Horror Inc Jr: Killer Jane vs Jeff the Killer pt2

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Killer Jane vs Jeff the Killer pt 2 "There goes the neighborhood"

Pt 1 here Killer Jane vs Jeff the Killer pt 1

Sarah drove her key into the door, rushed in, and slammed the door behind her so fast it made her roommate Rachel jump from her place on the couch. “Been night jogging again?” She asked, looking over her book at Sarah. Her tone was mocking, but one eyebrow was raised inquisitively.

“You wouldn’t believe it.” Sarah replied, not sure she believed what had happened herself. She shoved her roommate’s feet off the couch to sit down. The bizarre encounter playing over in her mind. The stranger that had followed her. The strange woman with the blank eyes. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

“Try me.” Rachel replied. She put her book to one side and twirled her pink hair with one finger.

“I was coming back here when I started feeling weird, and realized I was being followed by this creep—“

“Was he cute?” Rachel interrupted.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t see his face. It was shadowed.” Sarah replied

“Probably not then. Cute guys don’t hide it.” Rachel said with the authority of the informed.

“That’s not the point Rachel. I was being followed, I could have been mugged or something.”

“Or had your kidneys stolen.” Rachel added helpfully.

“There’s more if you want to hear it.” Sarah replied dryly. When Rachel nodded she continued. “I was trying to give the guy the slip when I ran into a woman with—these eyes. They were all black, and she was holding a knife, and… something was just really wrong about her. She said she was meeting someone...”

“Role players.” Rachel said with the same confidence as earlier.

“Huh?” Sarah didn’t follow.

“Bow chicka bow wow.” Rachel replied with a lewd smile. “Probably some freaks getting their jollies by stalking each other.”

Sarah didn’t think that was the case. The residual feelings of fear clung to her even now. “What about the woman’s eyes? They were all black and…” She trailed off.

“Special contacts?” Rachel shrugged. “They have ones that cover eyes. Lady Gaga made them big.”

Sarah wanted to believe Rachel’s explanation, but she couldn’t. “Maybe it will make more sense in the morning.” She sighed and headed for the shower.


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Killer Jane was heading back to Pert Street where she had laid a different trap. She was holed up at Jeff’s old home. Or rather, the house that had been rebuilt where his old home had stood. It had been empty for some time based off the look of it. An entire family being slaughtered would give any house a bad vibe.

Passing through a trash littered alleyway, she was stopped when someone stepped into her path from behind a dumpster. “H-hey good looking. Out kind of late.” It wasn’t a question. Jane merely tilted her head to one side, a slight smile tugged at the corner of her black lips. “Something funny baby?” he smiled a hard smile. “Maybe you can help me out. I’m short on cash. How much you carrying sweet thing?” He was holding a short baseball bat at his side. He didn’t seem worried about her hands behind her back. What could she be holding but her purse?

“Why don’t you f*c* off and get out of my way?” Jane said in an even, but challenging tone of voice. Her head tilted the other way as if she had just asked for directions to the nearest gas station.

“The hell you say?” His eyes narrowed and his mouth became a hard line.

“I said, f*c* off and get out of my way.” She said repeated herself, this time her tone was definitely challenging.

“I’m going to have to teach you how this works I see.” He swung the bat around at her face, but it stopped well short. Jane had caught it with surprising speed. With her other hand she slashed across her wrist, making him drop the bat, and cut down, unzipping his stomach, all in one fluid motion. Blood oozed out as he sunk to his knees, and held his stomach with both hands.

Jane stepped around the would-be mugger, and yanked his head up by his longish hair. “Thank you.” Jane whispered as she placed the edge of the blade against his throat. “You’re not Jeff, but you will do for the night.” She said as she opened up his throat with a savage slash.


Jeff stood across from the apartment, marking it in his mind. This is where the meat had ran to. Not that he knew who or what she had ran from. Not just him. She had met something just as scary as he was. Or so she had thought. "Ain't nothing as scary as me." He growled. He watched the window, waiting for it to go dark. "Go to sleep...."

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What is Horror Inc Jr?? This is a spin-off of HORROR INC. Its the place where the "D" list find the spotlight. Where urban legends and Creepy Pasta's and other less then mainstream, or less classic characters can be showcased in new fiction stories.

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@wildvine: This one is even better than the first one. Why?

1. Jane was such a badass here. With the slashing and telling the guy to f*ck off. Just flawless.

2. I like how this made me laugh.

3. The Lady Gaga reference done it for me.

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@wildvine: This is getting good. Great dialogue, very natural chatting style between Rachel & Sarah

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@wildvine: This really seems to be your wheelhouse, kudos on writing a piece as good as the opening issue. I really fear for the public with those two sneaking around, slashing people up and all

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@wildvine: No problem, interesting web comic BTW

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Pure awesome!

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This was pretty cool.

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