Heroes Continued: Volume III "Villains"

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"The System wouldn't allow me to continue on my old thread so I had to make another one.  As soon as someone makes a new post on the other one I'll load this new chapter up there, too.  For now, enjoy!"

Chapter 7
“Breakout- Part One”
‘Behold My Mighty Hand’

Alex Calloway
Office of Dr. Wyatt Stron, northern California

A knock came from the examination room’s door, cracking open slightly as a voice asked “Alex?”  The good Dr Stron was asking to see if the coast was clear for him to come in, though his patient wasn’t asked to change he always felt that if he was to get his patients to trust him, he would have to give them their respect and personal space.  Alex okayed him to enter, the man opened the door further to let himself in and closed the door behind him.  He was a man in his late Forties, a mat of hair already grey with age and a soft mid-section that was present, but not overbearing.   The eyes of Dr Stron was those of a person who had cared for everyone of his patients that had come into his practice, the eyes of a kind, generous soul that she had come to know as a friend.  Which made what she was doing ring her body with a sting of hurt for not fully trusting this man before him, but the others were playing their situation as safely as possible.  She couldn’t really blame them for their paranoia, but still, it was her friend.

Dr Stron went to the counter with the manila folder he had brought in and flopped it open.  “Well, your tests have come back and I can’t see anything initially wrong…” he said while scratching at the scuff of his chin.  A habit he had since she had known him, always doing it while he was thinking.  “But you are sure there is something wrong with you?”  

Alex nodded her head.  “But you can’t tell me what exactly?”

She shook her head.  “It’s hard to explain, but there is… something wrong with me.  I know it.”

Dr Stron turned to his patient, leaning against the counter with his arms across his chest.  “What’s going on, Alex?  This isn’t likely you to be vague.”

Alex turned her head away to the left, what Dr Stron saw was her dodging his question or thinking up of an explanation while staring at the floor.  But she was thinking of the phone in her left pocket.

James, Steve, and Allen huddled around an open flip phone in the woods outside the office of Doctor Stron.  On the other end, they heard the conversation between the two, listening in, just encase something went wrong, they would be right there to get her out as fast as possible.  

The silence that came from the connection made James blood freeze, What’s she doing in there?
Allen took hold of the phone and started to shake it.  “Is it broken?  What a piece of crap.”

James took it back forcibly.  “No, its fine.  They’re not talking.”

“What do you think she’s doing?” asked Steve.

James shook his head unknowingly.

Alex turned back to Dr Stron.  “Something happened to me a few days ago, something I can’t explain.”

“And what is that?” asked Dr Stron.

Alex said nothing else, hopped off the cushioned examination table with the film paper rustling as she left.  Walking over to the obscured window she twisted the hanging rod allowing the blinds to split a little.  The doctor joined her, noticing her stare, he looked out with her trying to find what she was looking so intently at.

“Oh no,” responded James as he heard what she has said.  He looked over to his right at Steve, having the same look of horrid realization of what was happening inside.  

“What?” asked Allen, not yet aware of the events that were transpiring around him.  “What’s going on?”

“She’s showing him.”

It started with one of the ladies out in the waiting room crying out, stammering out the words “What’s happening to me?” slowly and quietly at first, then it grew in volume.  She franticly looked around the room like a scared little animal in a forest surrounded by predators in the shadows.  Her head went left and right, whizzing side to side, holding on to her chair for dear life.  Another woman beside gave her the look that was reserved for looking at “crazy people”, until the look of worry and fear played across her face, too.  She got up calling for someone, anyone, to help her.  Another waiting patient, a man in his thirties, stood up from his seat and started looking at the nothing around him.  He was jittery beyond rationality, circling in place saying it was not possible.  Panic came over him, causing his hands to shake uncontrollably, as he tried to grab hold of his reason and sanity again.  Soon the entire room, patients and staff were wild with it, calls for help, questions yelled out as to why this was happening, it all became a symphony of unsettling chaos.  The doctor looked back at Alex, whose intent stare into space blocked out all the ambient distractions, from the doctor to the digital yells coming from somewhere in her coat.

Dr Stron placed a firm gripping hand on Alex’s shoulder.  “Alex, snap out of it.  Alex!”  She came back to Earth and looked at the man who brought her back.  With the connection severed all those affected by… whatever Alex had done to them wore off, they stood in the room with dumbfounded looks of bewilderment etched across their faces.  Each looking to the other for some explanation as to why they were all up and about when they last thought themselves somewhere else, Dr Stron went around Alex to the door as she woke up from the spell she had cast.  “Stay right here,” he said pointing a finger to the spot where she stood on the floor.  “Don’t you move, don’t do anything.”  He ventured out to check on the people outside, while Alex gained her surroundings, coming to notice the sounds coming from nowhere.  

Her mind cleared enough to remember that she left her phone open for the boys to listen in.  “Hello,” she said after the yelling had ceased for a moment.  

“Alex! Tell me you’re alright,” said the digital voice of James.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” she responded.

“Good, ‘cause I’m going to kill you,” shouted the phone.  “You weren’t suppose to tell him about your abilities...”

“There was nothing on the tests and I want… need to know why this is happening…” she interrupted.  “…I…I couldn’t lie to him.”

A sigh came forth over the microphone.  “You know what you’re doing, right?”

“Are you crazy!” came a voice from the background, followed by some static crackling on the other end.  “She just exposed us all!”

“Shut up,” declared another voice, Steve, most likely. The crackling stopped and James came back on.

“Can you get away, should we come get you?”

“No,” confirmed Alex.  “I’ve already told him so there’s no point in not going any further.”

Another sigh went across the signal waves.  “I hope he’s everything you said he is.”

She put the phone back into her coat pocket as she saw Dr Stron start to walk back to the examination room.  He came in, shut the door behind him, placed his back to the door and looked at Alex with an amazed confused look in his eyes at the girl he knew since she was little.  “That was you, wasn’t it?  You did that?”  Alex nodded lightly, accepting the blame.  Dr Stron raced from the door, “This is unprecedented!”  He turned to Alex, hands on her shoulders, with every bit of fatherly love he felt for the scared little girl in from of him, he said  “Are you okay?”

That brought a smile to her face, how could she ever have doubted this man?  “I’m just a little scared.  I don’t know why this is happening, or how?  That’s why I came to you.”

“It’s good you did.”  He beamed at her then let go.  “So tell me, what did you do?”

Alex was at a loss for the words to describe it  “It’s like… I don’t know, like I feel this intense emotion that goes into others, it’s hard to explain.”

“Empathic projection,” said the doctor softly.  Alex tilted her head in unknowing bewilderment.  “What, you never read comics?”

She shook her head no.  “You’re projecting you’re emotional state onto someone else.  In fact…”  Doctor turned looking for something; he headed to the black leather bag at the sidewall next to his hanging coat.  He removed something and brought it over.  “I’ve been reading this book by some geneticist from India, he talks about the next step in the evolutionary latter,” he rushed through his word with an excited breath.  “I thought it was all theoretical, but a good read.  I never thought I would see someone with the abilities he talked about.”

“Wait, he mentions me in it?”

“You’re ability, empathic projection, along with levitation, regeneration, and a host of others.”

