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The night had gone well a basic hit carried out he had used the Pear one of his favorite toys to get a confession out of his victim, normal he didn't concern himself with small squabbles needing absolution but there was no law against a little fun once in a while now was there?

He smiled and strolled calmly down the street he loved the night air so soft and quiet much like himself it had its secrets and it kept them so perfectly still and undisturbed at all times if he was to ever fall in love he wished that the woman be born of the night air.

At length Black became aware that he was no longer alone a figure short and wiry had taken the liberty of following him darting in and out of the shadows in a vain attempt to go unotticed, He grinned and steadied himself knowing the man was preparing to strike in a matter of moments silently he counted three two one moving his hand swiftly he caught the blade as it whizzed by his ear throwing it back and striking the man directly in the chest.

"You never were very good at keeping silent Jesse and your throw very sloppy it should be gentle not a mindless dart, oh stop your whining its unbecoming you are old enough to control your emotions in fact the both of you are as I am sure Mr Wakes your internal boogie man is responsible for your actions.

Furthermore, I am sure you did not decide to kill me of your own accord oh no even you are not that foolish no doubt some dissatisfied client or perhaps Maximillion himself decided my work was unsatisfactory or perhaps to satisfactory thus resulting in a desire to have me removed am I right?

The mans eyes shifted back and forth as if looking for some demon or monster within the alley ways of the city "He just wanted you tested thats all just tested nothing else he said if we did a good job he would let

"Jesse go..Black breathed calmly, well Jesse it seems you have been lied to again in that this being no doubt one of your physicans or some other charecter rather real or made up has promised you freedom in exchange for my death but don't you see Jesse you are at this moment free? There are no bars here, no codes of conduct no obligation to a single soul, there is also nothing stopping me from terminating you right now, other than my own patience a courtesy you should be greatful for.

"Now then get up we shall go home and discuss your new vocation and give you a bit of training by the time I am through with you I shall have reason to fear for my life my friend I shall indeed he grinned, and storlled of with this muttering insane child in tow finally an apprentice.