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Chap Onehttp://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/illusions-of-terror/747683/#2

Chap 2. Enter the Necro Lair

Storm awakens in a cold blue steel jail cell. Her head is pillowed by Scarlet Spiders legs. “ Scarlet Spider!”

Storm sits up quickly in confusion and a bit of embarrassment. The two are bound by electric neck collars.

Scarlet Spider “Easy, you took a big hit Storm, probably a concussion.”

Storm “ What is this place it is so dark, cold…. Damn Caliban hit me so hard”

She starts to see stars sparkle in her vision. She rest her head back on Scarlet Spiders lap. He feels flattered and blushes a bit much that it almost shows through his mask.

Scarlet Spider “ It must be some kinda dungeon”

Storm “Everything about that guy creeps me out, this collar is itches”

Scarlet Spider “ Don’t Worry I’ll get us out of here”

Behind the shadow of a pillar two feet can be seen

Prisoner “ He wasn’t always like that”

Storm “ Who is that?”

The Prisoner reveals his face, from the dark. He is wearing dirty cloths; his hair is frizzy and has a long beard.

Prisoner “ I’m Robbie his brother, his real name is Eric, Eric Delaine, he was a brilliant man once….”

Ames, Iowa 1997

Robbie, Eric and Eric’s Girl friend show up to Tip Tops Lounge. “ Me, my brother and his girl friend at the time, Becky, decided to celebrate Eric achieving his Masters in Electronic Engineering”

Eric and Robbie clink beers together. Becky hold up Eric’s Masters degree. Smiles all around the table.

Robbie “ To the Future!”

Eric “ yes! To the Future”

A gang of malicious Mutants Enter the Tip Top Lounge. All sporting devil may cry smiles. Sabertooth, the leader is in his cowboy jacket. Toad the shortest and sleaziest of the group is wearing a fur coat and bug eye sunglasses. Blob and Pyro are wearing their infamous Brotherhood of Mutant outfits.

Sabertooth “ This place will do”

The Brotherhood of Evil interrupts the Delaine’s party. Toad sits next to Becky. Sabertooth sits next to Robbie, and takes his drink.

Sabertooth “ what are we celebrating fellas?”

Eric” Hey! This is a private party if you don’t mind!”

Toad runs his tongue up Becky’s cheek, which has been reddening by fear and embarrassment. “She tastes like Candy!!”

Blob and Pyro begin to laugh hysterically “ HAHAHAHHAHAH I bet she does” Pyro adds

Eric gets up and pushes Toad on to the floor. “Get off HER CREEP!!!!”

Blob puts Eric in a bear hug hold “Bad move shrimp-o “

Sabertooth cuts Eric’s face with his pointer finger. A trickle of blood runs down Eric’s face. “This Boy needs to cool off”

Outside the Tip Top lounge the main window shatters into a million pieces. The cause is the force of Eric’s body being tossed like a baseball by Blob.


Eric” GGWAAHHH!!!”

An Hour Later

Robbie has his arm around Eric who is shrouded in a gray EMT blanket. Eric’s cuts are bandaged, but still showing blood soaked splotches.

Robbie- “It’s going to be okay Bro”

Eric “ Never again, Never again…..”

A Month Later

“Eric wouldn’t leave the basement. I thought it would any day he’d make the poor choice of ending his life. I feared his well being. I rushed down and broke the door of the basement. I was shocked what I found”

Robbie found Eric what looked to be a robot that resembled a make shift replica of a Doom bot.

“ What is this Eric”

Eric “ It’s my future!”

“I haven’t seen Eric smile in a long time. He said he ordered pieces of broken down doom bots; a number of Stark tech electronics and reversed engineered it. He told me “this is how I’ll stick it those muties once and for all”. He was so happy; too happy it was driven by insanity”


“Yikes” Scarlet Spider says as he holds Storm by the Shoulders in his lap. Storm is looking at the ceiling.

Storm “You have my sympathy Robbie, but if you want to help him, or you for that matter… how do we stop him?”

Robbie “ well his suit is flawed, the power source, when overloaded with engery, can be rendered useless, but you have to get under the armored plated placed over it, located by his..”

Necrotronic “ Located where….., oh I’m story did I interrupt story time?”

Robbie “ Eric I….”

Necrotronic punches the wall space next to Robbie’s head. “ Do not call me that, my name is and will always be Necrotronic!”

Robbie- “ Sah Sorry”

Necrotronic gently puts his arm around Robbie. “Brother…. You weren’t about to tell our guest how to put a stop to me, were you?”

Robbie “ Er… Necrotronic you’ve changed so much, I only want to help you. It’s like I don’t know you anymore…..”

Necrotronic “You’re right” he say as he uses his powerful metal arm to strike Robbies neck with such force his brothers head rips off clean. A rope of blood splatters on the wall”


Necrotronic “ RAARRRWWW”

Robbie’s head lands in front of Scarlet Spider and Storm. Storm covers her mouth in disgust.

Necrotronic “You’ve changed to Robbie , it’s like you’re dead to me HHAHAHAHAHAH” he raises his arm and lets the blood drip down his mechanical arm.

Caliban grabs hold of the headless body. Jubilee hangs by the Jail gate.

Necrotronic “ Caliban throw that hunk of meat in the incinerator, Jubilee!!! I want you to mop up this mess now!”

Jubilee “ Fine, Whatever”

Necrotronic slaps Jubilee in the face. She falls to the blood splattered floor. Her cheek is bright red from the slap

Jubilee” AHHHooohfff”

Caliban drops a mop next to Jubilee, while he and Necrotronic walk out. “ CLEAN! Do what he said!”

Jubilee mops the floor poorly. The mop is soaked full of blood.

Storm “Jubilee why do you put up with this manic tin man?”

Jubilee “ He maybe an Asshole, but at least he’s an Asshole who sees me more than a babysitter at the mutant academy or just someone who sits on the sidelines every freaking day, bored enough to blow my brains out!”

Storm “Jubilee……, you are an X-Man. It’s not about being a hero all the time, it’s about being a part of a genuine family. This Necrotronic robotic hack knows nothing of family, especially when he cares not much but to spill his own blood as quickly as he did.”

Jubilee leans into the mop in her hands. She looks down at the blood on the floor. “ I know a way out of here”

Next Chap.3 “Escaping from the Nightmare”