He handed over the thick book with the blue cover to he hands.  “So its genetic?”

“Something to due with the human genome, a dormant gene that’s becoming active in certain individuals.  Like you.”

“Is their anyway to undue it?”

He looked at Alex puzzled.  “Why would you want to take it away?”

“That fire at the barn the other night…”


“That was because of me,” she looked away in shame.  “I could have killed someone that night because of this…” Alex drew out her arms, signifying the thing in her body that gave her this curse, as she thought of it.  “I want it out of me.  I have enough problems being a freak as it is.”

“You’re not a freak, because of it or with out it.”  He wasn’t getting through to her.  “At any rate, there’s isn’t anything that I can do, if this is what he talked about…” Dr Stron pointed to the book.  “Then it’s apart of your genetic makeup, apart of you that can’t be taken out of you like a bad appendix or your tonsils.”

“Please, there has to be something you can do?”

“I’m not a geneticist, I’m a MD.  The only person that would have any knowledge on this is the author’s son; the author was murdered not to long ago.  If anyone would know about Suresh’s work it would be him.”

“What makes you say that?” asked Alex.

“Because he’s in the same field.  I’ll try to find some information on him and see what he can do but I don’t want you to get your hopes up, okay?  There’s no certainty that he even knows about this.”

Alex complied.  “For now, try to keep your emotional state under control, less you project onto someone else out of reflex.”

She stared at the doctor.  “Thank you, Dr Stron.”

The Man with the Glowing Eyes
Outside Level 5
-The next day-

The call of thunder and the flare of lighting shown in the night air without a single cloud in the crisp cool sky, a lone figure stood on the high hills that overlooked the industrial plant at the outskirts of town.  The plant was dead at this time of night, a skeleton crew the only ones on the clock, at least on the surface.  But that was a farce, as much as this building was truly a factory, it was a prison, like the one he was in.  The mere thought sent another tendril on white-hot plasma into the air leaving the smell of burnt ozone in the air as a bad aftertaste, a boom of deafening thunder followed, announcing his arrival.  The Man with the Glowing Eyes wanted those inside to know that their sins have finally come back to them, and he was here to collect.  Another tendril greater than the last, another louder boom.

“Behold my mighty hand.”

Mohinder Surresh
Company facility designated the Lab, location unknown

“How goes it, Doctor?” asked the voice behind him as he looked through the microscope.  

He turned away from the viewfinder at the woman with the time worn face, drawn back brown hair, and the cold eyes.  No matter how hard she could’ve tried there was no hiding them, even with that obviously fake smile she wore.  “Mrs. Petrelli.”  He held to the niceties of society.  “Trying to duplicate the cells in Maya that produce this frequency and make it airborne is no small feat.  The tests show promise at this stage, but it’s still to early to be certain of anything.”

“And how soon can you be certain?”

“I’m… not sure,” he said in honesty.

“I believe I don’t need to remind you of the importance of this “virus” your making.  Two very dangerous men are running loose in the world.  This virus is the only thing that can stop them.”

“I well aware of the situation as well as the situation the Company will undoubtedly take with this virus in your hands.”

“What exactly are you implying, Doctor?”

“I mean the Shanti virus, "Strain 138”, do you think me naïve enough that you will be responsible enough to use this new virus wisely?”

“We kept those for this very situation, individuals too powerful that they are a danger to everyone.”

“And what almost happened with Adam Monroe?  Was that considered into your reasoning, that a madman might come along and plan to use it to wipe out the majority of Earth’s population?”

“Adam Munroe was an unfortunate turn of events…” Mohinder turned around to see a man descend the stairs at the opposite end of the lab.  He walked with the stature of a king and his fine tailored suit of black was worth more than most families back in India had ever thought to obtain in a lifetime.  

“Ah, Kyle, so kind of you to join us.”  Angela began to introduce Mohinder to the new face named Kyle.  “Mohinder, this is Kyle Kurgan, the Company’s current CEO and founder.  Kyle, this is our famed geneticist, Mohinder Surresh.”

Kyle extended his hand to which Mohinder took reluctantly.  “Founder?  I thought that Adam was the Company’s creator.”

“Co-Founder, as it were.  We were partners at the time.” He shared a look of remembrance with Angela.  “Always two, one of use, one of them,’ that’s how it started.”  Angela nodded her head, remembering the golden rule.

“So you’re normal?” asked Mohinder.

“As much as you are, son.  As for Adam Monroe, rest assured that this virus that you create will never fall in the hands of someone like him again, we’ve taken certain… precautions this time around.”

“If it’s anything less than incinerating it, nothing will be save enough.”

“Out of the question, it’s to important to do that.  What happens when the next Sylar or Adam comes around and we couldn’t stop him because we didn’t have this available to use?”

“And who gets to decide who’s the next Villain, you?  Who are we to play God with these special individuals lives?  Why don’t we just round them up a send them to the slaughterhouses like Auschwitz for the simple fact that they may be dangerous when they could very well save this planet.”

Kyle was silent for a moment.  “If that’s what you think, then I have no right to make you continue with your research.”

Angela went lack jawed.  “You can’t be seri…”

“Yes,” interrupted Kyle.  “He’s made his decision. We can’t change that.”  He turned to leave, taking a few steps to the door before he called out.  “But he must take in consideration the lives that will be taken before we catch up to the villains we are after.  Knowing full well that he had the chance to stop them sooner, but choose not to.”  He left through the lab doors, the sound of their swinging on their hinges overbearingly in the large laboratory.

Bob Bishop
Observation Room, Level 5
5 Minutes ago

Bob leaned against the shinny gold pool with his two hands, looking out the large windows at the clear night sky full of stars winking at him from light years away.

“Heavy thoughts?” called a male voice from behind him.  Bob didn’t bother to turn around to greet him.

“I should have done it when I had a chance.  Now he coming for us, picking us off one by one.”  The man behind him stayed silent, not sure what to say to the statement.  “How many of us have fallen already, he’s simply finishing us off.  First Sylar, now Him, the Company’s dying.”

“You know that’s not going to happen.”  The voice was closer, right behind him.  “We’ve hit a hard time, but we’ll pull through, like always.  Remember the time the Vortex man almost swallowed up the entire facility when he first got here, remember when Arthur died, when Charles died, we were on the brink then.”

“Maybe that was the sign it was all starting to go down hill.  Without them, how are we to continue?”

“We have.”

“Really,” Bob turned to the man with his cropped blond hair and his fierce blue eyes against pale skin.  “And what would you call this, you, me, Angela, Kyle, that’s it.  We’re all that’s left, and if He gets his way we won’t last long.  Wake up, Nicholas, these are the end days for us.”

“Not if we don’t want it to end.  Damn it, Robert, think of what you’re saying, we can’t afford not to continue.  Think about what would happen if we weren’t around, what would happen to the world if these guys got out, what would happen to Elle if you weren’t around.”  Nicholas put his hands on his friend’s shoulder as to reassure him of his duty to the world to be a Hero.  A rumble shook at the reinforced glass, lights in the distance flickered the night sky.  

“What was that, is that a storm coming in?” asked Nicholas.  Bob didn’t give an answer.

