Jiin - Fist of Fury #1

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District N010

Above the cities, in the skies, a raven can be seen. It flies without a route, going nowhere.

2068 AD

Suddenly, a rock hits the bird. It goes through the raven's chest. It starts to fall and it is going to fall on top of a building, where three men stand, celebrating the death of the bird.

"For long years we've been living one day at a time..."

One of the man standing on the building grabs the bird by its leg and exposes it, as it were his trophy.

"...Hoping that things sort out by themselves."

Next to the building, you can see a big crowded line with a lot of people. However, there are other things on this line as well.

"Even though we know that things don't work that way."

Demons. There are demons on this line as well. All of them are making loud noises, cheering names. The humans cheer for "Jiin", while the demons cheer for "Abiz". Every demon is different from the other, they all seem strong and they all have the hellish look, but they are different in shape, face, colour and a lot of other things.

"Tonight's fight will have the largest crowd watching you..."

The line leads to a sports gymnasium, where there are all types of people. There are people making bets, children selling beers and drugs and even demons businessman (or businessdemons). There is a plaque written:

Today: Jiin vs. Abiz

"...This is our biggest chance to start changing things. We can use this popularity at our favour to solve our problems. The Resistance's popularity is low, nobody believes in us anymore. You need to bring people to our side."

And inside the gymnasium, the line keeps going to a small ticket office.

"Don't forget who you are and for what we have always fought for."

This sentence came from inside a little locker room, where there are two men, a strong man and an old man. The strong man is called Jiin, he is a really strong man with a small mohawk and a quite big full beard, he's not wearing anything on his top, he is only using pants, shoes and a pair of gloves. The old man is a small old guy, who's wearing a red beret, a small leather jacket, jeans and a pair of shoes. That sentence seems to come from the old man's mouth.

"I already know of all that, old man" says Jiin "These guys don't have anyone else to fight me, we won't take too long to get the hell out of here."

The strong man is putting on gloves on his hands. but its not our usual fighting glove. It is a leather glove with a rusty iron blade coupled with it.

"You better stay put, they're not joking around. We don't know what we may face today." says the old man

"We? Hold on, old man. I'm the one doing the dirty work here." says Jiin

"After this last sentence, Jiin gets a little bit angry at the old man and he says with anger:

You've always wanted to fight in the front line against everything we have fought through these years of resistance. I know the value of all this, but you need to be careful and don't forget why we are risking ourselves in such way."

"I never forgot anything! Such a long time I spent helping you at that office, without seeing any concrete sign of progress and that we are going on the right direction. To you everything is okay, but that's enough for me! I dare to say that I've knocked more demons on those fights than you have on your entire life."

The old man makes a disappointed smile and says:

"You think you were the only one that had to deal with the shit they've caused? Did your forget I was there, when the end started?"

A memory comes to the old man's mind. In this memory, there are multiple men and cannons defending themselves from the incoming demon horde. One of these men was the old man, but he was younger then. The demons that are attacking them are gigantic, some were the size of a building and some were the size of a house. Bullets couldn't do a thing do them, not even phase them. There were even a demon dragon involved in this, a giant demon that can fly and spit fire from its mouth. The men looked like bugs to them. There were smaller demons as well, but their strength and brutality compensated for their size.

"Thousands of creatures sprouting from the ground, like the evil was hungry, waiting for the right moment to show up and satisfy its hunger of death and destruction." says the old man

In the memory, he can see his companions dying, one by one, while the others were either hiding or still trying to fight, like the old man. He was one of the few that survived that night.

"We sent everything we got, but nothing could have stopped that. It didn't take long enough for us to realise that everything was lost, everything was reduced to wreckage and there were corpses all over the place."

Jinn calms down a bit, and right after that last sentence, he grabs a pipe wrench and says:

"Interesting history class, old man. But I need to go."

He starts walking towards the locker room door. The old man, looks to him and says:

"Jiin, don't forget..."

