Immortality: Tales of the Undead- A Friend in Need

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Note- This is the eighteenth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

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Immortality: Tales of the Undead- A Friend in Need

Dear Friend,

I am in need for your help. I have been looking everywhere for you. You see, the bullies have attacked me...again. I don't know how much longer it could take. Tried to hit them back, but couldn't. I just wanted you to know that. But if you don't, then it's your fault. You have been my best friend. Heck, we don't even talk much to each other. How's that for a friend?

Ever since, I met you for the first time. I didn't realize what you were. But I do know this. That you ain't human. Nope. You just crawled from someplace, God knows where. I got scared all of a sudden. You were all right. If I hadn't met you, I would have been beaten so many times, that I might end up in the hospital. Or even dead. Thanks to you, I felt safe. Never felt much better in my whole life.

My whole life changed because of you. You were... what can I say... different? I don't know what to call you. Jesus Christ, I don't even know your name. Can you believe that? I forgot to ask your name. Anyways, you were the best. I liked you. A lot. But you don't come in daylight. I can understand that.

I need your help, my dear friend. I can see that you killed a bully of mine. Long time ago, he used to make fun of me. Bad words, this and that. But I never realized that you killed him. Jesus... what can I say? I didn't expect that. I should have told you not to kill him. You could have taught him a lesson... or scare him a bit, so he doesn't have to bully me again.

Anyways, what's done is done. You only killed him... I hope. But the thing is that I wanted you to come and help me. I'm not saying you should kill them. I'm saying that you should scare them. Sure, I wish I could kill them myself. But no. I'm a devout Christian. My parents used to tell me, love your enemies. Jesus Christ. What kind of a world we're living in? How you're supposed to love your enemies when they do something wrong to you? Give them a hug? That's... That's gay. Don't you think?

Please come, my dear friend. I came over to your house. I looked down at the basement to see if you were there. Then I have noticed something out of the ordinary. It looked like a... a coffin. Don't mind my stutter. Ever since I was a kid, I used to stutter. That went away. I'm alright. It's just that I'm scared. You know... I'm not scared of you. It's just... what can I say? It's scary down there to think that you're alone there. All by yourself. What do you eat, anyways? I saw the fridge, and noticed a bunch of jars with red liquid on them. Are those cranberry juices? You know, my grandpa used to tell me, he made lots of cranberry juices in his time. Oh Yeppers. That's the time, I used to drink a lot of cranberry juice. You couldn't imagine how much I had to piss over the farm. Jesus Christ. My mother saw me, and punished me for defiling the land of God. Don't worry. I didn't drink your juice. It would be rude not to ask for permission, since you weren't there.

I have waited for you. I don't know long. It felt like I have waited for a couple of hours. It was daytime. Your coffin was there. It was hard to open. I'm not sure what the coffin was for? Or why you kept it there. Anyways, I have waited for you. You never came. So, I went back home.

Days have passed, and I still got bullied. I tried once hugging them. Guess what they called me. Gay. That's right. GAY! Dear Lord. What the hell I'm going to do? You better come back, quick. I need your help.

Yours sincerely,

John Bamber

The kid wearing the black hoodie, looked at the paper. He crumpled the paper, and then tossed it on the waste basket. It was a long time, that he hanged around with the loser. The hooded kid was just like him. Until one day, he got bitten by a thing. A thing of darkness that just came out of nowhere. The hunger coursed through his veins. Full of cravings. Blood cravings. The kid always has them.

A normal kid wouldn't dare to touch him. Even a kid like John Bamber. He thought about John. Should he listen to the loser? He doesn't have to. He had other places to go. There are other people to look out for, drink their blood. Live the life of an ordinary citizen of sweet, hot Texas. He was careful of the sun. The rising heat almost burned his skin. He had to cover himself from the light. He slept in the coffin like a baby. John Bamber came to his house, and didn't realize he was sleeping the whole time. He had no idea of whom he was messing with. What a Dumbo. It sure beats the hell out of him.

The hooded kid had a name. He sure recalled his name. But it wasn't clear. He knew what he was, and what he can do. But he still couldn't recall his name. The past was gone like the wind. Yes, it was gone all right. What can he do to bring it back? The memories... All were not clear. He knew he had a normal life before he got turned into this... this thing of darkness. He was still craving for blood. He craves and craves.

He imagined having a normal life. John Bamber has a normal life. The hooded kid had the life like everyone else. Life is Life. What can you do about it? You can't do anything. Nothing much else matters. You just kill people. The hooded kid knew that. He learned the outcome of it. What does it matter to him? Did he care about John? He wasn't sure. He didn't talk much to him. Why should he care?

He stepped out of his home, walking down the streets. The cold wind blew half of his face. Along the way, the drunkards looked at him. They laughed. The hooded kid didn't do anything. He didn't want to create a scene. If he did, it would have been a bloodbath. He planned to kill a single human. One by one.

He reached John's home. John must be sleeping at this time of night. The hooded kid threw a rock at the window. Several throws, and John finally woke up. He opened the window. He smiled.

John and the hooded kid hang around at the farm. The hooded kid mentioned to John that he read the letter. He says that he will not kill the bully. Finally, he had said something. John was not surprised.

Now John didn't have to worry about anything. In fact, he will be tougher than the bullies. The hooded friend told John to follow him.

It took several miles to reach the bully's residence. He told John to wait outside. Then, he jumped high over the fence. John gave a surprising look. Nobody had jumped like that before.

A few minutes later, there was a scream. John stood back, fell on his feet. He tried to get up, but he felt like something was holding him back. He waited.

The hooded kid dragged the bully from the house. The bully tried to shout, but the hooded kid covered his mouth. Luckily, his parents went out. The hooded kid couldn't tell where. He didn't care. He dropped the bully on the ground. John looked at him.

The bully didn't know what to say. He wanted to hit John again. But he was scared that the hooded kid might do something to him. The white fangs were shown. That scared the bully.

"Please... Please...don't hurt me...John...tell him...Please..."

John looked back at the hooded kid. He told him to leave the bully alone. But the hooded kid was not satisfied. His hunger was growing.

The hooded kid was about to bite the bully's neck. But John stopped him.

"No! Don't hurt him! That's enough!" John almost shouted at the thing.

The hooded kid stepped away from the bully. He left them. John called out to him. But there was no sound. He was gone.

So, the days have passed, and John had not been bullied. The bullies were scared of him. John's classmates wondered how he was able to beat them. John said this to them.

"It was an angel. God sent an angel to help me. Amen."

The End

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