Justice Heroes Elite Chapter 37-40

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 37: Protectors clueless

Flying up in the night sky is somewhat of a breather from today's events, which have been immensely upsetting with more and more heroes mysteriously being zapped away. Looking up into the moon Thor can only wonder what became of them all, just as everyone else who is still here. The best way any of them are going to put an end to this will be by figuring out who or what is causing all of this! Looking away from the moon, Thor continues to fly forward but now looks down on the city. It isn't yet confirmed, but he believes human kind could be in huge trouble. Narrowing his eyes Thor can see that someone approaches him at top speed, coming to a stop when they're in front of him. Observing the familiar red cape along with blue tights brings a smile to his face.

"Seriously there isn't any other person I'd rather see right now. How has the night been for you thus far Superman?" Thor asks.

"See that building down there. Let's talk." Superman says while pointing.

Shaking his head the son of Odin follows Krypton's last son. Both men hover down onto the building top with Superman explaining to Thor that he had in fact been looking for him and that this encounter is far away from being a random one.

"Ok now that you've located me...what is it you wish to speak about? If you don't mind I'd like to speak with you about the big battle earlier in Washington." Thor makes known.

"Funny thing is, that is why I have come to you. I spoke with Batman over an hour ago, and he believes there is someone else pulling the strings who isn't Tyvez." Supes replies.

Hearing the name Tyvez really confuse Thor, with Kal-El being able to see this by the expression on his face. Putting two fingers to his chin Superman takes a few steps back thinking about what happened in the battle some hours ago and realizes Thor; as well as many others were never given the discovered information about the one who is linked to the person and or person(s) behind this.

"Alright big man I'm a bit lost, who exactly is Tyvez?" Thor asks.

Resting both hands with on his waist Superman updates Thor on what they had figured out while on the battlefield sending both Captain America and Batman to try and confront this person. Up from above it begins to rain a little, but this doesn't bother either of them; in fact it's rather refreshing. Supes explains to Thor exactly what info was given to him by the Dark Knight.

"Why does Batman believe there is someone that this Tyvez character is working for. I mean if the guy says he's behind it all, that could just mean he's extremely confident." Thor says.

Shaking his head back and forth the man of steel is not on the same page with The Avenger.

"Tell me this Thor, if you were a super villain would you make contact with your enemies letting them know you're the one behind all of the trouble before your process and or plan is complete."

Listening to what Superman says really stumps Thor. It is true that there are criminals who want their enemies to know they're the one's behind their own crimes; but at the same time whoever is getting rid of them all wouldn't risk them knowing especially not with something of this caliber! But who's not to say maybe in some other world/and or dimension someone needs help and is bringing in heroes from this world to try and eliminate whatever problem it is they may have. But that is highly doubtful. Just a thought, more on the positive side.

"Ok you make a valid point there; but what is your reason for trying to find me?" Thor asks.

"Well originally it was Captain America or Ironman I was going to track down, but seeing that you're also a member of the Avengers works just as well."

Now the son of Odin really listens in wondering where Supes is headed with all of this. Aside from the light rain there is a smooth wind which blows out to the east.

"I don't know if it has been speculated or talked about amongst your team, but do you think it's possible one of the Avengers enemies is behind the disappearances? But it would have to be someone who hasn't made an appearance since the merger of our Earth's." Superman asks.

Thor doesn't have to think too deep at all into the question knowing this isn't an enemy from the past. Most likely it is someone new...or!

"I'll be the first to confirm this isn't the work of anyone I've encountered in the past. The real question is, are you sure this isn't the work of someone from your Earth's past before the Merging?" Thor replies with a question.

"Than we must be dealing with someone new, I'm positive this isn't someone I or the league has faced. The way in which this has all gone down is foreign to me." Superman replies.

Gotham City

After entering back into the Manor to change attire somewhat, Bruce returns to the pull area wearing a set of his swim trunks, carrying two towels displaying a frown not liking any of this one bit. Removing the robe from his person laying it out on one of the chairs he walks over slowly making his way over toward the pool area.

"It's good to see you've returned; for a second there I thought you were going to leave me without returning. Come right on in handsome, it may be a little chilly at first but you'll get use to it."

Putting on a forged grin he really hates the way things are playing out right now and wishes he had an easy escape out of this. Throughout this week he's probably put in more hours into patrol than usual, so it is probably best that he relaxes a little bit. Sometimes he forgets he's human, but situations such as what he faces now remind him of just how human he is; which strangely is a good thing. Taking the quick approach, Bruce dives into the pool swimming up next to her.

"So is there something in particular that you wanted to speak about, or is there another reason for you being here?" Bruce asks.

Looking away from his face Carol looks down observing his lower and upper abs, as well as his overall muscular body shape. Bringing her face back up to his she smirks reaching out and rubbing her fingers over his bare chest.

"For those women who have slept with you...what is your excuse for the scars?" She asks.

Seeing no relevance to the question Bruce removes her hands from his body informing her there is no need for him to answer that. Not to mention that is totally none of her business. Discussing his social as well as private life is a subject he'd rather stay away from.

"If I were you I'd get straight to the point before I end this now without any further actions." Bruce makes himself clear.

Leaning her back up against the wall she sort of just ignores him with half a smile growing with on her face. Lifting up her left leg she stretches it out wrapping it around Bruce pulling him in closer to her Wrapping her arms around his neck. Due to Carol's super human strength he's unable to stop her pursuit.

"I know that Batman is one busy individual, but it wouldn't hurt for Bruce Wayne to have a little more depth. I could be that missing piece to your public appearances."

Listening to what she says causes him to chuckle.

"I don't need any help with my public figure, I've done quiet well for some time concealing my identity. I guess I also forgot to mention I don't date teammates."

Looking him in the eyes Carol shakes her head disagreeing with what he just said not liking his tone at all. One thing that is certain to her, is that this man is one stubborn individual.

"Whoever said you or I are teammates Brucie. I'm a member of the Avengers, while you work with that league of yours. From what I've heard you're the type of man who seems to take on short term relationships; in other words you live for the moment." She says with a seductive grin.

Staring at the other, both can feel the tension rising quickly. Re positioning she wraps both legs around his waist pulling herself up onto him with her arms still wrapped around his neck. Living in the moment...she sure hit it home with that statement. Throughout his nights as Batman and even Bruce Wayne, that is how he lives life. Not to say he doesn't think about the future, after all that's what he's fighting for.

"So what's it going to be handsome?" She asks looking him in the eyes.

Pulling her down closer to his face, the two of them lock lips starting at a slow pace. Opening his mouth he allows for her tongue to enter which she does moving his hands up and down her back. Deepening the kiss she moans in between breathes. Wrapping his arms around her tight, finding himself completely into the moment his hands venture down into her panties grasping her butt! Realizing his mistake he quickly removes them, having Ms Marvel/Carol break the kiss with a slight scream hopping off of him while splashing! Looking away from her Bruce feels a bit embarrassed, but raises an eyebrow seeing her grinning.

"Sorry for the scream, you just caught me off guard with that."

"It was an accident!" Bruce snaps.

If anything, he doesn't want her to see him as some sick playboy who takes advantage of women. But than it is her who has come to seek him out. Swimming forward she brings herself in front of him resting her fingers with on his chest. She stands on her toes sticking out her tongue while licking Bruce over his lips.

"Now where were we?" She asks wrapping her arms back around his neck.

Pushing off of her Bruce shakes his head wanting to speak with her about something very important which they should all have their attention on. It may not be what she came for, but it needs to be discussed.

"As everyone else, I'm sure you've heard and probably lost a few of your team to these random disappearances. Do you have any idea who could potentially be behind this?" Bruce asks.

Looking at him directly with a frown, Carol wonders why he's trying to mix work with pleasure! Seriously it is really messing up the moment.

"Can't that sort of talk wait for another time? As for your question I don't really have an answer, but it doesn't seem like the strategy of anyone I've faced."

Crossing his arms Bruce really begins to wonder on what scale of trouble could the earth be in. Whatever is doing this isn't just targeting random people, but rather those known as the earth's defenses A.K.A. super heroes.

Worlds Away

Some distance away within a massive business building , is a group of men who work in a huge factory type environment creating and updating weapons. The one in charge who stands around observing is Sektor, who has now legitimized his position as chief. Along with Cyrax, the two of them have the 2nd most power over the Panda Masters.

"How is everything looking?"

Taking a glance over his shoulder Sektor isn't surprised to see Cyrax who walks up to his side. Giving his colleague a full analysis of what has been taking place in the last hour; the two of them just look over the Panda members as they continue to work.

"Do you think we should keep an eye out for Subzero and the Lin Kuei? Lets face it, we attacked them on their home turf; I'm certain we're under their radar." Cyrax asks.

Continuing to watch the workers Sektor writes down a few things on his notepad keeping note of almost everything that goes on.

"I wouldn't put it passed the Lin Kuei to try and come out and find us; in fact I count on it. I've already alerted our top security to be on the look out for anything strange." Sektor replies.

