Introduction to the Nightwind (Issue # 1)

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                 Hello Guys!! So I'm gonna be posting blogs about my story: The Nightwind. Please support my blogs. 
Sorry I'm no  good at this because its my first time. But please enjoy this little introduction :) : 
                 The night, gives me power, speed, agility, and so much more.I'm the Nightwind, a protector. But other 
than being a hero, I have other sidelines. I'm Aries Grun, A waiter. Sometimes I wonder where I got my powers. 
Maybe I'll find the answers, sooner than I expected... 
 Boy: Help!! 
   (And changes into the Nightwind ) 
Kidnapper: Be a nice Kid Okay!? 
Kid: HELP!! Please don't hurt me sir! 
Kidnapper:Shut up!!  
Nightwind:(as he appears like a wind slowly) Don't touch him. 
Kidnapper: What the!? 
And Nightwind punched the kidnapper 
It happened  like a snap!!! 
Kidnapper: Please don't kill me!! 
Nightwind: I don't Kill people. I just bring FEAR to them 
 The next day....... 
In a news paper headline: 
    Kidnapper stopped by a mysterious man! 
 This is me, Aries Grun, The Nightwind. 
It still has wrong grammars and misplaced words in it but please enjoy!! :D 
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