“Warden!” called out a guard from down the hall that Nicholas had come from.  “Warden!  Warden!”  the guard entered the room breathing heavily but to rushed with adrenaline to be worried about fatigue.

“What is it, soldier?” said Nicholas as he turned; both him and Bob were at attention, they could tell by the alert in the guards voice that something bad was happening.

“We’re under attack!”

“WHAT!  Who are they, how many of them are there?”

“It’s just one.  Sir, it’s Him!”

Nicholas’ eyes narrowed.  “Lock this place down.  NOW!”

Yellow warnings lights strobe with screeching alert sirens, telling everyone within the ear-piercing noise that the Man with the Glowing Eyes was here.  His ears began to ache from the horrendous noise, raising a hand toward the nearest speaker a finger of lightning arched into the system, eliminating all the sirens throughout the complex.  Much better, He though, as he continued his journey further inside the Factory.

Turning the corner brought him into view of the first wave of resistance; four rent-a-cops came at him with stun guns leveled at his person.  Another guard stood behind them with his hand on the unstrapped pistol on his belt, he couldn’t have been any younger that he was and the look in his eyes told the story of someone who was never expecting something like this to happen.  The guards gave warning that they would fire when He didn’t slow his pace in their presence.  Another warning did nothing to detour his steady pace so they fired their darts at his chest.  They pierced his skin which only annoyed him, the volts of electricity that flowed only empowered him greater.  He stood in the middle of the hall as they continued to hold their triggers hoping for an effect.  They got one when He sent the energy back to them with the same effect, he couldn’t be sure they were Company men or not, so they wouldn’t die today.  The young man was the only one left, seeing his comrades fallen he un-holstered his sidearm and leveled it to the man walking toward him, unsteadily.  Taking slow steps, the Man with the Glowing Eyes continued forward sending the guard back with every step.  His back reached the wall and still the Man came, he lowered his gun as he felt the unreal pressure of this man’s presence push against him, the guard slid down the corner till He was only feet away.  He never took his eyes off the guard until he turned and walked further down the hall.

He was growing tired of the numerous guards and the long maze of corridors that he walked looking for the entrance to the lower levels that Noah had told him about.  Pushing aside the latest in a series of double doors, the Man with the Glowing Eyes came to a large floor in the factory, machinery stalking over him, cat walks suspended above him, he was close.  Weaving in between the hulking metal, He came to a clear laneway, looking down toward the end he saw another set of doors leading the way out.  He was continuing down to the exit when they opened for three well-dressed individuals, blocking his way out the lead was a tall stringy man with his hair spiked up and his buttoned shirt opened at the neck.  Though the grey suit was to portray a man on class and finesse, he gave the opposite in how he wore it, but he held the swagger of a confident scrapper.  The woman to his right was a blonde beauty personified, a living Venus with long curled locks, sharp blue eyes and a body to die for underneath the black business suit that shaped her body in all the right ways.  She, too, wore her undershirt open at the top but for an entirely different reason; He didn’t bother to give her a second glance.  The last was the shortest of the three, her hair buzzed short and her face razor sharp.  Her coat didn’t go down as far as his nor was it made of leather, but it did it job of hiding something within its folds, what He suspected were more of the little arrowhead shaped daggers like the one she was twiddling between his fingers with a sinister glee.  This one knew she was dangerous, and she loved it.

The four souls stood to stare at one another, as the hazard lights continued to shine in there twirling cycles.  The lead was the one to speak first.  “This is where you lose, friend. Question is, how?”

The eyes behind his sunglasses burned.  “You’ve come to stop me?  Its been done before.  Did they tell you what happened to the last three clowns they sent after me?”

The lead man didn’t flinch, but the two behind him gave each other a worried glance.  “I suggest you think long and hard about who it is you’re faced with.”

“I have!” stated the lead man and took in a deep breath, calling forth something from within, The Man with the Glowing Eyes readied his body.  The Slacker thrust out his head opened his mouth a thick ball of green, vile, gas was expelled at his Him.  He twisted aside quickly to let the cloud of poison pass him, catching a slight whiff of it made him reel his face up in disgust.  As it past, it splattered with one of the towering factory machines eating away at its metal like corrosive acid.  He turned back to the acidic heaver, in time to see four glistening blades sliced the air, quick action and footwork stopped the blades from stapling his feet to the floor.  

The girl with the blades grinned.  “She’s the ultimate marksman, and she never misses,” said the Slacker.  “Those were warnings, give up and they’ll be only that.”  He was taunting him to make a move with his cocky smile, mocking him because there was no way his powers could be used against him, no way the Man could fight against the digestive gases he produce with his own.  He could only dodge and evade their attacks for so long before one of them would connect.  But He didn’t give the bile Slacker any satisfaction when he chuckled back at him.

“They’re finally learning,” He continued to laugh.

The Slacker grew angry at His scorning.  He readied another shot and fired, this one bigger than the last.  The Man with the Glowing Eyes clawed his hand and focused the raw, unadulterated kinetic energy he had absorbed into his body to a point in the center of his hand.  The glob of speeding rancid gas came at him, closer and closer with every second.  He waited.  It cleared the distance in seconds till it was feet away from Him, moments before the cloud of digestion came into contact with his vulnerably exposed skin He shot his arm up and released the stored energy that he had waiting.  The pure kinetic energy shot through the air, stabbing the cloud and dispersing it outward.  It impaled the cloud, continuing on the clear beam of force struck the wide-eyed Slacker square in the chest flying him back through the door they had entered.  The two Company agents left watched as there leader was outdone right in front of them.  

“But not fast enough.”

The blonde Venus was shocked, but the Bladder only got mad at their leader’s fall.  In a sharp move of unnatural, superhuman skill she sent a legion of arrowheads toward the Man.   Another ripple of force, broader and wider then the last blast, redirected the trajectory of the knifes losing none of their driving force, if anything reinforced by it, but throwing them away from their target to stab metal and concrete.  The Marksman, dumbfounded, simply whispered, “I never miss.”  

The Man with the Glowing Eyes regained his steps as the Marksman fumbled for more ammo inside her coat, the whispering chant lingering on his lips.  Venus stepped up to bat, holding out her hands as if to embrace a long lost lover once again found.  “Come to me,” she said softly, silk on the wind.  The Man felt warmth from inside himself that he had not felt for so long.  He bowed over at the tremendous feeling that flooded his mind and soul.  He looked back up and Venus was gone, in her place was a beauty like no other, her long black hair waved in her winds as did her long flowing gown of white, the top pulled down her arms leaving her shoulders bare, her tan colored skin shown in the dessert sun that never had the nerve to burn such a creature.  The only thing to bless her neckline was the ancestral necklace she never took off, all her beauty was shadowed to the memorizing eyes of blue gems, those eyes he had lost himself in countless times.  “Come to me, my love, come to me and I’ll make everything okay,” said the woman as she took his head in her giving hands. He believed her, with all of his heart and soul he believed that she could do it, and why not, she had done the same thing before, and every time she had took his worry and sadness, his anguish, and despair.  She made him so much more than what he was, who was he to deny that happiness, had he not deserved this.  Is this not what he strived for?  

