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"No! Absolutely not!"

"But father-"

"I forbid it," the duke shouted, "No son of mine will marry a serf!"

"Don't call her that!" Jareth snapped.

"That is what she is, you stupid brat," his father shot back at him, "I forbid you from ever seeing this girl!"

"I love her, father, and I refuse to listen to this any longer."

The duke's hand shot out quickly striking his son across the face. Jareth stumbled backward more out of surprise than out of the force of the blow. The duke took the advantage, gripping his son's tunic he hefted him off the floor, "The only thing you know of love comes from in your leggings." Jareth struggled against his father's grip for a moment then relaxed. He'd experienced his fathers anger before, it was better to just let him tire himself out then struggle.

"And what of you father?" Jareth quipped, "What do you know of love?"

The duke's thick meaty hand struck again, "I know plenty of love, boy."

"Sure doesn't seem like it to me," Jareth spat.

The duke shoved him harshly onto the stone floor, "I know more than you ever will. I love my country, I love my station, and above all I love my family."

"Could have fooled me," Jareth muttered.

His father grabbed the collar of his shirt, "If you want to be so ingrate-full you can do it somewhere else! I will not have it in my home! Guards take him out side for the night." Two gaurds stepped forward gripping each arm roughly holding him in place as his father leaned in, spitting in Jareth's face as he spoke, "Go to her boy, tell her that you wish nothing of her and I will let you come home. If you refuse you will never be welcome in this home again."

The gaurds began to drag him out, but not before Jareth gave a parting quip, "Then, I would guess this is good bye, father." The duke turned his back to his child, head hung low.


She had waited for him at the well as they had agreed the night before. He was to tell her how the discussion with his father had gone and whether or not she was to be his bride to be. She was beautiful, the moonlight bouncing from her dark hair made his heart flutter and skip. She saw him coming and ran to him, a wide smile on her face.

"Jareth," she called running to his arms.

"Hello, Sarah," he said holding her tight in his arms.

She buried her head in his chest, "So? How'd he take it?"

He paused a moment, then with a sigh, "Not well."

"Was it as bad as we thought it would be?"

Again he paused, it felt as if all of the world was sitting upon his shoulders, what he said now could effect all of his future. It's so unfair of his father to have demanded such a thing of him! Finally, after what had seemed like ages he let his heart speak, "Sarah, run away with me."