They're producing some really good stuff right now, but it is going to take a lot higher tech to reach the goals of where they ultimately want to get. Taking out your enemies is one thing, but obtaining territory and taking out anyone who tries to stop you is another. Aside from the Lin Kuei there is nothing or anyone else the Panda's have to worry about, the police force has nothing on them as far as weapons.

Worlds Away

Finishing up his conversation with Thor, Superman beams himself back up into the Justice League head quarters feeling empty having to go back to square one. All they know is some guy named Tyvez claimed he is the guy, but with something of this magnitude it's highly unlikely.

"Hey Supes you look a little out of the weather...is everything ok?"

Turning and looking to his right Superman waves at Wild Cat.

"Yes everything is just fine, it's been a long night is all." Superman replies.

Both men continue walking in opposite directions of one another. Traveling down two hall ways, Supes enters into one of the control rooms expecting to see Wonder Woman. But when opening the door it is Hawkman who stands over the controls.

"Hello Superman, is there anything I can help you with?"

Giving it some thought Supes concludes she had the control room night duty the three previous nights which means she's probably back down on earth enjoying her time off. Notifying Hawkman he doesn't need any help, Supes exits out of the room. Not wanting to hold this off, Superman makes his way down to the main area stepping out onto the platform. Putting in the coordinates of Diana's apartment, Supes readies himself to be transported. It's true he could try and speak with the dark knight, but due to the time of night; Batman is most likely busy patrolling Gotham. Within moments he is teleported out of sight re appearing in a dark room.

"What in th..."

Superman stops in mid sentence realizing he is inside the bedroom of Wonder Woman who lays asleep! It is hard to really see her due to the dark, but the moons light does come through the window to the far corner of the room. Guess now isn't the time to talk, it'll just have to wait. Walking over to the side of her bed Kal looks down on her thinking to himself, astonished at how beautiful she is when asleep. Not really being able to stop himself he reaches down running a finger through a few strands of her hair which hangs over her face.

"Sweet dreams princess." Supes whispers removing his hand from her side.

Turning his back to her, he walks over into a corner of the room getting ready to beam himself back to the Watch Tower. Because of the light which the teleport process gives off, is his reason for moving away from her so that the light doesn't wake her. Reaching for the device connected to his belt, Superman's heart jumps biting at his tongue seeing that a light clicks on, brightening the previous dark room. Slowly turning he looks over toward the bed where Wonder Woman laid asleep to see that she now sits up yawning.

"Kal whaaahh...what are you doing here?" She asks while at the same time stretching.

Fully turning to face her his eyes broaden as he quickly looks away from her scratching at his hair. With a puzzled look on her face she wonders why he turned away so fast, but taking a look down she blushes a bit. It would seem that when she sat up to flip on the light the blankets which covered her hang off to the side; due to this her upper body is displayed in open view! She doesn't usually sleep naked, but tonight she just happened to be.

"Sorry for grossing you out, just give me a sec." Diana says getting out of the bed.

Superman still looks in the other direction with his arms crossed giving her the privacy needed. Honestly he's surprised she didn't yell at him for coming here uninvited. Getting into a long t-shirt she gives him the ok that she is now clothed.

"You didn't gross me out at all, in fact I'd like to argue the opposite." Superman replies turning to face her.

His words cause her to blush some more just shaking her head.

"So what is so important that the man of steel himself would be doing coming into my apartment this time of night? Not to mention on my night off," Diana rests both her hands over her waist hoping for a good answer, "I know you didn't just come here to flirt."

Clearing his throat he thinks about how he wants to word this all before speaking. Come to think of it he isn't sure why he really even came here, truthfully with all that has been happening with these disappearances has left him frustrated. All he really wanted was to try and ease his nerves by talking to someone about it.

"First off I apologize for coming here without calling first, but I'd like to speak with you about Tyvez and a possible unknown enemy." Superman says.

"Sure thing, just follow me out to the front room where we can take a seat and be a little more comfortable. Just let me know if you'd like anything to eat or drink." Diana tells.

Nodding his head Supes follows her out of the bedroom. At this point you never know who could be next; hell it could even be one of them.

Gotham city

Finishing up their conversation inside of the pool, Bruce takes Carol by the hand leading them both out drying off with the towels. Closing her eyes Carol leans back within her chair enjoying the warm Gotham night breeze.

"I guess you should get going before it gets too late. If you'd like I can walk you to the front door." Bruce volunteers.

Opening her eyes to his voice she smiles a bit, getting the impression he's trying to get rid of her. He sure has one unique personality type among the many men or women she has ever met. Something that comes back to her mind is what happened back at his fundraiser involving Emma Frost trying to enter and read his mind. That ended with the X-Men member falling unconscious! That a lone should be enough to say there is something that is just so different about him.

"Is everything ok, you seem spaced out?" Bruce asks moving up next to her.

"Yeah everything is fine."

Standing from her seat she recovers both her jacket and shoes carrying them alongside her signaling for Bruce to follow her. Standing from the chair he does just that, following Carol back into the manor. Walking down the hall they make their way into a back room which would eventually lead to the main room where the fire place is lit up. Stopping in place Carol sets down her things turning and facing Bruce.

"Even though it may not have been long, I enjoyed spending a little extra time with you Bruce."

"Yeah so did I." Bruce replies.

Listening to his tone and quick reply, she can tell he isn't completely honest with his statement. In other words he just told a lie, but that is something he probably does on a daily basis. But in order to keep his secret identity an actual secret he really has no choice. Staring at each other, neither of them seems to move frozen in place. Seeing this as an opening she steps forward pressing her lips up against his, unexpectedly having him kiss back! Removing her lips from his she pushes him down onto the couch, asking for him to remove the robe. Looking down to see that he tries to speak she puts a finger to his mouth.

"I wasn't giving you a choice, I'm telling you to remove it." Carol says.

Bruce can't help but feel she sounded a lot like him in her choice for words there! Now that is a bit scary. Doing as she says he removes the clothing playing along for now. Having him lay out flat over his back she gets on top of him leaning down and putting his lower lip into her mouth gently biting and sucking on it. Moving away from that she turns her attention to his neck planting little kisses on both sides.

"You just lay back and try and enjoy yourself." She whispers into one of his ears.

Bringing her lips back to his Carol moves her lower body in a circular motion up against his getting an instant reaction feeling him becoming aroused. Rubbing her tongue up against his she reaches under digging her fingers into his back! Going at this for over a minute she removes her lips from his sitting up resting her hands over his chest.

"You don't have to worry about me crushing you, after all I'm not Wonder Woman." She teases.

Reaching back she begins to untie the upper part of her swim suit/bra. But before she's able to do a thing Bruce removes himself from underneath her. Sitting up he puts a hand to his head thinking of Diana! Coming up next to him Carol places her hands with on his shoulder.

"Is everything ok?" She asks.

"I think you should leave...I've got work to do." He replies.

"Is this about Wonder Woman? Are you in love with her?" Carol asks feeling a bit jealous.

Getting up from the couch Bruce puts the robe back on, bending down and handing Ms Marvel/Carol her belongings. Not wanting to leave her on a bad note, he bends down bringing his lips to hers giving her one last kiss.

"I've got a city to attend to, but here's my number if you'd like to call sometime." Bruce says writing down the number on a notepad handing it to her directly.

Putting his hands into the pockets of the robe he makes his way for the door but stops at the sound of her voice.

"When can I see you again?" She asks, almost as a whisper.

"There is a ballroom dance I'll be attending next week downtown; you're welcomed to join me as my date."

Not saying another word he exits out of the room leaving her. He isn't sure what it is, but the mention of Diana triggered something inside of him ending what could have happened. Slipping her feet back into her high heels she puts on the jacket as well zipping up and making her way to the main room. When entering there is no sign of Alfred, so she just decides to let herself out. With the passing of over an hour Bruce sits within the bat cave fully suited up with the cowl hanging off to the side. Originally he was going to call it a night, but he has since changed his mind.

"Come on...there has to be a shot of her on here somewhere." Bruce mumbles to himself going over the footage which should have Lois Lane on tape.

Off to the side he has a few printed files which could help with locating the next meeting place between both Hammerhead and Black Mask. He isn't much for calling for outside help, but perhaps involving Spiderman would make it easier to predict their next move, due to the reality the wall crawler is very familiar with this Hammerhead fellah.

Galaxies away

Walking down a dark hall is the one who goes by the name of Tyvez, listening to the sound of screams from one of the cell blocks. Whistling to himself there is much work that still needs to be done, but so far things couldn't be going better currently. Coming to a stop in front of a room, a machine scans his eyes for identification; which enables the door to open after confirming it is in fact him. Entering into the room he almost instantly drops to his knees bowing down to someone.

"How did your encounter with the heroes go?"

Clearing his throat Tyvez looks up at this person nodding his head.

"It played out a lot better than could have been scripted; I met with both the devil and bat, two of the earth's non threatening heroes to us. But I've convinced them that I'm the one running this entire thing; and just like the little flies they're, they bought into it. No need to worry my mistress they have no idea of you."