“No,” he said, shaking his head clearing it from her hands.  “I don’t deserve this.  After all that happened, after I failed you, how could I ever be blessed by you again?’

She took his face in her hands again.  “No, no don’t think that, I love you, unyieldingly.  Unconditionally.”

“No, I don’t deserve this,” he broke free again.  “I can’t, won’t believe this! This isn’t real!”  The image of the tan skinned girl faded to the image of the blonde Venus.  

She quickly stepped back as a yell roared out from behind him, the Marksman came at him with a stabbing thrust with a long dagger.  He caught her forearms before the blade could cut into his heart, his head still fuzzy, thanks to the spell Venus put on him, He wrestled for control over the direction the knife would go.  He struggled and fought for every inch, as did the crazed agent, reminding him of the previous agent who liked sharp implements, His mind grew with the memories of what these Company bastards had done to him and what they had just attempted to do.  It’s the second time they used her to get at him. He was infuriated by it, his unbridling rage building clearing his head.  His eyes shined like the sun behind his glasses as the Marksman stopped to realize that she was on top of a volcano that was about to erupt.  She tried to leave but the Man wasn’t going to let her.  Her hands burned with the rage he felt inside, roaring his hatred the Marksman cried out in pain, whit hot and agonizing.  She called for Venus, she simply looked in horror as the hands of the Man burned her comrade’s forearms; she didn’t stay long enough to see the Marksman’s fate.  From within the chasm of his throat a flaming light raised, the volcano erupted point blank in front of the Marksman’s body with burning heat.  As the Man with the Glowing Eyes let go of his enemy’s arms she was shot back into the air by the shear force of blast.  Filling the room with bright yellow light the Marksman lay on the cement, unconscious and burned, with the smell of charred meat rancid in the air.  Looking around to see no others around that deserve his wrath, he took the power in him a turned in downward, shooting through the concrete and granite floor, he had lost his patience with this place; it was time to end it.  

Outside Level 5

A sun shinned out the window of the one of the facilities large storehouses.

“There it is, just like you said it would happen,” said Todd Warren on the very same hill the source of that light had stood moments ago.  He craned his head back to the shadows.  “Shall we go and have some fun?”

From the shadows, the dark clad Sylar came forth with malice on his face.  “Lets do that.”

To be continued…

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#2  Edited By MrSinister616

Chapter 8
“Breakout- Part Two”
‘Gods and Devils’

Bob and Elle
Lower levels, Level 5

“Dad, we have to get out of here!” shouted Elle.  “Don’t you understand, He’s in this building!”

“I’m perfectly aware of that, my dear,” said Bob calmly looking over the papers on his desk.  “I will feel no shame toward you if you don’t wish to stay.  After your first encounter with him, no one would blame you.”

“Which is why you should be listening to me.   There’s no chance of us winning this fight.  Wait for Surresh’s virus, we’ll end it then.”

“No!” he said slamming the papers down on his desk.  “We end this now.”

A soft shaking came over the makeshift office turning into a violent quake; the two agents of the Company exited the office in time to see a beam of scorching heat drill its way to the bottom from the heavens above.  Rock melted to magma, everything else burned; when the beam stopped a voice could be heard roaring amidst the smoking chaos.


They watched as a shadowed figure walked out he angled tunnel freshly made.  The Man with the Glowing Eyes stepped forth on to their level and the lights went out.  They saw little from the ambient light around them, Elle made a lantern of blue electric in her hand to show a few feet in every direction, but the Man with the Glowing Eyes was kept in the shadows, obscured, his mouth fluming the last bits of fire from his mouth

Bob was unimpressed by the young man’s power.  “So, we meet again.”

His only response was, “Where?”

“This entire facility is packed with full trained Company agents.  You’re powerful, but not enough to take them all.  I’m offering you one last chance to surrender.”

“If the people you’ve sent are any indication of how capable your ‘agents’ are, then I have little to worry about.”  A pause.  “Where!”

“You think you’re in a position to demand ANYTHING FROM ME!” yelled Bob.  “You’ve killed good men, with families and loved ones.  You think you can get away with that and demand answers from me?”

“My sins will catch up with me one day, as you’re sins have today.”

“So that’s what makes you feel justified in your actions?”

“Don’t calm to be a good man, Robert Bishop, DON”T YOU DARE!” The Man’s eyes blazed.  “How many have you taken?  How many have been ripped from their homes never to be seen again by the same men and women with their very own families.   How many lives have you destroyed while you told yourself it was for the greater good?  Preying on those you could not fight back against your strong arm.  HOW MANY?!”  Bob didn’t answer.  “Well, it’s time for me to fight back, in their honor.”  A sun was birthed in his right palm, Elle stepped in front of her father, and both hands went alight with electricity.  

“Elle, No!”

“Listen to your father, girl, you don’t want any of this.”  The Man took a step forward.

“No!”  She began to tremble.

“Do you not remember the last time you crossed me?”  He took another step.

“ELLLE, get out of the way.”  She shook with fear.

“You fight for this man?” He questioned.  “Do you know what you’re father has done to you?  When you where just a child!”  Another step.

“Elle, don’t’ listen!”  Her legs where going weak underneath her, but she held her ground.

“The cruel experiments he performed on you, a defenseless little girl.” Another step.

“You lie!  Why should I believe you?”

“Look at the man you call ‘father’, look into his eyes and see the truth,”

She turned to her father looking for the truth.  “Is it true?”  She couldn’t explain why but his voice was…honest.  “Daddy?!”

Bob looked at her.  “It’s not true, you have to believe me.”  She knew it for a lie the second she heard it.

“No,” she said weakly stepping away from him.  She turned back to Him, “How did you…”

“Bennett told me everything this man has done, if you would call him one.  He’s been lying to you all your life, is that someone you want to die for?”  He glanced at Bob.   The Man’s voice calmed, “Step away, Elle, don’t let his crimes be you’re death note.”

She was so confused.  “Come with me and I’ll help you find peace.”

She was so angry, at her father for what he did to her, how he lied to her, how he made her fight for him, mad at the Man for telling her.   Her mind raced with scenarios, deciding which idea was the right one.  The power of electrical energy built around her sparking across her body, my father lied to me, He hurt me, can’t trust my own father, I’m so scared of him.  She pressed her hands to the side of her head, as all the information raked across her mind.  It was too much for her as panic and uncertainty swarmed past her limit to take.

She lashed out.  “I’ll kill you both!”  Fingers of electricity stretched out in all angles.  Bob clasped the ground and the floor transfigured into a wall in front of him; the Man with the Glowing Eyes simply absorbed the electrical energy.  The power reached out to everything in the facility, the massive amounts of electricity that charged up inside her couldn’t be contained anymore.  The resulting overload surged through every electrical system in Level 5, overloading electrical systems, rendering it useless.  Every system in their range instantly sparked into nothing. The unconscious Elle folded to the cold linoleum floor.  

“No!” called out Bob from his makeshift wall.  “What have you done!”  He placed a hand on the wall, tipped polls rushed out from its surface to impale Him.  The sun in his hand blazed across the space in front of him, removing their threat as they crumbled.  The backlash sent Bob staggering back, losing his footing on a piece of loose rock.  The impalement on the snaking unexposed piping was quick, going all the way through him thanks to gravity.

