Injustice Gang: Return.

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(Shazam, Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, Robin and Prometheus all belong to DC comics.) 


                The conspirators stood in a half circle. They all looked at the once mighty Shazam. Shazam was sitting in a large throne. He didn’t look quite as mighty as usual, drool fell from his lips, his eyes were empty of thought. “How did you get him like this? Even I couldn’t think of a plan…” One conspirator asked another. The other conspirator was in plain view; he was a tall, muscled man wearing a lab coat. “It’s simple; I’ve mastered the Science of magic.” He explained. The other man nodded, stepping into the light revealing his face. “So you can make him do anything we want?” Lex Luthor asked. The man in lab coat nodded. “Your wish is his command.” He said with a smirk. Lex Luthor grinned. “Well then, let’s start.”

                Superman flew towards the burning building. Using his ice breath he quickly put out the fire. He smiled down at the cheering citizens of Metropolis. Suddenly he heard a loud alarm, or at least it was loud to him. Superman’s hearing allowed him to hear sirens from across continents. This alarm seemed to be coming from one of the old Lexcorp warehouses, not a good sign. Superman flew to the warehouse, ready to face whatever old weapon Luthor had surely left there. As Superman flew into the warehouse though one of the windows he was surprised to see the source of the alarm. “I think you might be getting old Superman.” Lex said with a smug smile. “I remember a time when you would have arrived here twice as fast.”  Superman glared down at Lex. “What do you want Lex?” He asked, not hiding the anger in his voice. Lex Luthor was one of the few people Superman truly hated. Luthor grinned. “Just wanted to tell you one thing.” He said. Superman checked Luthor for weapons with his x-ray vision, nothing. “What Lex?” Superman asked. Lex’s grin widened. “Shazam.” He said and a bolt of lightning blasted down though the warehouse roof and hit Lex. Superman was   throw back by the lightning’s power. He was smashed though the warehouse, he landed outside. Luthor exited the warehouse. He was now wearing the uniform of Captain Marvel and was clearly much more muscled. He flew at Superman, knocking him into the air before he could defend himself. “To think, this whole time I’ve tried to stop you with one of your weaknesses.” He said slamming his fist into Superman’s stomach. “When all I need to do was use another.” He threw Superman to the ground. Superman hit the ground, creating a huge crater, he groaned in pain. “What’s wrong Superman?” Lex asked stopping on Superman’s chest. “You don’t like fighting someone on your own level?”   Superman tried to get up but Lex continued to stomp on him. “And don’t think the Bat can save you. He’s taken care of.”

                Gotham was in danger, Batman knew it. His old foe, the Penguin had placed several bombs throughout the city. The Penguin laughed. “Try to stop me and the whole city goes.” He said, ready to trigger the explosives. The police backed away from the Penguin, no one was in the correct position to disable the Penguin before he hit the trigger. No one that is, besides the Dark Knight. One batarang and a few punches later, the Penguin was laying on the ground beaten. “Who’s paying you?” Batman demanded. The Penguin tried to free himself from Batman’s grasp. Not a good idea, he earned himself a jab to the stomach. “This job is too big for you Penguin.” Batman said. “Who hired you?”  The Penguin looked at Batman’s fist and gulped. “Pro…Prometheus.” He said. Batman nodded and turned to the police. “Take care of this trash.” He said. One of the officers nodded and punched Batman in the face. Batman staggered back, surprised. The Cop smiled as his face transformed, revealing him to be Prometheus. “Too easy.” He said with a smile as he rushed to punch Batman. Batman dodged the punch. “You’re right, that was too easy for you.” He said as a batarang slammed into the back of Prometheus’s head. Robin jumped down from his hiding place. “Batman doesn’t always work alone, dufus.”   Robin said with a grin. Before Prometheus could get up Batman quickly shot a small dart into his suit. “Got this from Steel, he said it would take out your system in a few minutes.” Batman explained. Prometheus stood up. “A few minutes?” He asked with a grin. “That’s all the time I need.” Prometheus slammed his elbow into Robin’s face, knocking the boy out. Batman leapt at Prometheus.
To be continued...