H.O.P.E. PART 1 (Ultimate fan fiction challenge)

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#1  Edited By DamianWayne

The rain dripped from my fedora, as I stood in the muddy courtyard and stared down all of my enemies, I knew today was the day I die, I looked down on the ground of the courtyard, all I could see were the bodies of my team, the only ones who weren't here were the hostages, but i'm ahead of myself, if I'm going to tell this story accurately, I'll start from the beginning, two days ago.

September 14th. As I stand on top of the Wayne tech building I feel an all to familiar jolt of pain fly through my body, my muscles loosen and my senses begin to shut down, I've been sedated, tranq gun most likely. My eyes close, and I enter the black dreamland I know all to well, it's always the same replay, my mother, she's hurt, the man is hurting her, and i'm not allowed to save her, I'm not allowed to be the hero.

My eyes slowly open, my vision hazed by my "face". I'm strapped down, as I turn my head to examine my surroundings I see one person, he bares a star on his chest.

"Ah, great, the god-damn patriot." I managed to say sarcastically.

"Well, Mr. Rorschach, I can see that you're finally awake, for obvious reasons we couldn't just speak with you about this, anyways, we're here to recruit you, for a team." Captain America said slowly, assuming that I was still under the influence of the tranq.

"I'm not a friggin' vegetable, i'm a big boy, you can talk like a normal person, patriot." I said loudly, almost sure there was someone else in the room.

"Alright. There was multiple prison break outs recently, a team of Gotham city's most..."evil" killers and villains. And we've assembled a team to take care of them...Are you in?"

"Depends, do we get a snack break?" I said mockingly before ripping my hands from their restraints and walking towards Captain America. "Show me my team-mates."

Captain America lead me through a series of hallways before opening a door to a lounging room, filled with couches and designer chairs, I examined the room to see the various people. Poison Ivy stuck out from the group like a sore thumb, it must have been the pheromones. She stood u and walked towards me, smirking, as she came closer I lifted my hands pushing it against her face thus sending her out of my line of vision. I continued to scan my "team-mates" making mental notes of them:



Moon Knight=Homosexual.

Raven=Emotionally unstable.

Captain America=80 year old homosexual.

Ghost Rider=......Flaming homosexual.......

My eyes drifted to another cough to see The Boy wonder, with his over the shoulder of Starfire, an alien.

"Hurm.......This is going to be a long investigation."

To be continued.

(Sorry, guys, this story isn't that good...Yet, I was asked to take part in this competition so I put my current "batman rogue's" project on hold, obviously I don't exect to win the competition though i'm taking part in it for fun, anyways, I'll try to do part two tomorrow! ENJOY!)

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awesome job man! LOL at the homosexual part. Maybe each chapter could be narrarated by a different hero? That would be awesome! REALLY great work so far! BTW, you think you could make Ghost Rider be friends with Rorschach? They're much alike and they seem like they would enjoy each other's company. IDK,, it's your story. :-)