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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Note- This is the tenth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Merry V-Mas

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It was the time of Christmas Eve. People were singing outside the houses in the snowy streets of London. The others went shopping, bought gifts for their families, and had great lunches, and dinners on the food table. Many people enjoy their own Christmas spirit and some didn’t. Sometimes, children often believed that there is an actual Santa Claus riding his reindeer cart through the sky and hopping to each of the houses, entering the chimneys, and pouring beautiful gifts near the Christmas tree. But some of the children didn’t actually believe in such fairy tales. There was one girl who didn’t believe, yet his brother always believed in Santa Claus.

The brother and sister slept on the bed mattresses with their warm blankets and near to the once fireplace. They were waiting to see if the Santa Claus would actually come at this time of night. But the sister felt it was a waste of time, wanting to go upstairs in her own room and sleep like every kid on the house block. The brother gets excited when he hears the Christmas Eve is near and the great Santa would give presents to good kids. The brother had been a good kid alright, which he made sure that he never did a bad thing in his whole life. All the other kids were kind of doing the same thing. Who knows if the naughty kids won’t able to receive their favorite gifts from Santa? Christians never believed in Santa, yet they still celebrate the wonderful Christmas spirit.

The brother slept on a separate bed mattress away from his sister. He asked her what kind of gift she would want to get from the great Santa Claus. The sister didn’t say anything and just want to sleep, and forget about the whole Santa business. The brother knew she was truly a skeptic and always finds a chance to convince her about the existence of Santa Claus. The sister slept over to the other side, facing outside the window. The snow come dropping down from the white sky, which became beautiful for the young girl. The brother also looked at the outside window, hoping that Santa Claus would come any time soon.

It was the dead of night and the whole town in London became quiet. The parents slept on their beds while the brother and sister were still awake down the guest room. The brother couldn’t stop thinking of the great Santa Claus. “I wonder what kind of gifts he would give it to me,” he said. The high range of excitement was still locked in his mind.

The sister doesn’t know why she couldn’t sleep. Maybe, it’s that she also wondered the existence of Santa Claus could be true. She wanted to believe in his brother, saying such fairy tales. But Santa wasn’t a fairy tale. There was news which mentioned that Santa did come to several houses and brought gifts without waking up the children. The next day, the children were happy to receive their gifts and their parents couldn’t be more surprised of what they saw. It became almost a miracle even for some families whom they couldn’t afford to buy gifts.

The brother and sister went back to their sleep. The sound erupted from the clock tower of London. Every store, houses, and other buildings were closed off. The rest of the town citizens almost finished decorating their Christmas tree and felt it was time to sleep. Even though there was some quietness around the town, some people stayed awake to watch their favorite hockey game, which was being played from another country.

The brother and sister slept quietly on their bed mattresses besides the quite, dusty fireplace. Their Christmas tree was already decorated and now the wait is here. A dream came upon the brother where he sees Santa Claus coming down the chimney. The rough sound made some of the rocks piling down into the fire logs. The brother suddenly woke up, thinking that Santa Claus had finally arrived. He quickly woke up his sister by calling out her name. The sister woke up a bit, her eyes were opening slightly. She turned around to face her brother.

“What is it, brother?” the sister asked.

“Shhh!” the brother whispered. “Can you hear it? I think Santa is coming.”

The sister also heard the sound coming from the chimney. She must be thinking that some kind of robber would enter the house and steal their precious goods or even kidnap them. She wanted to get up soon but the brother insisted that they should pretend to sleep and that Santa could put their gifts silently to the Christmas tree.

The two kids carefully closed their eyes and sometimes leave their eyes open slowly to see the incoming Santa. A giant brown bag just fell down on the burnt logs. The struggling sound of the Santa’s legs came rushing through the chimney like a hard crevasse. His legs has reached finally down the end of the logs and his upper body sort of got stucked. The great Santa pushed all his might through the chimney and dropped like a bombshell. He took the brown bag and carefully put it on the smooth wooden floor. He crossed over the logs and came out as comfortable as a human being. But Santa didn’t turn to be a human being, although he might look like one. His lowered face was white as a pale, thin horse that anyone would ride on its back, hopefully winning the big race. The white beard covered his lowered chin and the half of his white lips. He looked like a frozen statue, yet he was fat and strong and had all the clothing what Santa would always wear.

The sister opened the half of her eye, trying to see the Santa Claus. But she felt this Santa wasn’t the one whom her brother expected to be. Maybe, the big, old and fat Santa got the frostbite from outside the harsh, snowy weather. The brother gave off his smile and realizing it was the real Santa Claus, not even knowing it would be since his facial features looked a bit different than the Santa Claus he had seen in some children’s books. He wanted to get up from the bed mattress and hug Santa like any child would receive in the big shopping malls. But he had to wait until Santa leaves the house.