Jiin stops at the front of the door and looks to the old man, who's behind him.

"...who you are, because things will only get worse."

Jiin leaves the room and go towards the arena where he is going to fight. Once he is there, waiting for his opponent, he listens to the enormous crowd to cheer either his name or his opponent's name. He listens to a loud screaming coming from where his opponent is supposed to show up from. Jiin thinks to himself:

"I've fought every type of crazy shit on this arena, I can't imagine what they prepared for me."

He sees his opponent, a human-sized demon clown, wearing black robes. But he is not alone. With him, there is a small army of demon children, with all kinds of melee weapons. Once he sees them, he gets scared and thinks to himself:

"Wait, you here?!"

The children charge towards Jiin, who's not even capable of reacting. He is quickly overwhelmed by the children and they throw him on the ground. He shouts out loud:


But his shouting is ignored by the children, who start laughing creepily. Once he is on the ground, being held by the children, they start to stab him and hit him with their weapons. The demon clown, Abiz, stands right next to him, laughing. After stabbing him multiple times, they put him on his knees and hold him as hard as they can. Some of the children say:

"Now it's my turn!"

"Stab him! Stab him!"

"He's about to die! Throw him on the ground."

Abiz laugs while Jiin is being overwhelmed by the children. The clown looks to the children and says:

"That's right children, show our friend how do we play around here!"

Jiin, who's about to fall on the ground, thinks to himself:

"I'm losing too much blood. Gotta...do something!"

With all that's left of his strength, he pushes all the children away by standing up and opening his arms. He quickly proceeds to kill the children, by crushing their soft skulls with his hands, by stabbing them with his rusty blades or by destroying their skull with his pipe wrench. Blood is flying everywhere and the crowd cheers with that. While he is on this killing rampage, a memory of his past takes over his mind...


This memory takes place when Jiin was younger, about 10 years old. He is with a lady, that's a bit older than him. They're being followed by demon children, the same demons Jiin is facing right now on the arena. The lady is running and holding Jiin's hand at the same time. They're running away from the children, who are holding knifes and spears. The lady quickly looks back, pull out a pistol and starts shooting them. She kills some of them in the process of shooting. While she's running, she says to Jiin:

"Let's go, I have an idea!"

They hide behind a truck in the middle of the street. They take a moment to breathe and to look to the streets, where they see multiple cars destroyed and abandoned. She looks to Jiin and says:

"We need to split up, they're after me. You can stay hidden here, while I take them somewhere far from here. I'll come back to pick you up as soon as I can."

"No! We can't split up! I'm not letting you go on your own." says Jiin

"This isn't the time for this! Do what I'm telling..." says the lady, but she is interrupted by Jiin

"No! I won't let you..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the lady slaps him on the face, knocking some sense into Jiin. She looks to him and says:

"Enough! We don't have time for this. You're going to get inside this truck and you're going to wait there until I'm back. I need to know that you're safe, so I can do what has to be done. Now go, get in there!"

Jiin is a bit sad and is about to cry, but he gets inside the truck without complaining. Once he is in there, the lady runs the other way and takes the demon children far away from him. As soon as she is gone, Jiin leaves the truck and stares at where she went running. He thinks to himself:

"I need to..."

The memory is gone and he is back in the arena. His body is full of blood and there are demon children corpses all over the place.

"...do something!"

He stares at the multiple bodies around him. He looks back and sees Abiz, who's holding one of the demon's body. The clown smiles to Jiin and says:

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, human. I've heard a lot about you. I'm Abiz and you know...I have to thank you. It's not everyday that I can count on someone to help me to get rid of those disgusting children"

Jiin, a bit shocked and insecure of himself, looks to the clown and says:

"These things weren't children"

The clown smiles again and says:

"Ha Ha Ha. The funny thing is how they remind you. Blind, full of rage..."

Abiz drops the demon's body and let it fall on the ground.

