Jules Winnfield has become....

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The Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger!!!

Rita Repulsa had her Putty Patrol kidnap
Jules Winnfield and made the former hitman
into her own warrior of evil, the Green Ranger!!

Although, Jules had fought the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, over
time he was starting to break Rita's mind control, but the dark
sorcress put a stop to that by having him use the Sword of Darkness
which will keep him evil and obey the evil space witch no matter what.

How would the Rangers defeat this former Hitman turned Ranger?

What would Jules do to the MMPR if Rita allowed him to come up with
his own strategies on hurting (and killing) the Power Rangers?

And what happens if Jules is freed from the Sword of Darkness with his
Green Ranger powers and stuff intact (even if those things are temporarily)?

Note: This scenario takes place after the events of Pulp Fiction
and Jules Winnfield was played by Samuel L. Jackson.