"Excellent...once we have Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman and the entire Green Lantern corps it should be smooth obtaining the rest of them."

The two smile laughing together, enjoying their success so far to no end. Soon the entire earth will be under their control.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite:

CHP 38: Track to Panda home

Walking out in the wilderness alone is the Lin Kuei's champion. Around him it snows lightly as he continue's through the forest area. When coming out here he made sure that no one from the clan would follow; this mission is something that he'd like to take care of personally. Sometimes it is best not to get the entire clan involved; that way the amount of casualties can be limited. Not liking what he feels Subzero comes to a complete stop having a bad feeling he is being watched and or followed.

"If there is someone out there...show yourself!" Subzero demands.

Being aware of his surroundings is one of the most practiced as well as most important procedures the Lin Kuei strive to be the best at. When you're an established clan like they're, you will make many enemies along the way as years pass. Seeing that someone jumps from the surrounding trees, Subzero gets into a fighting stance ready to battle.

"No need to get all worked up, it's just me."

Dropping his hands Subz walks over in front of the individual wondering what they're doing here.

"I must say I'm a bit surprised to see you out in this part of the woods. But seriously Wolverine, you should know by now that I cannot be sneaked up on."

"I had no intention of sneaking around; when I saw you leaving the Lin Kuei temple I got curious and decided to follow. But since I'm here, I'm sure you wouldn't mind telling me where it is you're going?" Logan asks.

Patting him over the shoulder Subzero informs Logan to follow him. While walking side by side Subzero fills him in on the details of where he is going. With the attack on the Lin Kuei some days ago by a group named the Panda Masters, he has since found a snitch who is willing to give up some information for a certain price.

"So where are you and this person meeting exactly?" Logan asks.

"She owns a shop within the city, so that is where you and I will be meeting up with her. But I'll be doing all of the talking, you're just coming along for the ride." Subzero says.

Nodding his head Wolverine understands fully, this is the business of the Lin Kuei which equals he needs to stay out of it as much as possible. The cold bitter weather doesn't really bother either of them, continuing to walk forward.

"Well since I'm tagging along, would you mind telling me what happened? I mean with this Panda group and all. The person who came up with their squad name should be relieved of his or her duties." Wolverine asks.

"It doesn't really matter at this point, all that is important now is that once we figure out where these guys are lurking, you and I are going in after them." Subzero replies.

"That sounds all good and sweet, but just how many of them are there?" Logan asks.

Smiling underneath his mask Subzero finds it best not to answer that at the particular moment. Truthfully he isn't sure how many of them there are; his only objective is to eliminate the top guys running the organization. And from what he could tell, both Cyrax and Sektor old teammates of his are working close with the top guy. Getting to them will lead him to the top guy responsible for the entire group.

"Let me rephrase that a little...do you even know how many of them there are?" Wolverine asks.

"Try not to worry, it is only the ones in charge of the group that I'm interested in." Subzero replies.

Traveling for close to another three miles the two of them finally reach a bus stop getting onto the bus with the driver giving Subzero a weird look, but regardless of that he takes the money from Subz. Walking all the way back to the bus the two of them take a seat.

"If we were going to go at it like this, maybe you should have got dressed into something else." Logan whispers into the ear of Subzero."

Observing some of the others which sit on the bus, their attention seems to be on Subzero with everyone staring due to his ninja like attire. But that quickly comes to an end just as soon as Subzero glares back at them all. With the passing of another two minutes everyone seems to become more relaxed just minding their own business.

"Just one more question," Sitting back Logan looks outside the window to see that the snow is really coming down now, "How much time do you dedicate to your clan? I mean do you have a personal life outside of that all?"

Resting his eyes Subzero sits back as well hoping they're successful in finding the ones they're in pursuit for.

"Yes I do have a life outside of the Lin Kuei, but lately I've been needed a little more than usual." Subzero tells.

Shaking his head Logan can relate to that in some ways; back when he was in his world sometimes the X-Men and even Avengers needed him more times than others. Speaking of which, he hopes the Dark Knight didn't forget that he is still here. But that is probably nothing to worry about, as for this moment he'll keep his attention focused on the task at hand. The bus ride itself takes a little over forty minutes before they arrive at their stop within the city. Getting off the bus it has stopped snowing, but it is still around 40 degrees.

"So I'm assuming you know where to go from here." Wolverine says.

Nodding his head, Subz points out in a certain direction leading them both down the street. Walking down several blocks they finally come to a stop in front of a small building. Subz turns to Logan notifying him that this is the place, also taking this opportunity to remind him he'll be doing all of the talking.

"Yeah I gotcha, you won't hear a word from me." Wolverine says.

Entering into the supposable store, Logan's eyes narrow at some of the things which are on display. This place looks like it is the home to a magician and or wizard judging by the items around coupled in with the overall layout of the place. But just when he thought things couldn't get any weirder the door in which the entered through locks on it's own with long purple curtains stretching out and covering all the windows. Not liking this at all Wolverine gets into attack mode releasing his long blades from inside his knuckles!

"Wolverine just relax!" Subzero yells out.

Both men turn their attention to the area of the front counter where someone appears from a back room wearing a jacket hoody, of dark gray resembling the attire of the grim reaper. Coming from behind the counter area, the individual approaches the two of them with Wolverine fully ready to attack but is held back by Subzero.

"Boy it sure has been some time hasn't it Kuai Liang. I like what I'm seeing, you've really been taking care of yourself."

Hearing the female voice Logan eases up a bit inserting his claws back into his body not seeing her as a threat...as of yet anyway. Unzipping the dark attire she removes it from her body standing in nothing but a bra and panties! Stepping back from them she throws her head back swinging around her long raven hair!

"HOT DA..."

Subzero steps back putting a hand to the mouth of Wolverine stopping him from finishing that sentence. Both men seem to just freeze in place staring her down from head to toe, amazed by her overall beauty and shape. Even though he wears a mask it is still obvious to her that he's enjoying seeing her like this.

"So are you just going to sit there staring at me; or are you going to introduce the two of us?" She finally asks.

"Mia this is Logan, and Logan this is Mia. She was a childhood as well as teenage friend to me. Once I really got into my training with the Lin Kuei we sort of just lost contact." Subzero says to Wolverine.

Reaching into the small pouch which is tied to his belt Subzero hands her the Cheetah's head. A rare coin consisting of only five others. Looking it over for a few moments a smirk grows on her face.

"I knew you wouldn't disappoint."

"Of course not, but if you could we really have a tight schedule to keep. Could you please give us the whereabouts of the Panda Masters."

Walking away from the two of them she makes her way back into one of the rooms in the back. Both Subzero and Wolverine wait patiently for her to return. Coming back into sight she lets them both know she'll try and help them out as much as she can, but asks for Subzero to remove his mask first. Not wanting to back down from possibly loosing information Subzero does as he is asked removing the mask. Walking up in front of him she wraps her arms around his neck.

"Hhmm you're even better looking than what I could have guessed. but as for the location of the Panda group, I'm not really sure where they're. But something tells me you could jog my memory with a little," Removing her arms from his neck she reaches down rubbing a hand over his crotch area, "You know..."

Removing her hand instantly he twists her wrist.

"Look I didn't come here for anything like that; I gave you what you wanted now give me a location!" Subzero demands.

Releasing her from his tight grip he puts back on his mask, but frowns at her smile. Is this some kind of game to her!

"Ok Kuai you win. The one who leads the Panda Masters goes by the name of Hideakin Ioa."

Continuing to talk she gives them the locations of where the Panda Masters have been operating throughout the city. Mia is also helpful in giving them extra information on the large companies the Pandas are targeting next. After she is done speaking the front door is unlocked making it free for them to go, with Logan leading the way.

"Kuai...be careful. And if you ever change your mind, or need comforting you know where to find me."

Subzero just replies by thanking her for the valuable information that he had wanted. Following Wolverine the two of them exit out of the place together.

"By the way she spoke of that Hideakin, we should really be careful." Wolverine says.

Both fighters agree that they'll travel on foot from here, the Panda's main stronghold is no more than three to four miles from here. But once they get into the facility it'll be all about stealth, the objective is to only take out the main guy.

Worlds away

Bowing down to the audiences with the closing of her magic show Zatanna enters back into the dressing room saying goodnight to some of her coworkers who leave. Walking over to the area of her mirror Zee takes a seat taking off her hat setting it down off to the side. Looking over her shoulder she is a bit startled at Jay Hui standing right behind her.

"Gheeze Jay you scared me there for a second. Is there something you want to ask?"

Reaching out she picks up her comb brushing her hair, realizing it got a little out of place with her last trick on stage. Feeling his hands come up on her shoulders she sets the comb down resting her head over his right hand. she looks up at him through the mirror smiling liking the feel of the neck massage he gives.

"Oh Jay that feels good, especially after a long day."

"Yeah I knew you could use it."