 “You fool,” he said coughing blood, the pipe punctured one of his lungs.  “Don’t you see?  When she released that shockwave, she scrambled the security system unlocking every one of those cells upstairs.  They’re free!”

“You’re holding more of those you wrongfully imprisoned?” He stood over the Company man as he lay dying.

“You don’t understand, they’re criminals.  Villains!” Bob slowly turned his head staring at what was left of his damaged daughter.  He removed his dusted glasses and looked up at Him

The Man contemplated his words, could it be possible that he did imprison those that deserved it, those who abused what special gifts they had received.  That wasn’t his concern, not now.  “If that’s true then you have one more crime to answer for.  In this, your final moments, absolve yourself of what you can, answer my question.”

The Man with the Glowing Eyes went to Bob and grasped at his collar with both hands.  “Where is she?”

“I truly don’t know.”  He stared at Bob intently through the dark glasses as if he was trying to gauge his words for truth, a light flashed behind them and went dim.  Even with his last breath, he lied.


Bob’s light began to fade.

The Man with the Glowing Eyes came in closer, grapping at his expensive suit. “WHEEERRRRE!”

Resent prisoner of Level 5

The tall black man moved down the cold corridor with a hurried caution.  He didn’t question his sudden gift of freedom, but he wasn’t going to second-guess it either.  Fear filled the air, whatever caused the breakout was spooking everyone who wasn’t a prisoner, scratch that, former prisoner.  That was okay for him, more fuel for the fire.  He inhaled it in like the best drug he had ever had, the high of strength and power was intoxicating.  He had waded through a doped up half life for that feeling again and now he was getting it by the gallons.  He felt like he could take anything in front of him but he settled for the hard wall to his right.  He needed to feel the breaking of something under his fist, it sounded like the numerous skulls he caved in as dust flowed from the impact removing his undamaged hand he continued his lone escape.  Screams call from different directions, obviously some of the inmates were having some fun giving some well deserved payback to the guards, he wanted to join them but he had bigger fish in mind.  Namely that brother who stopped his powers and the guy with the horn-rimed glasses, being the ones who put him here in the first place.  Screams came from up ahead, he turned toward the cries for help, when he turned in to the hall he saw the floor littered with men.  The only one who stood was the man in the center of the massacre with his back turned.  He couldn’t tell whom, but he liked the work he did.

“You did this?” he asked, pretty sure of himself that the man wasn’t one of them.  “Nice job.”

The man didn’t talk, simply turned to see him.  Knox saw a look of mad glee written on his face, he wasn’t sure what to make of him.  

“You don’t look like a inmate,” he looked the man over, black jeans and T-shirt.  “Defiantly not a guard, you one of the guys I should thank for the breakout?”

“I’m here for the fun of it.”

“Fun?”  He drew back from the man, as he did he got a closer look at the bodies on the floor.  There were guards, like he first saw, but there were others dressed in the same clothes he was.  The man had killed inmates as well as guard.  Knox had the feeling he was next on the list.  

The man stepped closer, Knox shouted back at him. “Man, do you know who you are dealing with. I’m the strongest one here and you want to fight me?  You’re fear only gives me strength.”  He inhaled the power… but there wasn’t any fear coming from the man.  He inhaled again, nothing.

“Who said I was afraid?”  The man smiled wide at his new victim.  “So you taken in fear and use it as strength…”  Knox backed away; this man was crazy, who was he not to be afraid if not some insane wacko.  Something happened there to Know that hadn’t happened for a long time, he was scared.  “Do you want to know what my power is?”

Knox’s shoulder burst into agonizing pain, thunder punched its way down his leg, his heart slowly began to feel the pinch of a thousand needles, and Knox fell to his knees, screaming,  

The man stood over him Knox came to understand that the man before him was going to kill him.  “I’m the painkiller.”

Four hallway lengths down the screams of a victim could be heard by Company troops.

Bullets streaked as the teenager around the corner sent his kinetic projections in between the firefight.  He was keep them honest and in place till his teammates cleared the road up ahead.  Three shot pummeled the adjacent corner catching one of the armed guards in the leg that was standing too close.  The swarmed bullets at him in retaliation, he wasn’t likely to make the same mistake as the guard had.
A man hurried to the teenager’s side, unconcerned by the bullets for the simple magnetic field he put up would repel any stray ricochets.  
He stayed down and low as he looked up, yelling over the noise.  “Mind giving me a had here?”

The man in the glasses reach out into space with an open hand and thrust it back into him, closing his hand as he did.  The guard stopped firing his weapon, swore with hurried breath as they heard him rustling for something on his person, then multiple explosions.  

The teenager lowered his hand from around his head.  “Thanks.”

“Hurry, Blovhard has cleared the vay to the stairs.  Ve’re free once ve reach the surface.”  His thick German accent was ever-present but the teenager understood.

“Then let’s blow this place.”

They race down the corridors for freedom’s embrace but we stopped short as they turned to a damaged hall, blackened by the destruction of the lights, some hanging of their hinges, cords dangling and sparking.  

To the right they saw the shadow of a man over a body, twitching nerves as it grunted and moaned.  “Blovhard?” called the German.  The shadow turned, sparks illuminating the man for a few seconds, the slender form was nothing like Blowhard.  The Teenager looked over at the twitching body and saw the top of the fat man’s head severed from its proper place.  

“Oh my God!” cried out the horrified Teenager.  “He killed him.”

The German didn’t bother being afraid, he was the most powerful man in this place, never hesitating, he lashed out with his power, but the man was faster.  The gale force of a hurricane slammed into his chest, the funnel swept him up and back against the wall of the hallway, he slid down and slumped down unconscious.  The Teenager watched as his fellow inmate was dispatched with another inmate’s power, his eyes widen with horror.  He had heard a story while he was inside, stories of a boogieman running around taking other’s power by taking their heads off.  Some said he absorbed the brain through his fingers, other claimed to have heard that he had toothed mouths on his palms that ate the grey matter.  Some said that he ate them.  The Teenager pulled up one shaking hand in the form of a gun at the man.  

“Do…Don’t come ….any c…c…closer,” stuttered the Teenager.

“Or you’ll what?!” said the man forcefully.  The Teenager saw the man raise his forearm, and his wrist broke into an angle.  The Teenager’s hand went limp, he tried the other hand after he stopped screaming, it met the same fate.  With no other way to fend off his attacker, he backed away as the man came into the light.  Sylar stepped forth slowly savoring the moment.

“Trevor Zeitian.  I know you,” said Sylar.  He looked at Trevor like he was about to enjoy a luscious treat.  Clockworks clicked in his head.  “Your power…you don’t deserve it.”  A flick of his hand and Trevor was pressed up against the far wall.  With one finger pointed at his head he looked up at Trevor, “Don’t worry, I’ll put it to good use,” and brought his finger across Trevor’s forehead making him wail in pain, as he did, a line of blood appeared running down his face.

James, Steven, Alex, & Allen
Wooded land, Northern area of California

“So you just went a told him what we can do!” yelled Allen as he sat forward on one of the huge roots.  “And what happens when he turns us in to the authorities, huh?”

