Horror Inc Jr: Killer Jane vs Jeff the Killer pt1

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Killer Jane vs Jeff the Killer: Pt 1 "Home coming"

Springfield, IL

The city was dangerous she had always been told. Especially in this part of town. Especially at night. Especially for a young lady, her father would drone on. You might say he was especially fond of saying the word ‘especially.’ His breath rank with alcohol. He had always been a casual drinker, but when Sarah had left for college he had dove into his drinking, as if making up for lost time. Or perhaps trying to lose time. It had been thirteen years since his wife had been killed in a car accident, and now that he had the house to himself it felt too big.

Sarah knew part of the old man’s boozy warnings came from fear of losing her, like her mother had been lost so long ago. Sarah wasn’t stupid. She carried a Taser in her purse at all times, and an illegal can of mace her friend had bought “somewhere.” She felt prepared for anything this city could try to pull.

She as she walked the echo of her footsteps sounded behind her, as if she were being followed by a phantom. suddenly she began to feel a tingle at the back of her neck, the feeling she got at parties when someone was starring at her, sizing her up. The thought was so apt that it shook her a bit. That’s what it felt like now. The feeling of someone starring at her with a hungry look.

She looked over her shoulder again, and this time she saw someone standing under the street light. Their face was hidden in deep shadow. She tried not to freak out, telling herself it was just someone out for a walk. Nonetheless she walked a bit faster. The sound of footsteps was no mere echo now. Someone was walking behind her, the steps sounded faster, or maybe it just sounded that way to her.

As she turned a building corner she looked over her shoulder one more time, and saw the street was now empty. That was when she walked into her stalkers arms. She yelped, her scream of fear caught in her throat. She quickly realized this was a different person then the one that had been following her. It was a young woman in a black evening dress. Her ebony hair hanging down over her eyes. “He’s gone, isn’t he?” She murmured. She sounded unsurprised and a little annoyed at Sarah.

“Wh-who?” Sarah stammered in confused, and looked over her shoulder again, just to be sure.

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“Someone I was hoping to meet tonight.” The young woman replied. “An old acquaintance, you might say.” She looked up then, slowly, and Sarah took an involuntary step back. The woman had black eyes without hint of white, or iris. Just dark and blank like a sharks eyes. It was now that Sarah saw the woman was freakishly pale. Ghost-like. Low at her waist she held a shining knife. “Go home.” She said without emotion. “Don’t go to sleep. You might not wake up.”

Sarah had had enough of this creepiness. She turned and ran down the street to a friends house to find some safety from this night gone mad.


Killer Jane knew there were no safe places in Springfield tonight. Nor would there be until Jeff was stopped. It had been eleven years, but Jeff had come home again. And how fitting it all was that Jeff was here, that Jane had followed him here. He had evaded her all these years. Always one frustrating step ahead of her.

Yes, it was very fitting. This is where Jeff had become the twisted freak he was. It was here that she had become a monster herself.

And it was here that their rivalry would end. It was here she was going to stop Jeff the killer once and for all, or die trying.


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Jeff had been stalking the meat for almost ten minutes now, slipping from shadow to shadow, and just as silent as a shadow himself. His hand grasped, and fingered the handle of the knife jammed into his belt. He could have killed her several times before he stepped into the street light. It would have been so easy. He could have thrown the knife, and buried it to the hilt in her back.

But he wanted to play with this one. He had intended to take his time with her, when a strange feeling came over him. Not fear. Jeff hadn't felt fear since his accident. It was a feeling of unease. Something that caused hesitance. He retreated to the shadows to examine this alien sensation.

It was the feeling of a shark swimming through polluted waters. Something was wrong here. It felt like a trap suddenly. Jeff didn’t know how that was possible, once he had the idea he couldn't shake it loose. There was some kind of trap here. Sp with some reluctance he retreated further and let the meat escape. There would be other chances to play, and other playmates. He disappeared into the darkness, his permanent grin like a lopsided crescent moon.


Like Jeff, Killer Jane also kept to the darkness as she went on her way, preferring the seedy alleyways and side streets. She would not find Jeff again tonight. That was something she knew. But he wasn't done here yet, and there would be another chance to get him. The only way to get close to him would be to catch him in the act of killing, while he was distracted. That would be regrettable, but she could do it. Because she was a monster herself. Her motives had nothing to do with heroics, and everything to do with revenge.


Springfield was sleepy and calm, and unaware, but the residents wouldn’t be so relaxed if they knew two sociopathic killers had chosen their city for a sadistic game of cat and mouse. And evil would fight evil to the death.

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What is Horror Inc Jr?? This is a spin-off of HORROR INC. Its the place where the "D" list find the spotlight. Where urban legends and Creepy Pasta's and other less then mainstream, or less classic characters can be showcased in new fiction stories.

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10/10 would bang.. Wait, what? I like it. Well written and makes me want pt 2.

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No one ever said they would bang of of my stories. That's all i ever really wanted. Lol

Thanks for reading. ^_^

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@wildvine: Odd. I don't know who these "people" are but will happily read on to see where they're going and who they kill. Nice to see horror back on the table, good job

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Jeff the Killer started as a weak story on the Creepy Pasta wiki. He's had maybe four cannon stories, and a few fan fics. Jane the Killer has two different origins (Depending on whom you ask) In one she is obsessed with in a good way Jeff. In the more popular story she was badly hurt by Jeff, but survived and made a deal with a demon (Hence her appearance) and has made it her life mission to kill Jeff. In this origin she has two canon stories.

Also, depending on the head cannon you subscribe to, she either doesn't kill (Making her name odd indeed) or she kills people that Jeff has targeted to keep him from killing them. My version here takes a little from both mythologies.

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This is some good stuff!

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@wildvine: Hmm interesting, must admit that I have little to no idea what the background of the characters is however. Not that matters, the calibre of the writing carries it well.

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*mind blown* Easily a 10/10. Keep up the great work, Wv. =)

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@wildvine: Looks like I was faster. :p

And I love that Killer Jane pic. Don't be surprised if you see me using it as an avi. ^_^

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Oh hmm I posted on this before but comment didn't show up, basically though I really like the atmosphere established and the mix between mundane and supernatural elements. Not overly familiar with the characters but this story makes me interested in them!