Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Night Warriors

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Note- This is the sixteenth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

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Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Night Warriors

If you want my advice, I would stay out of this blood bank for good. These days, I've been living the dream. Not to say that I really enjoy this job. But I had to support myself. No money, no living. That's the catch here. I hate living this dream.

But it's not a dream. It's been real. I have been summoned to guard the blood bank from nasty little creatures...Sorry, not little. But quite big if you ask me. I had been on duty for several nights. No able to eat much, just drink a lot of black coffee. But the creatures...They're pretty nasty. They can bite you, if you're not careful enough.

Speaking of the dream, I never thought of the existence of vampires. Who would ever know that they existed hundreds of years ago. My partner, the young stud- not being gay here, didn't realize itsy-bitsy fact that the vampires were real.

Well, they're real right now, and that's just about it. You see, the thing goes is like this. If you want to guard the bank from these ugly creatures of the night, you have to stay on guard. If you're feeling sleepy, then you'll get fired, if you're going to survive the night. They are a lot...a lot of vampires on this country, my friend. It's not just the country, it's the whole darn world. People will laugh at that. Jesus Christ. We're talking vampires here for God's sake. It's not like angels coming from heaven, singing songs, praising the Lord the Almighty of the Holy Church, the Heavens, and the Earth. These are creatures... big, ugly, clever creatures who would come and eat you up. Sorry, drink your blood. They're not zombies, by the way. They'll drink your blood until the very last drop. Then you will drop dead like a fly whose life has been whisked away. Yep. That's what is going to happen here. My partner and I have to be very, very careful about this job.

Being careful is not too bad. My partner, Davis sure has guts, but he's pretty new here. I taught him the basics of Vampire 101. We have guns, but we don't have ordinary bullets. We have silver bullets, wooden bullets, garlic bullets. Oh yeah, garlic bullets. Don't ask me whose idea that was. A scientist can come up with a silly idea like that. Once you shoot the bloodsucker, the garlic comes out of the bullet. It's like spraying the gas from the canister. God-awful smell, if you ask me. We do like garlic bread, but they smell bad for vampires.

Davis has a wife and child. He took this job, so he can support them. His wife wanted him to quit because she knew the job was dangerous. And that the vampires will come after him and me, of course. But I have a lot of experience. I get worried about Davis all the time. Like I've said, he's pretty new here.

Davis took another cup of coffee. I took the other. We stood all night long, waiting to see if the vampires arrive to steal the human blood from the bank. The Helsing Family have hired us to do the job. They're the ones, who're paying the money to us. Rick folks. Long, Long time ago, they're the descendants of Abraham Van Helsing, who have inherited vast amounts of fortune, and it is to this day that the rich family have maintained their status quo in killing vampires. But you see, some of them are not vampire hunters. Nope. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, you name it. Jesus Christ. How's that for a living? I once met a pretty woman, who offered me this job from the get-go. She was very pretty. I have to admit that I almost had an erection there. But it wasn't. Maybe, I was too old to have erections. I'm 55 years old. No erections. Darn it. Those young days are long gone. But here comes the funny part though. If I had an erection, I would ask the pretty woman for a date.

So yeah, I've been at this job for fifty years. Fifty years! Can you believe it? I wonder if Davis is going to survive the night. Last time, I've heard that the security guards in other banks were dead. Most likely, there were killed, or bitten, or been turned into vampires. That scares me. I'm too old for this, and I thought maybe it’s time I should retire from this job. Maybe, not yet. I don't think 55 is the right age to retire. But I'm getting there. God, I just wish I had an erection.

"Hey, Mack," Davis said, pointing outside the bank. "It's the Donut Boyz." I looked at the front door, watching the car parked on the front of the bank. Yes, the Donut Boyz. They're the delivery boys, who deliver donuts all night long. Even days too. But this time is crucial, and I'm very, very hungry. I'm not sure about Davis too. But he looks like he is.

