Inhuman/Mutant War #2

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New Attilan, Hank McCoy's lab Note: Beast went back into his lab after the meeting because he needed to do last minute research and get his stuff. How he went back? Magik teleported him in and she his hidden by her shadow demon. Just to clarify so you won't get confused from the last issue.

The guards of Medusa invaded the lab to capture the mutant known as Beast. "Dr. Hank McCoy, Queen Medusa wants to see you immediately." One of the Inhuman guards said. "Okay." Hank McCoy then takes off his lab coat and followed the guards.

The Throne Room

Beast and the guards are seen in front of the Queen of the Inhumans. "Dr. McCoy, I know you have been working tirelessly to help the mutants and the Inhumans but the mutants are now at war with my people. Did you tell them about the two weeks?" Medusa asked in a commanding voice. "Yes, I did, Queen Medusa." "Why did you? You know this will lead to greater conflict." Beast points his finger at her and raised his voice, "I did what I have to do to warn MY people about the situation. You have no right to choose who lives and who doesn't." Medusa hair started to flow around the place. "I am a Queen of a sovereign country and I do choose who lives and who dies in my country. Guards, ARREST HIM." The Guards slowly walk towards Hank to put him in the cells. Beast's eyes glow a blue color and in a fit of rage, he knocks out three of the Guards. "Johnny!" The Human Torch appears from the shadows and generates a pyro-bolt at Beast, knocking him out. The Inhuman guards pull him up until they hear a female Russians' voice. "Hello, Queen Medusa..." Illyana Rasputin appears out of a stepping disc. " name is Illyana Rasputin, but you may call me Magik. I am the Queen, as you may say, of Limbo. Three words to describe the place: Hellish, demonic, and fun!" The guards run towards Illyana but she created stepping disc at the guards, causing them to go to Limbo. "Hahahaha. That was the funniest thing I ever saw in my life." Human Torch flies straight at Magik but he is knock out by a punch of Magik's. "Johnny, I expected more from you. You know I been touching the hellish fire of Limbo since I was a girl." Magik and Beast slowly walk up towards the Queen and Magik said, "You know, if I wasn't part of the X-Men, I'll already kill you. But, since I'm the sister of a boy who such a goody two shoes, I'll let you live...for now." Magik puts her soulsword up in the air. "So long, Lady Big Hair." Beast and Magik then teleport out of the country. Medusa opens up an Inhuman group call and shouts, "I WANT EVERY INHUMAN IN NEW ATTILAN, NOW!"


The X-Men wait until Illyana and Hank appear. "Hank, you got your stuff?" Storm asked. "I forgot to because they quickly took me out of my lab." Illyana then pulls out a microscope and a tube with blood. "I got this science stuff," Illyana said, holding it in the air. "BELLA!" Hank said, running up to his microscope. Hank then grabs his microscope and hugs it. "Weird," Quentin said to Jubilee. "I know," Jubilee said. "Ororo, Medusa seem very furious. I won't be shocked when she brings every Inhuman to fight us, especially Black Bolt." "Black Bolt is the least of my worry." Walking towards Storm is David Haller and Ruth Aldine. "We have two game-changing players in this war." Storm said. Every mutant in X-Haven walks out and Storm said, "For mutantkind, we fight to get rid of Terrigen RIGHT NOW!" Storm's eyes are shocking with blue electricity.