Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Daylight

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Note- This is the seventeenth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

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Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Daylight

I often wonder what's like to be human again. A lot of research and hoo-has have come up nothing. Nothing at all. I couldn't stand the fact that being a vampire makes me ill. It does. It often does that to you, when you're a damned creature of the night. A lot of vampires embraced their nature. I didn't. I wanted to. But I didn't. Who cares, anyway? I just want to become human again.

Riding through the hillside, I covered my body with an armour, so the sunlight doesn't burn me up. It happens when you're out in the road, killing humans along the way. The thirst for blood kept pouring through my veins. If you want to know the truth, you wouldn't like it. I have killed thousands of humans. Thousands. Yep. That's a lot of humans right there. I couldn't help the hunger. I just couldn't. What I know is that I would do anything to become human again.

Being human is not the kind of thing that my mother would like. You see, she's a dangerous vampire. A 5000-year-old vampire, flying through the night, sucking blood right under the human noses. She turned me into one, when I was 18 years old. She thought that I could be young enough to be a vampire. But I'm still old. It’s the inside that counts. No matter, how long you're living these days. You're still old. Forget the good, handsome looks for a change.

Speaking of good looks, a lot of girls came right behind me. Sometimes, I didn't want to seduce them. But they came to me anyway. It was lustful. I never had it in me. I had a way with them, then drank their blood. Pure bloodlust.

My mother called me several times. She asked me where I was going. I didn't tell her, because I found out something that can turn me into human again. I just heard one of the scientists, or archaeologists said that a special artifact can turn a vampire into a human being. At first, I was doubtful. Never in my life, that this artifact would change it. I have to find that artifact, and know if it really works.

But there is a problem here. I'm not sure about the side effects though. What happens if the artifact turns me into a human? Will I grow old and die? I'm not sure about it. Still. I'll do whatever it takes. Even if it means the artifact killing me.

A long ride to Mexico. The hot sun, shining through my armor lenses. I hate the idea of wearing this heavy baggage in this long, summer heat. This is why I wanted to be human. I wanted to be naked for a while. Enjoy the beach, the beauties of the ocean. Time flies like hell. Jesus Christ. How I wish my mother didn't turn me into a vampire.

My mother can be cruel sometimes. Sometimes, we... I don't want to say it. But you know how it is. We flew together in the night. Night after night, sucking the blood of the innocence. Even criminals for that matter. Good and bad. Yep. That's the life of a vampire. I'll give you a warning though. Please don't tell me to turn you into a vampire. Because living a vampire life is truly dangerous. I say to all the people. My once, human friends. Poor souls. I had to drink their blood. Lord, help my soul, if I ever had one.

The gas was almost going to go out. The gas station was nearby. I wonder if the owner of the store will think I'm crazy to wear this armour. I didn't care. Not a bit. If he ever makes fun of me, I'll drink his blood, even though I'm not that hungry.

Put the gas in, and off I go. The road to Mexico. It's been a long journey, and I felt it would never stop. I had the map that points to a ruins site. I hope I can find the artifact. Because the scientists were there to examine it. The expedition didn't leave yet. Time is flying, and I don't have the time to wait any longer. Being human is my goal.

After long several nights, of stays and visits to strangers, drinking their blood, I have finally arrived at the site of the expedition. There were tents nearby. Lot of people scattered around the site, examining the artifact. It looked shiny, golden. The summer heat unleashed the sweat on their faces. Dusting the artifact here and there. I stared at it, for quite a long time.

Another ring. It's my mother. Keeps calling and calling. I've told her that I'm just on a roadkill, at least that's the truth. Because the police were after me, after they found out that I killed a bunch of innocent tourists. Thank you, Mom.

I wanted to wait for the right moment. But I was impatient. The shiny object burning in my eyes forced me to take it. It's like a kid drinking juice from a juice box. I only drink blood. But it's time to drink some of that juice.

I killed the scientists, the bodyguards, everyone in the expedition. Nice try, folks. You could have done better. They never thought of how powerful I am. But I won't be powerful once I touched the object.

Again, the object shines through my eyes. I touched it. I don't know if I can remove the armour to make it work. But I still touched it.

Nothing. Nothing happened. I got furious all of a sudden. Maybe, there has to be some kind of chant. But I have researched the artifact myself. There were no chants, description, or scriptures being written on the object. Jesus Christ. What a waste of time. Then I thought of something. I could take the object with me, and have one of the vampire historians examine it. Yeah, I hope he can find out how it works.

Another trip, and this time, it's Atlanta. Nice place, busy roads, and all. My mother kept calling me. I've told her that I'm going to meet a vampire historian named Argus. Argus is the one, who knows all. He keeps himself in the dark, studying the objects from every fact of life. But this object that I'm holding in my hands? How could he forget?

