J H Hamilton and the Gem of Sorrow

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(Note this story features alternate versions of my friend Narf's characters Ghast and Bzzarro. I do not own those two characters.)

Ghast sighed as he watched the villagers get slaughtered by Wasp King’s army.  The insect like beast ripped though the villagers with ease. If only they’d listen to Ghast’s warnings. Then again, no one trusts a Naga. Naga’s for those who do not know are large half snake half human monsters. Ghast was a rather large Naga, with large horns on his gray haired head. He choose to wear white robes to symbolize his peaceful ways, but did little to show others his intentions were pure. Ghast looked like a horrible monster and yet he was a simple pacifist who wished to warn others of the Wasp King. He wished someone would come to help stop this madness.  As if by his wish the man appeared. He didn’t appear in some flash of light or anything you’d imagine. He was simply not there a second ago and then suddenly he was there. He wore an old tattered cloak, old worn out jeans and old combat boots. His black hair was a mess, springing off into random directions.  His had a rather stern face with large eyes. His arms were hidden under his cloak. This was no normal man, this was J H Hamilton and he was here to save the universe.  

                Ghast stood his mouth agape. “Who, who?” He stammered. J H sighed. “My name is John Henry Hamilton, call me J H.” He said. “I’m pressed for time, so I need you to answer as quickly as possible.” Ghast nodded, staring at J H in wonder. “Good.” J H continued. “Now then, what is the most valuable object you can think of?” Ghast thought for a moment. “The Gem of Sorrows.” He said. J H nodded. “Jewelry, the usual.” J H said. Ghast was well confused. “What are you talking about?” He asked J H. J H sighed. “You have no idea how many times I’ve gone over this.” He said. “Okay, let just say if I don’t get this Gem of Sorrow then the entire universe, no multiverse, is at risk.” Ghast was launched into a whole new level of confusion. J H sighed. “Just tell me where the Gem is.” He said, exasperated.   Ghast was silent for a moment, finally he responded. Fear filled his voice. “The Wasp King holds the Gem of Sorrow, it powers his army.” Ghast explained. “All that have tried to obtain it have died. “ J H pondered this for a few seconds. “Well.” He said. “I’ll be taking it. Where does the Wasp King keep the Gem?” Ghast was amazed; no one had dared face Wasp King. He bowed to J H. “Oh great hero! Save us from the Wasp King!” He begged. J H looked down at Ghast and said. “Stop looking for a hero and be one you pathetic coward, I have no intention of fighting the Wasp King.” Ghast looked up in horror as J H walked off.

                The castle of the Wasp King was a large and imposing, or as J H would put it, the usual.  J H calmly walked up to the large gate. There were no guards; then again fear was the greatest guard one could find. J H looked at the gate and it began to open. He smiled; few knew how to protect themselves from a phyic attack. J H walked inside, he walked though the massive hallways with their large marble pillars and golden statures of strange insect like creatures. Suddenly a large creature, that looked like a beetle human hybrid attacked J H. Slashing at him with a large sword. J H reacted quickly; he leapt into the air dodging the attack. The beetle roared and tried to jump at J H, but to it’s surprise J H simply rose higher into the air. J H looked down at the beetle. “Crush.” He said. The beetle was then slammed with a large amount of force, crushing it. Other bug like guards began to flood the room. J H was surrounded.  An armored figure entered the room. The other insects bowed. The armored figure wasn’t wearing a helmet,   it face was very wasp like, red skinned   with feelers. He had the eyes of a mad genius. “Hello.” He said. “I am the Bzzarro, the Wasp King.” J H tried to exert some of his psyic force on the Wasp King, but it didn’t work. “Immune.” Bzzarro explained, then he pulled out a strange gun and shot J H. Everything began to fade….

J H woke up in the throne room. It was even more extravagant then the other parts of the castle. J H counted at least 3 statues of Bzzarro that he could see. Bzzarro grinned.   “Enjoying the view?” he asked. “Enjoy while it lasts, I plan on using you to power the Gem of Sorrow.” Bzzarro had gotten rid of his armor and now wore more King like clothes. He had 4 arms; one held the Gem of Sorrow while another held a sword. “The Gem seems to grow more powerful when it’s around you.” Bzzarro continued. “So, I’ll slit your throat and bath the Gem in your blood.” He grinned at J H. “You know what the best part is?” He asked with a grin. “No one can stop me.” Suddenly Ghast burst into the room. “I can.” He said glaring at Bzzarro. Bzzarro laughed. “So you’re the pacifist Naga I’ve heard so much about.” He said walking up to Ghast. He sliced off one of Ghast’s horns with his sword. “I’m not afraid of you.” Ghast looked down at his horn. He looked up rage in his eyes. “You should be.” He said rushed at Bzzarro. He slammed his fist into the Wasp King’s face. Bzzarro fell back in pain. “How dare you!” He yelled slashing at Ghast with his sword. The two began to fight with Ghast taking many blows, but his massive strength kept him going. He slammed Bzzarro into a wall. “Time to end this madness!” He yelled. He grabbed his broken horn from the ground and stabbed it into Bzzarro’s neck. Bzzarro screamed in pain and kicked Ghast away. “Fool…the Gem…..will….heal…” Bzzarro began looking into his hand for the Gem of Sorrow, but it was gone. “How?!?” He yelled. J H smiled from the Wasp King’s throne. “Some people are just easily distracted.” He said and disappeared, the Gem of Sorrows in his hand. “No.” Bzzarro gasped, and fell to the ground, dead.   Ghast looked at the throne. “Thank you.” He said, knowing J H wouldn’t hear him.