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Chris walks down the hall after picking up his cap and gown. Chris had never been fond of his school's so called senior week but distractions of impending graduation did lessen the sympathetic crowd that Chris had no patients for.

As he walked his leg started shaking causing him to stumble. He accidentally bumped Mark, while a reasonable person would let this slide from a person with a recent severe leg injury but Mark felt this was a personal insult.

Chris looked up to him, "Excuse me, muscle spasm."

Mark looked down at him, "No I think you meant to do that."

Chris sighed, "Is there any chance that for once in your life you're not going to be a tool?"

Mark glared and grabbed Chris squezzing another spasming area on Chris causing a great deal of pain.

Mark and his friends laughed as Chris squirmed. Suddenly something went off in Chris' mind. He let out a low growl as he reached out and grabbed Mark, slamming him into a wall and smashing a giant hole in the dry wall.

Chris seeing what he did backed off and ran down the hall. One of Mark's buddies leaned down to help him up, "Are you crying, man?"

Mark swatted away the hand, "I got dry wall dust in my eye." He then sniffled a bit.

After school let out Chris limped to his car and fumbled for his keys as Mark showed up, "Bet you thought that was really funny earlier."

Chris turned as the faux thug grabbed him and pushed him up against a wall. Mark's grip loosened as a tall red headed woman grabbed the back of his neck and yanked him away from Chris. Betsy leaned over to Chris, "The ginger is Bryna, we need to get you out of here."

Chris barely able to stand handed Betsy his car keys and the women helped him in. Mark started to come back but Bryna wasted no time knocking him out in front of his arriving buddies.

When they arrived at the house Edgar pulled Chris from the back seat and dropped him off on a lawn chair in the back yard. Chris looked up to Betsy, "I think I need to go to the hospital."

Betsy sat next to him, "The hospital would be a bad idea. You're probably about to pass out, when you wake up this is gonna get much worse. Your body is adjusting itself to your new DNA."

Chris looked at her confused,"What the hell are you talking about?"

He never heard the answer. He slumped over the arm rest so Betsy pushed him back.

Chris woke up feeling better than he ever had before, he looked over and saw Hektor sitting in a chair across from him, "Where am I?"

Hektor placed his beer on the table beside him and spoke,"You're still in my back yard."

Chris sat up, "I don't know what you did but I feel great."

Hektor grinned, "This is the calm before the storm kid."

Chris looked confused. Suddenly he was wracked with pain. He felt his muscles tug and strain and his bones dislocated and seemed to break as he fell to the ground. He looked down in terror as his skin streatched and tore. Claws ripped out from his fingers and toes and thick light brown fur sprouted over his body.

Tears filled his eyes as his body grew and distorted, it was the worst pain he'd ever felt. Finally he let out a scream that finished as a gutteral howl. Hektor stood over the now hulking beast Chris had become and sipped his beer as he rose. Chris stared at the man for a second as he spoke,"I know what you're thinking boy and I'd advise against it."

Chris' eyes narrowed for a moment then he bolted. Bryna and Betsy came out of the house, Hektor ordered, "Go make sure he stays out of sight."

(To be continued)

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Good so far.

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Brutal transformation! Nice Job! Liking it so far.

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@NlGHTCRAWLER: Turning into a werewolf always seemed to me to be something that would hurt like hell if it actually happened to you

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"I got dry wall dust in my eye."

Yeah. That's what they all say ;P

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Love good Werewolf stories! And this is awesome! On to the next chapter.

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josh', I've gotta say: Before getting into Hunger, the only stuff I had read from you was The Tick vs. The Reboot, and some ideas where you sounded unsure of yourself. Dude, you're an excellent writer (punctuation being the only mishap, but that's what editors are for)

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Awesome chapter! I loved the way you described the transformation! Sounds brutal!