Being human. That explains a lot. Argus probably didn't like it. I don't care. If he doesn't find out the cure, I'm going to kill him. There are no words being truth than that. Killing one of my brethren can be a worst crime ever. No doubt about it. But I would have no other choice.

I reached his location of the building. It was huge and wide like almost a stadium. You would wonder how long Argus can stay here much longer. He's much older than my mother. Way too old, if you ask me.

A knock on the door. There were footsteps being heard. The door opened. Argus gave his wide grin.

"Well hello, Mark," Argus said, recognizing me. He knows that I'm the one, wearing the armour. There are other vampires wearing this kind of suit. But most of them were asleep. It's daylight.

Argus is the not kind of vampire, who would sleep in daytime. Same as me. He had a lot of going on here. Examining the artifacts, just like those humans that I have killed.

"What brings you here?" Argus asked. I told him that I stole the artifact from the ruins site. He stared at it. At first, he would seem disgusted by the fact that this artifact can turn a vampire into a human.

"Listen, Mark," Argus said. "I don't know if this is such a good idea. This artifact..." He stopped right there.

"I don't care, Argus," I said to him. "I need this. The hunger...I can't stand it. I have killed too many people already."

Argus was still quiet. I can give him that. I understand where he comes from. But I have to become human.

"Your mother wouldn't like it," Argus said. "I'm pretty sure..."

"I don't care," I said, interrupting him.

Argus sighed. He finally let me inside the building. "Very well, Mark. But I do hope, you know what you're doing. This artifact... It will completely change you. There's no turning back."

I nodded. I knew the risks, and all. But it's time to end the killing spree.

Hours passed, and Argus didn't have the slightest idea of how to cure my vampire curse. I felt the anger raging inside of me. I held the historian's wrists.

"What's taking so long?" I asked impatiently. Argus didn't reply. Something tells me that he had nothing on his plate.

"I don't know," Argus said. "I have tried everything, the research, and all. Everything. I can't seem to find anything."

"I have no time," I said. "My mother will..."

Another ring. My mother is still calling me.

"Yes, your mother will find out," Argus said. "How else she's going to react what you're trying to do? If I had known how this thing works, I'm not sure if I want to do it."

"You can't or won't?" I said furiously. I didn't have the urge to utter threats against an ancient vampire. He may be too old and powerful, but I'm much stronger than he thinks he is.

"Listen to me, Mark," Argus said. "This is your nature. You should embrace it. But killing everyone for this thing? That's crazier than you will ever get. I was just like you, Mark. I had been searching for answers on how to cure the vampire curse. It was impossible. To this day, I still embraced my nature. I may have killed a long time ago. But I have learned to control my instincts. Unlike you."

This made me angry. After all the time that I spent with him as a kid, he had said this much to me. I held his throat tighter, choking him. Argus looked surprised.

"D... Don't Mark...Your mother...Every vampire...will get you...if you kill me..."

He was right. I couldn't kill him. But I can make it look like a human had killed him.

I twisted his neck. Then I drew a stake out, plunging it in his chest. I couldn't let him live after all the trouble he had went through to making this artifact work. He might spill it out in front of Mom. Jesus Christ, what have I done?

I could have found a human being to do this kind of work. Then again, who knows what the outcome will bring. I called back Mom, and told her a vampire hunter had somehow infiltrated the building, and killed Argus before I arrived.

If my mother had found out, she would be angry. I hate to escape being a vampire fugitive. Imagine every vampire coming to get me, not to mention the vampire hunters.

I don't care. Vampires, or no vampires. I'm stronger than they are. I buried the ashes of Argus, and placed them in the basket. Taking the basket would be a good idea. I wouldn't want to leave it in the building. They can trace the evidence back to me. Then I went back to the artifact. The glinting light shone upon me. I took the object. The sunlight shone through the windows of the building. I passed through them. I didn't feel the slightest burn.

I stopped. I drew the curtains away, and let the sun shining against my body. There were no burns. No pain. Nothing.

It must have worked. But how? Is it because I have touched it earlier? I wasn't sure. I guess I didn't need my armor, after all. But I have to take it back anyways.

I looked at the ashes. I felt bad for killing Argus. If I had known it worked earlier, I wouldn't have killed him. It was a big mistake.

One thing is for sure, that I'm still a vampire. I have not turned into human yet. Or maybe, I'm immune to sunlight. If that's the case, then I don't have to worry about enjoying the beach anymore. The nakedness, and all those human beauties. Yep. Every single one of them, waiting to get bitten.

The End

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