Red Robin can tell by the expression on Batman's face that something is not right.

"What's wrong?" Tim/Red Robin asks.

Walking off to the side Batman does not give an answer, choosing to think about it for a few moments. But there is no doubt who is behind this all, and it now comes back to him as if it were yesterday. It would seem the B plan has been completed; how could he let this slip underneath him. The moment those creatures took off with the first of them, it should have been a dead giveaway. It comes as no coincidence that he and non powered heroes were not taken; this was her plan from the beginning. Tyvez must be one of her henchmen of some sort. But the question now is where? And what happened to the heroes taken! Just thinking about it, causes Batman to tighten his fists!

"Batman, is everything alright?" Green Arrow asks placing a hand over his shoulder.

Both Red Robin and Green Arrow show major concern, there is something the Dark Knight is keeping from them.

"Pyt...Pythena, her name is Pythena." Batman says.

"What are you talking about?" Nightwing asks still holding Huntress.

Taking a few steps forward, Batman puts enough space between him and his friends.

"Pythena is the one responsible for the disappearance of our friends and teammates."

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 44: In search for help

All besides Batman are entirely confused, after hearing the name Pythena! Who in the world could that be? Up until now, none of them have seen or even heard that name. It's obvious to the capped crusader he's got some explaining to do. The information regarding her plans were only shared behind a small group of; including himself along with a few who attended her tournament.

"Let us all return back to the main base, and then I'll explain everything from there. I don't know a whole lot about her; but Pythena is someone we can't take lightly. The way she has been able to play us, up until this point says enough." Batman says.

Turning his back to the group, the capped crusader walks over to that of the bat plane hopping aboard. Mistakes such as this, are the type of misfortunes he has been so good at avoiding in the past. Being as calculative and prepared as he usually is...the moment the first of them were taken should have alerted him that she had finally come to attack. If it hadn't been for the extended time frame, he'd have known it was her immediately. I guess you could say he hoped maybe she'd just give up on her plans, finding it impossible to take down all of the heroes of this world. Red Robin along with everyone else watch as the bat plane blasts out of sight.

"Guess we should make our way back to base, or we may never know entirely what is going on. Not that I don't trust Batman, or anything; but I'm eager to hear the story behind all of this." Green Arrow says.

"I'm sure we're all on the same boat...Batman hasn't mentioned that name ever. It's a bit strange, seeing we work close on several occasions. But this wouldn't be the first." Red Robin says.

Looking down on Huntress who opens her eyes, Nightwing sets her down. Standing in place, Huntress asks what had happened while she was out cold. Green Arrow is the one to reply giving her the details of what happened, adding that things aren't looking good.

"Time to get back to base, so that Batman can fill us in on that Pythena person." Nightwing says.

"What are you talking about?" Huntress asks.

"Don't worry, all will be explained." Nightwing replies.

Even more so than the rest of the group, Huntress is the most confused. At the moment, nothing is really clear to her at this point. Wasting no time, the group uses the same transportation which got them here in the first place, making their way back to their meeting area.

"This is Tohm Drail, and am here to update you on the latest news. First off there has been no sign of the Justice League or Avengers in the last few hours; with the attack on the earth just yesterday night was the last time we saw any real activity from either group. One must wonder how crime might rise."

Closing his eyes while leaning back in his chair, is Matt Murdock who changes the channel to yet another news station. It seems to be the same top story on every news channel. What has become of the Avengers, Justice League, along with the rest of the world's super heroes.

"Good Evening all viewers, thanks for tuning back in to CPZ news station; this is Lisa Tory here to update you on the latest events. There have still been no sign of individuals such as Thor, Superman or Captain America since the global attack. That is only a few of many who have not been seen. According to a reliable source, the U.S. government have been able to make communication with Ironman. We'll update you more once we've received more information."

Lifting up the remote, Matt clicks the off button standing from his chair. Walking across the room he places a hand over the cold glass window which faces that of the dark city below. It doesn't take a professional to figure out that something bad has happened involving the heroes of the world, and standing around won't help anything.

"With this breaking news, crime is sure to increase almost immediately. There is no doubt someone will be in need of help."

Walking away from the window, Matt enters into a back room getting dressed into his patrol attire, exiting out as Daredevil. He isn't sure where he'll be needed, but their is no doubt the that Hell's kitchen might need him more now than ever.

"I've got to get in contact with someone who has a better understanding of what's going on." DD says to himself.

Ready to get the night started, DD exits out of a backroom to his residence. Doing so from the front wouldn't be such a good idea, especially not knowing when someone could be passing by. Over another twenty minutes pass before Nightwing along with the remainder of the team entering back into one of the Justice League's emergency hideouts.

"What took you all so long?" Batman asks stepping from a dark corner in the room, with Robin at his side.

"Good thinking with getting Robin in the mix; we're going to need all the help which is available." Green Arrow says.

