Horror Inc: Army of Darkness #3

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Continued from Horror Inc: Army of Darkness and Horror Inc: Army of Darkness2

Ash sits in his car running an electric razor over his face. He's not too sure what a visiting Professor would look like,but they probably wouldn't have two days beard growth. At any rate, he only needed to get close to the Book.

"This is it" he tells himself "One last damn book to burn, then it's a well deserved early vacation for this chosen one". *

* * *

The Stagg-Thing pauses from shredding the body of it's former assistant. It stiffens as an animal does when it senses the predator, Cocking it's head toward the ceiling for a moment. Then it tucks the Necronomicon under it's arm and starts up the stairs toward it's former classroom.

It has a meeting with the Chosen One.

* * *

Ash knocks at the door which swings open slowly to reveal Professor Stagg lying on the floor, The Book not far away.

"Yo Professor, you still with us?" Ash shakes the old mans shoulder.

"The Book..." Stagg croaks "The Book spoke to me..."

"Take it easy. I'll deal with the Book" Ash replies. But as he bends to pick it up he hears a slithery movement behind him.

"What exactly do you teach again 'Professor' Williams?" Stagg asks in a hoarse, hate-filled voice.

"Ah crap" Ash turns and reaches instinctively for his shot gun, which of course he left in the car. "I teach the school of hard knocks" he raises two fists "Class is now in session".

"The Necronomicon will swallow your soul" The Stagg-Thing croaks.

"Choke on it" Ash replies.

"RRRAAAAGGGHHH !!!!!" The Stagg-Thing roars, swinging a clawed hand at Ash's head.

Ash jumps back and slips on the Book, falling backward and narrowly avoiding the claws that would have removed his face.

Stagg-Thing falls on Ash who holds it back with a foot on it's chest. "Hey, you got something in your teeth," says Ash as he drives his boot into it's fangs with a brutal crunch, "My boot!"

Stagg grabs Ash by the leg and slams him into the black board, then down on the teachers desk, then through a window with a crash. Ash rolls a few times before hitting his own car. Bloody and bruised, he looks up in time to see the Stagg-Thing leap out the window, clutching the Book in one hand.

Propped against his car he has neither time nor inclination to fumble with keys. He smashes through the drivers side window with his prosthetic hand and grabs the shotgun. He turns quickly and fires. BOOM! the first shot knocks it back, causing it to drop the Book. BOOM! The second shot knocks it backward through where the window used to be.

* * *

"And the rest is history" Ash wraps up, rubbing his sore leg as the attending Detective shakes her head, unbelieving. "Your boys showed up at that point and misinterpreted some good old fashioned monster killing for some kind of crime".

"Well that is quite a story Mr Williams" Detective Katz replies, closing her notebook. "I sent an officer to speak with Professor Stagg, and he had no recollection of the events you described. He says he's never met you".

"Listen !! It's getting late and these things come alive at night" Ash replied tersely, slamming his prosthetic hand on the metal table, denting it. "One of THEM has the Book and the whole damned town could become possessed. The Book must be destroyed".

The Book was actually in police custody, but she that would only serve to excite him further.

"Mr Williams, if they come out at night, then what did you fight?" She asks. Sometimes if you poked a good hole in their story they would drop it altogether.

"I don't know. Maybe Stagg is something different" he replies.

"There are no monsters Mr Williams" she says as she turns to go "Only human monsters"

* * *

The Stagg-Thing sensed the Chosen One and the Book were close together. That would make the final sacrifice much easier.....

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Ooooh, chilling. Reminds me of I think Regeneration, with the insane doctor. :P

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Nice, good set up for the rest and Ash's dialogue is spot on

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Hey, how did I miss this one? O_O

Very cool --

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Gah I love this series!!! :D

So, so glad you are still with us, this has been so much fun to read.


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BUMP! This was really fun!, How the heck did I never read it before? You've improved so much btw! Really cool seeing older things from you! ^_^