Sitting back she closes her eyes loving the feel of this, lightly moaning. Putting her hand out over the desk top a few of her items fall off to the side onto the ground. Removing his hands from her shoulders, Jay bends down picking up the items. Lifting up a certain photo he looks up at her smiling.

"What's wrong?" She asks looking clueless.

Standing to his feet he sets the photo onto her desktop.

"I guess you're just like hundreds of woman out there who have a crush on this man. But I guess I can't blame you, Bruce Wayne is top 10 in sex appeal among women." Jay says.

Biting at her tongue she could have sworn she had put that picture away before the beginning of the show, but apparently not.

"Yeah guilty as charge, he's a real cutie. I wonder what he's like in person!" Zatanna says flashing her eye brows.

She prefers that Jay doesn't know she has a close friendship type relationship with Bruce, because if he or anyone around here did she'd get questioned about it all the time. Plus that could potentially lead to some other things she'd rather not think about.

"How about after you get cleaned up, you and I can go out for a cup of coffee?" Jay asks.

"I'd like that." Zatanna replies.

Back within the city of Gotham Bruce places the cowl back over his face, feeling relieved to finally find what he had been looking for. Footage of Lois from the security film he got a hold of. Standing from his computer chair he turns off the huge monitor, wanting to take care of another set of business. He still hasn't been able to pick up the trail of Penguin, Toyman and Mad Hatter; with time the three of them will be found and dealt with. But there are two other criminal master minds he's figured out.

"Before I do anything there is one thing that needs to be done. He shouldn't be too hard to find this time of night."

Making his way over to the bat plane Batman stops at hearing the voice of Alfred calling for him.

"Mr. Charles would like to know if your schedule will be open three days from now. He'd like to discuss a few changes in the board room of Wayne tower."

Hopping into the bat plane Batman looks over at Alfred.

"That will be just fine; by the way have you seen Damien anywhere?" Batman asks.

"No sir, I have not. Dear I ask how your evening went with Ms. Danvers?"

"Couldn't have went better Alfred...it couldn't have went better." Batman replies.

Judging by his tone Alfred isn't sure if that is sarcasm or if it indeed did go well, or possibly something in between. Firing up the engine the top to the bat plane closes with Batman blasting off out of the cave.

"Be careful sir." Alfred whispers.

Out in a city park walking side by side is both Scott summers and Emma Frost enjoying the fresh night air. Coming up in front of a park bench the two of them decide to take a seat, looking up into the dark sky filled with so many stars.

"It's really a nice night, it's been some time since you and I have just sat together and enjoyed the stars. But I guess with all that has been going on that wasn't possible." Emma says.

Moving her hand over she rests it on top of his moving over even closer to him. Leaning over she rests her head over his shoulder, while Scott reaches over wrapping an arm around her. Things have been a little more chaotic than usual as of late, but he's willing to bet that'll change with the passing of time.

"Have you heard any of the rumors that have been going around?" Emma asks.

Looking down at her he runs a finger through her hair rubbing that same hand over her face.

"What rumors?" He asks.

With the speed of sound an energy blast comes out of nowhere exploding the bench sending the two of them in the other direction close to fifteen ft before they end up on the grass. Standing to his feet Scott reaches out helping Emma up as well.

"Wait I think we've seen this thing before. That or something similar to it; remember those attackers back in the state of Washington a day ago!" Scott says getting himself ready for battle.

"Yes of course I remember, but what is one of those things doing here!"

Both X-Men members are more than surprised to see whatever it is being here at this time in front of them. It makes them both wonder if they're it's target. Not wasting any time Emma Frost tries to enter into it's mind, but there is nothing but emptiness!

"Either that thing is completely brain dead, or it's got some type of telepathic barrier!" Emma says.

"Well than my lady, you just step back and watch me work my magic." Scott replies.

Removing the shades from his eyes, Scott blasts the creature back some, but is unable to knock it over or really even doing any damage at all. Putting the shades on back over his eyes, Scott prefers not to go all out; besides there could be innocent civilians not far from here that he wouldn't risk.

"Looks like you two love birds could use a little help. Wow he sure is an ugly one."

Swinging from the darkness and landing next to Scott is non other than everyone's friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Treating this as if it is a game with it being his turn to play, Spiderman bends down stretching out his legs while standing and doing the same with his arms.

"So what's the plan to bring down ugly?" Spiderman asks.

This particular creature stands over twelve feet tall with dark rough scaly skin, with long arms and legs displaying only three fingers on each of it's massive hands. Roaring out saliva falls from it's mouth which disgusts the wall crawler most.

"I'm not sure how we should go about this, but if we can try and get this thing on it's back I should be able to finish it off without holding back." Scott says.

"If that's all, than this will be a piece of cake." Spiderman say running ahead of Scott.

Both Emma and Scott look at one another smiling at the confidence/cockiness of Spiderman. But you have to give the guy credit, he isn't afraid to jump in the middle of a fight even if the odds are greatly against him. But being like them, that is the type of mentality you must have in order to survive.

"You know what they say big boy...the bigger they're, the harder they FALL!" Spidy say.

Jumping up and kicking into the massive foe, Spidy is grabbed by his ankle and is thrown effortlessly into the side of a tree. Getting up Spiderman holds a hand to his stomach really feeling the blow of that one.

"Man this thing has some strength, guess I'll have to be extra careful." Spiderman says.

Running at the enemy again, Spiderman punches into it this time but is grabbed by his wrist and swung around being thrown again tumbling to the ground but catches himself quickly getting back onto his feet. Getting up he sprints at full speed jumping into the air but this time is caught by his head and thrown back falling to the ground in between both Emma and Scott.

"Hey guys...you know a little help would be greatly appreciated." Spiderman says, but getting up slower this time.

"Oh is that right, because I was under the impression the big bad Spider wanted to take care of it himself." Emma says.

Spiderman just frowns at her remark turning away from her and looking back at the enemy which needs to be taken down. But seeing as a missile approaches from behind them all the three of them duck watching the projectile explode on impact with the creature. Looking up into the sky Spiderman smiles with his heart rate increasing, totally not expecting to see this individual in town.

"Well well if it isn't tall dark and broody himself." Spidy says.

"Tall dark and broody? Who is that supposed to be?" Emma asks.

"Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Batman!" Spiderman replies.

Close to over 20 yards away the bat plane lands with Batman jumping out and making his way over to the three of them.

"Well I'll be damned, I truly didn't believe the guy exist. I heard rumors he worked alongside the Justice League of America, but at the same time he was labeled a myth." Scott says.

"Hey Bats what are you doing here?" Spiderman asks.

Seeing that the huge creature charges them all Batman does not reply, instead running forward and grabbing hold of Emma grappling them out of it's path with Spiderman doing the same with Scott. Afterward both Spiderman and Batman walk up next to each other.

"I won't lie it's cool to have you at my side again, but why are you here?" Spiderman asks.

"Lets focus on taking this thing down first, and then I'll get into all of that." Batman says.

Spiderman shakes his head agreeing with what Batman says. Standing off to the side both Scott and Emma just watch; not that they can't contribute, it's just that at the moment they might not be needed.

"This will help us in slowing it down."

Pulling something out of his utility belt Batman runs forward with Spiderman following. Jumping up Batman throws down ice bombs trying to freeze it in place. Showing it's great strength the beast seems unfazed reaching out and grabbing hold of them both tossing them back in the other direction with both heroes landing on their feet.

"Looks like this will be a little bit tougher than I thought." Batman says.

Right before their eyes the creature is knocked over and flattened into the ground by an enormous green brick wall. Both Spiderman and Batman as well as Emma and Scott look up to see a glowing green figure.

"First you and now the Green Lantern? This night couldn't get any better." Spiderman says.

Hovering down GL comes to a stop in front of Batman and Spiderman with both Emma and Scott making their way over to see the Green Lantern in person for the first time up close!

Worlds Away

Walking for some distances Subzero and Wolverine finally arrive in front of the building which is said to be that of where the operations of the Panda Masters is taking place. Observing that of a door to the building opening, the two of them make themselves scarce. hiding behind a huge dumpster.

"I think it's best that we try and find a back door entrance. But don't forget once we get in, first and for most neither of us can be seen." Subzero says.

To Be Continue

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CHP 39: Coming up empty

Moving from behind the dumpster, Subzero looks around giving Wolverine the ok to follow alongside him. Both men make their way around the building being very careful in sticking close to the wall. You just never know when someone from the building/security could come walking out unexpectedly. Putting a hand out Subzero informs Logan to stop with them both bending down looking over at what seems to be a pickup truck.

"It looks like something big might be going down." Logan says, being able to see his breath due to the bitter cold air.

Both of them move back watching as one of the doors up ahead opens with close to seven men exiting out and making their way over to the vehicle.

"Yeah I think you're right...but the question is what?" Subzero replies.

Both the driver and someone sitting in the passenger side get out of the vehicle greeted by the group. Exchanging a few words, one of them walks to the back of the truck opening it. Both Subzero and Logan lean forward trying to get a good look of what exactly is going on. After about a minute it becomes clear what is happening, both observing the group passing around high tech weapons from the back of the truck!