Asking for everyone to keep quiet, bats lets the entire group know that he will be gone for a little while and isn't sure how long it will take for him to return.

"Uhm ok...I'm a bit confused boss, where exactly are you going?" Nightwing asks.

"On a mission to try and recruit more help; and before anyone asks, this mission will be taking place outside of this world. I will be going at this alone. I need the rest of you to try and hold down the fort while I'm gone."

The entire group looks at him speechless unsure as to what exactly he's talking about regarding the words which came out of his mouth. How would he, or any of them for that matter seek help outside of the earth? Unless he's got some type of bat spaceship that he hasn't told them about.

"What about Pythena? Who is she?" Red Robin asks.

At this point in time, keeping secrets from what remains of his teammates won't help in their success. Batman wastes no time getting right into explaining the events which ultimately lead up to him along with a couple of Leaguers and Avengers attending a tournament called Mortal Kombat under a deception like invitation. He goes on telling them how he learned the plans of Pythena by entering into the castle of Shao Kahn. Taking a few moments to think about what they just heard, it all makes total sense with what's been happening.

"So how are we supposed to stop this Pythena; do you even know where she is hiding out? And when you say out of this world; where do you plan on getting these recruits?" Huntress asks walking up in front of the Dark Knight.

Reaching out Batman places both his hands over the shoulders of Huntress.

"Don't worry, I'll be just fine. I guess I failed to mention when in the world of where the tournament took place; I brought back with me a teleport device which will be able to take me back there. When attending the tourney, I met some formidable fighters who could prove to be great allies." He says removing his hands.

Batman continues by letting them all know that according to Pythena's plan, after she is done taking over this world, the one of the Mortal Kombat realm would be next. Teaming with individuals from that world only makes sense, due to the reality they have a common enemy. It isn't known by the group, but the dark knight had already planned ahead for this moment, by letting the one by the name of Subzero in on the plans of Pythena; informing the grandmaster that he'd be back. Keeping Wolverine in that world was another part of the plan, seeing as Pythena thought him to be dead. Now they've got the element of surprise regarding one of their own.

"How do you know you won't be wasting your time traveling to their world. I mean are you even sure those people who really know nothing about you will believe this crazy story?" Huntress asks.

"As I said before, none of you need to worry about that. Pythena could be sending her army at any time to try and take over; at this point I think she's got those of us she came for." Batman replies.

Wild Cat argues that he along with everyone else should be out on the streets patrolling while Batman travels over to this other world, not sitting around. The Dark Knight understands and agrees with what he says; but lets them all know that if Pythena's army appear that they must fall back and wait for him to return. At the moment none of them see that as being any kind of real problem. It is highly unlikely she would follow up with the next part of her plan so quickly.

"What do you think the chances of Wonder Woman and everyone else who were taken...chances of...being alive?" Nightwing asks.

"Truthfully I have no clue, and because of that we should stay positive and hope for the best." Batman says replying.

Telling everyone to stay safe, the capped crusader pulls a small device out of his utility belt turning his back to the group. Punching in a certain frequency which he had set as the device's default destination, Batman is teleported out of sight.

"Am I the only one who doesn't like the way things are headed. Boy are we all in a bad spot, I'm just hoping the status will improve." Nightwing says.

"I'm not liking it much either, but we just have to trust what Batman is saying. There aren't very many situations he can't figure away out of. " Green Arrow replies.

Leaving the group, Huntress makes her way for the exit letting them all know she has had enough for the night. Before she is able to leave, Green Arrow hands her a small communications device, letting her know that if they need to make contact with her, it will be through that.

"Sounds good to me, I'll be there if any of you need my assistance. All I can say is, that Pythena after what she's done...could be one of the greatest threats this world has ever encountered."

Taking the small object, she exits out of the room leaving everyone. There is no doubt that they will need all of whoever remains of the heroes to put an end to this threat. As single individuals they won't be able to do much of anything. Both Red Robin and Nightwing are a little bit stunned on how Batman knew about all of this, but did not share the info much earlier; and even more importantly put a stop to it before it could really get going.

"Hopefully Batman is able to return before tomorrow night; we set up a meeting with the Avengers which is supposed to take place at that time." Nightwing says.

Red Robin asks a few questions directed at Nightwing, with the first being where the meeting will take place. Thinking about it for a moment, Nightwing puts a hand to his chin looking up at the ceiling.

"Come to think of it, we didn't really set up a time or place. But I'm sure Batman will have it figured out when he gets back." Nightwing replies.

Worlds Away

Appearing in the middle of a filed, the Dark Knight is unsure what went wrong with the coordinates he had punched in. This is not the place where he should have appeared. Taking a look around, he is a bit familiar with the territory and the Lin Kuei temple shouldn't be more than three miles away.

To Be Continue