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2200 Colorado John Walker's Stronghold

He was freezing when he woke, it startled him, it felt like two seconds. The Cyro Chamber seal opened letting the freezing young man to collapse to his knees before an Adamantium vault. He remembered his Father working on it with William. He placed his palm on the scanner for the Vault.

"Jeremy Walker. Access Granted." A female, yet still robotic voice replied to the printing of his hand. His eyes wondered and he found a Holographic Projector alone, and damaged before his feet. He picked it up from the ground and examined it's errors. He never was good at fixing things, but this looked simple. Jeremy looked around the small, and destroyed lab for anything useful. He knew time had passed, but he didn't know how much time. It could have been 10, to 100. 162. That was how many years he had been in that chamber. Jeremy in frustration slammed his fist onto the Hologram Projector, surprisingly activating it. An image of John Walker appeared, in blue color.

"Jeremy, when you get this, I am assuming you will have already arrived in the year 2200." At that moment, Jeremy fought all of his tears and clenched his fists. He punched the wall violently and angrily. "You have to save everyone from this reality... And You couldn't be around in this time to do it, It's called the element of Surprise. And that is something us Soldiers love." Jeremy could tell that his father was holding back his tears the same as Jeremy was. "But you are more than a Soldier, You are a hero, You are My son. Listen, I have to go, but remember this. I won't ever be truly gone." Jeremy collapsed as the Hologram shut off. He buried his head in his palms and shed tears of anger and hatred...


Jeremy searched through the weakened stronghold, finding all that he could, Nothing really. Jeremy knew he had to Honor his Father, and The Way to do that was going to Ferrum in New York City. He grabbed the equipment he would need for his journey, it was pretty simple. A couple of Disrupter Grenades, Combat Knife, and an Energy Pistol. Jeremy walked his way out of the Stronghold which sat in a Cave, resting until he awoke. It just didn't make any sense, Why this year? What was so important about this certain year? It all didn't hook together, and it was up to Jeremy to find out.

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Jeremy took the normal route he would to leave, but found it to be sealed off with a large metallic wall with a small doorway, which needed a code to be opened. Jeremy ran his hands through his blonde hair in Frustration. He attempted to hack the code but had no luck. He then sighed and looked to His Energy Pistol, which not until a few seconds later was aimed at the lock and fired. The Door opened and Jeremy looked out of the cave he once fought in and stared at the large city of Denver. It had grown since he last seen it, then again that was 162 years ago. "What in the hell happened?" He said and began to make his way to a cargo carrier which transported Tech from all of the United States to Ferrum. It took Jeremy awhile to learn what it was, but when he found out he sprinted even faster, chasing after the large flying carrier. He leaped out before it reached a higher elevation and caught a hold of the carrier, it lifted him high and it made him sick. Jeremy hated Heights. The Young Walker pulled himself up to see large amounts of Tech, in amazement he looked around at the items. He scanned the Iron Soldier Armor, they had improved a lot since he encountered one last. A door shut behind him closing off any openings in the Carrier.

One Day Later

The Cargo carrier zoomed at a high speed the entire day, with Jeremy inside in the shadows. Finally they arrived at Ferrum and large robotic figures began to unload cargo. He scanned the area just as the machine he was hiding behind was going to be lifted, revealing his presence, he threw One of his Grenades in the distance, shutting all the power off in the entire building, of course with the help of the rest of the five. Now was his Chance. Jeremy sprinted out with his Energy Pistol already unholstered.

Ferrum Containment Center

"Robert, supply us with all the Energy you can, We are having a minor Power outage, We don't want things to go bad before our guest arrives!" Professor Brown said with a chuckle. Robert was starting to like it. He focused his energy and his body lit up once more, a bright blue. He held his hands out and zapped a power circuit that Robert was taken too by Professor Brown. The building lit up again, bringing light all throughout the Building once more.

Ferrum Storage Facility

Jeremy was alerted at the power turning back on, but only meant that he had to speed it up. He looked to the area and found nothing, Nothing but An old suit which once belonged to Captain America and Photon Shield. Jeremy equipped the suit without hesitation. He stood tall in the Storage Facility and wore it proud. Jeremy latched the Photon shield's energy source around his wrist and activated it.

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Iron Soldiers quickly invaded the building and blasted at Jeremy who quickly deflected it with his shield. Jeremy leaped out of the way of another blast.

"Get your Starkin' butt over here!" The Iron Soldier commanded as another opened fire.

"No thanks." Jeremy said and charged one of the Iron Soldiers who continued to blast at Him. Every shot was deflected by the Shield and led to the Iron Soldier taking a hard blow to the head from it. The soldier's crimson Visor shattered, and continued to be beaten down by Jeremy, who was then punched off by another soldier. He wiped blood from his nose and stood up facing five Iron Soldiers, who stood right in front of him. "Bring it." Jeremy challenged, with his Shield readied.

WILL BE CONTINUED IN "Lethal Legion #1"

(I know what you are thinking! WHAT?! TWO COSTUME CHANGES IN ONE STORY!? Oh, it wasn't? Well then... ENJOY!)

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@DickGrayson: It's good. You do need to edit some of your fandom capitals eg: @DickGrayson said:

Soldier. He wiped blood from his nose and stood up facing Five Iron Soldiers

It's good but you will probably have to elaborate why John Walker knew to freeze his son and have him 'appear' in the future. Doesn't have to be long but since USAgent didn't have psychic powers back in 2012...see what I mean, but maybe you've got that under control.

Now how fast is Jeremy? Coz the US is roughly 3000 miles coast to coast so he runs at around (by basic maths) 125 miles per hours! Pretty darn fast, not Quciksilver but still.

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@batkevin74: He was in a cargo carrier, a flying cargo carrier which dropped shipments and had to make a stop at ferrum. Then with the John walker thing, you will have to see.

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@batkevin74: I also edited the story for you! :) And for me, of course.

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It flows better now. Great start for the new U.S. Agent

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@DickGrayson: Good job! Have to work out how to get USAgent and Corporal America to essential swap clothes

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@joshmightbe: Thanks I try my best, This might change your impersonation of me, or you might have expected it, but I am only thirteen and it is hard to try to fit in with you Pro's haha.

@batkevin74: Send me a PM sometime if you want the USAgent suit change now, I want Jeremy to have this suit for awhile considering he just got it, maybe until Part 7

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@DickGrayson: You're a much better writer than I was at 13

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@joshmightbe: Thanks, I started writing on Facebook for a Roleplay Page. I still do occasionally but I try to focus more on here.