"Yup I'd definitely say we're at the right place. Lets try and get inside before we're spotted, this is the perfect opportunity." Subzero says.

Moving at a slow pace, Logan follows the lead of Subz, with both men being very careful not to draw any attention to themselves. Reaching the door where the group of men had exit from, the grand master quickly opens the door with them both entering. Leaning his hand up against the door Wolverine makes sure it doesn't slam on them creating a lot of noise.

"Now that we're in, which way should we go? It'll be hard to guess where this Hideakin guy is lurking." Wolverine asks.

"I guess we'll just have to take a look around, but it'll be tough seeing as neither of us have ever seen this guy. Perhaps it would be best for us to try and search for either Sektor or Cyrax, I'm willing to bet both of them know of this guy's location." Subzero tells.

Logan just shakes his head agreeing with what the Lin Kuei member says. Judging by what Subzero has said both cyborgs work closely with the one in charge. Locating a flight of stairs, the two of them agree that'll be a great start to their search.

Worlds away

With the creature apparently defeated Scott takes this opportunity to properly introduce himself as well as Emma to both Batman and Green Lantern, letting the two JLA members know he is cyclops and also a member of the X-Men. Standing with crossed arms, Batman had no idea Emma was a mutant when he first set eyes and spoke with her back in Wayne Manor at his fundraiser. Tapping Batman over the shoulder, Spiderman pulls him off to the side.

"Alright so are you going to tell me why you're here in New York?" Turning from Batman Spidy also gets the attention of GL, "Actually an even better question is what is either of you doing in this part of town?"

Walking over and coming to a stop in front of Spiderman, Green Lantern lets them all know that he had been up in the watch tower, with the map/radar giving off a really strange energy signal. Pointing over to the unconscious enemy GL fills them in on how it showed up out of nowhere on the radar instantly! Wanting to check it out, he beamed himself down to the area of where this activity was occurring.

"Ok fair enough." Spiderman says.

Like the reaction to an explosion the five of them step back getting ready for another encounter with the alien/creature which roars out getting back on it's feet ready to attack. Stomping at the ground the creature runs at the four of them! Green Lantern creates a wall in front of them all but with the raw strength of the creature it breaks through knocking all over except Spiderman and Batman who react quickly jumping out of the way.

"Boy do you have to give this thing credit; even after Green Lantern basically put it through the ground, it is still up and attacking. If that isn't will and determination, I don't know what is." Spiderman says.

"Enough with praising the disgusting whatever this thing is! Lets stay focused and bring it down." Emma yells at Spidy.

Using his ring GL creates a jet shooting several missiles at the unknown life form, smashing and exploding the vehicle into it like a kamikaze! Roaring out, it seems to be unaffected by the attack only having a minor bruise. Pulling out a batarang Batman is unable to do anything with it being knocked off to the side dropping the projectile. Creating two buildings Green Lantern smashes them into the creature from both sides, with much shattering glass. With everything clearing, it appears it is down and possibly for good this time.

"Anyone want to bet on ugly getting up again? Let's get real, it's never that easy with things like this." Spiderman says giving his opinion.

Standing in place all of them just watch and wait to see if it will eventually take another stand. With the passing of over a minute or so, Scott walks forward ahead of everyone else taking a closer look at the fallen creature.

"You know something...I really have to give it to you Green Lantern. Now that is the way you finish off a threat." Scott says turning to GL.

Running forward while yelling out Emma is grabbed by Spiderman while she yells out to Scott telling him to move away! Looking over his shoulder, the beast reaches out grabbing hold of Scott by his neck lifting him up high while roaring out! And just like they've seen so many times before, both the creature and Scott vanish in a blinding flash of light!

"Oh my goodness...SCOTT Nooo!" Emma yells out with Spidy finally releasing her from his grasp.

Punching at the ground, Batman stands to his feet utterly disgusted that he has once again witnessed another of them/heroes being zapped away. Truthfully he has never heard of Cyclopes until tonight in meeting him; but he did however read a little about the X-Men when doing some research on a couple of mobsters new to Gotham city which had some history with the X-Men several month's ago.

"Wow did that really just happen with all of us standing here?" Spiderman asks confused, feeling empty inside.

Neither of the three answer, not really knowing what to say completely stunned. If the one known to them by the name of Tyvez is truly the one pulling the strings, than the big question now becomes where is he sending them to? Until they can put a stop to this guy and whoever he is working with, there will be a lot of sleepless nights up ahead.

"Ok I realize everyone is at lost for words, but where do we go from here? I mean seriously at this rate we're all going to be taken." Spiderman says.

Observing the sadness in the eyes of Emma, GL walks up next to her wrapping an arm around her for a little comfort.

"Don't give up hope yet, there is a chance he and the many others taken are still alive." green Lantern says pulling her closer to himself.

Both Spiderman along with Batman come in front of the two.

"As much as I hate to agree with Spiderman, we're all sitting ducks as of right now. If the two of you wouldn't mind, I'd like to have a word alone with Green Lantern." Batman says.

Both Spiderman and Emma understand just sort of nodding. Removing his hand from around her GL follows Batman off to the side.

"Alright I'm listening." Green Lantern says.

"I think you and I both know this is all getting extremely out of control, and if we don't get a handle on it soon we're all in for a world of trouble. I want you to get ahold of Superman, and when you do inform him to schedule a JL meeting for tomorrow ASAP." Batman says.

Looking at Batman directly he crosses his arms raising an eye brow.

"Sounds good to me...but couldn't you tell him yourself?" GL asks.

"I would have, but I've got a lot on the agenda tonight. That won't be a problem for you will it?" Batman asks deepening his tone.

GL just shakes his head adding it will be no problem. Currently at the moment he doesn't have anything on his plate to take care of unless something comes up out of nowhere. Ending the quick conversation the two of them turn walking back over to the other two.

"It's gotten pretty late, will you be needing a lift home." Green Lantern asks directing his attention at Emma.

With half a smile, Emma reaches up running her fingers over the side of Green Lantern's face.

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm a big girl and can look out for myself," Removing her hand from his face she steps back looking at the three of them, "If the Justice League or Avengers need the help of the X-Men we're always available. If you want to contact me, just ask him." Emma says pointing to the wall crawler.

Turning away from the group she begins walking out in the other direction disappearing out of sight into the dark. Wishing both Batman and Spiderman a good rest of their night, Green Lantern beams himself back to the watchtower.

"As you should already know, I'm not one to ask for help unless I feel it necessary. In this particular case you've got history with Hammerhead, and since both he and Black mask have set up a meet in your part of town; I thought you'd like to be included." Batman says.

Hearing the words of Batman brings an inner smile to the web slinger. The Dark Knight is sure correct when he says he isn't one for help or backup.

"Ok I'm in. So where is this little meeting of theirs taking place?" Spidy asks.

"According to my sources it's going to take place within an abandon building a couple miles from here. But we'll have to be on guard, I'm sure they will have a good amount of henchmen around." Batman replies.

Leading the way is Batman who gets into the front seat of the bat plane with Spiderman getting in the back. Getting the vehicle ready for takeoff the top comes down over them, with the bat plane blasting off out into the night sky. Sitting back, Spidy rests his shoulders over the soft material of the seats.

"Hey bats do you mind if I ask a personal question? Trust me it has nothing to do with your secret identity." Spiderman clarifies.

Setting his hands on the controls Batman looks back over his shoulder glancing at Spiderman.

"Sure go ahead."

Sitting up Spiderman thinks about how he should word the question, just so it doesn't come out weird or anything like that.

"I know you're into the whole work alone your rules kind of deal, which makes me want to know the answer to this even more. Someone as broody and self centered as you needs a little bit more depth." Spidy says.

Batman again looks back at Spiderman, but this time frowns wondering where exactly is the wall crawler going with all of this. Looking back up front he turns his attention back to the clear dark skies ahead, with a bright moon.

"Alright here goes...who do you find to be most attractive? Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Ms Marvel, Black Ca..." Spidy is cut off before he can finish.

"I know you aren't truly expecting me to answer that. Not another word until we get to our destination, got it." Batman says.

Not wanting to get on Batman's bad side he just nods his head.

Worlds away

Sneaking around in that of a long hallway in which a voice would echo is both Subzero and Wolverine. Hearing footsteps up ahead, both stop hiding behind a massive plant pot. Both have a strange feeling they might be onto something here, the general set up of this entire area seems to scream this is THE PLACE! The place in this particular situation would be where Hideakin is hanging out.

"Sounds like the noise is dieing down up ahead; lets continue to move." Wolverine suggests.

Agreeing with what he says, Subzero takes a peek from behind the plant and flower pots. Giving Logan the ok to move forward, they both do so in a slow fashion sticking close to a wall. Both are surprised they haven't come across any security camera's yet, they honestly expected to see a lot of that.

"I know you wanted to limit casualties, but isn't this somewhat of a suicide mission coming here to their home turf alone. Bringing a few others from the Lin Kuei may have been a smarter idea." Logan says.