The Donut Boyz came to the front of the building. They walked inside. Two boys, in fact. They wore some nice T-shirts, and baggy pants, like they were hoodlums or DJs. Are these the Donut Boyz? Don't know, don't care. I'm darn hungry.

The Donut Boyz were both black. One of them, was holding the box of 12 donuts. Davis looked at the box, as if he wanted to eat all of them. I only needed two. That's my main course of the dish. I handed out the cash to the Donut Boyz. One of them said, "Thanks, see you all," and then they went. The Donut Boyz are gone, delivering the rest of the donuts on the back of their seats.

Davis took a bite of the donut. Along with it, he drank the black coffee. I told him, if he can continue to work here. Just to see if he was afraid.

"I ain't quitting, Mack," Davis said. "I ain't no quitter. I don't care what my wife says. I've told her, it's all good."

"Are you sure?" I said to him. "You know that this job is riskier than an astronaut landing on the moon."

Davis looked at me, as if I made a joke. In my time, not a lot of astronauts go to space. But I can't help wonder if vampires will attack them in space. I've checked the news bulletins. Nope. No vampires attacking astronauts. Can vampires survive in space?

"I work my butt for this job, Mack," Davis interrupted my way of thinking. "You know I am. I ain't quitting."

Davis was right for one thing. Quitting is not an option. But there are other jobs out there. Maybe, he should look for some of them, if he gets injured by a vampire. God, I hope he doesn't get injured.

It's 2:00 am. I washed my face with cold water. Sometimes, I get dizzy all of a sudden. Maybe, it's the old age. Yeah, a lot of old people are getting dizzy these days. Alzheimer's'? No. It's the loss of energy. Sores, backaches, headaches. God. How many things we have to suffer? I wish I could retire. I don't think retire is the right word for it. I'm thinking to quit. Once this job is done, maybe I'll tell the pretty woman to quit. How's that for irony?

A loud sound was being heard outside the building. Davis rushed to the washroom. He told me that the bloodsuckers have finally arrived. Oh yeah. Time for blood-shooting. Get it? Blood-shooting?

Davis and I loaded out our guns. The vampires broke through the glass windows. I'm pretty sure Davis had garlic bullets on him. I have silver bullets. It doesn't matter what bullets we have. As long, we kill these bloodsuckers.

"Let's go and get them," I said. With utter confidence, I shot them through their chests. Mainly, it’s the heart that counts. The main weakness. Kinda like the brain for the zombies. Last time, I've heard if you blow the vampire's head off, it will come back. No kidding. These are different kind of vampires here. I know because I have the experience. The pretty woman gave me all the details. All the details, and no erection. Sigh.

Davis gave a round of shots to their heads. I looked at him, and told him to shoot their hearts. Not to waste any bullets. Because they are everywhere.

We stood back a bit further. We kept shooting, and shooting. Loads of bullets flying through. The vampires screamed in agony. I remember killing it for the first time, when I was young. First day on the job. Jesus Christ. It was a long time ago. Fifty years. Long time...

We ran out of bullets. I've told the young stud to get some more from our locker rooms. Yeah, the bank has locker rooms for security guards at this special kind of night. No bullets, no blood-shooting.

A vampire flew over me. He was about to get Davis. I stabbed his back with a wooden cane. There goes my old-walking friend. I'll have to buy another one before I die. God knows I needed one. I can feel the bones on my legs staring to break. Help me, Lord.

I went to the locker room, looking to see that Davis is loading the bullets. He handed me extra. Loaded them up. Clack! Here we go. More blood-shooting.

The wind died down, and the vampires were out. All night long... I remember that song. Who was that singer again? God, I don't remember. Anyways, the vampires are dead, for now.

We were about to report the news to the pretty lady. But a new horde of vampires have just arrived at the bank. They all stood there, staring at us.

Oh boy. Talk about a lot of them. Well, I guess the night is not over. Not just yet. I pray that we survive. I wonder how many special bullets we have here. But I pray to God that we survive. After all, we are the Night Warriors.

The End

Next Story- Daylight.