Immortality: Tales of the Undead- The L/V Word

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Note- This is the nineteenth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

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Immortality: Tales of the Undead- The L/V Word

Being sad can be the worst thing ever happened to Cassie. But what was much worse is that her girlfriend, Ashley got killed by an angry mob. This happened a few weeks ago. According to the news bulletin, the hatemongers have crashed a lesbian party, and killed several women, including teenage girls, who were having a break from high school or college. Cassie couldn't help thinking of her beloved girlfriend. Most of the time, she had dreams about her. Sharing intimacy, and making love. Those were the days of romance.

Romance is not just something you can live forever. Of course, there is a saying goes, "Live happily, ever after." But for Cassie, this kind of romance was forbidden. Her parents were prettified about the idea of loving another girl. At first, the mother thought that Ashley and Cassie were just friends. Until one night, after coming back from grocery shopping, the mother had noticed the hotness between the two girls. They had kissed each other on the lips.

The mother was furious, and told Cassie not to see Ashley again. Cassie didn't listen. She never listened to her mother. At times, she rambled about things on her own way. The father didn't say anything. Even though he was the man of the house, he had nothing else to say.

On the road to New York City, Cassie had just run away from home. To be correct, she drove away. Her father brought an BMW for her birthday present, after she got her driver's license. It was the time of need to get out there, having fun with other girls, including Ashley. Ashley, her beloved girlfriend.

New York can be dangerous. Cassie had no idea where she wanted to stay, or whether she can afford a temporary place. She had savings, which she pulled from her bank account. She used to work at Tim Horton's, part-time. Just stood there, ordering food and drinks. The job was boring to her. Boring as hell.

Cassie exited the highway, and came across a gas station. She filled the gas to her car. It wasn't that cold outside. But she brought some jacket to wear in case, if it gets too cold. The weather channel stated that a raging storm is about to approach. Standing there, and waiting for the storm won't help her forget Ashley's murder. She needed to move out to another city, away from her family and... the angry mob. Her parents tried to call her twice or more than that. She couldn't remember. Her thoughts were only on Ashley.

Ashley...Poor Ashley... Her mind was drifting to another world, a world where the same-sex has not strict boundaries. Attachments and love-making was not a problem. No policies against same-sex marriage. Everyone was happy.

The gas got filled up. It was time to get moving. Cassie knew that. If she wanted to stay at some motel, she would have thought of it sooner. She had to call the several motels, asking the price. They were pretty expensive these days. She could try to sleep in the car for a while. No problem. Just sleep in the car, and sleep tight before the storm bites. Speaking of bites, she was hungry.

She went inside the gas station, and brought a bar of snickers, her favorite chocolate. She took a bite out of it, and drove away. The storm was about to approach. It might be too late for Cassie to reach New York City. She had no other choice. She has to stay in the motel.

While driving, she browses through the internet on her phone. Making sure that she could find the right price to stay at the motel. She wasn't supposed to browse and drive at the same time, even in an approaching storm like this. Accidents can happen. She thought of suicide. After all, the angry mob were after her. She escaped freely, and reached home, safe and sound. Her parents were still worried about her. They had called the police to stop the mob. Cassie was happy to hear that they finally got caught. But staying at her parents' home wouldn't do any better. That could be the problem, even for the mother to bear her own daughter's sexuality.

She continued driving in the dark night. She noticed a figure standing on the road, which seemed a few minutes from here. She slammed the brakes, making sure not to hit the standing figure.

The figure just stood there. She was completely drenched. Cassie opened the window, and called out to her. She told her to come inside the car.

The figure came inside the car. It was a woman; whose blonde hair was completely wet. She wore a gray hoodie. Cassie looked at her, wondering what kind of woman would stand in the middle of the road. The storm is still brewing outside. It was time to go.

The woman didn't speak much. Cassie introduced herself. She talked about her life and all. But the strange woman still didn't speak. She just looked at Cassie.

There was a sense of disturbance in the air. Cassie couldn't tell what it was. She tried asking the woman's name. No reply. None whatsoever. Cassie gave up, and tried to concentrate on the road.

The heavy rain blocked the front view. Cassie couldn't tell where she was going. The woman held her wrists. Cassie looked at her.

"Stop the car," the woman said. "We can't drive in this heavy rain. Stop the car."

Cassie stopped the car on the right side of the highway. Blaring lights of other cars came into view. The woman looked away, as if she has photo phobia.

For Cassie, the woman finally spoke. She couldn't help thinking that this woman looked like Ashley. Not like coming back from the dead. The women's lips were tainted red. Cassie wasn't sure whether it's lipstick.

"My name is Chloe," the woman introduced herself. She shook hands with Cassie. Cassie, and Chloe. They might make a perfect couple. Chloe's eyes were astounding, even for Cassie. There was something about this strange hitchhiker. Maybe, it was a strong attraction. A few weeks had been passed since Ashley's death, and now Cassie is fatally attracted to Chloe.

Chloe came closer to Cassie. Chloe's breath almost reached Cassie's lips. Cassie almost closed her eyes, as if she got hypnotized. Cassie wanted to stop this unknown attraction. But she couldn't help it. They kissed each other.

It was a strange kiss like no other. Cassie was getting drifted to some dark place. A place where all dead people resided. She stood there, watching the dead men. The men were the ones, who came after Cassie, and Ashley.

Cassie pushed Chloe away. It felt like a dream. Chloe asked her what went wrong. Cassie didn't reply back. She shuddered.

"It's alright," Chloe said. "They won't come after you. Not anymore. I was there, Cassie. I have watched your girlfriend die."

It was supposed to be a shock for Cassie. But none came. She liked the fact that the hatemongers deserved their deaths. All of a sudden, she started to cry. She cried, and cried. She then blames herself for Ashley's death. Chloe comforted her.

"Let's go, Cassie," Chloe said. "I can make you like me. I'll tell you everything. But it's your choice."

Cassie heard the story. She couldn't believe it. It was not possible for her. But now that she had heard the story, she had to make a choice. If that's the case, then she can kill the hatemongers with her bare hands.

The next day, they reached New York City. They lived together in some random apartment, with the help of Chloe's money. Life was beautiful for Cassie. She changed her phone number, so that her parents wouldn't call her. She had a good job, working as a part-time librarian. Whereas Chloe started working at Tim Horton's. Cassie hated that job, but she didn't mind her new girlfriend working there. They only work night-shifts.

In nightly weekends, the two lovebirds flew through the air, looking for blood.

The End

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