Subzero just shakes his head, not regretting his decision to come a lone one bit. To be a great leader/Grand Master, sometimes you have to handle certain problems on your own without the aid of your clan and or team.

"Believe in yourself Logan, you and I are more than enough. As long as we don't attract the attention of their entire group, we'll be just fine." Subzero replies in a whisper.

Coming to the end of the hall they have the choice of either going left or right. Thinking it over Subzero chooses the left which leads them up to an even higher floor, while as if they had taken a right they would have remained on the same floor level. In businesses the guy in charge is at the highest point; both men just hope it is the same way here.

"The thing I find to be strange is how quickly this group has grown. Whoever this boss of theirs is must be incredibly organized to put such a large group together. But I'm also guessing that he isn't from around here." Subzero says.

Subz is almost positive this guy was brought up somewhere far from here, and probably traveled alongside side some of his followers; which as a result has enabled the Panda Master group to grow so quickly. That is the only rational explanation which would make any sense. Entering onto what appears to be the top floor both look down at the end of the hall to see a large door.

"I think we should definitely check this out." Subz says.

Following the grand master Logan just shakes his head, neither of them being 100% that Hideakin is actually in the room. But sometimes a person gets a good feeling about something, and this would be one of those times. Walking down the hall side by side the two of them enter together, and are surprised that the door has been left unlocked.

"What is this place...some kind of dojo?" Wolverine asks.

Looking around the area Subzero concludes that Wolverine's question of this place being a possible dojo is correct. There are a couple sand bags which hang from the ceiling, along with different size weights, Bo staffs, swords and other material arts weapons displayed all over the room.

"Well I'd say this group sure would never be short of weapons." Logan says while walking past Subzero.

Walking across the room Logan comes to a stop in front of a staff which has two sharp blades sticking out of both it's right and left end. Coming up behind him is Subzero who taps at his shoulder.

"I think you and I should get out of here. I'm positive he is somewhere on this floor, but it isn't here." Subzero says."

Shaking his head, Logan informs Subz they can leave in just a moment. Walking over a little bit, taking a look over yet another display of weapons

"Beautiful aren't they? But I don't recall either of you two being a member of the Panda Masters!"

Hearing the voice, brings chills up the back of both Wolverine and Subzero not knowing where it comes from. Looking in all directions of the room, there is not a soul to be seen. But just like that from up above over fifteen individuals jump over a railing close to twenty ft up landing down in the middle of the room.

"Identify yourselves, and what your business here is or be terminated!" One of them demands.

Subzero steps forward letting them all know that he would like to have a word with their boss Hideakin, and if they don't make it happen he'll force them to! Listening to the Lin Kuei member the group of men do nothing but snicker seeing this as a joke.

"I guess I should ask, but would either of you like to have any last words before you're exterminated?" One of them asks.

Both Subzero, as well as Wolverine get into their fighting stances replying with actions. Right away the two of them are surrounded by the group of Panda Master members. The group wastes no time beginning their attack on the two intruders. Releasing the blades from his knuckles, Wolverine slashes at a few of them drawing some blood. Freezing a few of them solid Subzero knocking their bodies off to the side. Taking care of business both Subzero and Wolverine quickly finish off the group. But just as soon afterward they turn their attention up to the area of the railing where someone stands in place clapping.

"Bravo what a nice show you put on, let me guess...you're Subzero, also known as the leader of the Lin Kuei. And as for your buddy, I'm not really sure."

Looking up at the individual who speaks, Subzero narrows his eyes.

"And you are?" Subzero asks.

"Oh don't act dumb Lin Kuei warrior, you know exactly who I am. I'd love to destroy the two of you myself, but where's the fun in that when I can just let my henchmen take care of that. Soon I Hideakin will rule all!"

Reaching into his pocket Hideakin pulls out a device pressing on the middle button which sets several alarms off!

"If I were the two of you I'd get going, there are currently over three hundred Panda members on the premises hahahah!"

Coming all this way for nothing is something Subzero will not settle for. Running at top speed Subzero jumps up toward where Hideakin stands, put using some type of flame blast Hideakin knocks Subzero flat onto the ground. Wolverine reaches down helping him up.

"Good luck trying to escape boys, and please don't get you brains splattered on the way out. I'd rather not have to clean up a bloody mess." He says laughing while exiting into a back room out of sight.

Trying to go after him once again, Wolverine grabs hold of Subzero.

"Trust me, I know how bad you want that guy! But none of it will matter if you and I are dead." Logan says.

Tightening his fists, Subzero is angry that Wolverine is right which means they have to get out of here now without completing the mission in which they came here for! Running for the door they entered in through, both use it as an exit but can here footsteps coming from down the hall. Thinking up something fast, Subzero freezes one of the walls solid punching it through! And to their luck there is a lake down below, but it's temperature will also stand below 0 degrees!

"It's not like we really have a choice." Subzero says.

Hearing the footsteps closing in on their location, both of them jump with no regret. It is true they could have stayed and fought, but would have been completely outnumbered and most likely eventually defeated.

Worlds away

Setting the bat plane onto autopilot, the top to the vehicle lifts up with both Batman and Spiderman jumping out comfortably landing on a building below. But looking down on the streets it is much worse than either of them could have predicted. Down on separate sides of the sidewalk lay some dead bodies as well as many others injured, along with several police vehicles and ambulances attending to the injured. While some do that, there are several other police officers who still fire off at the unknown group!

"Look down there bats, it looks like we aren't too late! I thought this was just supposed to be a simple meeting between Hammerhead and Black mask. If you ask me, it looks like things got a little bit out of hand."

Reaching into his utility belt, Batman pulls out a set of his binoculars looking down on the shootout between the police and criminals.

"Yeah I'd say you hit it spot on with that statement. From this position I can't see either Hammerhead or Black mask, but that is definitely a combination of their men." Batman says.

Putting the binoculars back into his utility belt, bats informs Spiderman to follow him down onto the battlefield. When there, they will put an end to all of this. Leaping from the building Batman glides down while Spidy uses his web to maintain control.

"Oh DAMN! Just what we needed...Spiderman and the bat!" One of them yells out shooting at both the dark knight and web slinger.

The captain of the police force calls off his men and women, demanding everyone to drop back and hold their fire. Dodging the bullets while coming in closer, both Spiderman and Batman begin taking out the gunmen with ease. For guys like them, this is basically child's play. Aiming a gun to the back of Spiderman's head, the criminal is quickly knocked out from a batarang which comes from Batman.

"Thanks for the save bats, but honestly that guy had nothing on me to begin." Spiderman says.

Continuing to take down and disarm more and more of them, the remainder of the group begin to retreat dropping their weapons. Throwing out a few bat wiring Batman is able to stop a few of them in their tracks, while Spiderman webs the rest. Seeing that things seem to be under control the police officers begin to move in.

"Good work Spiderman and...Batman? What are you doing in New York city?" The captain asks.

Not answering the officer Batman looks toward the building tops just shaking his head. There is no doubt in his mind both Hammerhead and Black Mask used this entire shootout as a distraction of where they were really meeting! Pulling out his grapple gun he pulls himself to the rooftops.

"He's the tall dark strong and silent type." Spiderman says.

Pausing, the officer looks up at the building tops watching as Batman disappears into the darkness.

"I see."

"Well I'd say you guys pretty much have everything under control here, so I guess I'll get going; but always remember your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is always just around the corner." Spiderman says.

The captain of the squad solutes Spiderman as he to swings off on his web through the night. Black Mask and Hammerhead may have won tonight finalizing their arrangements; but Batman nor Spiderman will give up on putting their entire ordeal to rest. The remainder of the night goes by a lot slower than normal, but does eventually come to an end. Bringing up daylight with the rising of the sun, the alarm of Clark Kent goes off awakening him. Reaching out to shut it off he turns on the T.V. getting out of bed.

"Over fourteen people lost their lives last night, over what police believe to be gang related activity. But luckily for the armed forces, they had the aid of both Spiderman and Batman to help bring those criminals down. According to the authorities, none of the individuals who have been brought in are talking."

Entering into the bathroom area, Clark takes a quick shower before getting out and getting dressed into his uniform. Placing the glasses on last, Clark looks at himself through the mirror fixing his tie. Turning off his T.V. he picks up his suitcase exiting out of the front door and making his way to the daily planet.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 40: No Closer To Truth

Entering into the Dojo is Liu Kang who holds a water bottle close to his side. For the most part yesterday was pretty easy going, which was a change of pace considering the last few days were a bit rough. Setting the water bottle off to the side, he walks over to the area of the weights deciding that'll be where he begins his morning workout. Taking a seat while getting ready to lift, Liu stretches out a little. Not even a second later the door opens with one of the shalion members entering.

"It's good to see you up and about Liu Kang. I'm just letting you know it shouldn't be too much longer until your breakfast is ready. Also Tai was asking about you close to about an hour ago." The individual informs.

Continuing to stretch Liu looks up at the clan member putting on a smile.

