Interactive Zombie Apocolypse: Part 1

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Do you have what it takes to last in a Zombie Apocalypse? Live through 1 of 6 different survivors, if you made it to the end of your story, you are a true survivor.


Personality: Funny, people person, kind, and helpful.

Pros: Handyman (Fixes broken tools, objects, and weapons.), creates alliances easily, gets more from traders than other survivors.

Cons: Not strong at all and is afraid of spiders.

Weapon of Choice: Pipe and Bat


Personality: Cool, laid back, and gothic.

Pros: She is a self-acclaimed witch; she is able to conjure up potions that allow her to protect herself and provide minor offense.

Cons: Her spells will sometimes backfire and be a major disadvantage.

Weapon of Choice: Wand and potions.


Personality: Extremely insane, murderer, and terrorist.

Pros: He is an excellent fighter and can tear through zombies with pleasure.

Cons: He is constantly exiled from communities due to this nature and can miss out on great opportunities.

Weapon of Choice: Machete


Personality: Devious and a great strategist.

Pros: Will do anything to get supplies.

Cons: Her plans sometimes have major gaps in them that are exploited.

Weapon of Choice: Pocket Knife, Trip Wire, and a lighter.


Personality: Serious and leader like.

Pros: He is an extremely good leader, many will rally under him.

Cons: Will leave a survivor in a heartbeat, this will cause some members to defect from the group.

Weapon of Choice: Pistol


Personality: Rude, stern, and spiteful.

Pros: She knows trouble when she sees it she’ll kill someone who’s bound to stir up trouble.

Cons: Almost everyone she comes past hates her, making almost no one want to trade with her on join her group.

Weapon of Choice: Rifle