“Oh, this is wonderful,” the brother thought. “I cannot wait to see what gifts he bought for me.”

The sister still thought of the strange-looking Santa. Santa took out two presents from his bag, and put them aside the Christmas tree. The sister raised herself up a little to check what kind of present that the Santa just put near the tree. But Santa felt the presence of someone who woke up at this hour. He turned around and looked at the two kids, sleeping on their bed mattresses. His eyes turned red, which made the sister’s shiver bumped a little. The brother saw the uneasy look on his sister’s face. He thought the sister had sensed something wrong. Santa came towards the children, realizing that they weren’t asleep.

“HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Santa said in his eerie, loud voice, yet the parents didn’t hear the sound from their beds, upstairs.

The two kids finally woke up from their bed mattresses, staring at the great Santa Claus.

“Santa!” the brother said excitingly. But the sister didn’t seem to be excited to see Santa at all. She felt there was something wrong here. Or it could be a dream for all she knows. She had to wake up and find out anyways.

“I sensed you both weren’t asleep,” the white, pale-looking Santa said.

The two kids knew he was right because Santa did have magical abilities. But this Santa felt entirely different, so dark that his eyes were turning red and then back to normal as any human eye. The sister thought that her brother must be stupid enough not to notice his strange, scary appearance.

“What’s the matter, young child?” Santa asked in front of the sister.

The sister looked carefully at his eyes. His eyes turned red all of a sudden like some blood was about to pour out.

“Are you really Santa?” the sister asked.

The brother looked surprised of what she had just said right now. “Of course he is Santa, sister,” the brother said. “Look at him.”

Santa stared at the young girl’s face, thinking that she might be skeptical in believing the existence of Santa. His eyes went wide enough that he walked closer to the young girl.

“Why do you ask? Is it really hard to believe?”

The sister didn’t answer. But she knew that this Santa was not really the good creature who comes from the North Pole and showering presents to each of the houses. There was darkness in his eyes, yet he did have all the similar features of a Santa Claus.

“You’re not Santa,” the sister said.

“What? I’m not Santa?” Santa said in an almost confused way.

The brother immediately went over to his sister. “How could you not believe he is Santa? What are you thinking?”

“You’re stupid, brother. He’s not really Santa. Santa Claus doesn’t have a white face and red eyes. Can’t you see?”

The brother looked at Santa’s striking features, yet somehow he still believed it was Santa. He knows that person who came under the roof, entering their house was the actual Santa Claus.

But Santa Claus showed a slight grin from his face. He laughed out loud that no one could hear his evil laugh only except for the two kids. The strange laughter made the brother’s jaw slightly open wide.

Santa held the young girl’s arms and snatched her away while the brother stood on the wooden floor. He shouted for his sister who cried for help and told Santa to stop taking her. But Santa didn’t listen.

“Your sister is a very naughty girl, young child,” Santa said. “She doesn’t believe in me. For that reason, I will take her to my domain.”

The evil Santa put the small girl inside the bag and tied it with a heavy rope. He carried the bag on his right shoulder when the brother came up behind him like a hopping rabbit.

“Please! Do not take my sister! Please! Take me instead!”

Santa Claus turned his scary-looking face towards the young boy. A group of white fangs came out from the four sides of his mouth. There came a shock that strucked upon the brother’s eyes. He realized now that this creature wasn’t Santa Claus.

The Santa crossed over the logs and jumped up through the chimney like a kangaroo. The brother looked out the window, watching Santa hopped from one house to the other and later disappeared into the white, heavy snow.

Years later, the brother has now grown into a young, handsome man. He had two kids and his wife, opening the gifts in the next Christmas Eve. The brother sat on his chair, recalling what happened that faithful, horrible night. His sister was taken away by the evil and not merely Santa. He wondered whatever happened to his sister now or when she will ever come back. It was a horrible nightmare for the brother, including his parents.

One of the young kids noticed the two presents which were placed inside the glass-sealed cupboard. The boy asked his father regarding the two presents and whether he can open them. But his father disagreed.

“Why, father?” the boy asked.

“You will understand someday,” the father said. He never opened those presents in all these years because he knows whatever Santa bought for them, might turn out to be something unexpected. Maybe, someday those presents can be opened. But for now, the two presents stays on that cupboard for eternity.

As the father stared at the window, where the snows fall down on the heavy snowy road, he regretted what his sister had told him before. Ever since his sister disappeared, he always said this to himself in an endless thought.

“You were right, sister. There is no such thing as Santa Claus.”

The End.

Next Story- Romeo and Juliet.

To be continued in Immortality: Tales of the Undead, Volume 2.

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