"Thanks a lot, I'll be out to eat soon as I've completed my morning workout." Liu Kang replies.

Nodding his head the certain person exits out of the room closing the door behind them leaving Liu once again alone. Lifting up the bottle of water taking one sip before getting straight into his exercise afterward. Life may be simpler for Liu Kang at the moment, but for others that just isn't the case. Entering into the main room of the Lin Kuei temple is Subzero who bows down to the eldest member.

"I was informed that you wanted to have a word with me." Subzero says standing to his feet.

The eldest member confirms that is in fact true wanting to know where Subzero had been most of yesterday evening and night. When Subz had left the temple around noon, he didn't return until very late last night.

"Is there a problem that needs to be brought to my attention? Not that there is a curfew for any member of the Lin Kuei; it just isn't like you to be gone so long. And if I can recall you didn't have a scheduled mission."

Looking up at the eldest member, Subzero wonders what he should say. He's already made it top priority to keep his visit to the home turf of the Panda Masters a secret. If he can avoid getting the entire Lin Kuei involved; than he will. Aside from that, Subz feels this is something he can take care of himself.

"I know it wasn't advised, but I was on the outer edges of our clan's premises updating the security system. After the attack by that group of armed enemies, we'll need the best defense which is available." Subzero says.

All of what he said is a lie, but for now he must keep this secret. The Eldest member would never allow just one member of his clan to take down an entire enemy fort with so much fire power; not even the grandmaster. Lucky for him, the eldest member buys into his story and that is probably best for everyone.

"Thanks, but that isn't my main reason for summoning you. We've reached a point where some of the rookie members are ready to progress to the next level. I'd like you to be the one to take command of that session in the next hour."

"It would be my pleasure." Subzero says bowing down once again.

Standing to his feet, the Grandmaster is dismissed exiting out of the door he had come through. Traveling down a long hallway, Subz greets some of his fellow clan members before exiting out of the temple's front entrance. Making sure that no one has an eye on him or being followed, he makes his way into the forest area. Walking about a mile and a half he comes to a stop in front of a cabin knocking at the door. The temperature sits at around ten degrees, with still a good amount of snow all around from last night's blizzard like weather. Moments later the door to the cabin opens.

"Oh it's just you...come right on in."

Stepping inside passed the person, Subzero makes his way over to the sofa taking a seat.

"I know you and I got away cleanly yesterday without leaving a trail; but don't you think those guys will be coming after your clan after our encounter with Hideakin?" Wolverine asks shutting the door.

"They've got a lot on their agenda; I hardly bet taking down the Lin Kuei is atop their to do list." Subzero replies.

Stepping over into the small kitchen area, Logan asks Subzero if he'd like a cup of coffee or anything to drink. Sitting back Subz declines, while Logan makes/brews one for himself. Putting in four sugars and three creams, Logan walks over having a seat opposite of Subzero setting the coffee on the table top.

"I'd have to agree with you on that, but regardless; I'd still keep an eye out. Guys like that can be very unpredictable." Wolverine adds.

Lifting up the cup of coffee he takes a small sip setting it back down. This place may be small, but it really isn't a problem to him at all. He still never really thanked Subzero for letting him stay out in this small shelter, for the last several month's. Just as Subzero is about to speak the front door to the space opens with someone entering closing the door behind them. Looking up at the individual Subzero just shakes his head.

"Well so this is the place where you have been keeping your little friend. I wonder what the rest of the Lin Kuei would think about you sheltering an outsider!"

Basically jumping out of his seat, Subzero walks over applying a tight grip over the left arm of Sareena pulling her closer into himself.

"The Lin Kuei won't hear a word of this! Besides this is only temporary, and I'm not going to sit here and try and explain it to you either." Subzero says.

"Is it just me, or do I hear a little fear in your voice?" She asks with a grin.

Walking past Subzero, she lets it be known she won't say a word of this to the Lin Kuei. But with the way Sareena has been acting since she arrived back from her trip, he isn't sure if he trusts her. Making her way over to the sofa she sits across from Wolverine.

"I don't believe I ever got your name?" Sareena says looking directly at Wolverine.

Leaning forward Sareena reaches out grabbing hold of the cup of Coffee lifting it up toward her lips and taking a sip. Setting the cup back down, she enjoys seeing the expression on the face of Wolverine.

"If I had to guess, I'd say four sugars...and three to four creams." She says.

Observing his face, it is confirmed that she guessed correctly. During her time out in the mountains, this became one of her morning supplements/energy boosters.

"The name is Logan." He finally says.

Walking over Subzero reaches out grabbing hold of Sareena pulling her up and out of where she sits leading them both to the front door.

"Enjoy the rest of your day Wolverine; but she and I have to be getting back." Subzero says.

With Sareena at his side Subzero exits out closing the door behind them. Looking at the door Logan just sort of smiles lifting up the cup and taking a drink of the Coffee.

"She's kinda cute." He says to himself.

Some distance away, the one known as Johnny Cage enters into a building but moves in slowly listening to the several voices up ahead. It has taken he and his secret agency some time to finally catch up with this group of outlaws; but the wait is definitely worth it. Feeling a tap at the back of his left shoulder, Johnny turns but is knocked out before he is able to react.

"Hey guys, look who I found sneaking around."

Entering into the middle of the room where everyone sits around, the individual drags the body of Johnny throwing him down in the middle of the floor. All men sitting at the table get up from their seats, lifting up Johnny.

"Follow me gentlemen, I have the perfect place we can put him until Tilla arrives."

Johnny is taken into a back room where he is tied to a chair. Waiting for over some time Johnny is awoken with water being thrown on his face. With blurry vision Johnny opens his eyes to see the group of people standing around him.

"Well it looks like I finally found you Tilla; you tricky son of a bitch!" Johnny says with much cockiness.

Stepping out in front of Cage, one of them punches him across the face for the remark. To the surprise of the group, Tilla finds his words amusing while laughing. After regaining her posture, she dismisses the entire group from the room leaving only her and Johnny.

"You're right about what you said, but neither you or the one's you work with have enough on my organization to bring it down."

"I think you might be underestimating us a little." He replies.

Looking up at her, Johnny raises an eye brow wondering what sup with her seductive smirk. Seeing as she licks her lips as well sends a small shiver up his back. Moving up closer in front of him, Tilla rests her hands with on his shoulders having a seat in his lap.

"Too bad your squad will never see you alive again," Reaching down to her lower right ankle she pulls out a hand gun, "I'll see you on the other side."

Putting the gun to his head she pulls the trigger! With the loud sound of a bang his life is ended! Licking the blood from the side of his head she stands to her feet smiling wickedly!

"And Cut! Great job!"

Lifting up his head Johnny smiles at the actress Dara Snow, who plays the role of Tilla the criminal mastermind. This is the first film he has used his own name, but it really isn't an issue as far as he is concerned. A couple of the film crew members untie him, with Johnny walking off the set to get a glass of water approaching Dara.

"I almost think you enjoy having me tied up more than you should." Johnny says.

Turning and facing him she reaches out grabbing him by the shirt.

"You know I'm all into that kinky stuff." She says while giggling.

Removing her hand from his shirt, the two of them laugh together. They have only been into about a month and a half filming "Two sides" which is set to release in the summer of next year. One thing that is certain is that Johnny is not use to being killed off in any of his movie roles; so this should be something which will throw the audiences totally off guard.

Worlds away

Entering into the daily planet with all of his materials is Clark who walks over to his desk taking a seat, ready to get started on the day. One of his co workers walks over to the side of where he sits asking why he is late.

"I just had a little car trouble. It's nothing to worry about now, it won't be a problem in the future." Clark replies.

Nodding her head she walks off getting back to work. Trying to settle in he looks over at a picture in the corner of his desk, which is a photo of Jimmy, Lois and himself. Moving his hand forward he places it face first onto the desk top not wanting to think about Lois at all.

"Hey Kent could you print me off a twelve copies of the report on the uptown Metropolis heist?"

"Yeah sure thing." Clark replies fixing his glasses.

Taking the particular papers from the person's hands, Clark stands from his desk heading over to the copy machine in a back room where only certain employees are aloud. Leaning up against the wall while the machine constructs more copies of the report Clark yawns. It would seem the long late night is beginning to catch up with him.

"Maybe it would have been a good idea to get a cup of coffee before I arrived here." Clark says to himself, feeling a little bit tired.

In talking with Diana last night, it doesn't feel like any progress was made concerning the huge problem which presence them all. For now he'll just try and hang in there tough and strong and wait for an opportunity to potentially end this. Whoever is the organizer of this all, is bound to make a mistake somewhere down the line. Grabbing the original as well as copies, Clark steps out of the back room.

"Good to see you Clark, how're you doing this morning? By the way, I'm having a family barbeque and I'd like for you to come if you're free Thursday."

"I'll have to take a look at my schedule, but I'll definitely get back to you on that one." Clark says patting Daniel over the shoulder.

