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I stayed in my position, kneeling over the body of the black haired beauty named Annie Chapman, two slices straight across her throat. This seemed to be almost a calling card, to tell us that it was him. The abdomen was sliced clean open, a large blade, a clean blade. He cleaned all his tools thoroughly after engaging in his deluded hobby. Reaching into my waistcoat pocket I pulled out a small stick like contraption, pulling each end it quickly changes into a 6 inch poker, sticking the blade into the abdomen cut I peel one flab of skin away from the other examining her insides. He played with them, he was obviously either a surgeon, a past surgeon, or an aspiring surgeon.

"HOLMES! STOP PLAYIN' WITH THE BODY! FOR GODS SAKE!". Lestrade's words hit me in the back of the head like a speeding bullet, his words, mind you. I won't even begin to tell you how it felt when his saliva came in contact with me.

"Lestrade, how do you expect me to solve this mystery for you if you don't allow me to examine the body?" I said slowly, still examining her insides. "Wait...." I demanded firmly, surveying a small but noticeable cut slightly south of her stomach. "A cut, around the genitalia, if i'm not mistaken, the uterus has been removed. Which means that he had quite a bit of time to commit this act." I uttered the words as I extended my legs bringing myself up to a full stance beside Lestrade, I turned to him and pulled his pocket hanky from the left breast-pocket of his waistcoat. I slowly wiped all blood and reminents of anything off my 'poker' and folded it back up, slipping the poker into my pocket before slipping the hanky back into Lestrade's coat pocket. "I'd get the body further examined though."

Lestrade rolled his eyeballs down to the blood covered hanky that now sat in his waistcoat pocket and sneered before speaking in a low, annoyed, and tried voice.

"Trust me Holmes, I will. Now, a witness claimed to 'ave seen Miss. Chapman with a 'shabby-genteel' man right around 5:30 am this mornin'. The body was discovered about a half an hour later!"

"Good God!" I yelled, Lestrade turning to me, baffled, awaiting some sort of comment from me about the murder. "...I believe I left the stove on this morning!"

Lestrade raised his hand and flared his nostrils while curling his lip simultaneously, he brought his hand down towards me, though it was caught mid-swing.

"Impeccable timing, Watson....." I said, with a smirk on my face. "Now! Lestrade, you and the officers stay here and continue to look for clues that I have already observed while Watson and I go back to my house, put on a pot of tea, and solve the crime." With that comment I turned, and head back down the street. Watson following after me I slid my eyeballs to the corner of their sockets, observing the street sign.....'Hanbury Street'. That fact would come in handy during my investigation.


(A word from the writer, sorry everyone, comicvine isn't letting me make indents in my paragraps, anyways, I figure there will be about 2 more parts in the Jack The Ripper/Sherlock series here. but, I'm really liking doing this series, so tell me, after i'm done this series should I continue doing sherlock stories? Just with different mysteries?)