“He won’t do that!” protested Alex in Dr Stron’s defense.

“Well that makes me feel better.  I have your word on it, that’s about as meaningful as spit.”

“That’s enough!” said James as he broke up the verbal fighting.  “Look, there’s nothing we can do about it.  The fact is, if we want to find out what’s happening to use we need help.”

Allen crossed his arms as he sat back against the tree, not bothering to look at anyone.  “But we have to be careful who we trust,” James turned to Alex.  “Which means you don’t do that again unless we all agree to it, right?”  She nodded in compliance.

“That’s never going to happen with sourpuss over here holding major trust issues,” said Steven on the opposite side of the clearing.

“That’s why I’m still here,” answered Allen.

“What’s that mean?” said Steve.  Allen didn’t answer.

“Look, I’m sorry about doing that on the fly but I couldn’t lie to him, and look…” Alex pulled out the book that the Dr Stron had given her.  “We know who could give us answers about what’s going on with us.  This guy, Surresh’s son, he’s in the same field as his father, the guy who wrote this.  It talks about what were going through, he maybe able to help.”

“That’s the best thing to happen with this.” James looked back at Alex.  “How soon will the Doc get in touch with him?”

“It’s hard to say.  He tried the University in India but they said he went to New York after his father died.  It’s just a matter of following his trail.”

“Well the sooner the bet…” James’ sentence was cut shirt when a blast of wind rushed by them, sending the group off their feet and on their backs.  The burst of air was sudden and short, but powerful enough to bend the limbs of tress, twigs twirled in the empty space of the wind’s wake, falling down back to the ground.  Everyone looked at each other asking silently for an explanation.  

“What was that!’ exclaimed Steven.

A man came out of a blur, standing at the edge of the clearing, he stood tall and lean, and his trench coat flowed ahead of him following the wind’s push.  His hair was pushed back and white, his skin pale from not enough sun his smile was joyfully arrogant.  “That would be me.”

James shot back up to his feet first, Allen followed suit, Steven flipped to his feet from his back with grace, Alex went to her knees and stayed there, all of them were looking at the white-haired man.  

“Who are the hell are you?” asked Allen.

“Name’s Caleb, I’ll be taking you in to see the Wizard today.”

They looked at each other, trying to rationalize the crazy’s words.  Allen went to the stranger and clasped his shoulder harder.  “We’re not going anywhere.”

Faster than the eye could see, the stranger went to Allen’s forearm and flipped him over his shoulder landing hard on his back again.  Steven didn’t wait, he went to the air in a superhuman leap that would take his foot and connect it with the white-hair’s face.  It would have worked had he stayed still, but Caleb had no intention of letting that happen.  In a millisecond he was gone, and Steven stomped to the ground.

“Where’d he…” started Steven but was interrupted when the chocking force of his collar sent him back a few feet.  

“Wha…” said Allen almost getting to his feet before they were pulled out from under him.

“Allen!” James screamed.  They were under attack for only five seconds and all ready one guy has taken down half of them, another person with abilities.  “Steven! He’s a speedster!”

“Yeah,” he grunted.  “Isn’t that something, what do we do about it?”

A slight shift in the air, James raised his barrier a split second before a bang hit the surface of it.  Caleb came to a stop a few feet away.  “Damn,” he said shaking his left hand.  “Good thing I wasn’t trying to slug ya’.”  Caleb stopped shaking to examine his hand, a hit came from behind him as Steven smashed his feet into his spine, send him flying forward into the air of the Gorilla’s waiting, cooking pan sized, hand.  Wrapping its strong fingers around his throat, which it could easily snap his neck; he slammed his back to the ground.  The gorilla closed in on the Caleb’s face, giving him a whiff of it’s the awful fume of bad breath in an ear-shattering roar.  

The others gathered to the gorilla quickly, before it did anything to its prisoner.  “Who are you?” demanded James.  ‘Why’d you attack us?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” said Caleb wheezing for air.  A hand reached out for a random stone on the forest floor, bringing it back to the gorilla’s hand.  A single hit of the stone against its hand would’ve done nothing to entice it to release him, but the continuous bombardments at the same spot would feel like a much bigger striking force.  The gorilla reeled back, its hand waving the air in a manner that only humans practiced.  Up on his feet with beyond lightning fast speed, Caleb finished his attack on the gorilla with a blow to the temple that rendered him unconscious.  Steven attempted another attack that had him piercing the air with precision grace at his target, however Caleb was quicker.  Taking Steven’s leg as it came close enough to him, Caleb used the momentum to swing him around in a tornado spin.  The moment Caleb let go, Steven rocketed out of the torrent and into a tree truck with an impacting crack.  

“Alex, can you get to him?” called out James from the cover of his semi-transparent barrier.

“I can’t get a lock on hiAAGGHHH!”  The fastest thing on God’s green her that James had ever seen took Alex out with a rushing jab to the back of her neck.  She rag-dolled to the ground out of the fight.  It was up to him to stop Caleb and he had no idea how.  

Caleb walked to James in a confident stride.  “I understand you’re new to this, but this is the part where you realize you’ve lost.”

James stayed behind his barrier as sweat dotted his brow, he could feel the overwhelming bass of his heart in this throat drowning out all other sounds around him.  He tried to prepare for the coming attack psyching his mind, telling him to get ready, prepare for the coming onslaught and you might get the jump on him.

Caleb blurred and everything went dark.

The Man with the Glowing Eyes
Remains of Level 5

As the Man with the Glowing Eyes hovered to the bridge of the melted tunnel he had made earlier, he readjusted the hold he had on the limb body of Elle Bishop.  A victim to the Company’s manipulations as much as he was, he couldn’t bring himself to leave her down in what was left of that underground hive of broken catacombs.  Her life with her treacherous father was over, his only hope was that she could find some peace now that she was freed from her father’s lies.  He could feel the strains of his feats taking their toll, physical exhaustion racked his body and the frustration over the Company’s deals was too much to bear.  Every moment the toyed with him was another that would keep him from his goal.  From Her.  He stocked down the vacant hall, silent of any and all signs of conflict, not the shouts of orders or the fire of automatic weapons.  Only his boot steps echoed down the hall and back at him.  It was a good sign that he wouldn’t be bother with anything, if what Bob said was true then the guards would have more pressing matter at the moment than him which left him free to replenish his body.  Back tracking the path he took entering the facility he found the signs designating the location to the power supply.  He had kept a mental note of its whereabouts in case he needed it, though if the shockwave got to it, he might not get as much as He wanted, but maybe enough to get him out.  Arriving at the control room He placed Elle on the nearest corner, freeing his arms.  He ventured out to the large room of turbines and engines that had once been breathing with unlimited power, singing their hymns for all in the vicinity to her. All he could see was the ghost of the power they had, the wave the Elle sent out had damaged them.  Some were smoking with flames off their ruptured surfaces, but the majority had been strong enough to withstand it.  Good news for Him.  Lined up in a single row of two, the scaffolding from the control office laced between the turbines, allowing an overview look to the sides of the catwalks.  The Man with the Glowing Eyes went to the center of the intercepting pathways while removing his sunglasses to be place in the inside pocket of his leather longcoat.  The red suns of his eyes set under closing lids and began to concentrate.  He felt for the energy turning inside the engines, feeling the power coursing and pulsing waiting to be released.  The ones that were fractured and exposed there inner workings were the first to give, send their powering tendrils into His grateful hands.  Others followed suit, giving all they have, the electrical current streaming through every fiber of his being, empowers his body, replenishing his strength.  The fatigue swept away like a fading dream replaced by raw coursing power, the thermal energy he consumed from the fires held its familiar warmth reminding him of a reliable blanket in the depths of cold winter nights.  What was left powering Level 5 stammered as he took the last of its life force; lights flickered and died as the controls through out the facility were drained dry of control.  The Man with the Glowing Eyes, satisfied with the results, turned to calm Elle and leave this place behind him.  The power transfer had caused some damage of its own as well, shattering the glass of the control room’s window along with the wall window’s glass, something that he hadn’t noticed in the exchange.  But something that he did notice was the fact that the misguided, unconscious, blond haired girl he had left in the corner wasn’t there anymore.  Some of the electrical energy that was absorbed may have strayed away into her causing her to wake.  It was probably for the best that see parted from him, she had a lot of issues to deal with and it was best that she did it herself.  He knew from experience.    

