Hulk vs. Marvel Universe: Chapter 4

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The Hulk has now defeated the Fantastic Four, with the Avengers debating weither or not they should kill Hulk or just calm him down. They have come to a conclusion, and we will soon find out what. But before we do that, Spider-Man has a plan...or does he? 
With Spider-Man swinging in the streets of New York, to try to save the day, he confronts Hulk. 
"Stop, Hulk! What are you doing?! What did we do to make you so angry? Why don't we just sit down, and talk about? Maybe get to know each other better...would you like that?" Asked Spider-Man. 
But the Hulk ignores him and just walks right by him, continuing to destroy New York untill he gets what he wants...But Spider-Man isn't finished, he shoots a web ball at the back of Hulk's head. Which than he turns around growling at him furiously. 
"Um....Sorry..." Said Spider-Man in a worried tone as the Hulk is charging at him. 
"Hulk smash bugman!!!!" Screamed the Hulk. 
"No! There will be no smashing to any bugman! Wait Hulk!!" Said Spider-Man after dodging a deadly thrown fist. But with Hulk's hand so big he manages to swing his other fist and catch him by suprise. 
"Wait......" Groans Spider-Man as he tries to escape the ever so powerful Hulk. 
But as Hulk looks up into the sky, there is Iron Man looking down... 
"Don't worry Spider-Man, i'll getcha' out of there." Said Iron Man as he is firing his lasers out of his hands. 
But Hulk uses Spider-Man as a shield to block the lasers from hitting him. 
"HEY!! WATCH IT!!" Yelled Spider-Man. 
"HULK CRUSH TINMAN!!!" Screamed Hulk while throwing Spider-Man at Iron Man. 
"Don't worry, I have you." Said Iron Man as he catches Spider-Man in the air. 
But now, here comes the all mighty Thor! Ready to battle! 
And as the Hulk looks, he now remembers his kill Thor. 
"Wait, Hulk. I do not wish to hurt thee, please stand down. Tis no match to the power of Mjolnir." Said Thor 
"HULK HATE MAN WITH SHINY HAIR!!!" Said Hulk as he is charging directly at Thor. 
"Fine." Said Thor as he is about to throw Mjolnir.  
But it's too late, with Hulk's durability he punches Thor in the air before he could hit him with Mjolnir. 
"HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!!!!!!" Screamed Hulk. 
But Iron Man shoots Hulk with his chest laser, knocking him down. 
"Stop this Hulk, we don't want to hurt you." Said Iron Man. 
But Hulk jumps at Iron Man, managing to catch him, pulling off armor and hitting him. Causing Iron Man an unability to fly. 
"No! My armor! He ripped it off! I'm going down!" Said Iron Man, who soons crashes into a building near by. 
But then, Captain America throws his shield at Hulk's feet causing him to trip. But Hulk gets right back up and does a thunder clap causing Captain America to release his shield. Hulk then grabs his shield and is now using it as a weapon. 
But Hank Pym who is now Giant Man crushes the Hulk with his foot. The Hulk uses Captain America's Shield to stab one of his few toes, making him to let go. And Hulk picks him up and tosses him into the ground. 
Thor has now come back for unfinished business. But as soon as he is about to land Hulk throws Captain America's Shield at Thor, knocking him back. Which than gives a chance for the Hulk to SMASH him. 
Hulk is now running towards Thor, swinging his fist, left, right, left, right, left, right. All hitting him. Than he grabs Thor's hair, swinging him around and throws him at another building. 
"Captain! We need more reinforcements! Go, get Panther and Wasp!" Said Iron Man. 
"Alright!" Said Captain America, leaving the fight to go find Black Panther and Wasp. 
"Where is the X-Men when you need them?!" Said Spider-Man. 
What about the X-Men? Let's see what they're up to, in the X-Mansion!  
"Scott, have you seen Logan anywhere?" Said Professor X. 
"No, I haven't. Last I heard he was in New York doing a mission." Said Cyclops. "Have you tried Cerebro?" 
"Not yet, I guess i'm going to have too." Said Professor X. 
Charles then proceeds to Cerebro to try and locate Wolverine. But then discovers what he is really doing. 
"NO!!!" Yelled Professor X. 
Storm enters Cerebro hearing his voice echo through the danger room. 
"Professor! What's wrong?!" Said Storm. 
"Go to New York! And hurry! Bruce Banner is the Hulk and is destroying the whole place! You must get there before it's too late! He has already beaten Wolverine!" Said Professor X. 
"Okay! I'll get ready as soon as possible!" Said Storm. 
End of Chapter 4

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Gasp!!!  Hurry Cyclops! 
Great chapter, lotsa fun. Your dialogue is much better than when you first started, everyone really has an individual voice that matches the character. Kudos to you!
THOR SHINY VOLUMINOUS LOCKS PISS HULK OFF!  HULK NO GET ACCEPTED AS PANTENE POSTERBOY! HULK HAIR MUCH SHINIER!!  I can't wait until Squirrel Girl is the only one left to defeat Hulk! I'm totally kidding, by the way, please dont' get offended.