Locating the individual who wanted the print outs, Clark walks over setting the papers on their desk. Moving back over toward his desk, Clark opens up a few of his files within his briefcase. Two days ago he was chosen as the one to write a paper on the arrival of Vi...!

"Bring me SUPERMAN! I want the man of steel now!"

Due to his super hearing ability, Clark can hear dozens of screams from close to twenty miles away, with some unknown calling for his counter part! Setting everything down, including his jacket; Clark takes a look around making sure no one has their attention on him. After clearing himself he sets his eyes on the elevator walking that way.

"Busy as usual I see, where are you headed off to now?"

Clark stops in his tracks looking back to see Jimmy Olsen.

"Someone downstairs asked to see me, I'll be back ASAP if anyone asks." Clark replies.

Turning away from his co worker as well as friend, Clark enters into the elevator clicking on the button which leads to the top floor. Getting out onto the rooftop, he pulls open his shirt revealing the iconic symbol. Just as he has done several times before in his life; Supes darts off into the air at light speeds! With much ease Supes arrives at the troubled sight in mere seconds.

"I don't know if I heard wrong, but is it me you're looking for?" Superman asks while hovering in the sky looking down on this unknown with his cape blowing back and forth.

"Come down and fight KRYPTONIAN!" The individual yells out.

The attacker stands at close to ten feet tall, resembling that of the creatures which have been disappearing with super heroes. But this one is different, showing a lot more intelligence. Not only that but parts of it's body have no skin, revealing robotic parts. It is hard to tell if this is one of those things, or something else entirely.

"May I ask what your business here is about?" Superman asks.

Wanting nothing more than to battle with Krypton's last son, the unknown lifts up a truck effortlessly tossing it up at Superman sixty ft who dodges the attack. That move right there really showed it's massive strength.

"I Celvodz must beat down and bring in Superman!"

Catching all of what is now known as Celvodz, Superman confirms whatever it is most certainly is associated with the disappearance of meta's. Now knowing what this thing is here for, Supes knows exactly what needs to happen! Using his heat vision Superman blasts the creature into the side of a car.

"I don't know who sent you, but whoever your boss may be they will not succeed."

Flying down at top speeds, Superman begins landing fast powerful hits on the enemy upper cutting it forty ft into the air. Using his great speed, Supes zooms up into the air knocking it down into the ground creating a small explosion on impact.

"I'd give up now if I were you, I can go at this all day." Superman says.

Most civilians have cleared the area, but having the chance to see Superman in action has attracted a group. Those who do stand around chant the name of Superman. Getting back onto his feet, Celvodz ignores the crowd setting his full unadvised attention on Kal-El.

"I love your confidence man of steel, but I will show you and all of them just why this steel is rotting!"

Flying down to punch into the enemy again, Superman's fist is grabbed with him being thrown into a building going through an additional two before balancing himself and coming to a stop.

"Well he sure isn't a push over." Superman says.

Flying down to engage Celvodz again, Supes begins punching on him before kicking him into and destroying a stop sight and bus stop bench. Standing immediately, Celv smiles enjoying being in battle one on one with the man he has heard so much about. Ripping a sewer lid from the ground, Celvodz launches it at Superman who makes the catch of the intended projectile.

"I hope you have more up your arsenal than that. If that's it than I'd say you're going to be in for a long day." Supes says while hovering with crossed arms.

"Oh don't worry Superman, this is merely a warm up!"

Jumping into the air showing his great speed as well, catching Supes off guard with it's ability to fly! Back handing Kal across the face, the JLA member is knocked through an office building tumbling to the ground. Looking up at the many who stand from their desks surrounding him, he gets up shaking himself off.

"Are you ok Superman?" One of them asks.

"I'll be just fine, everyone can get back to work now." Superman says putting on a smile.

Flying out of the window he came crashing through, Superman makes his way back over to the attacker of Metropolis. Celvodz hovers in the air awaiting Supes grabbing him by the arm and throwing him down onto the street below. Superman quickly pulls himself out of the ground using his laser vision to fire off at Celvodz.

"You're much to slow Kryptonian, I heard you were a lot faster than that. Guess I heard wrong."

Flying up into the air Superman punches at him again only having his attempt dodged while at the same time he is thrown off to the side with Celvodz flying down and lifting a huge pickup truck. Looking over at the civilians, Celvodz smiles throwing it over in their vicinity! Superman's eyes widen as he tries his best to zoom over in front of the vehicle, but stops watching as someone comes out of nowhere catching it out of the air!

"Well look who showed up to play...the breath taking Ms Marvel herself. I'm always in for an extra bonus." Celv says whistling.

Steadily setting the vehicle down Ms Marvel fly's over to the side of Superman. Observing the face of Supes she can tell he is more than surprised to see her. Quiet honestly, this is her first time being in the city of Metropolis. If it weren't for the tour shield set up, she wouldn't even be here.

"What are you doing in Metropolis?" Superman asks.

"Don't worry about that now, we should keep our attention on whatever that thing is." She replies.

Flying up in front of them both, Celvodz reaches out grabbing hold of both Superman and Ms Marvel's necks. Lifting them high up, Celvodz slams them into the cement surface below. Using his lower body strength, Superman positions himself differently kicking Celvodz off of them high into the sky.

"How did that thing know my name?" Ms Marvel asks.

"I'm actually positive it is part of the group that has been disappearing with people like us. When I first encountered this thing, it said something about bringing me in." Superman says getting back onto his feet helping Ms Marvel up.

Coming back down into sight is Celvodz who looks down on them both cracking his knuckles. Speed blitzing them both they're knocked in separate directions, with Ms Marvel tumbling to the ground and Superman catching himself before he is able to fall. Zooming over toward Supes he lands a few punches with on his face, kneeing him in the stomach and upper cutting him several ft into the air. Rubbing his hands together Celvodz is caught off guard with Ms Marvel coming from behind wrapping her arms around his stomach. Using the strength in her Legs, she lifts him up planting him face first into the ground.

"Have you ever heard the saying never turn your back to an enemy?" She asks.

Easily pulling himself out of the ground, Celv smiles back handing her across the face watching her tumble to the ground a few yards away. Coming up in front of her, he lifts up an SUV looking down on the Avenger with a smile on his face. Before he's able to finish Superman comes out of nowhere tackling him to the ground with the vehicle falling over on it's side.

"What do you want from us?" Superman yells out punching on Celv.

Grabbing the fist of Supes he lifts the man of steel up throwing him into Ms Marvel. Standing in place, he looks down on the two of them while clapping.

"I'll give the two of you props, and with that said I guess you will both live to fight another day. But do know this...your world will soon belong to the mistress. None of you meta's and or aliens will be around to stop the destruction of this world."

Pressing on a button which is displayed in the mid section of his waist, Celvodz is gone instantly leaving behind a flash of light. Turning and looking at one another, neither Ms Marvel or Superman can believe they just let that thing get away like that. But than, this wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Flying into the air Ms Marvel calls for Superman to follow, finding a spot where they can talk without the public eye on them. Finding a tall building she floats down coming to a stop with Superman at her side.

"Has your Justice League team been coming up with any suggestions and or plans to try and put an end to all of this? As far as the Avengers go, Ironman has been working closely with some of our greatest minds to try and pin point the one's responsible." Ms Marvel says.

"I think you and I should both know it is hard to plan for something you have no idea of. But it would seem even when these creatures have been out cold, somehow they're still able to teleport away." Superman says.

Receiving this bit of new unknown information to herself, gets her thinking a little bit.

"Is it possible that someone could be keeping an eye on them? Forget the question, lets just say that is the case; whoever it may be seems to know a lot about us all."

Ms Marvel makes a good point there, which really begins to make Superman think they're positively dealing with someone new. All the signs just show that they're absolutely dealing with a new comer with great preparation; and that someone could be the most dangerous foe any of them have ever faced.

"Good talking with you Ms Marvel, but I really should be getting back. Maybe later you and I along with a few of our teammates can exchange possible relative information" Superman says looking away from her.

Just as he's about to lift off into the sky he is grabbed by his wrist, turning and looking back at her. Pulling him back toward her, Carol wraps her arms around his neck.

"There aren't many girls who can say they've kissed Superman. Plus I owe you one for the save back there." She says showing desire in her eyes.

Pulling him in even closer she brings her lips to his opening her mouth and entering her tongue into his. Surprisingly he finds himself doing the same closing his eyes while wrapping his arms around her upper back embracing her. Moaning into his mouth she breaks the kiss biting at his lower lip.

"I'm not sure if you ever noticed, but I've had a small thing for you ever since we met. But I guess what woman in this world wouldn't want you. At least you aren't a stubborn self centered jerk like someone!"

Superman raises an eye brow wondering who she refers to, and also why she is even telling him all of this. Seeing the expression on his face, she reaches out rubbing her hands over the symbol with on his chest.

"If you ever want to talk or need comforting, I shouldn't be too hard to find." She says placing a gloved finger up to his lips.

Turning away from him she winks before flying into the air and eventually out of sight, leaving Superman who sort of just scratches his head wondering what just happened.

To Be Continue