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the avengers are taking on thanos each member are sharing blows, cap throws his shield so thanos goes after him then hawkeye shoots an arrow at his head the thanos goes after him and this keeps going on and distracting thanos, thor and hulk both share blows. Thanos tries fighting back and throws the hulk backwards and launches thor to the air. he takes out the power stone and goes to hit captain america but black widow jumps up and hits him in the face, he swings at black widow knocking her down but shes still able to move. cap bounces his shield hitting thanos face first and he gets disorientated, thor and hulk rush in and hold thanos down, hawkeye launches an arrow at his chest and it electrocutes him and cap rushes in throwing blows at thanos's face with pure anger...cap is about to land a final blow and everything turns red. cap looks infront of him realizing that it wasn't thanos that was beating up...it was ironman and thanos appears behind them using the reality stone...he then teleport's away with the space stone. tony barely breathing says "i tried yelling at yous to stop and i know you didn't mean to, let my legacy go on" tony passes away and cap is on his knees crying and all the other avengers are standing in shock. The next scene pepper is in her house and she hears the door bell ring, she goes to open the door and its steve standing with his head down and says "im sorry, ill get that bastard back and i don't care if it takes me all day"

tell me if this is good or not and if you'd make modifications or if you have a sadder way he can die. im also sorry for not making this sound that amazing because im not like an author or anything and im pretty bad at english lol

just a few callouts...

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@xegod: It’s bad, only because it’s a massive slab of text, no grammar or punctuation.

So if you don’t care about the presentation, why should we read it? It could be AWESOME but until it’s written up in a readable format ai won’t know.

When you do, AT me please and I’ll read it

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well I mean I could go so many ways. He could warp reality so as to have them all fight themselves. But this is why you need the Silver Surfer because he would say. Sorry gang but not today. Then use the power cosmic to do help fight that action. To every action, you have an equal and opposite reaction. Like with magic you have Dr Strange and with the powers cosmic or the infinity stones, you have the Silver Surfer.

Always a master of the arts someplace around when you need them. The warping of reality could be stopped if Dr. Strange took them to the mirror dimension thus the stones would stop working because they only work in the one dimension. Makes one wonder why he did not do that. However, Thanos is still a badass fighter so you would have to have your warriors with you. Food for thought is all but good form Peter good form.

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Yeah, @ me too once you fix your grammatical errors please. Thank you.