Inhuman/Mutant War #3

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New Attilan

Medusa sits in her thrown as every Inhuman is in the room. Everyone is complaining and confuse about the situation. One Inhuman asked, "Why do the mutants want to attack us?" Another asked, "Why did you make the X-Men upset with us?" Medusa looks around to see everyone angry with her. Since she is royalty, she shouts, "QUIET!" Everyone is shut silence, especially Black Bolt (no pun intended). "Inhumans, the mutants declare war on us and we have to fight back or they will destroy us the sacred gift." Crystal steps up and said, "Sis, do you know how powerful the mutant community is? Lorna and Pietro told me how powerful their race are." Medusa walks towards her Inhuman sister and said, "The mutants don't know how powerful the Inhuman community is. We have Black Bolt on our side and other powerful Inhumans, like you." "Thank you." Medusa then turns a hologram. "To begin with," Medusa said. "I'll need Crystal, my sister, to take down Storm." "WHAT?" Crystal shouted. "You know how powerful Ororo is? She can freakin' destroy New Attilan in her sleep." "That's why I choose you." Medusa looks at Black Bolt and Johnny Storm, "Johnnny and Black Bolt, I have a list of mutants that you need to take care of. Like Magneto and Iceman."

Outside of New Attilan, Magneto and Lorna Dane are seen outside of New Attilan, hovering over it. "I can't believe Ororo put me in charge," Lorna said with a smile. "The only reason why she put you in charge because she trusts you more than me," Magneto said. Polaris then starts the countdown. "Three, two, one, NOW!" Magneto and Polaris both uses twenty-five percent of their power to get rid of the magnetic disruptor in New Attilan. Inside the thrown room, Gorgon asked, "What the hell was that?" Crystal then pulls up the camera fees in New Attilan. "It's Magneto and...oh's Lorna!" "Another one that can help us. Inferno and Iso, can you go and intervene those two?" Medusa asked. "Sorry, Queen, but Magneto and that hot chick block the openings. And if we were to try to fight them, they will murder us." Inferno said. Polaris and Magneto then rip New Attilan in half, opening the Throne Room. Crystal hovers in the air to try to talk to her friend and her former sister-in-law. "Lorna, why are you doing this," Crystal said with compassion. "Because, I'm not going to live in a world where humans already hate my people and can't even go outside because of some green fart," Polaris explained. "It's not green fart, it's Terrigen and it is everything to me," Crystal said in anger. "Well, this everything to you is KILLING ME!" Polaris said as her eyes turn to a glowing green color. Crystal then summons the air to her bidding to attack her former friend, but a metal debris hits her, causing Crystal to fall. "You dare try to attack my daughter," Magneto said. Gorgon then catches Crystal. "You dare attack my sister. Black Bolt." As Black Bolt is about to scream, lightning and rain appear out of nowhere. "I won't do that if I was you, Black Bolt." Storm said as she hovers with the wind and rain. "I cause the air around you to be no more, so you can't even say "bye." Storm said. "Ororo, let's just talk about this. We can just build a safe shelter for mutantkind, giving them..." "NO!" Lightning appears in the sky as Storm speaks. "I won't be treated like a puppet, I've been a puppet all my childhood. I won't let my people be pushed around by people who came from the Moon. Mutants were doing just fine until you came to everyone's lives. This ends now. ILLYANA, NOW!" Every X-Man is seen in the air (the ones who can't fly are on Cerebra). "Mutants won't be treated as puppets."