Steps on metal sounded behind Him.  His coat unfurled in the air at the speed of is turn to the source, luminous fists coiled ready for any threat.  His eyes glowed fiercely the familiar red yellow shine, watching the man who had came out of nowhere with a searing look of unwelcome.  

The man kindly walked from the other end of the center catwalk, his hands on either side of the rails, dragging them behind as he paced closer.  “My, my, what an interesting ability you have.  Very impressive,” said the man with a sly grin on his face, clockworks clicking in his head.

“Well, I finally met the man who’s been causing so much noise.  The mighty Zeus, the man who’s set on dethroning the Kronos Company.” said Sylar in a sickening pleasurable manner.  “I must admit, I’m of mixed feelings about you.  Delight at the chaos you’ve inflicted, but at the same time a little jealous at the all the fun you’re having.  And let’s not talk about all the PR you’re hogging up.  I don’t like being pulled down to number two on the list, you know.”

“I’m not in this for the popularity,” clarified the Man with the Glowing Eyes, repulsed at how this man viewed his actions.  “They have something of mine and I’m here to take it back.

“That’s ironic.  I’m here for something, too.  But I was amazed when I came to realize that you were here.  It’s like going to dinner and getting a king’s feast.  I mean look at you.  You took on the entire facility by yourself.  The power to absorb, re-channel, and manipulate all forms of energy…” Sylar looked over to the dead engines, “a fearsome ability.”

“You know of my power?”  He was stunned at the man’s knowledge of what he could do.

Sylar tapped a slim finger to his temple and smiled.  “I see how you work, see how all people work, even those like us.  Well, not like you or I, I have to admit.  We’re the special ones in the world of special people.”

“So you are Sylar,” said the Man with the Glowing Eyes as the pieces fit together in his mind, Sylar lightly bowed at the announcement.   “Your legend as a murdering devourer precedes you.  I have no interests in the ravings of madman, leave and let me continue on my journey in peace.”

“And pass up this golden opportunity to be greater than what you are,” Sylar laughed.  “I offer the chance for you to rise to your proper place in the world, as Gods should be. ”

“To become everything that they feared I would become.  No, we are not entitled to rule because of our abilities, we are simply different and should be able to live our lives in the peace of normalcy bettering the Earth and humanity like everyone else.  That is all that I have ever wished for.”

“You would deny what I offer you, what you were born to be, to be one of them,” Sylar shook his head.  “Then you don’t deserve the power you have.”

“You would try to take my power?”  He was becoming angry at this Sylar, a man who presumed he could take what wasn’t his so easily.

“To use it properly.” Sylar smiled.

He had had enough.  Ever since can remember people had calmed his fate never allowing him control over his own destiny.  From false Gods to real Gods, they all had there plans for him, but he was his own God now and he had the power to prove it.  The same power that presently raged from his body, enraged at yet another person trying to take control of him again.  “I am God of Thunder and Lightning!” he roared his defiance for all to hear, above and below.  Energy ignited in the air around him, burning ozone.  “Suns burn in my hands and raw power hammers from my fists.  I have suffered from those you would take what was never theirs for too long and I allow it no longer.  Never again!”

Sylar breathed in disappointment.  “Oh well, I was going to take it anyway.”

The enraged Zeus cried out as he sent a concentrated blast that streaked like a comet toward Sylar.  It streamed for a full ten seconds before the beam dissipated.   Zeus heaved his air heavily, starring at the aftermath of his outburst, smoldering materials of iron, steel, and concrete flush as white hot as his eyes presently did.

“Such bravado,” a voice stated behind him.  Zeus revolved around quick enough to see Sylar wave a hand at him, shooting him through the melted whole he had made.  The hard landing sent him tumbling for yards until he had lost enough momentum to stop himself.  The telekinetic throw had sent him into a small loading area, surrounding him on all side was the facilities walls.  Sylar followed through the same whole that had been flash frozen.  Jumping, he landed safely on the ground thanks to a telekinetic burst that slowed his descent.  

Zeus didn’t wait.  Climbing to his knees he shot another beam at Sylar, smaller than the first so as to keep track of his enemy.  Sylar’s arms came together to cross each other and two dumpsters at the opposite ends of the clearing followed suit, shielding the attack.  Not as powerful as the first blast the second scorched the metal and burn its contents but did its job of protecting its summoner.  Having his own projectiles, Sylar hurled them like missiles.  Zeus stood as he tore through them with the kinetic energy he had absorbed from the landing, his face showed no mercy in the shower of metal fragments.  From the glowing spheres at the end of extended arms, thin lines of energy too many to count streaked the space between them seeking out there target.  A telekinetic burst at his feet sent up dust and dirt, moving him to the side of the beams in a jerk, sliding to a stop on the loose soil.  The beams, and in turn Zeus, did not give up that easily, the beams curved to find their target again. Sylar had little time to react before the first of the seekers would hit, he raised his hands as they hit the air in front of them.  The beams hit like hammers against his TK field and burned like white-hot coals even as far as he was from them.  Too many were coming at him for his legs to keep hold raising him off the ground they launched him through the metal slide rail door to the loading area.  