"...and pathetic"

Jiin, in a moment where he is full of rage, charges towards the clown with his pipe wrench. But the clown easily blocks his attack and punches him right afterwards. The clown says:

"Some of these children were harder to take down than you are! HAHAHA"

Jiin cleans some of the blood in his mouth and proceeds to uppercut Abiz while saying:

"You speak too much..."

He kicks the clown's face.

"...You piece of shit!"

He stabs Abiz's belly with his rusty blade. The clown laughs while stabbed. Jiin backflips Abiz and a lot of blood comes out of his mouth. The crowd is cheering "JIIN! JIIN! JIIN!". The old man can be seem in the middle of the crowd and he says to himself when he sees the clown being backfliped:

"This must have hurt."

The clown was thrown away by the kick and he is trying to get up while saying:

"Alright then! Let's start to play."

He hits Jiin as hard as he can while saying:

"Let's play a guessing game. Hits like a little girl and is a coward..."

The crowd still cheers things like:



In the middle of the crowd, the old man says to himself:

"Let's go son. End this already."

The clown puts his hand on Jiin's face and finish his sentence:

"...to the point of leaving his own mother. Who am I? HAHAHA"

After hearing this, Jiin throws the hardest punch he has ever thrown in his life. He grabs his rusty blade and stabs the clown's mouth, removing his jaw. Abiz's body falls on the ground, Jiin looks to him and says:

"Who's laughing now, douchebag?"

Jiin's mechanical workshop

Days Later

The old man is in front of the back door of the mechanical workshop. He grabs his keys and open it carefully. Inside of it, he can see Jiin, who is wearing a brown coat and he is full of band aids and other dressings. He looks to the old man and says:


What do you want here?"

"I came here to return something to you...something that should have been with you all along." the old man replies

Jinn's face gets a bit sad and he says to the old man:

"I just can't stop thinking about something. I killed all those children, didn't I?"

"Those creatures weren't children! Don't do this to yourself, it's exactly what they want." replies the old man

"They know me, they know about my past. Abiz said something about my mother." says Jiin

"You really don't know what's going on, do you? The more people talk about your victories, the more they start to realise that this may be dangerous in the future. The Sinisters will do anything to screw with you or with your head." replies the old man

"So they'll have to try harder, because I'm not stopping now." says Jiin

"You're as stubborn as a mule, aren't you? When the fight was over, I realised that stuff was getting serious on your side." replies the old man

A memory appears in both of their heads, a memory where Jiin stands in the arena, with multiple corpses around the floor (including Abiz's body) and the crowd is cheering. The old man says:

"There are no doubts that you went too far with this fight."

The crowd invades the arena and start cheering Jiin's name. The old man continues:

"All that cheering around you was enough to bother..."

The humans lift Jiin in the air and celebrate with him, while the demons are picking up the bodies on the floor.

"...those who control the District."

The old man leaves the arena and sees Abiz being carried by demons. The old man keeps speaking:

"Hell, you humiliated that bastard. You literally took off the smile out of his face."

When he is already leaving the sports gymnasium, he sees what looks like a woman, but it is a grey woman, with white eyes and a skullish face. The old man says:

"On that moment I saw someone...someone who I didn't see in a long time. And she didn't look happy with what she saw that night."

Back to Jiin's workshop, the old man says:

"What I'm telling you is that you should be careful, because the worst is yet to come."

Outside the workshop, a lot of demons are surrounding it and a demon with multiple eyes on his face (on his forehead, on his chin, on his ears, etc.) shows up and says to himself:

"You're right, old man. Worst is yet to come."

To be continued

Fun fact: this story is a fan-fic (if we can call that way) of a comic book that I published. My background image is the old man's memory scene (where he talks about the demons war) and my profile avatar is Jiin, the old man and a character that will be later introduced.

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Cool story. Seems like an interesting world you created.

Love the artwork.