Zeus rushed to the man-sized hole in the thin metal door to find his quarry, but he was nowhere to be seen in the dark.  He knew he was walking into an ambush even before he even set foot inside, lighting an orb in front of him gave him a view of the loading area, plenty of potential missiles and projectiles for the killer to send at him, twisting shadows were perfect for hiding, if he was dealing with a regular person.  The orb of light went out and the black took over everything

Sylar listened for the footsteps trumpeting in the building, heartbeats hammered in his head as he honed the advanced senses he acquired from a previous victim.  The only one he had to work with, the other render useless due to the absence of light and smell of machinery and fuel clogging the air.  His sense of hearing wasn’t doing to well for him either, the concrete echoing the sounds making it hard to find the source.  He less walked, than felt his way from shelving to forklift for cover, silent and alert.  He waited behind the cover of a rack of materials, waiting for some clarification on his opponent’s whereabouts.  Sylar closed his eyes and listened, unfortunately for him, he had only to look behind him to find the eyes of Zeus shining in the dark, watching him a few feet away.  It was the charge of energy and the stench of ozone that gave Sylar the warning of attack and time to dodge the rupturing blast that tore through the floor where he once was, the tremor line of energy went on past as Zeus sent one after another.  The energy burrowed the concrete, Sylar shot back with his own kinetic projectiles at the glowing eyes.  They impacted against screens of red fire in front of raised forearms, enough light to show the long faced features of Zeus twist in furious revolt.  Halting the earth quaking attacks Zeus unleashed a clear wave of kinetic force send every manner of crushing weight at him.  Without thinking, he parted away the metal with his magnetic repulsion.  

Waiting for the next attack, Sylar couldn’t help but smile, this was turning out to be quite a bit of fun for him.  “So, you can see in the dark, can’t you?” said Sylar to the Man with the Glowing Eyes.  “I can’t wait to try that out.”

“You won’t live along enough to take another life, monster,” decreed Zeus.  His forearms rose from the side of his body, glowing as they did.  The energy from his open palms went into spheres that spun that hovered above them.  The size of cue balls they each split into two orbs that turned in the center of his hands.  Two turned to three as the raised higher above curled fingers.  “Time to die,” announced Zeus, flattening his hands and fired the orbs to Sylar. The blasts they produced shattered walls, huge spears of thrust reached out from the impact sending smoke and fire out with pieces of rubble. The sheer concussion of the explosive orbs was enough to cause Sylar to soar out of the smoke and flames, singed but alive.  

A rolling recover got him on his feet ready for more.  “My turn.”  His hands began to glow radioactive, another telekinetic thrust rocketed him toward Zeus, a right cross almost connecting.  They locked hands in a struggle of strength, neither of them giving the other an inch.  “Care to try my brand?”

The radioactivity of Sylar’s rays grew stronger, brighter with every second and dangerously hot.  But Zeus didn’t budge, he simply opened his mouth and the same radioactive energies beamed out of his maw and eyes.  Sylar drew back, the clothes on the top of his torso burned to nothingness.  Fumes clouded around his head for a moment, he appeared unscathed by the attack.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” said Sylar as he charged again his fist even more hazardous than before.

Zeus, true to his namesake, thundered to the sky with an enormous bolt of electricity that engulfed him as it reached up to the heavens booming in ear deafening decibels.  Blinding blue-white light overtook everything till the facility was filled with light.  The man standing at the end of the prevailing discharge breathed heavily as the sweet came off his brow due to his overexertion, the ground around him was scorched with black needles protruding out from the epicenter.  Level 5 was demolished standing on its last leg, remnants of its former self laid strung out everywhere with no sign of his adversary, Sylar.  

“I hope that meets your requirements.”  Zeus went to leave the god-forsaken place and put it behind him on his long trek.  

In the last bit of the intact building’s upper floors, a battle worn Sylar with tatter shredded clothing looked out the man sized window with a pleasing grin.  “Well played.”

Outside Level 5

The fat man puffed air out of tortured lungs.  His blubbery legs stung in retaliation to all the running they had to do.  He ignored them, as much as he could anyway, every step away from Level 5 was worth the aches and pains.  There were others with him in his trek to freedom scurrying in all directions like roaches with the lights turned on.   Some passed by oblivious to everyone, their only thought, to get out of the area as fast as possible.  He was with a group or tried to stay with the group, they had agreed that numbers was better than the fastest escape, should the guards left get their second wind or they sick their agent dogs on them.  

“Hurry up, Doyle,” hissed the man in front of him, looking back over his shoulder.

“Shut up, Pine, or I’m going to make you walk back down there.”

“Both of you shut up,” shot back the man in front of the group.  “Or do you want them to find us.”

“Too late,” came a female’s voice at the top of the wooded hill.  She looked down at them with her head on her hips and her pale white hair over her shoulders.  She held herself with authority, she held herself like a Company agent.  

Pine expelled a surprised curse from his mouth as he turned his arms to organic metal.  A girl that had come with them, that was only know as singer, popped out a series of thin barbed thorns from the back of her forearms.  They reminded Doyle of a porcupine’s quills, except she could shot hers at anything she wanted, and they were currently trained on the white haired woman.

“Put those away,” said the woman unafraid.  “I’m not here to take you in.”

“Yeah?  Why should I?” snarled Stinger.  “Agent or not you’re work for those bastards and I want some payback.”

“I’m not with them,” beg the man on the outskirts of the group, stepping back to distance him from the inmates.  “Let me go, please.  I just want be with my family again.”

“Grow a backbone, Canfield,” hissed Stinger.  “They’re not going to let you do anything.”

“Oh God, I must be desperate,” said the white haired woman under her breath as she pressed on the bridge of her nose.  Her head came up and a brilliant flash came from her eyes.  The hypnotized onlookers stared blankly into the void as Doyle watched unaffected.  Stinger drew back her thorns, Pine’s arms reverted to normal and went back to his sides, and there they stood, strait and relaxed.  Dolls waiting for their master’s orders.  

Too preoccupied by his “partners” state of being he barely noticed the white-haired woman come up to him.  “Mr. Doyle, or do you prefer the Puppet Master?”

He looked on quizzically.  “Mr. Doyle is fine.”

“Very well.”  Their wasn’t any sort of warming hint in her voice, nothing suggesting that she want to be his friend, like they had all said before.  She sounded strictly business-like.  This close to the woman he could make out her features better, her hair wasn’t blonde white, but pale white like her skin, albino white.  “I didn’t think my hypno would work on someone with your abilities.”

“So that’s what you did.”

She looked the group over.  “They will stay there till Doomsday or I give them orders.”

“And what, pray tell, do you plan to do with them?”

“Settle an old score, I want some payback of my own.” The first hint of emotion came from her voice, anger.  She wanted someone bad.  “You’ve seen the lightshow coming over the hills from Level 5?”

Doyle shook his head.  “That was caused by a man, a man I want dead.”

“You want them…” he pointed to the group,  “And me, to help you take on that.”  He pointed back to the direction of Level 5

“And in return, I’ll can give you what you want.  Your favorite puppet of all.”  Doyle’s eyes sparkled.  “Meredith.”

 “I can make her be totally devoted to you.”

Doyle smiled back at the Albino.  “When do we start?"

Northern California

“Yes, sir,” said Caleb to the cell phone at the side of his face.  He came around a tan colored van closing the door with a hard slam one at after the other.  “I understand, Level 5 is compromised.”  Silence.  “Yes sir, I’m on my way, they weren’t too difficult.”  More silence.  “Yes, sir, I report in as soon as I get there.”  He closed the thin flip phone and put it back in his pocket as he went to the driver’s side seat.  “Change of plans, folks,” he called out as he closed the door and started the van’s engine.  Once it came to life he looked back at the four sedated teenagers on gurneys attached to the inside of the van’s wall, IVs hanging close by dripping their drug into fastened arms.  “We’re going to the Lab.”

To be continued...